Affiliate WP vs Cake Affiliate Tracking 2023: Which One Is The Best? (Pros & Cons)

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Affiliate WP

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Affiliate WP is a WordPress plugin that carries wonderful features like easy setup, exact affiliate tracking, complete integration, customizable emails & even more.

Cake affiliate tracking is a Marketing and tracking platform.

  • Users can add and choose their design templates and layouts
  • It is buyer-friendly as it enlargers the tangibility of the
  • Facility of bran production increment.
  • CAKE provides us a better understanding of spending authorit
  • CAKE is far significantly instinctive, modify, and use a tra
  • It makes the UI uncomplicated and clean to negotiate.
  • It's quite expensive as a software program for the buyers.
  • Describing the envision needs to be updated.
Ease of Use

It has a very simple User-friendly interface and easy to install and can be activated with no effort.

Value For Money

AffiliateWP worths every penny that you spent on it. As this robust toll is fully-loaded with powerful features to make your affiliate marketing journey easy.

Customer Support

They extend support to their customers only through email. On their support page, you need to fill up basic details like name, email, your query, and submit the support request.

CAKE affiliate tracking has multiple channels of support for their customers. They have 24/7 customer support which includes Phone and Ticket support.

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Affiliate WP and cake affiliate tracking are extremely convenient and reliable marketing automation tools. Both are even regarded as the finest WordPress plugins which help you to earn more money by expanding your business and growing in organic ways.

It often helps the customers to make certain customizations via the automation tools.

These digital marketing tools help you in a humongous way, the initial marketing tool caters to boost more traffic, increased sales & helps in promoting products.

The latter helps the advertisers to gain a monopoly over their affiliate networks.

Let us look into the valuable characteristics of both the marketing tools and grab the benefits it can offer.

It will help our business to grow in equally splendid ways.

Bottom Line: AffiliateWP is an easy-to-use, reliable WordPress plugin that provides you the affiliate marketing automation tools you need to increase and grow your business and make more money and it is best suited for small businesses. So start using AffiliateWP today to get all the benefits.

Affiliate WP vs cake affiliate tracking 


The two required marketing automation tools are well equipped with desired applications which will strengthen your business providing performance analysis, Traffic control.

It will offer you the proper in-depth analysis, helping advertisers to make the right decision for their business growth.

Moreover, it helps you to create meaningful partnerships, attracting customers via marketing skills.

Affiliate WP vs Cake affiliate: Overview

Both Affiliate WP and cake affiliate tracking and are very similar except for some minute differences. However, both the marketing automation tools benefit and helps us in boosting our business in exquisite ways

Affiliate WP Overview

Affiliate WP is a WordPress plugin that carries wonderful features like easy setup, exact affiliate tracking, complete integration, customizable emails & even more. In case of assistance required, the team assures full support.


Cake affiliate Overview

Cake affiliate tracking is a Marketing and tracking platform, it has a support team that is available 24× 7, The team is quite hospitable in helping the customers for boosting their traffic, in understanding & creating exquisite content in one window.

Cake affiliate


Motive and goals 

Drag and drop is the main and important option that helps you to construct the webpage conveniently. Without the need for back-end development drag and drop, the option is the rapid technique to customize a web page.

Designs and layouts (templates)

Designs and layouts are the most important features and it clarifies the website pages and its making or constructing process. As they can be readily available and easy to use, As per your brand requirement you can use these layouts and templates and can be further made-to-order.

AffiliateWP Unique features

  • Easy set-up – It is simple to install and activates in minutes.
  • It reports referrals, visits as well as affiliate registrations in detail and in real-time.
  • It is a reliable tracker of affiliate referrals even when the caching is stringent.
  • Numerous visual resources and text links to help you promote your website efficiently.
  • Payment to affiliates made easy with direct bank payouts.
  • It offers numerous affiliates.
  • For users already on WordPress, accounts can be created automatically.
  • Customize emails for held-back or rejected applications, notifications from admin or new referrals.
  • Detailed pay log available for checking.
  • User-friendly with an extensive stock of hooks and templates for better functionality.
  • Exporting of data can be done for the purpose of bookkeeping, forecasting, or accounting.
  • Translations are available in multiple languages of the world.
  • Perfectly in-sync with WordPress, leaving you in full control.
  • The extensive reach of WP-CLI commands can be used to view, update, delete, or create data. Includes a REST API version that is read-only as well as another version of API CRUD which is an extension.
  • You can generate your referral link using the link generator which is present by default.
  • Options for choosing rates are available like flat rates or percentage-based rates per affiliate or per product.
  • A dashboard for performance tracking, checking earnings and creatives, etc
  • You can use your unique WordPress Ids in URLs

AffiliateWP Benefits

Advantages of AffiliateWP include control of the network, management integration, and developer tools.

You, the user, can specify the payment schemes to suit your requirement. 

AffiliateWP - Detailed Insights

Different facets of the affiliate program can be controlled giving the user a better opportunity for tracking and managing affiliates.

AffiliateWP makes website navigation easy. The management-process is also stress-free because easy viewing and editing of affiliate accounts can be done by administrators. Commission payouts are also easy to do.

CAKE Affiliate Tracking Unique Features

  • It ensures maximum marketing impact.
  • There is absolute clarity from the data given.
  • It overlooks marketing spend making sure you have the best results within a budget.
  • The platform provides multiple tracking tools to track leads.
  • CAKE is user-friendly.
  • The User Interface is easy to navigate and setting up and deploying new campaigns is also simple.
  • Integration with multiple other platforms 
  • Fast-working and efficient to perform on all sized sites.
  • The best and immediate support system in case of help needed.

CAKE Affiliate Tracking Benefits

Among the many advantages of tracking, the important ones for CAKE Affiliate Tracking include the ability to track, attribute, and optimize the performance of digital marketing in real-time. Other advantages include:


Content Distribution

Simple to use for advertisers while disseminating materials to affiliates. Your advertised services and products will be promoted and it will make sure that the use of texts and images which have been approved is available.


Cake Affiliate tracking enables a comprehensive and complete analysis so users can get a better grasp of the condition of the network.

CAKE Affiliate - Intelligent Leading Rout

Real-Time Digital Tracking

You can see the performance of your efforts in digital marketing in real-time so that it can be updated and also it will prove to be cost-effective in digital marketing.

CAKE Affiliate - Digital Tracking

Third-Party Integration

It can connect to various systems and service partners and so advertisers can see their data moving from one program to another program.

CAKE Affiliate - Integration

Expenditure Control

Cake helps advertisers understand how they can get good ROI with a lesser budget and so their expenses are saved.

Customer Support

Customer Support has gained a pivotal role in the image creation of an organization. In today’s world, even if you are selling the best product or service in the market, but your customer service level is not up to par, you are looking at a downward phase for your company.

CAKE Affiliate - Customer Support

A good customer support system will help you in keeping your loyal customers from switching over. Let’s have a look at the different channels of customer service provided by both these software companies.

Affiliate WP tracking

They extend support to their customers only through email. On their support page, you need to fill up basic details like name, email, your query, and submit the support request. Additionally, if you are short of time or you need a query to be solved urgently, you can look through their ‘Knowledge Base’ section. In this section, there are multiple categories with various articles giving solutions to the possible problems that their customers could face.

CAKE affiliate tracking

CAKE affiliate tracking has multiple channels of support for their customers. They have 24/7 customer support which includes Phone and Ticket support. They have around the clock global support number or may post your query via support ticket.

CAKE Affiliate - Traffic

One more interesting service is this organization offers professional services ranging from onboarding, training its new clients to guided technical and consulting services. Now, this is a company that leaves no stone unturned to help its customers. They also have a Live Support and Training option.


Everyone prefers different channels of communication. Some prefer to post a query via email while some would prefer to talk directly to the company’s representative. A popular feature nowadays is the live chatbox. It’s a very convenient and quicker way of asking your queries. Most of these options are provided by CAKE affiliating tracking as opposed to Affiliate WP tracing which has limited options. My vote would go to CAKE affiliate tracking for their varied customer support system.


Several questions come to our mind while purchasing software like, how secure is it? Will it protect my device against malware? Will my data be safe? Software security is another prominent department that most companies have to deal with in today’s technologically advanced environment. Let us give you a brief idea about the different security options provided by both these companies.

Affiliate WP tracking

AffiliateWP-Affiliate- Tracking

  • Your affiliate applicant can be reviewed before accepting him as a member. It securely screens the application and then you could reject or approve based on your policies and judgment.
  • It provides you with a setting that requires the user to complete the reCAPTCHA security check while registering for your affiliate program. This will prevent spam bots from registering duplicate accounts on your site. Enabling this feature will help you to comply with the Google security policies.
  • They provide a Debug Assistant tab while first setting up Affiliate WP. This feature will record all the plugin update routines and all the referral process that have been attempted so far, whether successful or unsuccessful.
  • Say you want to block certain referrals that generate multiple pages or websites. How would you do it? Affiliate WP has a URL blocking system called ‘Referral URL Blacklist’. This will enable you to block specific unwanted pages which may be unsafe for your device.
  • A special security feature is that their dashboard includes, Referral summary dashboard widget. This widget is accessible only to the administrator. It gives a detailed daily as well as a monthly summary of referrals and earnings.

CAKE affiliate tracking

  • This is a company which complies wholly with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines.
  • They are very particular about customer data protection and hence are the best in the industry when it comes to privacy rights of its clients
  • They provide you with a dedicated Solution Engineer who and help you with your system configuration, setting up campaigns, and a lot more.
  • You can get Technical Consultations and guidance by the company on how to best integrate CAKE with third-party platforms used by your business.
  • There are numerous tools available in the technical market. But there will be only certain tools which are best suited for your business. CAKE helps you to customize and design API based solutions as per your business requirements. Some examples are invoicing conversion reconciliation, and many more.
  • CAKE also has some additional security features as you get notified every time there is a data and security breach, there are restrictions on profiling and monitoring and they levy increased enforcement with high fines.


Having a strong software security system is the backbone of any business today. Every business has different needs. But the basic needs are data protection of both, customer and business, regular updates, and reliable software to protect against any virus, malware, and bugs. Both the tracking systems are doing a good job in all these aspects. 

Screenshot for Customer Support & Security:


It is always advised that your existing affiliate tracking software works best with the essential plugins required for the smooth running of your business. Good integration with solutions and services can help achieve optimum results. Let’s have a look at how both this tracking software coexists with a few essential plugins.

AffiliateWp Integration

Affiliate WP tracking

Affiliate WP tracking integrates effortlessly in one click with some popular WordPress plugins. Some are free and others are for a fee. Here is a list:

  • WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Restrict Content Pro
  • Stripe
  • Pay Pal
  • Ninja Forms
  • Gravity
  • Zippy Courses
  • Optimize Member
  • Paid Memberships Pro
  • Contact Form 7
  • WP Forms
  • LifterLMS
  • Formidable Forms
  • Give
  • iThemes Exchange
  • WP eCommerce
  • WP Easy Cart
  • WP-Invoice
  • Shopp
  • Jigoshop
  • MemberPress
  • MarketPress
  • Sprout Invoices

CAKE affiliate tracking

Cake boasts of having the latest technology in digital marketing. Their integrations with some of the most popular names in technology are commendable. Here is a list of services and solutions which CAKE easily integrates with:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Google Ads
  • UpSellIt
  • UnsubCentral
  • Tipalti
  • Tealium
  • ReachDynamics
  • QuickBooks
  • Payoneer
  • Payability
  • Optizmo
  • Openmail
  • Neustar
  • Marketo
  • Kochava
  • Invoca
  • Forensiq
  • E-hawk
  • Bing
  • CallTrackingMetrics
  • Dialogtech
  • BriteVerify
  • Expo
  • Nura
  • BannerFlow
  • Authorize.Net


As it is evident from above, both these tracking companies have an impressive list of integrations that can help any business to run smoothly and effectively. Businesses can opt for any of the above as per their needs, clients, and strategies. If most of your work is on WordPress, then AffiliateWP would be the best choice. But, if you want to integrate with a more popular and global platform, CAKE would be a better option.

Pros and Cons Affiliate WP vs Cake affiliate Tracking 



  • CAKE provides us a better understanding of spending authorities on how to advertise and retail their market project.
  • CAKE is far significantly instinctive, modify, and use a tracking and tracking system in the retailing place.
  • It makes the UI uncomplicated and clean to negotiate.
  • It also describes the scales or levels of detail in a more convenient set of data.
  • It has a far-reaching tracing program.
  • Programmes consist of many tracing devices that can trace the guide easily
  • CAKE also makes things easy and faster and it is also time-consuming.
  • The CAKE software makes us convenient by providing webinars that guide us on how to use the program.


  • Describing the envision needs to be updated.
  • Difficulties in understanding few practical or technical terms.
  • The dates and numerical composition are not well constraining and confined.
  • The functions of the application of these software devices are not well presented in mobile phones.
  • The small setups between the email programs are quite difficult.



  • Users can add and choose their design templates and layouts throughout the program.
  • It is buyer-friendly as it enlargers the tangibility of the brands in the portal.
  • Facility of bran production increment.
  • It changes, amplifies, and promotes the visitor’s sites into buyers.
  • AffiliateWP assists and gives you subsequent support and is available to support you for 24*7 hours.
  • AffiliateWP is integrated with 28 famous plugins such as:-


  • Paypal.
  • Gravity form.
  • Zippy corner.
  • Paid membership
  • Woo-commerce.


  • It’s quite expensive as a software program for the buyers.

Pricing Affiliate WP vs Cake affiliate Tracking 

The latest offering license subscription which approaches you to the plugin, mechanized, preprogrammed update support, the crash of each license are mentioned:-

AffiliateWp pricing

  1. Personal $99

You can utilize affiliate wp only on a single internet site. This license expires after a year and gets automatically renewed by the simultaneous services or uses.

  1. Plus $ 149

This license plus $149 is yearly, it allows you to use affiliateWP on up to 3 websites. It also expires after a year and gets renewed by the simultaneous services after a year.

  1. Professional $249

Just like the above two mentions professional license is a yearly plan, it gives you entry for the recent pro-add-ons, added to it pro-add-ons also which can not be purchased separately, the plus point is that you can use AffiliateWP in multiple no. of websites in the plan and it gets regenerate after a year by the services.

  1. Ultimate $499

Unlike the other three plans mentioned above, this plan is unique and is a lifetime free license. There’s no need to regenerate the plan per year, and like the professional $249 plan it gives you entry for the latest pro-add-ons, plus pro-add-ons which can not be bought separately. This plan allows you to use AffiliateWP in multiple and any number of websites and you will be notified after the automated updates.

CAKE affiliate tracking.

Pricing available upon request or say pricing is available upon request to the vendor.

Testimonials: Affiliate WP vs Cake affiliate Tracking

AffiliateWp Customer Review

Testimonials- AffiliateWP

Quick Links:


👉How can Affiliates can exactly credit the last referrer?

Yes, affiliates can exactly credit the last referer, as proper guidance would be provided i.e firstly, we need to click on the checkbox on the Affiliates >settings > leading to the general page

👉How can we email our affiliates?

It is highly advised to refer to a convenient email system which is MailChimp. For further queries, we can check tutorials of emails with MailChimp

👉How to add creatives in cake affiliate tracking?

Firstly select the offer card then go with the creatives tab. Eventually, it will offer two options regarding the creatives – then you can choose the required options well suited to your work.

Conclusion: Affiliate WP vs Cake affiliate Tracking 2023

Affiliate marketing is a very popular mode of making some extra money. It is a profitable way of marketing your products or services by giving opportunities to others to promote your business or product. They in turn can earn some extra cash in the form of rewards or commission. Now, how cool is that? This type of marketing needs specialized software to and manage to keep a track of all the affiliate programs in your business. Affiliate WP tracking and CAKE affiliate tracking are the right tools that help you in this process.

If you are extensively using WordPress for your website, then Affiliate WP tracking would be the correct choice. It integrates perfectly with most of the WordPress plugins and provides WooCommerce tracking of coupons. There are four available pricing plans:

Personal ($99) per year, Plus ($149) per year, Professional ($249) per year, and Ultimate ($499) one-time payment.

Affiliate WP tracking is suited for small businesses as well. It is quite a budget-friendly tracking solution.

Talking about Cake affiliate tracking software, it is most suited when you have an extensive network of affiliate programs and a big business to run. You get one dashboard where you can manage all your contacts and review results. Their pricing plans are available on request put forth directly to the company. 

This article has been put together by extensive research and fact search. It provides sufficient data to help you decide on which tracking system best suits your business and products. Both affiliate software programs are at par with each other and provide the best services in their ways. By reading this article, you will get a fair idea of the right tool for your affiliate marketing program. 

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