Affiliate WP vs CJ Affiliate 2023: Which One Worths The HYPE? (Our Pick)


In this article, I will compare Affiliate vs CJ Affiliate. Go and check the complete write-up.

Before we even get started on which affiliate marketing program to choose. Let’s get one thing out of the way- What is affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing is an advertising scheme where merchants pay anyone to generate traffic to their selling places and services. In this new day and age of information, there are many ways to seek it. So, the credibility lies in from where we are getting it, in other words, who’s getting the word out. If you have an idea for a product, who’s going to put the word out? The answer to that used to be local marketing when mobile internet recharge used to be 1 GB for one month. Now, a product must appear everywhere to get the attention of the window shoppers. This is what Affiliate Marketing does.

This basically means any company that wants advertisements will pay people who own websites to have ads in them by a percentage in their sales profit.

This is not a new thing, the very thing we are going to talk about in a minute is about CJ Affiliate and it’s been around for nearly 20 years and is a part of Alliance Data System, a Fortune 500 company.

The internet increased the prominence of affiliate marketing. Thanks to Jeff Bezos’s Amazon, it popularized the affiliate marketing program by giving links to bloggers and websites to the Amazon page for a product that is reviewed to receive advertising fees when a purchase is made.

The free social media that we use every day earns money by collecting data and sell them to networks. They use that data to evaluate the market environment and shape their advertisement strategies. Then send them out to their publishers to host them on their websites. Here, the publishers are people like you and me, the networks are AffiliateWP and CJ Affiliate.

Ever wondered how when you searched for, let’s say laptop on amazon, and you constantly are getting ads on laptops on every site you go to for the next two days?

Those site owners are probably a part of one of the Affiliated networks.

Now, let’s see how that is done.

First, we need to have a basic understanding of what they actually are.

Why does a business need an affiliate marketing program?

Numerous organizations utilize Affiliated promoting as this is welcoming numerous individuals on board to Advertise our item or Services and the best thing about it is, we need to pay just when an item went on a deal or a change is made. Scarcely any advantages are talked about underneath on why a business ought to select this pattern:

  • It is Cost-effective:

There are no losses in this trend because this is solely based on the number of sales made and you only pay for those sales. You are not dealing in a ‘maybe’ or ’sort of’. You are dealing in absolutes. This is one of the effective ideas to advertise your product or services to a larger audience.

  • Affiliate Programs help to generate Revenue:

As your product is Advertised on many websites and platforms. This brings lots of new traffic and helps you to increase huge sales. hence, Increasing the revenue sources.

  • You get customer tracking data:

Customer tracking data provides you insights into which product a customer is often buying and in what kind of products they are interested in, which brands the opt, etc. Knowing all this information, you are better positioned to handle customers and bring in more sales.

  • An advantage for the SEO activities:

The affiliate marketing provides you with genuine links and doesn’t account for spamming links, falling us into trouble. These help you get genuine links redirecting to your website. Given that the affiliates are working on creating non-spammy links. Good and clean links benefit the site immensely. You can get that through affiliate marketing.

  • Brand visibility increases:

The affiliate marketing tools like AffiliateWP or CJAffiliate helps you to bring up your small businesses in the limelight. Your products will be seen promoting by affiliates and you have very little worry about the sales and promoting ads.

AFFILIATE WP VS CJ Affiliate:  Overview

Affiliate WP Overview:

This is an Affiliate program creation stage for WordPress. It’s essentially a module with a ton of devices for the usability which permits the business to extend, in this way increment in benefits.


This permits the business to draw in clients with their advertising endeavors and have a gainful association with offshoots. AffiliateWP additionally coordinates with more than 20 eCommerce stages and administrations, consequently expanding the range for associates.

Business should be in reliable hands which can bring genuine deals and traffic. With AffiliateWP you and our business are in safe hands.

CJ Affliate Overview:

CJ Affiliate is one of the biggest partner systems on the web. They have more than 15,000 sponsors and have an enormous scope of items for publicizing in return for a commission.


Essentially, when you register as an associate on CJ, they are going to give you a connection that you can put on your site. That connection can be an advertisement or a pennant or for an article or to coordinate the organization site.

The installments can run from item to item and from for a tick to finish a buy.

The kind of advertisements can change from books, vehicles, gadgets, rec center gear, flight tickets, OTT promotions, anything that has a sticker price.

Affiliate WP vs CJ Affiliate | Features

Affiliate WP Features: 

      1. Affiliate URL

A link provided by AffiliateWP to promote your website via various channel online.

      2. Emails

Email support is provided by AffiliateWP if any kind of technical problem arises.

      3. Data Export

You can easily export your website data across various platforms with the help of affiliate WP.

      4. Affiliate Management

With the super easy to use dashboard, Affiliate WP helps you manage your business in an easy way.

      5. Recurring Commission


You could give your affiliates commission on a regular basis and repeatedly and make it automated with the help of Affiliate WP.

      6. Integration

  • AffiliateWP provides several platforms to integrate with to make your life easy
  • AffiliateWP can auto-generate, register URL and send Emails to people who clicked the ads on your site and send them referral codes, coupons also. It tracks the performance of your site engagement with the viewers and the ads on your site with affiliate management, dashboard, real-time reporting of any problem along with exporting data.


  • The dashboard gives all the statistics you need to monitor and plan your ads for the next blog you write. It Integrates with e-Stores and any third-party plug-in. All of this under one name as WordPress.
  • All the things that can cost for any other affiliate like SEO tools and development tools for editing the content are available as free tools in WordPress. This feature can come in handy as a blogger who does not want to waste much time on assembling and installing various necessary software.

It also has features for advertisers like

  • No limit on the number of affiliates you can have
  • Individual commission
  • Banner and text links
  • Edit or remove Affiliates
  • Manually approve any affiliate
  • Send emails for affiliates after receiving application
  • Affiliate payments via Paypal

CJ Affliate Features:

      1. Pay Per Call

You can keep a track of all the conversions which your affiliates make and pay them only when they convert a lead into a buyer

      2. Pay for Performance

You can give incentives to the affiliates if you wish to

      3. Lead Generation

Generate potential leads by exploring the target market for your business.

      4. Deep Link Generator

Generate backlinks for your site which have quality with CJ Affiliate

      5. Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Monitor each transaction you do in real time

      6. Toolbox

  • CJ Affiliate is a global platform. It spreads through 150+ countries and has been around for almost 20 years when there was no widespread internet usage at all. It identifies multiple devices which can be beneficial for both publishers and advertisers to craft the content.
  • Deep Link and Product Widgets

Help to generate revenue in a much faster way as they give a direct link to the product rather than giving the link to the place where it’s being sold or to the company’s page. Lots of sales are lost because it’s difficult to find the correct location of the advertised product.

  • It also has a placement market where advertisers can publicize their inventory. This gives an opportunity for the affiliate such as you and me to search for content that can be monetized.
  • Real-Time Transaction Monitoring feature

CJ Affiliate has state of the art Real-Time Transaction Monitoring where you get updated information by seconds. It means you can see the transaction as it is going on, you don’t have to refresh the page. This can be a bit of overwhelming for beginners but it’s a very useful tool once you get used to it.

  • For both the software’s the criteria to have an account is you need to be 18 and above and need to have a website. In the case of CJ Affiliate, T you must give your Network Profile. This is what advertisers use to judge your application. It basically asks for who your audience is and your traffic statistics and your promoting strategies. Once you are set up with everything, all you have to do is select the best affiliate program on the network and start earning.

Affiliate WP VS CJ Affiliate | Payment

Affiliate WP:

The payment method of AffiliateWP is only PayPal whereas the payment method for CJ Affiliate has different ways depending on your location. It has transaction availability in 150 different countries.

The AffiliateWP has a fast and timely payout since it works with PayPal and has a wide range of promotional material. Its real-time statistics will track clicks, conversions, and earning using a performance dashboard. But it has a limit of $100 which needs to be crossed to get any deposit in the account.

CJ Affiliate:

Transaction time may vary because of the location in the case of CJ Affiliate as it’s a global firm. But the revenue generated will be deposited consistently.

How do these things actually work?

The primary focus on the method of utilizing these is through blog destinations.

These destinations manufacture a crowd of people after some time and with the substance they put in. In spite of the variety, a blog website has a consistent crowd everlastingly as long as the webpage is fully operational. When you have a specific measure of crowd, you can utilize that to procure cash by putting advertisements and connections.

This product gives that connection. You should have a crowd of people to gain cash. More traffic, more cash. That’s how they work.

Truth be told, CJ Affiliate gives a VIP treatment for pages with high traffic by giving them the cherry of the includes. In the event that your blog has 10k+ visits, you can get enormous promotions that can win you much more cash than having five little ones.

Affiliate WP VS CJ Affiliate | Packages

Affiliate WP Package:

Affiliate WP has four plan which you can choose according to your business needs

1. Personal Plan– Price: $99/year

Features included are:

  • Add-ons launched for free (17)
  • Plugin updates
  • Email support
  • 1 site
  • All the core and basic features are included in this plan

2. Plus– Price: $149/year

Features in this package

  • Add-ons launched for free (17)
  • Plugin updates
  • Email support
  • 3 sites
  • All the core and basic features are included in this plan

3. Professional- Recommended Price: $249/year


  • Add-ons launched for free (17)
  • Plugin updates
  • Email support
  • 3 sites
  • All the core and basic features are included in this plan
  • Pro plugins provided by Affiliate WP for free (14)

4. Ultimate– Price: $499/year


  • Add-ons launched for free (17)
  • Lifetime Plugin updates
  • Lifetime Email support
  • 3 sites
  • All the core and basic features are included in this plan
  • Pro plugins provided by Affiliate WP for free (14)


CJ Affiliate Package:

CJ Affiliate has just 1 pricing models

  • A yearly where you pay $3000 and get access to all the features
  • Renewal fee of $500 after your first-year use

Affiliate WP VS CJ Affiliate | Pros and Cons

When it comes to AffiliateWP

  • Easy to use.
  • Fast payments.
  • Good for bloggers.

Its disadvantages are

  • Limited reach.
  • No advanced fraud features.

These are understandable in the case of AffiliateWP as it is for WordPress. It has the world’s best content management system but doesn’t have the reach as much as affiliate networks. It’s best if you built the site there and add content to it, increase the audience, and monetize it by being an affiliate.

When it comes to CJ Affiliate

  • Deep links.
  • Reports.
  • Insights.
  • Placement opportunities.

Its disadvantages

  • Application method is not apt

Not everyone who gets an account can have an add on their website. You have to apply for each and every advertiser. CJ Affiliate acts as a bridge between publishers and merchants. It provides a platform for both parties to showcase what they have and their capabilities and let them make money through one another.

Quick Links:

Frequently Asked Questions

👉 Whom are the add-ons for?

You can use all 17 free add-ons unlimitedly with any of the chosen plans. However, with Professional and ultimate plan you get a set of free pro add-ons as well.

👉 How is their customer service?

Both the services have great customer service, which is via emails, ticket raising as well as audio calls.

👉 Which is the best Affiliate plugin?

Affiliate WP is the most recommended plugin, as it has more features and is a user-friendly plugin to use.

Conclsion: Affliate WP vs CJ Affliate — WHAT’S BEST?

It’s not an easy thing to say, considering both platforms give options to have multiple options to have added. You can have ads from both of them on your site.

AffiliateWP is the best option if you are just starting and your blog. It gives you free tools and handles a lot of work for you. But it comes with the price of a monthly plan.

CJ Affiliate is the most renowned network platform which has been around for a very long time. Its reach is a hug and its functioning and management are professional.

So, it finally depends on

  • how well you can handle your content
  • how much are you willing to invest in
  • how much are you ready to invest first
  • How much technical knowledge do you have on-site functionality?
  • and your time.

The more you are willing to get your hands into Affiliate marketing, the more you earn.

If you really enjoyed comparison between AffiliateWP and CJ Affiliate then please do like and share this post with your friends. Also, share your experience with me in the comment section.

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