Affiliate WP Vs LeadDyno 2024: Which One Is The Best? (Pros & Cons)


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It all started with Pippin Williamson realizing that he and his customers need a premium affiliate marketing system. Instead of waiting for others to

LeadDyno is an Online software that monitors and designs affiliate marketing systems.

  • Lifetime plugin updates
  • Accurate affiliate tracking
  • Complete integration
  • Easy to sign up & Navigate
  • Easy for influencers to use
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Pricing bit expensive for beginners
  • Poor customer service
Ease of Use

It has a very simple User-friendly interface and easy to install and can be activated with no effort.

LeadDyno interface is kind of easy and intuitive for beginners so that anyone can get started real quick and easy.

Value For Money

AffiliateWP worths every penny that you spent on it. As this robust toll is fully-loaded with powerful features to make your affiliate marketing journey easy.

LeadDyno is cheaper when its compared to AffiliateWP. However, if your budget is low consider getting started with LeadDyno as it is created for beginners and intermediate with less budget.

Customer Support

AffiliateWP offers a reliable customer support.

LeadDyno customer support needs improvement.

Deciding between AffiliateWP and LeadDyno for your business can feel like trying to pick the best dessert at a buffet – they both look good, but you want the one that’ll make you happiest.

I’ve been there, diving deep into the world of affiliate marketing tools, trying to figure out which one is the magic ingredient for growing my business.

AffiliateWP is like that reliable friend who’s always there for you, known for its ease of use and deep integration with WordPress.

On the other hand, LeadDyno feels like the new kid on the block, promising exciting features and a straightforward way to track and manage affiliates.

So, I rolled up my sleeves to compare them, aiming to find out which one really takes the cake for businesses looking to boost their affiliate marketing game.

Bottom Line: AffiliateWP is better than LeadDyno in terms of pricing and features offered by this platform.

This platform helps you in increasing the revenue of your Affiliate Marketing sites by showing relevant products to the customers after when they make a purchase.

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Affiliate WP Vs LeadDyno: Overview

Affiliate WP:

It all started with Pippin Williamson realizing that he and his customers need a premium affiliate marketing system. Instead of waiting for others to create an efficient system, he decides to do it himself.

He was already renowned for other WordPress plugins, Restrict Content Pro and Easy Digital Downloads. And this is how AffiliateWP came into existence in the fraternity of Affiliate Marketing.


AffiliateWP is a WordPress Plugin that aids you to design and control an affiliate program to add to your WordPress website. The webmasters and advertisers, known as the affiliates promote a company on their websites. 

These ads are linked to your websites and would direct the online visitor to your website on their single click. And if the visitors buy a product or service, the affiliates earn a commission. 

If you have an enterprise, small or medium business you can approach AffiliateWP. It is a web-based software, and also supports iOS and Desktops. Unfortunately, they do not have an android version. 

Lead Dyno:

LeadDyno is an Online software that monitors and designs affiliate marketing systems. It collaborates with different affiliates and helps them to advertise their business and boost sales and leads for their client.

They make use of social media to promote and advertise the products and services of the clients.

The track, engage, manage, and automize the method of sign up chosen. It is proficient in the social sharing system, customizable newsletter parameters, and sturdy email follow-up systems.


It is mobile optimized and provides a single-click social sharing facility. It has integration with reputed online commercial, marketing, and payment companies. 

Affiliate WP Vs LeadDyno: Key features and Benefits

1. Simple Account Set-Up

Affiliate WP:

With Affiliate WP your program will set up in less than 5 minutes. It has a very simple User-friendly interface and easy to install and can be activated with no effort.

AffiliateWp DAshBoard

Lead Dyno:

As you sign your affiliate portal is immediately set by the LeadDyno. Their set-up wizards ensure that it does not take a long time. 

LeadDyno-Easy-Affiliate-Tracking- WebSite Style


With a quick set up process both AffiliateWP and LeadDyno ensure that it is not too much of a hassle to set up your account and get started.

2. Integration With Various Platforms

Affiliate WP:

Affiliate WP has been integrated completely with some most acknowledged eCommerce plug-ins that have a wide range of membership.

AffiliateWp Integration

Lead Dyno:

LeadDyno has integrated with various platforms to provide a variety to its clients. It works with eCommerce, marketing, payment processors, CRM, email marketing apps, and more.

LeadDyno-Easy-Affiliate-Tracking- Traffic 


These websites both do a great job of allowing you to pair your account with other eCommerce sites to facilitate a much more fruitful journey with them. 

3. Tracking the Affiliates

Affiliate WP:

They provide you with limitless affiliates. That means you can have as many affiliates you want who will beat the drum for your websites, facilities, services, and products.

These features introduce you with an extensive network and ensure an increasing number of visitors.

You can completely rely on it to trace your referrals even with the most difficult caches. They provide you with the facility of real-time tracking and reporting of your referred visits, your earnings, and sign-ups without any lags.

AffiliateWP-Affiliate- Tracking

Keeping track of the affiliates was a nightmare and extremely exhausting initially. affiliate WP allows you to manage your affiliates by tracking their performance and earnings singularly.

You can look at their reports, censor individual accounts, or recede affiliate registration.

Lead Dyno:

As you sign your affiliate portal is immediately set by the LeadDyno. Their set up wizards ensure that it does not take a long time. 

With their well-structured system you can keep an eye on your visitor. You get regular updates regarding your sales and leads in almost a click.

For any information, you have to only access your dashboard. All of these are real-time data.

LeadDyno-Easy-Affiliate-Tracking- Tracking Campaigns

With the veteran affiliates, you can buzz on various social media platforms all at once. You customize or preload your content and then your affiliate can seamlessly share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  and many more.


Both websites do a pretty good job in this case, but the LeadDyno interface is not as efficient as the AffiliateWP one, which allows you to singularly track each feature a bit better than LeadDyno.

4. Coupon Code and Affiliate Benefits

Affiliate WP:

You are allowed to attach coupon code to your specified affiliate accounts. The coupon codes can be easily tracked with coupon tracking. These coupon codes can be redeemed.

The referral connected to it gets a reward. It is very similar to the customer using a referral URL this feature comes with Affiliate WP version 1.1 or higher only.

AffiliateWP- Coupon Code

Lead Dyno:

Affiliates can directly access sales history and have the facility to share content on a click through the LeadDyno mobile app. This is a unique feature that LeadDyno put forth to its affiliates. 

LeadDyno-Easy-Affiliate-Tracking- Affiliate Code

LeadDyno renders multiple tracking options for its affiliates. Affiliates can check on their referrals by affiliate links which are added to redirect the visitor to the landing page.

Coupon codes are yet another method. Some large eCommerce firms provide trackable custom codes to the affiliates. If you assign a website or URL to an affiliate, he can oversee all the leads and sales coming through the website automatically. 


This is yet another feature that both accomplish pretty much the same thing and they are almost equally efficient. But here LeadDyno seems to have a slightly better user-friendly nature. 

5. Integration With Various Platforms

Affiliate WP:

Affiliate WP has been integrated completely with some most acknowledged eCommerce plug-ins that have a wide range of membership.

Lead Dyno:

As you sign your affiliate portal is immediately set by the LeadDyno. Their set up wizards ensure that it does not take a long time. 

LeadDyno-Easy-Affiliate-Tracking- Integration


Again both are pretty much the same and you can benefit from either one of these when it comes to platform integration.

6. Simple Payouts

Affiliate WP:

Unlike other software, with Affiliate WP you get affordable and entire payout services which enables you to pay your affiliates.

The money is transferred to their bank accounts and debit cards within seconds and that also in no less than 35 countries.

Affiliate WP: payouts

Lead Dyno:

Every time a campaign is shared by an affiliate from their dashboard LeadDyno will reveal all its details to you in no time.

You can always tailor the payment percentage for each affiliate. According to your wishes, you can pay someone more or less, depending on their performance.


AffiliateWP is much better in terms of the payout services that are offered to the affiliates and the money transfer protocols are a lot easier.

7. Other Miscellaneous Features to Consider

Affiliate WP:

If you are not comfortable with a particular language you have the liberty to change it. You can choose any language for your websites. Here at Affiliate WP language stands as no barrier to excellent world-class opportunity.

Affiliate is also developer-friendly in every way possible. You will find multiple hooks and templates for your aid. They help you to customize features and function according to make ends meet.  

We all know ‘ time is money’. Keeping this in mind, the makers have designed it for the quickest response time. The performance was a major priority. And had been tried and tested multiple times for its efficiency.

It comes with a wonderful support system to help its user round the clock. It tries to resolve doubts of its clients effortlessly.

A separate team works to resolve any technical glitches and extends to a helping hand to all those who need it. So if you require any assistance they will be there to help you.

Lead Dyno:

As a business owner, you need to analyze stats and data. These stats give you proper insight into your business.

LeadDyno allows you to keep sight of all the clicks, conversion, traffic, sales, and leads and their sources. You can access actionable data to focus on your marketing strategies and budget.

This is the best way to improve and judge the amount of extra effort you will need to put in.

LeadDyno-Easy-Affiliate-Tracking- Sharing Timeline

You must have heard of multi-level marketing(MLM). It is one of the best ways to provide incentives to the affiliates as it gives them extra credits for any transaction by their sub-affiliates.

LeadDyno supports 10 levels of multilevel marketing!


They both have various other features but again AffiliateWP swoops into the lead as it contains a lot more beneficial extra features as compared to LeadDyno.

Affiliate WP Vs LeadDyno: Pricing plans

Affiliate WP:

Affiliate Wp - Pricing

1. Personal Subscription- To reap the advantages of the Personal version and access to the basic features you have to pay  $149/year. This is the lowest rate that AffiliateWP offers. 

With this basic version, you get all the core features. You also get 17 free official add-ons, plug-ins updates, and email support for a single website. If you are a little doubtful and yet you are determined to try a website builder, this is the best price you can go for.

2. Plus Subscription- With plus subscription at the rate of $199/year you enjoy the features of the Basic version for up to three sites.

This does not have any new features or add-ons though if you want to keep your work simple yet extensive you can certainly go for this.

3. Professional Subscription- This is the most popular subscription among the clients of Affiliate WP. It empties only $ 299/year from your pockets and wrenches out the best for your business. With the initial 17 add-ons, you also get 14 pro-add-ons.

If any they launch any new add-on you will not have to pay a penny extra for it. You get all the Personal version features for unlimited sites. This version has proven to be most indigenous to the users for versatility.

4. Ultimate Subscription- For reaping the best long term benefits you can choose the advanced subscription at the price of $499/year.

The key feature for this subscription is that it comes with lifetime plug-in updates and email support. In the long run, the sum of money invested is completely extracted through business profits.

Lead Dyno:

Lead Dyno Pricing


1. The Lite plan, starting at $49 per month.

It is designed for those just starting an affiliate program, supporting up to 50 active affiliates and including features like 1 reward structure, 1 commission plan, historic data exporting for the last 18 months, and 1 affiliate group.

2. The Essential plan is priced at $129 per month and is suitable for managing a simple affiliate program.

It supports up to 150 active affiliates, includes 1 reward structure, 3 commission plans, historic data exporting for the last 18 months, 2 affiliate groups, and additional features like 1 landing page and 1 additional team member.

3. For growing an established affiliate program, the Advanced plan at $349 per month.

It offers support for up to 500 active affiliates, unlimited reward structures, unlimited commission plans, historic data exporting for the last 18 months, 4 affiliate groups, and further enhancements including 3 landing pages and 3 additional team members.

4. The Unlimited plan, at $749 per month, is aimed at scaling an affiliate program to its full potential. It offers unlimited support in terms of active affiliates, reward structures, commission plans, historic data exporting, affiliate groups, landing pages, additional team members.

It includes comprehensive support and customization options like 1:1 call and video support, multi-level marketing capabilities, customizable affiliate sign up form, custom affiliate website domain, and more

Affiliate WP Vs LeadDyno: Pros & Cons

Affiliate WP:


  • AffiliateWP is praised for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.
  • It offers reliable affiliate tracking, including referral links, coupon codes, and custom landing pages.
  • It allows you to own your audience and have a direct relationship with all of your affiliates​​.
  • The plugin is highly customizable and developer-friendly.
  • It eliminates the need for a third-party, potentially saving additional costs​​.


  • The initial cost may be a barrier for small businesses or individuals just starting out.
  • The wide array of options and settings can be overwhelming for beginners or those new to affiliate marketing.



  • LeadDyno offers a wide range of features for managing affiliates, tracking their performance, and automating payments.
  • It supports seamless integration with many e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and others, facilitating easy adoption for businesses already on these platforms​​.
  •  It provides automated email marketing tools.
  • Businesses can customize their affiliate signup pages.


  • No Mobile App for Sales Tracking and Reporting.
  •  Some users have reported poor experiences with customer support.

Affiliate WP Vs LeadDyno: Testimonials

Affiliate WP:

Testimonials- AffiliateWP


LeadDyno-Easy-Affiliate-Tracking- Testimonials

Quick Links:


💁‍♀️Which is easier to use for beginners?

Both platforms are user-friendly, but AffiliateWP might be more straightforward for WordPress users due to its seamless integration with the WordPress dashboard. LeadDyno is also easy to use and provides comprehensive support and resources to get started.

❓Can I use AffiliateWP on non-WordPress sites?

No, AffiliateWP is exclusively designed for WordPress sites. If your site is not on WordPress, LeadDyno would be the alternative, as it supports multiple e-commerce platforms.

👍How does pricing compare between AffiliateWP and LeadDyno?

AffiliateWP offers a pricing model based on annual licenses, which can be more cost-effective for WordPress users. LeadDyno's pricing is based on monthly subscriptions, which might offer more flexibility for businesses scaling their affiliate programs.

👀Which platform is better for tracking affiliate performance?

Both platforms provide comprehensive tracking of affiliate performance, including sales, commissions, and clicks. LeadDyno offers a slightly broader range of tracking capabilities across different e-commerce platforms, while AffiliateWP excels in tracking within the WordPress ecosystem.

👉Do both platforms offer support for mobile devices?

LeadDyno does not have a dedicated mobile app, which may be a drawback for those prioritizing mobile usage. AffiliateWP is designed to be responsive and can be managed via mobile web browsers, although it does not offer a dedicated mobile app either.

Conclusion: Affiliate WP Vs LeadDyno 2024

Now, all the detailed facts and features are presented. You can observe that both AffiliateWP and LeadDyno have some basic features similar. They are efficient and have great reviews. 

But AffiliateWP restricts its services to WordPress sites and can be only accessed online on desktop or iOS. Whereas LeadDyno extends itself on as a mobile application also on its Accelerator version and available for any website. 

But when comparing the prices, you will see a drastic difference. You can only purchase AffiliateWP on yearly rates which are cheaper than the monthly rates of LeadDyno. 

So the final verdict rests upon you! Choose whichever serves you the best.

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