AffiliateWP MLM – Is it The Best MLM Plugin for WordPress?

Looking to AffiliateWP MLM using AffiliateWP, great! In this post, I have covered how you can easily create and run your Uni-level MLM program. Let’s dive in.

Using AffiliateWP, you can set up an affiliate program so that others can promote your items for you. As an incentive for affiliates, it allows you to take use of affiliate marketing’s potential and generate sales for your products.

What is AffiliateWP?

AffiliateWP MLM

AffiliateWP is a comprehensive WordPress affiliate management plugin. This plugin is compatible with the most popular WordPress membership and e-commerce plugins. As the name suggests, it’s designed to give you everything you need in an easy-to-use system.

For WordPress websites alone, AffiliateWP is a dashboard for affiliate management that is supplied with the platform.


AffiliateWP Features

AffiliateWP MLM

Another advantage of using an affiliate plugin on your website is the ability to earn commissions from your visitors. All of AffiliateWP’s features can be found in a single area without the user having to write a single line of code.

Now that we’ve established that, let’s get into the plugin’s features.


A Web-based interface for managing affiliates

Managing affiliates has never been easier thanks to AffiliateWP, an easy-to-use dashboard that combines information such as affiliate revenue, referrals, and traffic into one area.

The ability to monitor affiliates in real-time

Keeping track of your affiliate relationships is a snap when you use AffiliateWP’s dashboard. Real-time data reporting is also included, allowing the statistics to be promptly updated if something new occurs.

3rd party plug-in integration

To further customize your affiliate program, you can use other plugins installed on your website in addition to AffiliateWP’s easy-to-use interface.

Affiliates are compensated in various ways

If not handled correctly, affiliate revenue payouts can quickly devolve into a tumultuous nightmare. Your payments must be timely and error-free because you are an affiliate marketer selling things to earn a commission.

Coupon tracking and a variety of other inventive options

Affiliate marketers can be provided with a variety of promotional materials known as “creatives” in order to help them promote a company’s products. Product images, gifs, animations, widgets, and product screenshots are all examples of common creatives.

Import and Export Data Accessibility

A large amount of affiliate-related data may accumulate over time, and the WordPress dashboard is inconvenient for analyzing this data.

Using AffiliateWP MLM

Because AffilateWP works with third-party plugins, we already know this. A number of free and paid add-ons are also available to you, allowing you to enhance the potential of your affiliate network.

You can now turn your Affiliate Network into a fully-functional MLM platform within your WordPress website. Using the AffiliateWP MLM add-on, you can quickly build your own MLM scheme with a Unilevel, Forced Matrix, or Basic Binary structure and pay your affiliates for selling items and services on your site!!! It’s a full-featured system for finding, managing, and keeping track of affiliates.


Affiliates who advertise your MLM website’s products and services more aggressively might be rewarded with higher commissions. MLM compensation plans assess how much each sale is worth based on the percentage of the sale that was generated by affiliates via referral links.

It is possible for your affiliates to get money from both direct and indirect referrals. They have Direct Referrals and Sub Affiliates have Indirect Referrals, which are two different types of referrals. If a customer suggests to your website make multiple transactions, your affiliates can receive commissions on all of those purchases.

It will begin tracking new affiliate registrations on your MLM website and automatically add them to the Matrix after they have been activated. The Matrix’s organizational structure will determine whether or not they are eligible for commissions at that point. Your affiliates will be able to have three sub-affiliates on the first level (width) of their matrix and earn commissions up to five layers deep if you set up a 35 Forced Matrix for example (depth).

Further referrals will be assigned to the next available Sub Affiliate in their Matrix, and so on until they have achieved a total of five levels in their downline after reaching a width of three. It is therefore possible to have up to five levels of sub-affiliates for each of these three Sub-Affiliates. WordPress-based websites can now function as automated sales channels for your company.

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Wrapping up

Creating an affiliate network may appear simple, but the actual challenge lies in making sure the entire endeavor is a success.

Apart from its ease of use, AffiliateWP stands out from other affiliate program plugins due to its price, ease of connection, and in-depth data.

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