AffiliateWP vs Affiliate Royale 2024 | Which One Should To Choose (In-Depth Comparison)

Which is a better bet AffiliateWP or Affiliate Royale ?

I am assuming you are looking for a comparison between AffiliateWP and Affiliate Royale :The Best WordPress Affiliate Management Plugin To Use In 2024 and if yes you have entered the right post.

AffiliateWP and Affiliate Royale both give a total affiliate management framework for your WordPress site that consistently coordinates all major WordPress web-based business and membership platforms. It plans to give all that you need in a straightforward, perfect, simple to utilize a framework that you will love to utilize.

Benefits of Using Affiliate Management Plugin

  • Programmed advertising with negligible efforts and zero expense
  • You achieve website links on a few sites, and the vast majority of them are permanent
  • Your items are surveyed on a few sites for nothing and no need to pay for sponsored reviews

WP Affiliate Platform vs Affiliate Royale - Affiliate Management Plugin

AffiliateWP VS Affiliate Royale | Unique Features

Click Tracking Feature

Click tracking is an assessment highlight that measures and reports where people click or tap on destinations, apps, and SMS.

 WP Affiliate Platform vs Affiliate Royale - Click Tracking

Using programming or marks, a tick GPS beacon records mouse clicks and taps (on mobile phones); this data is accumulated and demonstrated numerically, visually (via. heat maps), or by singular meetings (meeting features).

Affiliate Royale:

With the click analytics service provided by Affiliate Royale, you get a progression of ground-breaking affiliate link tracking devices that assess your active campaign’s exhibition. Everything can be seen numerically and in diagrams on Affiliate Royale’s user-friendly dashboard, customized to incorporate information that is consistently pertinent to your objectives and desires.


AffiliateWP provides a whole-fledged self-facilitated subsidiary program and keeps the program sorted out and profitable with a sophisticated yet easy to use dashboard including graphs and several other visual aids.

Fixed Commission

 WP Affiliate Platform vs Affiliate Royale - Fixed Commission

The Fixed Commissions feature links a client to an affiliate, permitting the connected associate to the commission on every single future buy by the client.


  • You will make more broad deals as accessories work in even more real to drive your administrations.
  • A part is ensured a commission when a related client makes a buy whether the client clears their program cookies, makes a buy utilizing a substitute PC, or buys while logged out (visitor buy).
     WP Affiliate Platform vs Affiliate Royale - WP Affiliate
  • Subsidiaries can be related to different clients, which suggests more traffic to your site and more courses of action.

Affiliate Royale:

Affiliate Royale takes into consideration the Pareto Principle for commission. A great deal goes into a fruitful offshoot advertising program, including a portion of your financial plan. Along these lines, it’s critical to ensure you’re putting resources into associations that can acquire new leads and land quality customers for your business.

That is the reason the 80/20 principle could add unique valuable to your promoting technique. There is a rule that 80 percent of deals originate from 20 percent of your accomplices. By applying such principle to your business one can unlock the door of enhancing and expanding the return over investment. (ROI).

Report Graph Analytics

WP Affiliate Platform vs Affiliate Royale - Report Graph

A graph report shows numerical qualities as focuses, lines, bars, or circles, and it shows non-numerical information as reference axes. When a matrix report is shown as a graph, the outcomes from the cells in the framework give the state of the graph, while the section and column headings in the network become the axes of the graph. Graphs comprise of classifications and arrangement.


AffiliateWP reports offer a wide scope of information. You can see graphs of referrals after you start using the plugin regularly, effectively observing your website’s overall WordPress performance, just as a point by point breakdown of how well a particular affiliate is performing, data on payouts, crusades, visits, and referrals.

Affiliate Royale:

Affiliate Royal also leverages visual tools like graphs, charts as well as infographics, so that people could understand their affiliate performances in depth. The feature is available on the dashboard itself. Anyone can click and get access to it in no time.

Cookie Duration

A cookie is a value that is stored on the customer’s PC. When a client goes to your site utilizing an associate connection, a cookie is saved on the client’s PC. We use cookies to follow associate referrals.

Every cookie has an expiry date. The expiry term of the cookie is set in the Cookie Duration field. Of course, the span of the cookie is set to 30 days. This implies if a client goes to your site utilizing a subsidiary connection and buys something inside 30 days, the partner who alluded the client will get a commission for it.


When a client goes to your site through an affiliate referral, connect AffiliateWP stores, two principle program cookies to follow the alluding affiliate, and the visit.

Affiliate Royale:

When an affiliate joins, they are provided with affiliate connections and pennants that they can impart to others on the web. At the point when an end-client (purchaser) enters the website by clicking on the affiliate link provided to them, a cookie is produced and seeded in their program.

 WP Affiliate Platform vs Affiliate Royale - Affiliate Royale

At the point when they make a buy Affiliate Royale verifies whether the cookie exists and if so which affiliate – assuming any – ought to get a commission from the deal. This setting permits you to characterize how long the cookie should remain in that end client’s program before lapsing.

Setting this to a couple of days or less may imply that affiliates who allude end clients to your site may not get a commission if the client doesn’t buy immediately.

How does Referral Notifications function in the Affiliate

 WP Affiliate Platform vs Affiliate Royale - Referral Notifications

Arranging a notification list permits your association to automate inside the correspondence to choose colleagues that a job has successfully received a new referral. When arranged, any client added to the Referral notification rundown will get an email notification for each new referral made for the activity.

The platforms, i.e., AffiliateWP and Affiliate Royale, provide the same set of features for enabling referral notifications.

Affiliate Levels


Layered Affiliate Rates will allow you to compensate your affiliates with higher commission rates, the more they win, and the more viable referrals they make.

Once presented, you will have another Tiered Rates section in your AffiliateWP Settings. You will have the alternative to make an equal number of levels from your wish on this screen.

Levels comprise of four choices:

  • Type: such a level, for example, Member salary-based or referral based.
  • Edge: the entire amount accounting to total referrals or the hard and fast pay a member must pick up to arrive at the layered rate.
  • Rate: It is the rate a member is given normally when they show up at the cutoff
  • Debilitated: whether or not the level is disabled

With Tiered Affiliate Rates, you can set up a commission rate level this way without much of a stretch.

The commission rate goes from 0-50% and depends heavily on the number of referrals. The more the referral, the more could be the commission percentage. This gives the affiliate the chance to showcase their talent and bring as many referrals as possible to your company, leading to everyone’s top performance.

Affiliate Royale:

Affiliate Royal’s commission is based on two levels, which are Level A and Level B. Level A being superior.

AffiliateWP VS Affiliate Royale | Integration Platform Comparison Autoresponders Integration

For keeping in contact with your affiliates, informing them when new items are accessible for advancement, sending them messages, extraordinary offers, challenges, and various declarations, you need an autoresponder combination.

AffiliateWP incorporates with GetResponse, and with MailChimp. Affiliate Royale incorporates with Aweber and MailChimp.

ย Suggestion:

MailChimp is currently the best autoresponder to have for your eCommerce site if you do not have one. It offers under 2000 supporters for free and, after which you have to pay $10 figuratively speaking.

Integration with E-Commerce Platforms

Both the plugins provide integration with several effective platforms:

  • Simple Digital Downloads
  • Jigoshop
  • Shopp
  • WooCommerce
  • WP web-based business

Integration with many membership plugins

Enrollment sites have gotten extremely well known over the most recent few years, as the world moved from one-time payments to repetitive payments.

In case you are hoping to coordinate your affiliate program with one of your membership websites, both these WordPress affiliate plugins incorporate with the accompanying enrollment locales:

MemberPress (possessed by a similar organization that created Affiliate Royale) and Wishlist Member. Affiliate Royale incorporates with Wishlist Member when utilizing PayPal.

Moreover, AffiliateWP likewise incorporates with:

  • MemberMouse
  • Paid Memberships Pro
  • Confine Content Pro (claimed by a similar organization that created AffiliateWP)
  • s2Member โ€“ being developed stages

Other Integrations

Apart from the above, there are some other integrations associated with AffiliateWP:

Affiliate Royale can be used along with several payment software, depending upon your needs.

AffiliateWP VS Affiliate Royale | Method Use For Payment Comparison

The payout choices are a Component to Administrators as affiliates. From the member’s standpoint, they should be sure to pay them quickly as a dealer. In a simple manner (and on-time) and from an admin standpoint, you have to have the alternative to send your subsidiaries installments immediately, affirmed in bulk (when investigating a significant while streaking — to when you’ve got various partners).

Mass portions grant you to send your associates their payment fast, and you’ll be able to follow your portions. You can, in like manner, send payouts via Stripe or PayPal to get referrals specific or at bulk to process referrals.

With Affiliate Royale, you opt-in for “Buy Today for Stripe” thing (in like fashion Produced by Affiliate Royale collecting) to send installments through Stripe and follow your associates’ installments.

AffiliateWP VS Affiliate Royale | Plans Comparison


1. Personal

The personal plan of AffiliateWP is priced $99/year and comes with 17 add-ons completely free to use, regular plugin updates, email customer care, one site with all vital features included.

2. Plus

Priced at $149/year, the Plus plan of AffiliateWP has all the features in the Personal plan and a total of 3 sites with all vital features included.

3. Professional

The plan comes with all features in Plus version with 14 pro-add-ons and unlimited sites. It is priced at $249/year and is the recommended package by AffiliateWP.

4. Ultimate

This plan is priced at $499 one-time payment, which gives you access to all the features of AffiliateWP for a lifetime.

WP Affiliate Platform vs Affiliate Royale - WP Affiliate Pricing

Affiliate Royale:

1. Merchant Edition

This edition of Affiliate Royale is priced at $85/year. It comes with one website usage, no monthly fee of any kind, access to vital affiliate training programs, a one-year automatic update, and premium support.

2. Developer Edition

Priced at $165/year, the plan has all the features in Merchant edition with an add-on of using unlimited sites.

 WP Affiliate Platform vs Affiliate Royale - Affiliate Royale Pricing

AffiliateWP VS Affiliate Royale | Summary

1. Dashboard institution

Both the dashboard that’s appeared at the front-finish of your website and the devices which are utilized personally as a main for you or from your branch supervisor is simple to use AffiliateWP and shaped. Certainly, in apparent items, you may need fewer clicks when revealed up assessing to Affiliate Royale, to supervise your application due to AffiliateWP.

2. Flexibility

The concern was to earn a construction where you collect a part app to your company and enjoy the reports along with snippets of information much faster, considering that AffiliateWP was full of as an option as opposed out.

You can be fast because of its spectacular and great UI, AffiliateWP includes the capability to meld your modules using coding and a gathering of items that are further. Like every module that’s created, his things along with Pippin Williamson, AffiliateWP wires stations, and WordPress drills provide the branch point to be adjusted by you.

The heap of AffiliateWP combines added items that can cover many things you’ll need in like fashion, whether you aren’t an originator.

Unequivocal reports and after conclusions Conceivably the thing whenever you’re managing a program, you need to understand your own flourishing is added to by the component stage.

Reports that combine the information may provide you the tools for your turn of events. One essential version is that you can without a significant stretch view who is the most elevated trophy and performing people Kept up and produced by a Massive arrangement

The machine that may add and from that, making a steadier branch point coordinates AffiliateWP. Every WordPress module requires fixes and updates to execute on every phase, by letting the platform to grow the AffiliateWP module, the AffiliateWP code along with the clients themselves respect and more steady condition.


๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸปIs there any monthly plan for any of the Affiliate plugins mentioned above?

No, Affiliate Plugins come with a yearly plan of effective pricing. AffiliateWP has an offer of a lifetime plan where you can pay $499 once and have access to all the listed features for a lifetime.

๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸปWho has the better customer service out of the two?

There is no better plugin when it comes to customer service. Both the Affiliate plugins have top quality professionals on their side when it comes to customer care.

๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸปWhich affiliate plugin gives more integrations?

AffiliateWP plugin has more integrations, whether its Autoresponders, eCommerce, or membership integration.

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Conclusion: AffiliateWP or Affiliate Royale 2024 | Which Affiliate Plugin Should You Go Ahead With?

Both the affiliate plugins are effective and add value to your business in their way. If you have to choose one out of the two, the answer is quite clear; it should be AffiliateWP. From features to plans, AffiliateWP is far more superior than Affiliate Royale.

I hope this post suits your purpose well and if you liked the post then kindly share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also, share your experience with me in the comment section.

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