AffiliateWP vs AffTrack: Which One Should You Choose? (Top Pick)

Are you a business owner of an online firm struggling to draw customers to your sites, or having trouble generating leads and sell products? Don’t worry, the solution to all your problems is Affiliate marketing. In simple words, Affiliate Marketing basically paying another person for promoting your products in their sites via links.

The person who is promoting your products for a commission is called an affiliate. But how a single person will be enough to promote your firm?

So, you have to hire a bunch of affiliates and if you have to manage large people you need to track all their activities and keep a record of how many people are joining using their links in order to pay their commission. Sounds TEDIOUS!!!, Don’t worry, in this article, I am going to compare AffiliateWP vs AffTrack the two best affiliate management websites available online which will reduce your work considerably and I will discuss each and every feature of these both websites and finally you can decide which one to choose? Because you are the BOSS.

In this article, we will use the word Affiliate a lot. So just to be on the same page Affiliate means,  person will be promoting the person who is promoting your products for the commission. Alright, now you are good to go.

Affiliate and AffTrack Overview:

In this article, we are going to compare  AffiliateWP and AffTrack, two of the best affiliate managing websites available. These two managing websites will help you from affiliate registration to generating a lead, bring traffic, generate revenue to all the way of helping you in paying the appropriate commission for the affiliates. Let’s see a quick introduction to these websites and their unique features. 

Affiliate WP Overview:

AffiliateWP is one of the best affiliate management websites available online since 2014. It is one of the very few marketing websites that use WordPress plugin which makes it easier to access.


Even though it is a paid website it gives you a lot of unique features such as Integrated Payouts service for affiliates and automatic affiliate creation. Depending upon the plan you are subscribing you can get various pro features in addition to existing features.

What’s unique in AffiliateWP??

For Affiliates:

As you know, the sales of your products completely depend upon the involvement of affiliates. You need to give incentives to affiliates in order to make the affiliates happy and they can push your product dramatically. Here are some of the unique features for affiliates to make them happy.

Affiliate Review: Statistics

Lifetime commission:

In addition to just giving commission to the affiliates for the products, they helped to purchase. You can give commission to the affiliate for all the future purchases by the same customer.

Tiered Affiliate Rates:

If you wish to separate your star affiliates from the normal affiliates for their payment this feature will be helpful to you. You can separate your affiliates based on successful referrals and you can pay them separately.

Referral URL Generator- AffiliateWP Review

What’s unique in AffiliateWP??

For you (The BOSS):

As the owner of a company, you will have to spend time on various topics like what are the new products we can add to the market? And will have to make important policy decisions. So, you wish to spend as little time as possible in this marketing area. Here are some of the features that will save you valuable time.

Integrated Payouts service:

Do you have affiliates from all over the world and are you worried that how can I pay my affiliates with different banking regulations in different countries?

AffiliateWP- Payouts Service

You don’t need to worry about that from now onwards. AffiliateWP has an Integrated Payouts service for 35 countries which will eliminate the hurdles of international banking.

Direct Link tracing:

If you don’t want a link system between your Affiliates and the management website. This is one of the features available depending on your subscription plan. It allows affiliates to link directly to your site without needing an affiliate link. 

AffiliateWP Review- Zapier featues

Afftrack Overview

It is a Pioneer in providing solutions for affiliate management since 2009. It is also a paid website with unique features such as Proxy and Fraud detection and Full API access.


Depending upon the traffic you are expecting on your website you can choose the plan for your affiliate management.

What’s unique in AffTrack:

For Affiliates:

Offer Targeting:

If you want to push your products in a certain country or region you can use these features in which the affiliates will be able to easily target the people from that particular region.

Cap Management:

This will protect you from going overboard regarding the payments of your affiliates. It will protect the affiliates from unemployment and commission cuts.

What’s unique in AffTrack:

For you (The BOSS):

Mobile-Friendly solution:

You don’t need a laptop and an employee to monitor the status of your affiliates all the time. AffTrack is compatible with all types of devices. It does not even need a dedicated app for its function.

Free trial available:

If you want to familiarize yourself with the interface before purchasing the product it is one of the very few websites that allows free trial for its website. You can get a previous glimpse of how the interface works before actually buying the product.

AffliateWP vs AffTrack: Comparison of Key features

Even though these two websites have some unique features. There are some basic features for an affiliate management website that needs to be satisfied in order to consider the website as trustworthy. In the following portion of the article, these basic features are compared for both these websites, and a final verdict is given regarding which website mostly satisfies that basic features.

Affiliate tracking:

Affiliate tracking is an important feature for every affiliate management website. How the affiliates are being tracked and how efficient the website against proxy clicks determines the efficiency of the system and gives you the accurate data of a particular affiliate contribution. 


AffliateWP uses cookies to track how much a particular affiliate ID contributed to the purchases of the products. Whenever a customer clicks the affiliate ID the ID will be stored in a cookie and you can vary the number of days the tracing cookie stays in the customer browser. So, if a customer makes a purchase using the same ID after a few days you can track the respective affiliate and you can pay the commission to him.


Afftrack pioneers in this area by having real-time processing of data. It uses a cloud click tracking solution for affiliate tracking which remains working round the clock.


Even though AffliateWP has an efficient tracking system the Afftrack architecture makes it suitable for affiliate tracking.

Affiliate Registration:

The way the websites are handling affiliate registration is important to determine how much we know about the profile of a particular affiliate. The websites should also help to increase the number of affiliates by using various marketing tools. And most importantly it should have a clear payment system between the affiliate and the owner in order to avoid any confusion.


AffliateWP has a user-friendly affiliate area that helps affiliates to clearly view their referral stats without any confusion. Also as soon as an affiliate registered, an affiliate URL will be created for that particular affiliate and it will be used as a referral link for that particular affiliate.


AffTrack’s affiliate registration portal is not user friendly as compared to AffiliateWP. AffTrack also generates a unique referral ID for each affiliate to promote the desired product.


Since it does not integrate with WordPress the websites portal is not straightforward as compared to AffliateWP. 

Proxy Detection service:

Flooding the servers with Proxy links and making the referral count higher is a real threat in an affiliate management websites. The websites which can’t handle proxy detection will not give an accurate count.


AffliateWP does not have a unique feature for proxy detection. The inbuilt security of WordPress will be the only line of defense in stopping the proxy servers.


AffTrack is a front runner in this topic. It can alert you with notifications and give you the real traffic data at that particular time.


AffTrack plays a better role in Proxy detection than AffiliateWP.

Integrated Management:

A single website cannot give the best outcome in all the individual aspects. So it is important for the websites to integrate in order to satisfy the customer in all needs.


AffiliateWP integrates with WordPress in order to create a user-friendly environment. In addition to WordPress is integrated with 22 other popular e-commerce, membership platforms to give the best to the customers.


Even though the AffTrack affiliate registration portal is not user friendly it is integrating with ClustrixDB to expand its reach to 12 new data centers.


AffiliateWP has better integration programs compared to AffTrack.

Network control:

Even though the website will have a standard layout for its features. It should be customizable to meet the user’s comfort. The management which is running the website should have full control over all the layouts and features available in the website.


AffliateWP provides full remote API access to the user and several features can be add on for a particular plan subscription.


AffTrack also provides full API access to the user but it does not have additional add on features for high paid services.


Both websites offer a full access to the user. For basic plans, there is no difference between these two websites. For premium plans, AffiliateWP will be suitable for network control over AffTrack.

Consumer Review:

Before purchasing the product it is important to know the feedback of previous consumers in order to identify the advantages and the disadvantages of the product.


For AffiliateWP even though some customers complain about the prize most of the reviews appreciated their user-friendly website and some of the pro features which reduces the work significantly.


For AffTrack most of the customers think that the price is appropriate for the features. Even though it is not user-friendly as compared to Afftrack some of the features such as Proxy detection received a huge appreciation.


For user-friendly needs and unique features, AffiliateWP will be better whereas for a low price plus some quality basic features AffTrack will be better.

Pricing Comparison 


In AffliateWP the plans are based upon the number of unique features required for the website.


For Personal plus plans:

  • There will be no additional features apart from basic add-ons.
  • The only difference between these two plans is the number of sites you can manage in a single website.
  • For personal it is 1 site only.
  • For plus you can manage up to 3 sites. 

For Professional and Ultimate plans:

There will be 14 additional features available along with the basic features such as

  • Pushover notifications
  • Recurring Referrals

The only difference between the professional and ultimate plans is that the Ultimate plan is a onetime payment whereas the Professional plan is a yearly subscription plan.

There is no free trial for this website.


For AffTrack the plans are based upon the expected number of clicks for your website.

There will be no additional features for a higher paid plan. The only difference will be the number of clicks acceptable for that particular website.


For $199 dollars you can get the plan with unlimited clicks.

Free trial is available for this website.


AffiliateWP provides a diverse option to choose based on our needs and each plan has its special features. But AffTrack has only limited number of plans with no add on or special features. 

Customer support:


Based on the customer reviews, AffliateWP is maintaining a good relationship with customers. Their home page is mentioning clearly about their features and about their plans.


Even though their home page doesn’t provide as much details as AffiliateWP. Based on customer reviews they are maintaining a good touch with the customers once they purchase the product.


Even though for general audience AffTrack doesn’t provide much information. For their purchasing customers, they are giving world-class consumer support.



  • It is a user-friendly website with some easily accessible tools.
  • There are variety of plans for affiliate satisfaction
  • It contains some of the unique features which are not available on other affiliate management websites.


  • It is one of the very few low budget affiliate management websites.
  • Real-time data feed protects against fraudulent activities.
  • Consumer support is commendable.



  • The cost of the plans is higher for smaller companies.
  • The basic plans alone isn’t sufficient for higher affiliate management.


  • The website is not user-friendly compared to other management websites.
  • There is no diversity in the features of the website.


👉 Can these websites helps in finding affiliates?

Yes, both these websites will provide you with several marketing tools to increase the number of affiliates.

👉 Can affiliate websites really help in increasing sales?

Of course, the entire sales industry is moving towards the referral link culture. Even big companies like Amazon have affiliated to boost their sales.

👉 Are affiliate websites trustworthy?

Yes, they are maintaining several proxy detection counters and they will give you the live traffic data to avoid any fraudulent activities.

Final Conclusion: AffiliateWP vs AffTrack 2024

Based on available Features,

If you want your management website unique with special features compared to other websites you can choose AffliateWP whereas if you want a standard website with basic quality features you can opt for AffTrack.

Based on Price perspective,

AffTrack will be suitable for the companies which are expecting a small number of affiliates and for those companies whose marketing budgets are low. For a company that is planning to enlarge its affiliate numbers, AffiliateWP will be suitable.

This result is based on my research on both these websites and based on consumer reviews. Ultimately you are the one who has to make a decision. Because you are the BOSS.

If you really enjoyed AffiliateWP vs AffTrack comparison please do like and share this post with your friends. Also, share your experience with me in the comment section.

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