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      In this post, we have featured AffiliateWP vs ReferralCandy comparison that includes an in-depth comparison between these Affiliate program rollover check this post.

      If you want to have a platform to create your affiliate programs and not decide which one suits you? Then you must check out this write-up. Here, we will help you to find your best-suited platform to make affiliates.

      We are comparing the most popular and leading platforms that are perfect in creating affiliates. We are comparing AffiliateWP and ReferralCandy to find out which one is a more robust application.

      These platforms are the best for people who want to earn money and grow their brand. But it can be challenging to pick the one. For that, you need to consider a few crucial factors that help them differentiate. You can also learn different things between the two and find your suitable affiliate program creator.

      AffiliateWP vs ReferralCandy 2020 | In Depth Comparison

      About AffiliateWP

      This platform allows its users to create affiliate programs on WordPress. It is the platform that offers a great number of features to its sellers to design their programs and manage them properly. 

      This platform is designed for anyone to use it. There is no need to have the technical skills to design an affiliate on AffiliateWP. It has provided many features to its users that make it very easy for them to manage their affiliates in a few clicks. It will help them to promote their services and products to their customers through it. 

       AffiliateWP vs ReferralCandy - AffiliateWPThese features are a plus factor to this platform in its performance and security. In recent days, AffiliateWP has become the most trustworthy plugin for affiliates based on WordPress. You can not just create, but you can manage the affiliate program registration, recruitment, commissions, and track referrals. 

      About Referral Candy

      ReferralCandy is a platform used to create affiliate programs for eCommerce. You do not have to do anything, but everything is managed and controlled by it. There is only one task that you have to link your brand with ReferralCandy. If you need to customize it, you have to specify the referral rewards you want to offer to the person who creates referrals.

       AffiliateWP vs ReferralCandy - ReferralCandy overviewAffiliate systems created through it are quite useful and easy to use. They can be used for all types of businesses. It has a bag loaded of features that are all necessary to create and manage affiliates. In the year plan, you may find it unfair with the prices. But with the overall features, it won’t be disheartening to opt for this platform.

      Let us consider a brief comparison between the two platforms.

      General InformationIt is a platform fully loaded with the  features that helps a user to create affiliate programs on WordPress.It is a marketing platform which allows customers to refer their likings to their friends.
      Pricing plansIt offers four pricing plans:

      • Personal for $99 per year
      • Plus for $149 per year
      • Professional for $249 per year
      • Ultimate for $499 with a one-time payment strategy.
      It offers two types of pricing plan:

      • Premium Pricing- The plan will cost you $49.00 per month with additional monthly commissions.
      • Enterprise Pricing- The plan will cost you $3999.00 per year.

      Both of the plans have included the basic features it offers.

      Pricing Model
      • One-time payment
      • Yearly payment
      • Monthly Payment
      • Yearly Payment
      Free TrialNoYes, 30-day free trial
      Refund Policy30-day money-back guaranteeNo
      List of Features
      • Affiliate Dashboard
      • Emails
      • Automatic Affiliate Creation
      • Affiliate Coupon Tracking
      • Shortcodes
      • Data Export 
      • Affiliate URLs
      • Real-time Reporting
      • Integrations
      • Affiliate Management
      • Manual Affiliate Approval
      • Affiliate Registration
      • Referral Rate Types
      • Referral Link Generator
      • Expiring Coupon Alerts
      • Fraud Protection
      • Knowledge Base
      • Campaign Error Notifications
      • Default Message Setup
      • Email Support
      • API
      • Email Template Editor
      • Cash via PayPal
      • Whitelabel
      • Email Blasts
      • Custom Incentives Payout
      • Data Import
      • Coupon and Promo Codes
      • Automatic Add-To Program
      • Reminder Emails
      • Reward Tracking
      • Personal URLs
      • Automatic Reward Payouts
      • Gravity
      • Zippy Courses
      • PayPal
      • Optimize Member
      • Contact Form 7
      • Stripe
      • Paid Memberships Pro
      • Restrict Content Pro
      • Easy Digital Downloads
      • WooCommerce
      • Ninja Forms
      It can be integrated with many multifarious systems using API. It supports many eCommerce platforms given below:

      • Shopify
      • Celery
      • Magento
      • Volution
      • WooCommerce
      • Yahoo!
      • 3D Cart
      • BigCommerce
      Language SupportedEnglishEnglish
      Available Devices
      • Mac
      • Windows
      • Web-based
      • Web-based
      • Windows
      • MAC
      Available SupportEmail
      • Phone
      • Tickets
      Company Size
      • Small companies
      • Medium companies
      • Large companies
      • Freelancers 
      • Small companies
      • Large companies
      • Whiteley Designs
      • Dotlizard
      • Obox
      • Brode Electrolyte
      • The Sox Box
      • Bikini Bod
      Smart Score8.79.0
      User Satisfaction100%100%

      AffiliateWP vs ReferralCandy: Features and Benefits


      • Easy Set-Up and Use: Anyone can easily install the platform. It is okay if users do have any technical skills and knowledge to operate it as well.
      • Accurate Affiliate Tracking: It provides its users with affiliate tracking on the servers working with a new great caching system. 

      AffiliateWp: Statistics

      • Payout Services: There are no intermediate payout services to make transactions. All the payments are to be done directly from the customers’ bank account.
      • Real-time Reporting: As AffiliateWP supports affiliate tracking, there is a need for every move on the site should be quickly reported. Like site earnings, monitoring the visitors’ records on the website, referrals, and affiliate registrations. 
      • Full Integration: It can be easily integrated with many WordPress eCommerce platforms and membership plugins to allow users to sell their products and services.


      • Many Affiliates: It provides its users with unlimited active members to promote their website, products, and services.

       AffiliateWP - landing pages:

      • Countless Creatives: There are various visual resources and text links that can be added with the affiliates to make your website look innovative.
      • Affiliate Coupon Tracking: Users can use the feature of affiliate coupon tracking to connect to the affiliate accounts with their coupon codes.
      • Automatic Affiliate Creation: If users wish to create an affiliate program automatically, then they have to enable the feature of the automatic creation of affiliates. Then, they will get registered along with their WordPress accounts automatically on their website.
      • Manual Affiliate Creation: If users want to create affiliates manually with their registrations on their site, they can do it.

      AffiliateWP - Affiliate Area

      • Easy Affiliate Management: Users can easily manage their affiliate program services by viewing affiliate accounts, top earnings from affiliates, affiliate registrations, and affiliate reports.

      AffiliateWP - Zapier

      • Referral Link Generator: This is a built-in feature used to create referral links from the affiliate area on the affiliate.

      Referral URL Generator- AffiliateWP

      • Affiliate Area: The dashboard area where all the data of user’s site earnings, site’s performance, creatives, referral URL for a website, etc. is kept.
      • Referral Types of Rate: Every user can select between the percentage referral rate and the flat rate measured on the per-product basis, per-affiliate, or global.

      Referrals- AffliateWP vs Referral candy

      • Easy Affiliate Registration: There is an affiliate database system used by any user to register its affiliate programs.
      • Affiliate URLs: Users can make the selection between pretty or non-pretty URLs. An affiliate can have either a unique affiliate URL or an individual ID.
      • Set-Cookie Expiration: The user can set the referral tracking cookies valid for the limited time as per their needs.
      • Customizable Emails: There are easily customizable email services that a user can use, like notifications, new referral notifications, affiliate approval, pending applications, and rejection. 
      • Easy Shortcodes: Users can easily set friendly shortcodes to use the affiliate login form, URLs, registrations form, etc.
      • Payout Logs: Users can access the detailed payout log recorded and sent to the affiliates from the payout screen.
      • Developer Friendly: There are some various built-in templates and hooks customized with several functions and features.
      • REST API: It includes a feature of REST API and an extended API. It is included with the CRUD operations with pro-add-ons.

      AffiliateWP - REST API

      • Export Data to CSV: There is a CSV referral data file used by the sellers for accounting, forecasting, and bookkeeping.
      • WP-CLI Integration: It offers its users to have WP-CLI commands that can be used to create, view, delete, and update databases on AffiliateWP.

      AffiliateWP - Link Tracking

      • Made for WordPress: Users can possess their websites by controlling every function and features with AffiliateWP.
      • Fully Internationalized: Users can change their language as per their needs and preferences.
      • Customer Support: Users are provided with the best email customer support service in the industry.

      Referral Candy

      • Flexible Program Rewards: ReferralCandy is flexible enough that allows its users to create their reward programs. You can select your rewards by offering discounts, freebies, and store credit. It allows its users to choose their favorable payment mode to make further payments in the application.

      Program Reward

      • Customizable Interface: It allows users to customize the interface elements as per their desires and preferences. It has a white label feature and APIs that can help you to do so. The founders of the eCommerce sites can add different colors, logos, and patterns to their interface. These changes made on the interface will not affect your site data. It ensures the complete security of your content.


      • Cost-Effective Platform: As in the market, the prices for the complete services are increasing. Sometimes, it is difficult for the user to afford the necessary features or security measures. But ReferralCandy offers straightforward and low pricing that is affordable to medium and small businesses. The users are free to choose their pricing structure that matches their needs. By doing so, ReferralCandy is gaining more customers from the market.

      ReferralCandy- Template

      • User-Friendly Application: It is said to be the most friendly application for the users. It is effortless to understand and use it. To launch referral programs, you have to connect your eCommerce shop with ReferralCandy; you will be ready to launch it. It doesn’t take long hours to set up the platform. This ease and comfort of using this feature attract many customers to it.

      ReferralCandy- Customer Activity

      • Invested Customer Support: It has very stable and supportive customer service. Their goal is never to leave their customers alone. They are always having solutions to our problems. They are always in the assistance of their owners to solve their queries regarding any feature. 

      AffiliateWP vs ReferralCandy: Performance


      AffiliateWP is a feature-loaded platform used to create affiliate programs for WordPress. It supports a huge number of feature lists that come under the most advanced pricing structure of it. If you measure the performance of the application, AffiliateWP is a competition.


      On the other hand, ReferralCandy has also been introduced with a whole lot of features. These features give a new face to the designing of the affiliate program for eCommerce. Users are left with no work after getting connected with it. It is also becoming a leading platform for the creation of affiliate programs. It can be easily integrated with many popular eCommerce applications.

      So, after examining the aspects from both the applications, we would suggest you go for ReferralCandy in terms of performance.

      AffiliateWP vs ReferralCandy: Which One is Secure?


      AffiliateWP offers regular updates with each pricing plan that helps you to make your data and information safe on your sites. You can opt for any plan, and you will get plugin updates as a defaulted feature included in it. Regular updates help in keeping data and features updated and safe. 


      ReferralCandy also offers a great way to secure your data on your site. Compared with AffiliateWP, it is much better in performance as it does not allow its users to work. But control everything on its own. It is also considered the safest platform to create affiliate programs.

      After analyzing all the aspects, we would suggest that ReferralCandy has scored more security points than AffiliateWP.

      AffiliateWP vs ReferralCandy: Pricing


      The pricing plan of AffiliateWP has been categorized into four categories of pricing. Some plans offer the payment model for yearly payments and some as a one-time payment. The basic plan will cost you $99 per year, and the most advanced plan will cost you $499 as a one-time payment. 

      Yes, the advanced plan is fully loaded with features that the basic plan may not have. So, there are also mediocre plans offered by it. One bigger than the basic plan and the other one is smaller than the advanced ones. Users can choose their plan as per their needs and satisfaction.

      AffiliateWp pricing- ReferralCandy vs AffiliateWp

      AffiliateWP is also offering an excellent refund policy within 30 days of the subscription. If somehow, you do not like the services provided by them, then you can easily make a refund by generating a request. Let us take a look over these pricing plans discussed above:

      Personal Pricing Plan

      It is the most basic plan offered by AffiliateWP that has the payment model of a year’s payment. To get started with this plan, you have to pay $99 per year. It is the plan most suited for beginners. Let us discuss some essential features included in this plan:

      • One site
      • Email support
      • Plugin updates
      • Official 17 free add-ons
      • Included with all core features.

      Plus Pricing Plan

      It is one step ahead of the essential plan offered by AffiliateWP that has the payment model of a year’s payment. To get started with this plan, you have to pay $149 per year. It is the plan most suited for the beginners that are already in-game. Let us discuss some essential features included in this plan:

      • Three sites
      • Plugin updates
      • Email support
      • Official 17 free add-ons
      • Included with all core features.

      Professional Pricing Plan

      One step before the advanced plan offered by AffiliateWP has the payment model of a year’s payment. To get started with this plan, you have to pay $249 per year. It is the plan most suited for the sellers in-game. Let us discuss some essential features included in this plan:

      • Unlimited sites
      • Plugin update
      • Email support
      • Included with all core features.
      • Official 17 free add-ons and all future pro-add-ons.

      Ultimate Pricing Plan

      It is the advanced plan offered by AffiliateWP that has the payment model of a year’s payment. To get started with this plan, you have to pay $499 as a one-time payment. It is the plan most suited for the advanced sellers in-game. Let us discuss some essential features included in this plan:

      • Unlimited sites
      • Lifetime Email support
      • Lifetime Plugin updates
      • Included with all core features.
      • Official 17 free add-ons and all future pro-add-ons.


      ReferralCandy offers two pricing plans, one with the monthly payment method and the other with a yearly payment method. Both of the plans include incredible features that can be used to create affiliates on the eCommerce platform. It also provides its customers with a 30-day free trial. So that if anyone does not get satisfied with the offered services, they can quickly drop the idea of using ReferralCandy. Let us take a look over the pricing plans offered by it in detail:

      ReferralCandy Pricing- AffiliateWP vs ReferralCandy

      Premium Pricing Plan

      The Premium plan supports a monthly payment method. To get started with this program, you have to pay $49 per month with additional commissions included in this plan. The following features come under this plan:

      • Automatic Fraud Detection
      • Unlimited Customers
      • Dashboard and Data reports
      • Live Chat Support

      Enterprise Pricing Plan

      The Enterprise plan supports a yearly payment method. To get started with this program, you have to pay $3999 per month. You can also request the sales demo with this plan. The following features come under this plan:

      • Automatic Fraud Detection
      • Unlimited Customers
      • Dashboard and Data reports
      • Priority Support
      • Account Manager
      • Live Chat Support

      AffiliateWP vs ReferralCandy: Customer Support


      It offers the best email support system in the industry. There is not any competition with the email customer support offered by AffiliateWP. It offers only email support, but it is their first goal to take care of their customers. The response time they provide is quite lesser than any other platform.


      ReferralCandy provides customer support services on the phone and tickets. It provides the fastest service with the phone. They are always there for their customers. They have always satisfied their customers with their support services.

      ReferralCandy is having a better customer support service than AffiliateWP. So, after analyzing it, we would suggest you opt for ReferralCandy.


      AffiliateWp Customer Review

      AffiliateWP- Testimonials

      ReferralCandy Customer Review

      ReferralCandy- Testimonials

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      Conclusion: AffiliateWP vs ReferralCandy 2020 | Which One Is Best For You?

      Above, we have compared all the essential elements like features, pricing, performance, support service, and security to help you to find your best-suited platform. So, you can learn about each of them deeply and select the best one for you to create your affiliate programs.

      You may find ReferralCandy expensive in terms of pricing, but with the performance grade and features, it is leading the board. We would suggest you go for ReferralCandy when it comes to its performance.


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