Affilorama Review 2021: Should You Try This Forum | (Pros & Cons)

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Talking about Affilorama, it is basically an online course which includes tons and tons of videos whose duration is more than hundreds of hours. Affilorama has also got all the training lessons and written material which is going to teach you affiliate marketing.

Here in this post, we have featured Affilorma Review 2021 that includes detailed insights of its pricing, features, functionality and more. So let’s get started here.

Detailed Affilorama Review: Is It Still Worth In 2021

Affiliorma Overview

Taking a bit about the history, Affilorama was founded by Mark Ling in the year 2005 who is a well-known entrepreneur and the owner of “Jamorama”

Affilorama- Affiliate Marketing Platform

Talking more about Affilorama, its main aim is to provide the user a step-by-step procedure so that you could build a successful affiliate online business. Within the Affilorama membership, you’ve also got other products as well.  Read a non biased professional Affilorama review. Is Affilorama a scam? No, Affilorama is not a scam – Affilorama is LEGIT.

Affilorama membership Products

Affilorama Free Membership

Trust me, guys, you might be wondering as this is a free membership, it isn’t that good. But believe me; I should say that I’m quite impressed with Affilorama free membership because it offers a lot of things free of cost.

In this free membership, you get approximately 20 hours of training videos, written materials, and the best part is that you will also be getting the interviews with other well-known and successful online marketers as well.

Though this is a free membership, you are definitely going to learn something from this, though there are a couple of sales talks in the videos, that being said they will be asking you to opt for a premium membership, it depends upon your personal preference.

So now you might be wondering what this free membership covers, let me tell you. Affilorama will be teaching all the basic things which an affiliate marketer should know, such as website building, the creation of content for PPC and search engine optimization as well.

As a whole, it will be giving you a basic idea on how affiliate marketing works and also teaches you the initial setup.

Affilorama Premium Membership:

As the name suggests, the free membership will be teaching you all the basics and stuff, but the premium package offers you complete in-depth training.

Affilorama premium membership

The free membership will be giving you only 20 hours of videos, but the premium membership consists of hundreds of hours of videos. If you are really serious about affiliate marketing, you should probably go with Affilorama premium membership.

Difference between free and premium membership

Affilorama Difference between free and premium membership

Trust me, guys, I personally recommend premium membership because it offers you more features and also teaches you in-depth things as well.


Affilorama Affilo theme

Now you might be wondering, is the Affilo theme really necessary? My answer is no, it is just an additional accessory for you website. There are many features which are offered by the Affilo theme, such as squeeze page, opt-in form templates, affiliate link cloaking, header creator and pop over generator as well.

Honestly speaking, all these features are good and can be used on your website, but it isn’t worth paying $97.


Talking about the Affiloblueprint, it is basically a collection of hundreds and hundreds of videos, which will be covering a wide range of topics ranging from building a website, writing content and ranking it as well. Now you might be wondering that the content which is being to discuss over here is the same as the one which the premium membership will be offering.

Affliorama Affilo blueprint Collection

But the thing is that Affiloblueprint will be showing you exactly how Mark Ling built his own affiliate website completely from scratch and you can also follow all those guidelines in the videos and can create your own website as well.

Moreover, to add up the value, each video lesson will also have some homework which has to be done by you. To be honest, the videos are excellent, quite easy to understand and to follow as well.

get started


But then again, I personally do not feel that Affiloblueprint is worth $197 though it is a one-time payment, I didn’t choose to pay it. If you are going to buy the Affilo blueprint, you will also be getting the Affilo them for free of cost and one month of free premium membership.

Pointing it out rightly, Affiloblueprint is for those who do not want to join the premium membership and just want to enjoy the education package which Affilorama is providing.



Affilo Jetpack Affilorama

Affilo jetpack is for those people who cannot spend all their time watching the videos, but still want to make money with just little efforts. Basically, Affilo jetpack will be doing 80% of your work and then you just need to contribute 20% of your time. Honestly speaking, I won’t support this system, because this will stop someone from learning new things, exploring and implementing them.

It’s costly as well, Affilo jetpack is priced at $497, buy your own domain which will cost you $10 per year and then also sign up for an auto-responder service which will cost you somewhere around $20 per month.

Here is a video by the Affilorama Portal About their training programs

Will Mark Ling really be helping you?

Now see, the answer is yes, he will be helping you but the thing is you could hardly see him as we all know he is a really busy person and has got lots of work to do as well. So there are people who will be helping you in solving your queries, do not panic.


Is Affilorama useful for you?

If you are looking forward to making money online, then my answer is yes. Affilorama is useful for you. But also make sure that you’ve got enough bucks because it isn’t cheap. If you do not have sufficient money, then I suggest you better go for the premium membership.

affiloblueprint tools

But the thing is that, in Affilorama, it takes a lot of time to make money. That being said, it takes month together to set up everything and to make sure that you’re earning money. And if your condition is really cheap and you cannot even afford the premium membership, then I probably recommend you to go for free one.

How much does Affilorama cost?

  • Free Membership – $0/month
  • Premium Membership – $67/month
  • Affilo Theme – $97 one-time (Not recommended)
  • Affilo Blueprint – $197 one-time (Not recommended)
  • Affilo Jetpack – $497 one-time (Not recommended)

Check out this video on how to get more traffic to a website by Affilorama.

Pros & Cons of Affiliorma


  • You can get started with 0$ and look around the course in brief
  • Affilorama teaches you from basic how to make money online through affiliate marketing with no crappy shit.
  • With Affilorama you can get lots of support and feedback from other top affiliate members that are also making money and you can get a lot of crazy money-making ideas.
  • The basic premium option is very affordable
  • Affilorama paid membership will get you all the tools, hosting, website builder, and everything else you need in order to see results and start building a successful internet marketing business.


  • Some of the training sections are outdated such as backlinking and posting private label rights content on your website.
  • It’s easy to get confused as to which membership level you should start because there are a few up sales in the program.
  • Mark Ling personally cannot assist every question, some of your questions will be answered by other support team members.

Affilorama Testimonials

“Affilorama set me over the particular edge in direction of profits in Internet-based Marketing. I experienced and learned a whole lot about online worldwide marketing at various other places; however, it was typically the landing page strategies that assisted me in producing stable income and increasing earnings. Mainly because of Affilorama, I am on my way to financial freedom. I am grateful for you, Mark Ling, for helping me personally create my own financial ambitions.”

Michael Tyler – New York, USA

“Almost everything was broken straight down into easy to understand language and clarification, as well as into achievable tasks. I actually went into this feeling entirely overwhelmed and even came through this course getting a feeling of relief and enjoyment. I got Mark’s recommendations and created my first internet affiliate marketing site. Immediately after, I experienced my very first e-book sales. When I look back, I am completely grateful to have discovered a course that provided me the standard tools and experience I required to get myself started.”

Steve Smith – NJ, USA

“Affilorama, together with Mark Ling, are like a breathing of refreshing air in the experienced community of online worldwide marketing. In my personal experience people today make high claims, in addition to guarantees, yet provide very little, leaving you experiencing discouragement and also leaving you feeling more puzzled.”

Chuck and Becki Gray from London, United Kingdom

“Affilorama is a really excellent solution for me personally, because as soon as I first started out using Google AdWordsusually I was breaking even on products or actually making some sort of loss on many products. And I just could not understand exactly how other affiliate marketers were making cash with it. But because of learning almost everything from Affilorama, product sales have simply skyrocketed. Right now generally I’d personally make around 80% profit of basic sales overall.”

Hayly Bezewick from New Zealand

Conclusion:- Affilorama Review 2021 | Should You Give It A Try??

 If you are trying to make money online, then Affilorama is a great place.

You can learn everything about affiliate marketing, right from the beginning to the advanced level.

You will gain some really good knowledge and that can help you to make money online. So all in all, I recommend Affilorama if you are serious about making money online.

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Affilorama FAQs

🔥What Is Affilorama?

Actually, Affiliorama is an online learning platform where you can learn affiliate marketing. With Affilorama you can learn how to make money online as an affiliate.

✅Which one is better Affilorama vs Wealthy Affiliate?

No doubt, Affilorama offers more value than Wealthy Affiliate as it comes with dedicated affiliate marketing learning materials that get updated time-to-time.

🤔Does Affilorama Offer Free Trial?

Yes! Affiliorama offers a free plan. Just create your account and start your Affilorama Free Trial right away.

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