Why Should You Attend AI Conference in Moscow for your Business?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by the intelligence of machines. AI certainly is useful for machine learning. However, there are a number of events which can be beneficial for your business.

AI Conference in Moscow will be organised by Smile-Expo which will give a deep insight into how to grow your business with AI.

AI Conference Moscow: How to Use AI in business and customer relations?

Date: April 9 2019

Venue: Technopolis “MOSCOW”

On April 9, Smile-Expo will hold AI Conference in Moscow for entrepreneurs dedicated to the application of artificial intelligence in businesses. The event is primarily focused on the examination of case studies of medium and large companies.


AI conference

The conference aims to show how AI can solve routine business objectives.
Presentations will be divided into three sections:

  • AI for companies: Examples of the efficient automation of business processes: logistics, manufacturing, purchase, and others.
  • AI for customers: Speakers will tell the audience how to customize communication with clients before they cross over to competitors.
  • AI for the state: Industry challenges, the role of the government in its development, and standardization, as well as how all of these things will affect businesses.

Each section will include certain case studies. Speakers will reveal them following the ‘issue – solution – result’ scheme.


AI Conference is designed for those desiring to improve their operations using artificial intelligence. In particular, medium and large business owners, government officials, retailers, marketing specialists, software developers, IT startups, and investors.

Event organizer

Smile-Expo is an international company that has been successfully holding major specialized exhibitions, congresses, conferences, and forums, creating platforms for business development in 28 countries for 13 years.


Register to AI Conference and learn how to apply artificial intelligence in your business. ??


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