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AidaForm is a platform for creating this kind of web form for your company. This may be quite advantageous for businesses presenting their goods or inviting the appropriate audience. Here you can find a vast selection of appealing templates that will allow you to build the necessary forms with attractive styles and patterns rapidly.

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  • Support documentation and resources are available
  • Cheaper option than competitors
  • Very easy to use
  • Incredible UI
  • Great customer support
  • They have a free plan
  • 14-day money-back guarantee


  • No live chat support


Price: $ 12

Are you looking for an Unbiased AidaForm Review, Don’t Worry, I got you covered.

Filling out online forms can be a pain, especially if you have to do it repeatedly. 

Have you ever had to fill out the same form more than once? It’s annoying, right? Not only do you have to remember all the information, but you also have to copy and paste it into the form.

AidaForm is a powerful online form creator that lets you easily create and manage your forms. With AidaForm, you can create beautiful forms in minutes without programming knowledge. Plus, their forms are responsive and look great on any device. You can also learn How to make a quiz and create online quizzes for customer engagement.

Let us check out AidaForm in a little more detail. 

AidaForm Review: What is AidaForm?


AidaForm is a web-based form-building application for small company owners that need to develop, maintain, and interpret individualized user forms. In this regard, AidaForm’s extensive template library enables you to develop and host several forms, including online surveys and job applications.

AidaForm’s worth is mainly determined by its capacity to simplify the process of developing forms. The online builder eliminates the requirement for customers to understand HTML.

Instead of creating formats, transferring different components, such as several decision queries, would suffice. AidaForm also removes the necessity for external server integrations, which are generally required to generate and gather form replies.

In addition, the application has a part that enables you to design and alter your favorite forms and view all of your customers’ replies. AidaForm stands out due to its degree of simplicity and ease.

How Does AidaForm Work?

Using AidaForm, you can construct your form using blocks for the various fields you choose to include. Simply drag and drop the desired building components into position in the graphical user interface.

The blocks will be prefabricated and may be inserted without further input. AidaForm allows you to change each block’s label, hint, and other elements if you like.

Similarly, you may modify the look of your form by picking one of AidaForm’s intelligent themes. You may also alter the theme to match your site design or brand colors if you so want.

AidaForm: Ease of Use

AidaForm is primarily famous because it is straightforward to use. After registering, you can instantly begin creating your first form from scratch or selecting a template.

Regardless of your choice, generating the form you desire should be simple. The graphical user interface of the form builder allows you to add fields and alter their arrangement by dragging and dropping them into place, similar to arranging building bricks.

You have complete control over the field’s name, hint, and other settings and may quickly personalize any field you add.

If you wish to modify the appearance of the form itself, you may choose one of the many accessible themes that have a professional appearance. You can further personalize the look by modifying a few easy variables.

AidaForm Form Builder

AidaForm Form Builder

Here are some of the best things you can do with the AidaForm form builder – 

Manage and Analyze Responses:

Creating a form is merely the first step. AidaForm also handles the subsequent steps! When an answer is received, you will be informed through email. Examine the submission information in the email or go to the Response Inbox area. Manage and print replies, then download them as Excel, CSV, or PDF files for further use.

Check out the Key Stats and Response Summary reports if you like to delve more. Here, you’ll discover graphic charts and graphs, filters by date and replies, and more. Analyze your audience’s conversion rates, average ratings, and even the devices they use inside the AidaForm service!

Share Your Form as a Standalone Page or Embed It: 

Publicize your form and copy the URL. You may add it to website buttons, email it, or share it on social networks. Wherever or whenever users submit the form, all the responses wind up in the Results area of your AidaForm account.

If you want to embed your form on a website, copy the ready-made embed code and paste it into the page. AidaForm’s free-form generator automates the procedure without the need for HTML coding.

Secure Payments and Order Forms: 

Start online sales without investing in a comprehensive internet store. The AidaForm builder enables the creation of order and payment forms with ease. Utilize premade shopping carts to sell products. Use the ‘Amount Defined by User’ payment option to solicit contributions or the ‘Fixed Amount’ option to collect registration fees.

The AidaForm service never collects nor stores sensitive payment data. All transactions are performed through PayPal or Stripe. Simply link your account and begin accepting payments in a few clicks!

Custom Form Design: 

Depending on the function of your form, you may choose a basic style or bolder colors. AidaForm has predefined color themes to ensure that all of your modifications look excellent with each block you add – automatically!

Use the Form Designer’s helpful features to customize the form to match your brand and website’s aesthetic.

AidaForm: Best Features

AidaForm: Best Features

AidaForm is designed to accommodate any sort of demand. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what type of online form you want to develop. Its graphical form builder lets you easily design any form you want by combining blocks with the desired fields.

In general, structuring and customizing your form’s design should take a few minutes. AidaForm’s level of customization allows you to create professional-looking forms that match your website’s theme and design components.

Whether you want to construct a “contact us” form, an order, a payment form, a newsletter sign-up form, or anything else, AidaForm makes it simple. It will accommodate your needs and guarantee that your form has just the fields required to capture the necessary information.

Response Analyses: Analyze your survey data automatically, evaluate trends, and make forecasts. Conduct live polls with graphic results in real time.

Integrations: Sync data with Google Sheets. Securely accept payments using PayPal or Stripe. Employ both direct and Zapier connections.

Captcha: Ensure that only genuine individuals submit replies and that you get no spam messages.

File Uploads: When you need to gather CV files or bug images for technical support.

E-Signatures: Create consent forms online. Collect electronic signatures and get PDFs of signed forms.

DPA & GDPR Compliance: Stay safe with the protected SSL connection and storage of AidaForm.

AidaForm Pricing & How To Buy Guide

AidaForm pricing

Step – 1: Go to the official website of AidaForm and click on ‘Pricing’. 

Step – 2: Choose the plan of your choice. 

Step – 3: Fill up the details asked for, check the box, and click on ‘Create My Free Account.

Verify your email account. 

Step – 4: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Log in’.

That is it. Start making your forms. 

How To Make An Online Form From AidaForm?

How To Make An Online Form From AidaForm

Sign up with AidaForm instead of learning the HTML form created from the start and concentrate on the questions you want to ask. With AidaForm’s online form builder, you can create forms for free and get more answers.

Step – 1: Create a Custom Form:

Launch the online form generator. Choose whether to begin with a blank page or one of the available templates. Combine blocks to create a survey, quiz, registration form, online purchase form, or any other personalized web form.

Simply drag & drop basic fields such as Name, Email, Phone, Date, Text Input, and File Upload into your form to add them. You can generate multiple-choice questions, drop-down lists, ratings, and scales with just a few clicks.

Open the form designer once the questions are complete. Choose a form design template that appeals to you. Customize the colors, fonts, and buttons to create a web form that is uniquely yours! Finally, your form is complete.

Step – 2: Publish and Share: 

Open the form in the Publish area so users can see and complete it. Now provide access to your online form to everyone:

Add the URL to the form page to a website button. Or, post a link to your form on social networking sites. Use the embed code automatically provided by the website form generator if you require a website form. Simply copy and paste it into the appropriate web page; no HTML coding is necessary.

No additional server integrations are required, regardless of your sharing option. Everything will be handled by the AidaForm application.

Step – 3: Gather and Analyze Responses:

You won’t need to constantly monitor your dashboard for new answers since you’ll be alerted by email when submissions occur. Simply relax and get to know your consumers individually.

Export findings as Excel or Google Sheets documents for further analysis. Or, assess crucial statistics and response data using the online interface of AidaForm using helpful visualizations. You can plan for the future phases of your project or company with these vital facts!

What Do I Recommend AidaForm?

Landing pages: Create forms that resemble whole web pages. Create multi-page forms with a customized layout. Add photos, buttons, and videos.

Quizzes and Tests: Create simple or complex quizzes and exams. Engage and inform your site visitors. Gain additional prospects.

Video & Audio Surveys: Obtain media intelligence from consumers! AidaForm allows you to submit video questions and get text, video, and audio responses.

Custom domains: Set up your unique domain once and add an endless number of forms much faster. The form creator on AidaForm saves you time and work.

Unlimited Fields & Forms: Create as many forms as necessary. Collect orders, registrations, assessments, and more input. Even with the free plan, they allow their customers.

Conversational & Traditional: Create both conventional and conversational online business forms. Fully configurable.

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👉What is AidaForm?

AidaForm is an online form-building tool that allows users to design flexible and functional forms for their websites effortlessly. There are both free and premium options available.

👉 Is there any money-back guarantee from Aida Form?

Yes, AidaForm comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied with it. You may request a full refund within 14 days of your purchase.

👉What is the difference between the yearly and monthly plans of AidaForm?

There is no difference in features, but when you choose an annual plan, you pay for ten months, saving you two months' worth of investment. However, when you select a monthly plan, you must pay for each month.


AidaForm will help you to produce the forms your small company needs quickly, easily, and economically. After trying AidaForm, you will wish you had found it sooner. The online form builder of AidaForm enables the creation of conversational website layouts. It is a feature-rich tool that enables you to create, upload, collect replies, and evaluate forms in the area of your members.

AidaForm generates the form code, collects form submissions, and keeps all information in your account, which you may access at any time. Add the online form to the website, start learning more about your visitors, and accelerate achieving your business goals.

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