Airmeet Review 2023 Top 5 Features & Pricing | How Good is Airmeet?

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Ease of Use
Recording Quality
Ease of scale


  • Parallel sessions or multi-track events
  • HD recordings
  • Unlimited exhibition booths
  • Customized reception
  • Stage backdrops
  • Real time speech to text transcription
  • Trusted by 20k+ customers gloablly.
  • Email/Help Desk
  • Hasslefree event management experience
  • Seamless Integrations
  • Multilingual Support
  • Host events with up to 100K attendees


  • The software was a bit restrictive with it's structure.
  • More pricing options needed

Airmeet is for communities that want to build genuine interactions, not just broadcast information. Communities & Enterprises of all sizes use Airmeet for their virtual events & meetups.

Price:$ 99

Looking for Airmeet Review, you are at the right place.

We live in one of the best times possible, with the advancements in technology proving it. Since going digital, it has only become better. Gone are the days when you have to get up early to reach that faraway meeting. And to make that the cherry on the cake, now you can save yourself the trouble of getting stuck in traffic, as virtual meetings are the next destination to be. 

Setting up your own virtual event is as easy as taking a walk. Platforms like Airmeet are humanizing the meetings in the new era, with features such as roundtables making you feel you are physically around the people you are interacting with. Other common features such as raising hands, using emojis and discussion boards for Q&As are there to make the whole session highly interactive. 

Bottom Line Upfront: Airmeet is an all-in-one solution for networking, workshops, events, meetups, webinars, and conferences. It lets you host special events as well. Even it is quite new in the market but still, it has made a name for itself. It is a fully featured online meeting platform, it connects you with people and groups online based on your interests. This enables you to stay connected with the latest news, shopping or events around the world while giving you time for work and rest.

The biggest advantage of Airmeet is that you can keep track of important business activities such as meetings, assignments and travel plans easily.  Also gives a chance to make profits from your real-time conversations, It already hosted over 10k events in a year.

Now it’s your turn to get started with Airmeet.

Airmeet use cases

A lot of research and planning is required to make your online event a grand success. With the ever-increasing competition in the virtual events market, there is an imminent need to make the session interactive and engaging, as people have limited attention span and you can only make an event only as entertaining with your gimmicks. Platforms like Airmeet are trying to ensure the success of the events by mixing and matching a lot of features that bring a lot to the table.

Let us review Airmeet and understand how we can make the best of it.

About Airmeet Review: In A NutShell How much does Airmeet cost?

Airmeet Features and details

Airmeet was launched in 2019 in the Indian home-grown market and has come a long way since after going through multiple rounds of funding. The platform is giving tough competition to other interactive platforms by standing out in some exclusive features.

Airmeet - Overview

Airmeet can be used for any of the following:

  • Networking
  • Workshops
  • Events
  • Meetups
  • Webinars
  • Conferences

One of the major reasons for using this platform is that you do not need to download any software or subscribe to any plan, and the platform is completely accessible over the cloud. The interface is very comfortable to use, and it takes less than five minutes to get your meetings ready.

Airmeet features

As a participant, your ride is really smooth. On the first page, you have details about the session and information about the various speakers. You need to register before you can enter the event because there are lots of security protocols and it also reduces the chances of people bombing the session for fun. After you are authenticated using your credentials (you can use your social platforms or an email ID), you can join the session and enter the main staging area, it looks something like this:

Here you have the details about the session on the top, exclusive features such as speed Virtual networking and virtual tables, and on the right bar, you have information about the speakers, other participants, and other features such as the Q&A board and discussion panel.

Before the main event goes live, you have a timer at the bottom panel which automatically ends any of your networking sessions with other participants and disables the voice and video for all participants except the hosts and speakers.

Up to 16 speakers can be there in a single session.

Freshly brewed new features in Airmeet :

Live Event Customization:

Airmeet reviews feature

Get complete control of what you want your audience to see and how you want them to engage at your events. Choose the right ambience, personalize the event interface according to your brand colours, and stay on top of the attendee experience—hide or show attendee details, delete chats and Q&As, and do much more.

HubSpot Integration:

Airmeet hubspot integration

Hubspot’s 2-way integration syncs data between Airmeet and Hubspot automatically and allows nudging and nurturing the contacts with the help of Hubspot Campaigns, Workflows, Templates, and much more.

Eventbrite Integration:

Integrate Airmeet with Eventbrite

You can now sync your event registrations and ticket sales at Eventbrite with Airmeet.

Session Replay:

Session replay on-demand Airmeet

It’s natural to miss a session or an event that we signed up for in this remote working world. Introducing Session Replays, a feature inlaid to playback past sessions that offer your audience the autonomy to join at their convenience and watch replays.

Live Social Streaming:

Reach more audiences and get more people joining your virtual events from their favourite social media platforms. With our custom RTMP-based live streaming, you can now stream your sessions on LinkedIn and Twitter, in addition to our existing direct streaming capabilities on Youtube and Facebook.

New Meetup UI:

Airmeet engagemment

Airmeet now present a fresh UI with a striking look and feel and an exciting set of new features and possibilities for your upcoming virtual meetups, workshops, networking events, and town halls with better engagement opportunities, enhanced branding, and collaborative event management.

How to get started with Airmeet the first time?

  1. Go to and press the button titled “Host an event”
  2. Name your organization or the event name
  1. Mention a few details about the organization and what are you looking for in the events

Airmeet - Name Your Organization

  1. Create an event under your organization and provide the date and time

Airmeet - Create Event

  1. Your event is ready to go. You can customize the session before the day of the event

Airmeet - Help us Know You Better

You have access to a lot of features in the main screen once your organization tab has been created: 

  • The dashboard has a video walkthrough which can help you make all integrations easy and has answers to all the frequently answered questions.

Airmeet - DashBoard

  • You have access to all your events under the Airmeets tab on the left panel
  • In the Video library, you can upload pre-recorded videos which you can share with all attendees before the main event goes live on the day of the session. This is highly useful when you have sponsors.
  • Under the team, you can add your members who can act as the hosts and moderators for the events
  • Integrations help you connect third party tools to make your session even better.

Under the dashboard, you can setup a lot of things. You can select if the event is a single session or multiple one with lots of speakers After you create an event, you can fill out details about the host, their credentials and bio to let the participants know what they can expect. There is also the provision to have the information about the speakers and sessions, so that the audience can prepare their questions in advance. Also, you can setup the virtual tables (ranging from a size of 2 to 8) and create different tables based on the expected number of participants.

As a participant, one has access to the “reception” area before the day of the event. Hosts can customize this space to promote their brand and showcase their sponsor names

After you are done with everything, you can share the event link with your participants, and the event is ready.

On the day of the event, all you need to do is press the “Go Live” button.

Let us explore some of the features that helps this platform become highly engaging and interactive.

Participant experience features:

Airmeet virtual events

Speed Networking – Social Lounge

Socializing is a skill that people develop naturally, and sometimes you need extra motivation to become comfortable. The best way to start is to interact with a person and get over that fear. Consider this feature as a precursor to the main event, you go into a queue and are matched up randomly with another participant in the session. 

Airmeet - Social Networking

You have a limited time to discuss your favorite things or learn something new with your match, and then you move on to a new person and you start all over again. Exciting, isn’t it? 

You can find more details here.

Virtual Tables – Social Lounge

Tired of meeting people one-to-one and feel like interacting with a few more? Join a virtual table and interact with other participants, up to a maximum of 8 depending on the table size set by the session host. You can chat over video with all the participants on the virtual round table and you can keep switching till you find your perfect group.

Airmeet - Virtual Lounge

This social lounge is the perfect networking platform, both before and after the main session. It is the real crowd puller of the session where you exchange ideas before the speakers take up the virtual stage. This table space can be customized as per the needs of the session. The idea behind this feature is to give all attendees the feel of a physical event live. You have table exclusive voice and video, screen sharing, and chat, no one who isn’t present on the table can see.


It is a virtual exhibition area which can showcase virtual booths where exhibitors can showcase their offerings, meet with interested prospects, and capture leads for future references. Participants have the option to choose whichever booth they are interested in, and they can access a booth by video chats, access demos and be a part of the discussions. There is also a call-to-action button “I’m Interested” which the participant can press to push their contact details to the said exhibitor for future discussions.

Raise Hands / Q&As

These are part of the rich interactions, through which you can interact with the session speakers. Raise hands is a unique feature where you raise a request to become a temporary speaker (session moderators can accept or reject this request) and join the speakers on the virtual stage to ask your queries or share your views. Similarly, the Q&As are part of the discussion board where you post your questions for the speakers and participants can upvote the questions and answers. Speakers can read these questions and answer as per their convenience.


What’s the fun without being able to interact with all the participants? Keep the fire ablaze and tell everyone how your day is awesome and what are you enjoying about the session. If you think someone caught your eye, you can even send them a private message. The chats are secure, and you don’t need to worry about anyone stealing your credentials. It is just like an instant messenger.


Express yourselves truly with the weirdest face you can find and get the feel of roleplaying. With the various options of delightful faces to choose from, you can make the session really booming and keep all the attendees entertained.


The key element that makes the session within your grasps. If someone wants to relive the experience or there were a few people who missed attending the session, they can access the recordings of the event and access it for up to a year after. There are unlimited recordings as a meeting host and the participants can access it whenever they feel like it.

Airmeet Host-exclusive features:

Airmeet review online

Pre-recorded videos

The core feature for hosts to capitalize on, it helps you promote your event and keeps the attendees engaged before the main event is underway. It also ensures failsafe against issues such as speakers’ internet or technical issues delaying the session and causing the event to have embarrassing moments. Pre-recording from speakers can help you save that time and keep the audience momentarily entertained.

It is a useful feature to also showcase your sponsors and have their recorded videos played and give them the exclusive space needed, helping you monetize and encouraging more sponsors to participate in your next event(s). It helps you build up the brand and gets you access to marketing opportunities.

You can find a more detailed guide on how to setup pre-recorded videos.


This feature is available exclusively for the hosts and speakers. Before the main event starts, the hosts and speakers can have a private interaction and do some pre-session touch-ups like going through the presentation and recital of their notes. Once all speakers are ready, you can press the “Start Session” button for the countdown to go underway for the main event to start.

Screen sharing

One of the core features of virtual online meetings, the session becomes highly interactive as the speakers are able to share their screens and the participants can see the presentations or the interesting video that they have been talking about. A very useful feature to ensure the participants are engaged.


These are used to obtain feedback during an ongoing event. Speakers can push polls during the session, and the audience can provide their opinions about an issue or a query. Highly engaging, it can help provide detailed insights about the current topics. It can also be used as post-session feedback to understand the requirements of the participants for present and future reference.

Live social streaming

Sometimes it helps to go beyond just the participants of the current session. By seamless integration to your social platforms, you can enhance audience participation. Connect your sessions to YouTube or Facebook live, or any other of your choosing. Social media platforms are already built to make sessions highly engaging and this feature helps reach out to audiences beyond the platform, fostering higher overall engagement and reach.

Airmeet Pricing Options| How Much Does Airmeet Cost?

Currently, Airmeet is designed to foster subscription-free plans, but there is are customized upgrades available to make your sessions better for larger audiences. Here is a comparison of the features for the free and paid plans:

FREE – Events, meetups, and webinars STANDARD – Summits, conferences, and fairs
  • Up to 100 attendees
  • 1 Organizer
  • Custom plans from 100 to 10,000 attendees
  • 100,000 participants maximum in a single event
  • Up to 10 organizers (Varies according to the plan)
Single stage Multiple stages
Sequential sessions Parallel sessions
Social lounge networking Exhibition boots
Unlimited duration for events Event branding
Unlimited number of events Multiple tiers for sponsors
Event analytics
HD Recording
Transcription support

Airmeet Testimonials By Users

Airmeet reviews


Airmeet - Virtual-Events-Platform

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GoTo Webinar, an online webinar solution that enables millions of webinars each year, is now part of GoTo Connect, an all-in-one communications package designed for SMBs. Whether used in webinars for marketing, training, or corporate communications, the Webinars solution seeks to bring the fun back into webinars by utilising dependable technology that is extremely easy to use. It offers tools, integrations, and analytics to help you engage your audience and build personal relationships that drive revenue.

GoToWebinar- Webinar Software

GoToWebinar software is designed to meet the needs of webinars and web conferencing. The solution includes features that make it easier to retain clients and create leads. Reminder emails and notifications help you keep organised and avoid missing critical deadlines. Using engagement metrics, you can simply assess the level of involvement of participants with this tool. This webinar platform offers pre-recorded webinars. The software also allows for customisation, so your webinar materials may be simply made with your company’s brand. While organising web conferences or broadcasting events, you may easily share movies and demos. It is mobile-compatible.

2) EverWebinar: The Best Webinar Software Platform for marketing & lead generation

EverWebinar is a cloud-based tool that allows organisations to create, schedule, and broadcast pre-recorded webinars. The platform features configurable templates that allow enterprises to create and publish bespoke landing pages with logos, photos, colours, videos, and more to develop brand identity and deliver information about forthcoming webinars.

EverWebinar admins can use polls and surveys to connect with the live audience or assess their skills. On-demand webinars, video replay, repeating sessions, data import, split testing, offer management, high definition streaming, and other capabilities are available. Its built-in chat functionality allows users to hold live discussions and boost engagement with the audience in real-time. Enterprises can also send webinar invites, follow-up notices, and reminders by email and text messages.

Through reports, EverWebinar enables managers to receive insight into parameters such as attendee cost, click-through ratios, and customer behaviour. It uses APIs to integrate with numerous third-party apps such as MailChimp, Kartra, and AWeber.

Best Webinar Software- EverWebinar

#3: WebinarJam : Budget-friendly Webinar Software for all the Virtual Meetings 

WebinarJam is a webinar hosting platform that allows for live casting, event streaming, and webinar broadcasting. WebinarJam fosters communication and collaboration with built-in live chat and the opportunity to invite up to 6 co-presenters to broadcast in high definition. Users can use the attendee spotlight feature to invite any webinar attendee to participate in a presentation.

WebinarJam’s JamCast broadcast engine, in addition to WebinarJam’s private, secure network, allows users to stream broadcasts via Facebook Live and YouTube Live. WebinarJam helps people communicate and convey ideas by providing slideshows, screen sharing capabilities, comments, polls, and surveys. During presentations, training, or lectures, users can also draw or highlight directly on the screen using the interactive whiteboard.

With a point-and-click page builder, users can create and manage webinar registration pages. Users can alter the appearance and branding of registration pages using the WYSIWYG visual editor. WebinarJam integrates with third-party CRM, email, and shopping cart solutions like as ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and Drip to improve communication. Users can prepare audiences for a webinar event by using automated email, expanded scheduling management, and built-in autoresponders.

WebinarJam also includes multi-language support, replica replay, and comprehensive statistics. WebinarJam’s analytical tools give users actionable information on webinar performance. Password management and IP matching technology secure events.

WebinarJam- Best Webinar Software

Conclusion: Airmeet Review 2023 Is Airmeet Safe?

Airmeet is a wonderful platform to make your meetings a global phenomenon. With the changing social interaction and the need to adjust, online is our new home away from home.

In short Airmeet is a smart way to make meetings for groups that work in different time zones, different languages and on different continents. It was designed to be easy to use, a comfortable platform for meeting participants and an excellent solution to keeping people updated. It’s a great new way of making meetings. Digital marketers who are tired of maintaining the same old meeting.

If you are here to stay, why not make the best use of it? Airmeet provides you the comfort of hosting sessions without worrying too much about the intricate details.

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