Algopix Vs Terapeak Comparison: Which One Is Better? (2024)

Summary: We conduct a detailed review of Algopix Vs Terapeak and discuss its features, characteristics, pricing, policies, and all the important things you need to know before making the final decision. Read the section about the Algopix Vs Terapeak in the following section.

Online sales are not easy, but with the right product search tool, you can access vital data to help you make important business decisions. But only Algopix provides you with all the necessary data, including automatic information about eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

Using Algopix saves time and resources, reduces risk and increases revenue. The following table compares the main differences between Algopix and Terapeak.

Algopix Vs Terapeak- eBay Product Research Tools

This article lists the best Algopix Vs Terapeak online right product research, tool and provides information to help you choose the appropriate right product option. Here’s what you need to know to start buying a Services. if you choose to do the right thing start using tools.

The following table compares the main differences between Algopix Vs Terapeak.

Read More About both Algopix VS Terapeak in the below section.

Let’s Started.

Algopix Vs Terapeak Comparison

Algopix Vs Terapeak Comparison 2024: Which Is Better?

Algopix Vs Terapeak Review

# Algopix

Detailed About Algopix Review

Algopix is ​​a robust product market research platform that enables online sellers, manufacturers and brands to access and analyze product data, market requirements, costs, and products.

It also generates actionable and valuable information. Whether users are looking for the right products to sell, identify the right markets, analyze the global demand for products, or run competitor analytics, Algopix has all the information they need to make smart decisions.

Researching and analyzing products with Algopix is ​​quick and easy.

With its advanced algorithms, the platform automatically updates the buy and sell data of products in markets such as eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

The platform can show users how much money they need to spend to buy a particular product, what benefits they get when they sell the product on a particular market, and what fees they have to pay (for example, to process Shipping and Payment).

You can also see if competition between suppliers offering the same products is strong or weak.

Algopix Vs Terapeak - algopix

In addition, Google AdWords information will be provided. Suggest a search term for each product and specify the cost per click and cost per acquisition associated with the search term.

How does Algopix work?

Everything starts with a product of interest. With a product identifier such as ASIN, UPC, or EAN, the Algopix engine begins the process of understanding.

With connections to 13 eBay and Amazon markets worldwide, Algopix collects the most important information points.

The Algopix engine uses patented algorithms to analyze the data and provides valuable information for each market, including a “recommended” or “not recommended” index for vendors who want to make quick decisions.

Algopix Vs Terapeak - how to work

With this information, online sellers can make better buying and selling decisions.

And knowing what to buy and where to sell means higher profits and lower risks.

Step 1: Identify the product you want to search for.

Step 2: Enter a text phrase or product ID.

Step 3: Specify the price of the item that you think you are.

Step 4: Choose the market interest in which you want to search. The least is a market and you can choose as many markets as you like.

Step 5: Select the status of the desired product.

Step 6: This is optional. However, you can also enable Google AdWords analytics by checking the appropriate box.

Step 7: Click the Submit button. Algopix strives for real-time information.

Algopix Features

The tool offers a product search for:

  • unique product
  • Bulk Product: Up to 3,000 products that you can download via Excel
  • Product discovery: analysis of keywords in title, name or brand

And then you can search …

Algopix Vs Terapeak - market research

Supported markets

  • Algopix supports 16 different brands:
  • Amazon: USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia and Canada
  • eBay: USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Australia
  • Walmart: United States

Product search selection

  • For each product we can choose:
  • Product Day
  • Purchase price (in USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD)

Product filters

  • ID Type: ASIN, UPC, EAN13, eBay Item ID, Walmart Object ID or Keywords
  • Market Identification: Use the Algopix algorithm or the market algorithm itself
  • Product condition: new, used, overhauled
  • Execution: freight forwarders or FBA / MCF
  • Sent by: USA USA, UK or Australia
  • Price range included
  • Market selection: only 1 market or 16

Product search settings:

Algopix Vs Terapeak - research

Information about the product search

  • Therefore, the tool offers a selection for each product we are looking for
  • Product identifiers
  • Recommended market price
  • Spending details
  • competitive analysis
  • demand level
  • Estimated benefit
  • Total sales estimate

Algopix Benefits

Generate product information in all markets.

Algopix can help you to identify and understand the pros and cons of selling your products in different markets like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

In this way, Algopix provides them with all the information they need about the products they need in all markets.

The Product Market Research Platform provides the demand, potential benefits and associated costs of a product in each market.

Users can access product pricing data to see if buying and selling a product in a particular market is a good decision or not.

Algopix Vs Terapeak- product insights

Algopix processes and analyzes all these data points and automatically suggests whether users should sell the products on the market.

Enable Competitive Analysis

Algopix facilitates the analysis of competition by users. The platform allows them to check the number of sellers on the market who sell the same products.

You can check whether suppliers are executing and sending orders for FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon products and whether the products are prominently listed in the Amazon catalog so they can analyze and assess risks.

Access to sales performance data

Algopix has a feature called Sales Estimator that helps users make better decisions when they buy products.

This feature provides important sales performance data, such as: For example, an estimate of product quantities sold each month and revenue from product sales.

This helps companies avoid inventory surpluses and sell more profitable products.

Optimize advertising costs

Marketing professionals and their teams can leverage Algopix’s ability to generate Google AdWords information for more efficient and profitable advertising campaigns.

Algopix Vs Terapeak - offer

Algopix collects product research data and recommends phrases that allow website visitors and online shoppers to search for products.

The platform also provides the average cost per click and the estimated cost of each research phase.

In this way, users can develop better marketing plans and use their marketing budget wisely.

Prісіng Plan

There are 3 plans available:

Monthly Unlimited: $34,99/month, billed monthly


    • Bulk product analysis
    • Amazon sales estimation
    • eBay sales breakdown
    • Price comparison
    • Sales related cost breakdown
    • Product demand level
    • New selling opportunities
    • Daily best sellers
    • Product discovery
    • Email, chat and phone support

Annual Unlimited: $27,99/month, but billed annually

    • Email, chat and phone support
    • Amazon sales estimation
    • Price comparison
    • Sales related cost breakdown
    • New selling opportunities
    • Daily best sellers
    • eBay sales breakdown
    • Product demand level
    • Bulk product analysis
    • Product discovery

Algopix Vs Terapeak - pricing plan

Enterprise Plan: contact for pricing


    • API Integration
    • MAP monitoring
    • Track eCommerce sales
    • Pricing intelligence
    • Email, chat and phone support
    • Bulk product analysis
    • Digital shelf analytics
    • Expert analysis & recommendations
    • Product discovery
    • New selling opportunities


Try 7 Days Free Tools, no money Transfer required

Pros and Cons


  • Algopix will provide invaluable information such as expense breakdowns, recommended selling price, etc.
  • it provides relevant marketing insights from an integrated Google AdWord analysis
  • Analyze 200+ products at once in a bulk analysis
  • a quick analysis of products in eCommerce environments
  • Greater brand recognition than BridgeTrack (estimated)
  • Offers more frequent discounts and promotions than BridgeTrack


  • software tends to run a bit slow


Terapeak is the most prominent source for analyzing, understanding and predicting consumer behavior and products in e-commerce platforms.

Each year, Terapeak analyzes more than $ 75 billion worth of GMV data and over $ 200 billion worth of analytics to provide online information to marketers.

Algopix Vs Terapeak: Dashboard

Through eBay, Terapeak has access to the actual sales data of numerous online purchases, including product names, SEO methods, buyer and seller locations, total sales, shipping costs, and sold and unsold inventories. and more.

Terapeak “processes” this information for online providers like you, and makes it available in a number of metrics, statistics, spreadsheets, and graphs.

E-commerce retailers use Terapeak’s online analytics platform to assess pricing, sourcing, market trends and product behavior in all regions and competitors.

The software provides data to the sellers via an online subscription service. Users need to log in and search for products and niches using keywords, UPCs, or similar product codes, sales categories, and other identifying characteristics.

Terapeak immediately provides data on these products and niches, either in the present or for a period of up to a year in the past.

Benefits Of Using TeraPeak: (Detailed TeraPeak Review)

Hot Research: List the categories that currently have a tendency and sell very well. Trends are ranked by their sales rate and rated as hot, very hot and very hot.

Algopix Vs Terapeak: products

Hot Search gives you four ways to rate different sales trends. The options are:

Categories: Provides data on the best trend category, sales area, sales rate, and current category.

Media: Data on the most popular items for DVDs, music, games, and books.

Best-selling products: That goes without saying.

Best Selling Title: This option provides data on the keywords that achieve the most conversions. This is a very good option for optimizing your ads for SEO. It’s best to use this option if you want to analyze the trend sales data and see if there are good opportunities to grab and make sales.

Category Search: Provides detailed data for each category in terms of sales volumes, sales rates, listings, lists sold, and other metrics. The different color spots you can see in the picture below are called heat maps.

Thermal Maps represent the subcategories from the highest to the lowest power in one of the six measurements you want to measure.

Algopix Vs Terapeak: category search

Then you can deepen each subcategory. For example, if you click on the sporting goods category, you will find more than 30 subcategories, each of which has its own heat map.

That way, you’ll get really advanced data to help you analyze whether it’s worth selling a particular product. However, you can only retrieve sales information that is less than 30 days old. With the product search, you can analyze the value of sales data over a period of 3 months.

That’s why I prefer the product search because it offers a much broader timeline for analyzing and displaying sales trends. This will give you a better idea of ​​the relevance of selling a product on eBay.

Bulk search: This is another great option for research and analysis. You can enter multiple keywords (up to 10 search terms) and retrieve data about these products. The data you receive is the average price, the number of registrations, the average shipping price, and the direct sales rate. Then you can deepen by applying filters and reducing your results.

Algopix Vs Terapeak: filters

By applying the filters, you can adjust the price range, the condition of the items, and the eBay site to search.

You can also download the data in CSV or XLS format for later analysis.

Here’s How Terapeak Works?

Terapeak is the only eBay-certified data analytics provider. There are several cheaper services that give you the same information. However, it is possible that all your extensive research will disappear overnight if you decide to follow this path.

Algopix Vs Terapeak: Market Share

In this way, Terapeak has access to the eBay database and can use your custom queries to provide a user interface that helps you quickly query data for sales trends, master lists, and popular products. The user interface is not particularly easy to use and finding the menu options will take some time.

You can use Terapeak on a mobile device, so researching products with seasonal trends and finding new hot products is much easier and more scientific. You have access to 365 days of historical data to make your registration decisions.

Here are some of the tools available in the member’s area:

  • Administration and data of the seller account
  • Product search for eBay and Amazon
  • Where to find sources for your products
  • Search competition
  • Search engine optimization service for quality keywords

You can access most of these tools as a test. Upon completion of the test, you will be asked to sign up for a paid subscription if you wish to continue using the services.

How To Use Terapeak For eBay Search?

Terapeak provides in-depth market research on millions of online purchases based on years of worldwide sales data. Product Research 2.0 provides vendors access to raw data and analytics in a concise and interactive format.

The best way to start Terapeak is to search for an article. This query can then be reduced to a certain period of time. The results show the sales statistics of the item in question on eBay with the sales rate, the number of sellers, the average selling price, the number of items sold and the average shipping costs.

Algopix Vs Terapeak: eBay Search

This information demonstrates the value, supply and demand of individual items as well as the level of competition. From there, the following functions can be used to evaluate and evaluate the selected sales statistics:

The Transactions tab displays more details about each list. Each ad will display the eBay item ID, format, number of offers submitted, date of the last sale, total number of items sold, total sales and average shipping costs, and so on.

The Sellers tab displays the list of sellers who sold the item in the selected time range. Average prices, average shipping costs, and total sales are displayed for the most successful sellers.

Algopix Vs Terapeak: Title Search

The Trends tab displays charts that show whether the total income of the item in question is increasing or decreasing. It is a good way to know the balance between supply and demand. The non-included Product Lists tab indicates how many ads did not lead to sales.

The Inventory Ideas tab displays a list of other vendors sold by the vendors listed on the Vendors tab.

TeraPeak Pricing Plans

TeraPeak comes with two pricing options where you can get an annual subscription of a premium account in $12/ month if you consider using an annual plan.

Algopix Vs Terapeak: Pricing Plans

Or, you can go with $19.99/ month with no commitment.

How You Can Check Market Share of Top Competition

The Suppliers tab in Product Research 2.0 lets you measure the market share and pricing strategies of your key competitors. This helps you to understand:

  • Which offer is already on the market?
  • How easy (or difficult) will it be to start a new product line?
  • What are your products and shipping costs compared to others?
  • Which products and shipping prices are currently leading to success?
  • Now see your market share

Limitations of Terapeak

Keep in mind that Terapeak is not a perfect tool when looking for prices and trends for items. Sellers still need to carefully analyze the data presented to them.

For example, Terapeak can display a particular seller at a sales rate for a particular item. Unfortunately, Terapeak does not report that the seller is creating a thin wafer border that can not be duplicated for other sellers.

Always remember that Terapeak is simply a data tool. It is not a substitute for critical thinking and analysis.

Product Analysis

As a competitive search solution from Terapeak, Algopix offers an UNLIMITED plan that lets you analyze as many products as you like!

For example, the Algopix mass analysis tool allows online providers to analyze up to 3,000 products simultaneously. With our UNLIMITED package, you can analyze as many products as you like. Now you can leverage thousands of Algopix product analytics with the data you need to avoid unnecessary purchases and reduce the cost of overstock and slow inventory.

Be unlimited

Terapeak and Algopix want to provide online sellers with important information about potential products, market requirements, and pricing.

Terapeak is used only for the eBay market, while Algopix provides information on a total of 16 markets. Users can choose from a list of 8 Amazon, 7 eBay and Walmart markets (for a complete list of compatible markets, click here)). With Algopix, suppliers are not limited to one market but can discover new and even more profitable opportunities in other areas to grow, grow and increase their income.

Are you only interested in eBay?

If you are a seller who focuses solely on eBay, Algopix is ​​always an excellent option for you.

Even if you focus on one market, you can still benefit from the important information provided by Algopix. With data points such as the level of product demand, estimated costs, and profits, you can better understand your performance in your current market and use the information to improve your reputation and attract more customers. In addition, Algopix allows you to analyze new products and markets without the hassle and tedious manual search.

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Conclusion: Algopix vs Terapeak | Which Is Better?

There are decent alternatives with different accessibilities, but with all the tools you really need, the others do not really compare to Algopix.

Those who are serious about delivering to a store or haggling will need all the research data they need to select the products and ranges they offer from Amazon. Algopix is ​​the first tool to achieve this goal.

The basic features provide you with a wealth of information to help you make informed Amazon product decisions. The advanced features can help you reach a new level of income and success.

Algopix deserves serious consideration from competitors as a research tool for the development of its BAF business.

Let me know in the comments section below, what you liked most about Algopix vs Terapeak and which features gives you a heads up for eBay selling.

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