AliDropship Pricing Plans 2023: How Much Does It Cost To Start A Dropshipping Business?

I’ll cover AliDropship’s pricing for plugins, add-ons, and bespoke services for its customers in this piece.

AliDropship is without a doubt the greatest WordPress platform for launching a profitable dropshipping company. The majority of individuals, on the other hand, are unaware that AliDropship is not confined to the WordPress dropshipping plugin. 

AliDropship offers a variety of add-ons (WordPress + WooCommerce Plugins) as well as services to help diverse shop owners expand their dropshipping businesses. 

Dropshipping is an intriguing business model that enables you to create a shop using WordPress without having to maintain stock goods. With the help of AliDropship, you can now completely automate the procedure.

However, just having a beautiful dropshipping shop is insufficient; some certain critical tools and features should be incorporated in your store to ensure the seamless operation of your company.

Again, AliDropship gives you access to these dropshipping plugins and tools, as well as the services you need to take your company to the next level.

However, how much does it cost? This is the price structure for AliDropship’s many plugins and services that we’ll examine.

AliDropship Overview – All You Need to Know Before Buying

AliExpress is an e-commerce platform mostly comprised of small enterprises in China that sell items to worldwide online shoppers. AliExpress dropshipping operates in the same manner as regular dropshipping.

 You copy the goods from AliExpress to your shop, set your prices/markups, and then after a sale, you buy the product from AliExpress and have it sent straight to the client.

adding products from premade alidropship store

To get started, you do not need a warehouse or personnel. All you need is your computer and your thoughts. The primary benefit of dropshipping is that you may buy things as required and have them sent straight from AliExpress to your clients.

Simply copy the product from AliExpress’s shop and paste it onto your website, where you may set your pricing. Without making a significant financial commitment, you may open a shop to test your niche concept and stock it with hundreds of things. 

If there is no result, just open a new shop in a different niche until you discover one that generates revenue. Except for your time and a minor investment in site hosting (see our list of the top inexpensive WordPress hosting providers), a domain name, and an AliExpress dropshipping plugin, you have the potential to make a lot of money.

There is no risk involved in comparison to other online business prospects since you only pay suppliers when you make a sale. When you are not concerned with inventory and shipping, you can focus on marketing the shop and attracting new consumers. 

You may automate your company and continue to develop by processing more orders and opening other locations. AliDropship for AliExpress is a time and money-saving automation solution that may help you grow your dropshipping company. 

AliDropship is a premium WordPress plugin that automatically retrieves product data from AliExpress, downloads photos and imports them to the shop, checks shipping choices, and so on.

When you purchase the AliDropship plugin, you make a single payment. It’s $89 for a one-time purchase that includes lifetime support and updates. 

After completing your payment, you will be redirected to the plugin’s download page. The plugin is available in two flavors. The first is a standalone version, while the second is a plugin for WooCommerce integration.

AliDropship Pricing

Alidropship pricing

One of the most distinguishing elements of AliDropship’s price system is that they only charge a one-time cost.

This contains all AliDropship plugins and add-ons, as well as customer-specific services. All payments are subject to a one-time processing fee.

The following is a list of AliDropship’s current prices for all of its goods and services. –

  1.   Email Marketing Setup – $ 69:

The Package contains one-of-a-kind and persuasive promotional emails, as well as personalized email templates and guidance. This is put up to assist you in promoting your items through email marketing.

  1.   Facebook & Instagram Ads – $ 29:

This is a service that saves you time and money by optimizing the distribution of your ads to ensure they reach the proper audience.

Many dropshipping newcomers often encounter additional difficulties with Facebook advertisements. Most notably when it comes to identifying the appropriate audience and establishing the campaign as a whole.

  1.   Promo Video Creation – $ 69: 

These are promotional films for your store’s items. The AliDropship team assists you by developing a conversion-optimized video for every product in your shop.

  1.   SEO & Backlink Setup – $ 69:

This service involves the creation of SEO-friendly content for your store’s blog or even your site. Additionally, it includes a variety of backlinks to help your website rank higher.

An SEO-optimized shop enables Google to index your website more quickly and enables internet consumers to locate your business more easily.

  1.   Social Media Setup – $ 19:

This service involves the establishment of multiple social media accounts for your online shop. The setup is performed to ensure that your store’s social media pages seem professional and complement your merchandise.

As a result, you’ll see an increase in conversions on your social media accounts in addition to increased visitors.

  1.   Custom Design – $ 20:

Additionally, the AliDropship team can assist with the creation of any kind of product, from banner ads to a comprehensive brand book and media kit.

Additionally, they create promotional items such as elegant banners, business cards, and social media cover images. It is completed and delivered under the job.

  1.   Social Rabbit Plugin Setup – $ 79:

Similar to the AliDropship configuration, the same holds for the social rabbit plugin. AliDropship’s staff assists their customer in setting it up and integrating it with all four social media platforms. As a result, creating automated social media accounts to market your items is a good idea.

  1.   AliDropship Plugin Setup – $ 57:

If you are not technologically competent and also have little expertise with WordPress, setting up the AliDropship plugin for the first time may be intimidating. This is why the AliDropship team offers this service to people who are unfamiliar with WordPress or just lack the time.

  1.   Dropshipping Store Review – $ 49:

This service involves a comprehensive assessment of your website to determine what elements should be included and what adjustments should be made. This may be just what you want before launching your dropshipping business and beginning to sell.

  1.   Niche Research – $ 49:

The specialty service is for individuals who want a lucrative niche shop but are unable to do the necessary research. The AliDropship specialists step in by doing extensive research on their interests to locate a lucrative online specialty business for them.

  1.   Marketing Service Bundle – $ 269:

These are for shop owners who like to market their items and wish to have them handled by specialists in e-commerce advertising. If you’re interested in increasing sales at your shop, you might consider the marketing service package.

  1.   Recent Sales Pop-Up – $ 29:

The Recent Sales Pop-up emulates the classic brick-and-mortar experience for your online business. It demonstrates that several clients have previously checked out of your shop.

Additionally, your shop will become more human, and vital trust will be developed. As a result, consumer engagement increases, and visitors convert to purchasers.

This plugin is highly suggested for newly opened shops that are still increasing in popularity. Because it contributes to the development of a bustling environment surrounding your business.

  1.   Review Page Plugin – $ 29:

This plugin enables you to gather picture evaluations and social testimonials for your items to increase trust and the authenticity of your business. It’s also a very effective strategy for increasing your store’s conversion rate since shoppers place a higher premium on product reviews from past customers than on the seller’s promise.

  1.   Urgency Plugin – $ 29:

Urgency is a three-in-one tool that consists of a cart timer, trust badges, and social evidence. They all operate in unison to increase conversions on your site. You may show the number of individuals who added a product to their basket to bolster your consumers’ trust. These numbers may be genuine or random, as desired.

  1.   Google Merchant – $ 27:

The Google Merchant plugin allows you to make your store’s items accessible on Google Shopping, Google Shopping Ads, and a variety of other Google services. Additionally, it enables Google consumers looking for items online across a variety of purchasing websites to see your store’s listing in the search engine results.

  1.   Facebook Business Plugin – $ 27:

The Facebook plugin enables you to sync your website’s product catalog with the Facebook product catalog. As a result, you’ll have a seamless promotional experience. Wherever people spend the majority of their time is the greatest location to sell and exhibit your goods. Which are, respectively, Facebook and Instagram.

  1.   Countdown Timer Plugin – $ 19:

This plugin is a promotional tool that enables you to create a sense of urgency and scarcity across your shop. Thus, converting 80 % of your prospective consumers into active purchasers. It creates the impression that your consumer is going to lose out on a fantastic bargain if they do not act quickly.

  1.   Upsell Plugin – $ 37:

This plugin enables you to quadruple your sales by suggesting comparable goods to your customers based on their preferences. When a consumer wishes to purchase a product, the plugin suggests a complimentary item that the buyer is likely to purchase.

It encourages clients to purchase further goods from your shop and ensures that they are satisfied with each item they purchase.

  1.   Abandoned Cart – Free:

The abandoned cart plugin works by sending email alerts to remind and urge consumers who have nearly abandoned their carts to return to your shop.

It’s a very effective call-to-action technique for reclaiming lost clients or money.

Automating abandoned cart procedures enables online merchants to reconnect with consumers who abandoned their shopping carts to recoup lost revenue.

  1.   Promo Banner Plugin – $ 19:

This plugin enables you to generate professionally designed banners that improve the number of clicks and conversions on your shop. The UI is fairly simple to navigate. All you need to do is install the plugin and you’ll be a banner expert in no time.

  1.   Add-on Bundle – $ 145:

The bundle contains the top six AliDropship add-ons for maximizing your shop. Rather than purchasing the add-ons individually, the AliDropship add-on bundle saves you a significant amount of money.

  1.   Social Rabbit Plugin – $ 69:

The Social Rabbit plugin automatically advertises your website on social networking. You only need to create a template for it and it will run accordingly.

The Rabbit Plugin enables you to automate the posting, following, and commenting on your account across many social media networks like that of a person. 

It advertises your website automatically on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

  1.   My Suppliers – $ 17:

My Suppliers plugin enables you to see an exhaustive list of the AliExpress dropshipping suppliers with whom you are currently collaborating. The plugin enables you to gather and analyze data about your AliExpress vendors.

You may simply determine which sellers contribute the most to your business’s development and base your business’s growth on meticulously collected statistics.

  1.   AliShipping Plugin – $ 29:

The plugin enables you to simply import and adjust all AliExpress shipping options available for your online business. With AliShipping, you can now automate the process of adding delivery options to your dropshipping business.

  1.   Dropship.Me Plugin – Start for free with 50 Products:

Dropship.Me is a plugin that allows you access to winning items that have been handpicked. You can effortlessly import winning goods from AliExpress using the plugin. Typically, you’ll need to change the product description imported with AliExpress items. However, using DropshipMe, this is already taken care of.

  1.   Web Hosting – Start from $ 48 per year:

AliDropship’s web hosting service is available to anybody interested in hosting their website with AliDropship. Hosting is well-tuned for their dropshipping plugins. AliDropship’s price structures include just one recurring fee: web hosting, which is standard for web hosting.

  1.   Supreme Custom Store – $ 2899:

The ultimate custom shop is the most expensive option available for bespoke ready-made businesses. It’s an exceptional bundle packed with enticing features that enables you to earn money quickly via Dropshipping.

  1.   Custom Dropshipping stores – Start from $ 299:

These are pre-built bespoke dropshipping shops that are available in a variety of bundles. This is especially advantageous for people who have no previous expertise with dropshipping or who do not have a lot of free time. However, you want a dropshipping shop.

  1.   AliDropship Woo – $ 89.00:

This is the WooCommerce version of the AliDropship plugin for WordPress that was previously available. This plugin is only compatible with the WooCommerce plugin that comes pre-installed. It’s a feature-rich WooCommerce dropshipping plugin that links your business with AliExpress.

  1.   WordPress Dropshipping plugin – $ 89.00:

This is the default dropshipping WordPress plugin that connects your WordPress site to AliExpress. The AliDropship WordPress plugin is a self-contained application that converts your website into an e-commerce shop. There is no need to install the WooCommerce plugin if you are already using the default WordPress plugin. It has everything you need to launch a profitable dropshipping company.

Is AliDropship Worth the Price?

Yes, AliDropship is definitely worth the price. Here are some of the features that make AliDropship one of the best in the market –

1. Dashboard:

alidropship Aliexpress plugin

AliDropship’s easy user interface assists you in making the best business decisions by monitoring and controlling your sales, orders, traffic, and critical online shop operations. You may check information from your store’s log on the AliDropship dashboard, such as the number of orders received, your revenue, published items, as well as sales reports, and traffic. In general, the dashboard keeps you informed about your e-commerce business’s overall appearance.

Your orders are shown clearly on the ‘orders’ page, and you can sort them by payment status, date, and fulfillment status. You may export emails in bulk from the dashboard. This exports all e-mails associated with prior orders, which you may then utilize for market strategy purposes.

 2. Management:

You can monitor anything from your dashboard. AliDropship is responsible for product updates, traffic generation, and sales, as well as other inventory-related activities.

Additionally, you may earn up to a 12 % discount when bought goods are delivered, which increases your Dropshipping profit. Additionally, you may configure a variety of payment channels, including Stripe, PayPal, and PayU.

3. Add-Ons:

Countdown clocks, for example, are a significant sales engine. By including the Countdown Timer add-on, you may show flash deals and limited-time product offers to clients, and the timer ticking down will motivate them to purchase a product before the discount period expires.

Without a question, listing your business or items on Google’s platform increases your chances of connecting with potential buyers. The Google Merchant add-on enables you to include your store’s name and products in Google search results, effectively promoting your company.

The Facebook store maximizes the effectiveness of Facebook’s dynamic advertisements. Allows you to start and manage an online store using Facebook and Instagram. More marketing, in my opinion.

There are just too many add-ons (reasons) to choose AliDropship.

 4. Marketing:

What marketing benefits do users of AliDropship enjoy? All of the fundamentals of e-commerce marketing are sometimes overlooked by other professionals that deal with e-commerce integration software and other sophisticated marketing methods.

Discount codes and coupons may be used to direct promotions inside the business, incentivize consumers to make purchases, and enhance already-optimized product names for search engines. The plugin assists in the development of an email list of new customers and customers who complete a transaction.

We are all aware that not every consumer who visits a business for the first time will make a purchase. Customers often add products to their carts intending to pay later. They often neglect to return and check. AliDropship has a marketing option that automatically sends reminders to consumers who leave their baskets. This service is completely free.

Additionally, all of the frontend data created by Alidropship is SEO optimized, which means it will be appreciated and pushed by Google.

 5. Customizations:

The AliDropship plugin comes with a few pre-configured themes, and modification is rather simple. Dali, Da Vinci, and Michael Angelo are all popular AliDropship suitable themes. These themes have been created particularly for this plugin and are very simple to redesign.

You may modify your product information, and using the Image Editor, you can easily alter AliExpress product photos before importing them to your shop.

There is no limit to the number of products you can add to your shop, and it provides suppliers from whom you may pick. Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of products.

This allows you complete control over the design of your online store’s user interface and experience.

6. Automations:

AliDropship can automate a large number of functions for you based on your preferences. Automated processes include order fulfillment, product pricing, product searching, and importation.

As a shop owner, you may concentrate only on attracting people to your store and not on product finding or price, as AliDropship supplies you with the best-selling items on AliExpress.

For example, in the search bar and with the import items function, you can use the smart filter to find exactly what you’re searching for, and if your customers demand rapid shipment, you can use ePacket shipping to search for and get products that ship quickly and for free.

Automate pricing by configuring prices for all your commodities using the sophisticated mark-up function.

Orders are confirmed automatically, and AliExpress takes care of compensating you when a buyer purchases the goods.

Additionally, the AliDropship plugin monitors the progress of orders placed on your site, and consumers may access order details.


My final and candid assessment of AliDropship is that it is an excellent alternative for WordPress-based e-commerce shop owners interested in selling Aliexpress items.

Alidropship’s primary selling points are its competitive price and easy experience for importing and maintaining Aliexpress products on your shop, in addition to a robust variety of add-ons. They assist you in maximizing your Dropshipping profits by providing sale boosters and marketing choices that others seem to lack.

It alleviates the burden associated with looking for and importing products from Ali-Express to your business, and it even tells you which things are likely to sell and ship quicker with a single click, how incredible. The dashboard is identical to that of WordPress, which is an advantage if you are already familiar with WordPress. It provides you with complete control over the overall appearance of your shop and enables you to concentrate on what matters most: acquiring clients. A tremendous time-saving that every drop-shipper should use.

I sincerely hope this article helped you understand the pricing of Alidropship. Please let me know in the comment section whether you liked it or not.

AliDropship FAQs:

Is it possible for me to dropship from AliExpress to Shopify?

You most definitely will. There are no upfront expenses or fees involved with dropshipping from AliExpress, which enables you to experiment with products without committing financially. You can swiftly search for, import, and sell AliExpress goods in your Shopify shop using the Oberlo app for Shopify.

Is Shopify compatible with AliDropship?

True, it does. Whatever your level of eCommerce skill, AliDropship App for Shopify has everything you need to launch a successful dropshipping company immediately: With a simple click, import any AliExpress goods.

Is it possible to earn money with AliDropship?

Yes, AliDropship has the potential to be quite profitable. It's mostly a question of how successful dropshipping is in general since AliDropship streamlines and expedites the process of identifying and selling very profitable products.

Is AliDropship worth it?

AliDropship is the most feature-rich and cost-effective WooCommerce dropshipping WordPress plugin available. With its very affordable cost, you absolutely cannot go wrong.

Is AliDropship more advantageous than Shopify?

While AliDropship is a well-known dropshipping platform with robust dropshipping capabilities, it pales in comparison to Shopify. Unlike AliDropship, which is limited to AliExpress dropshipping, Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce platform that allows you to run a full-fledged eCommerce business.

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