AliExtractor Review 2023: #1 Tool For AliExpress Product Research

AliExtractor Review


  • Net Payout Calculator
  • Export to Excel or CSV file
  • Amazing Customer Service
  • Load Next AliExpress Search Pages
  • AliExpress Product Table Datapoints (20+)
  • Calculate Cashback with Retail Miner App


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Price: $ 29

If you are in the business of growing your e-commerce sales, you will want to learn more about a new app created by Chase Bowers and his team at Dropified.  What makes AliExtractor different from other e-commerce applications you already have, or may be interested in buying?  

My suggestion is to test-drive AliExtractor to see how much more money it is going to make you. In this post, we have featured AliExtractor Review- The Cashback App For AliExpress that includes all the detailed insights about AliExtractor and An Exclusive Early-Bird Offer. Let’s get started here.

Bottom Line: Dropified team made AliExtractor app to make life easier for e-commerce store owners. This platform helps you in finding the profitable products for your Shopify store and if you buy anything from AliExpress using AliExtractor then you can get cashback up to 8%. Get lifetime access to AliExtractor NOW.

AliExtractor Review

AliExtractor- Designed by E-Commerce Professionals

We know there are plenty of apps on the market that enhance product discovery and research, and integrate with popular store platforms like Shopify, CommerceHQ, and WooCommerce, but how many of them are designed by teams who already run a wildly successful online store?

The development team at Dropified took a step back to look at the workflow of the average to the above-average e-commerce shop owner, to figure out how to save more time while increasing sales by adding some impressive tools.

The features including in AliExtractor will help business owners to:

  • Reduce product research and discovery time
  • Help pick the ‘winners’ and remove low-interest consumer products from the equation.
  • Earn a BIG compensation for Affiliate referrals.
  • Earn up to 8% cashback on the products purchased on AliExpress.

Let’s drill down into some of the new and exclusive features that are offered in AliExtractor.  I will also walk you through some of the features I think have the most potential to save you administrative time and grow your e-commerce sales quickly, with AliExtractor.

Picking Proven Retail Products with High Consumer Demand

Choosing the right variety of products for your e-commerce store is essential; you don’t want to showcase products that don’t sell, right?  

But rather than engaging in independent product research and competitive analysis to find those winning products, AliExtractor has new supplier metrics and reports, that will help you quickly spot the products that are going to fly off your shelves.

AliExtractor Review— Get Access To High ROI Products

If you had shelves.  Because most of us don’t, and that’s the beauty of dropshipping!  

Remember, the products you select for your online store are fulfilled through direct-order agreements by the manufacturer or supplier.   Your customer buys, you fulfill and pay for the order, and the product is shipped to your customer.

How does AliExtractor help you zero in on the best and most popular products that consumers want right away?  Pay attention to this part because it is a serious game-changer for e-commerce business owners.

With AliExtractor you can:

  • Search by product niche to identify the top-selling products in any category you choose.
  • Access data on the total number of units that the manufacturer is selling every month.  You will be able to see sales volume statistics that help you quickly identify trending products.
  • See how much revenue each manufacturer or supplier is generating to pick products with the highest profit margins for your business.
  • Review vendor ratings that help weed out manufacturers who may have supply chain issues, customer complaints, or other obstacles that may create a problem for your business.  Stick to the highest-rated vendors for best results.

Before AliExtractor, it was really ‘hit or miss’ when you were choosing a new product on AliExpress.  You may have asked yourself one of many questions like:

  1. Is this product going to sell?
  2. Does the manufacturer have a supply issue or frequently discontinue certain products or variants (style, color, or sizes).
  3. What are consumer product preferences in my niche?  What exactly ARE they buying online?
  4. How do I know if this manufacturer is reliable, in terms of order fulfillment and timely delivery?  Are they a risky vendor that might impact my customer purchase experience or reputation as an online store?

AliExtractor addresses those unknowns, by giving e-commerce business owners more of what they really need to cut away the losing products and suppliers from the winners, in the shortest amount of time.   App users will have the ability to spot products and profit potential in a few minutes, by niche category and search.

More products that sell… less time weeding out the products that will under-perform.  NO MORE GUESSING! Stack your store with best-sellers and watch your sales GROW!

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AliExtractor Features We Love Already

There are so many new tools and features in AliExtractor, it’s going to take some time to learn how they all work.  The good news is that this development team understands that time is money for e-commerce business owners. The tools are easy to navigate and click-through is fast and painless, to get you the right information to choose your highest-profit products.

Easy Product Sourcing

Find cost and availability of data on products in AliExpress.  Is it worthwhile to compete in that niche? If you start selling that product, will there be any problems with order fulfillment because of demand? Get the facts you need quickly, to decide about a supplier and sales potential for their product(s).

AliExtractor Review- Find New Idea Products

Net Profit Calculator

Online stores have to have profit leaders or anchors, to maintain your margins.  Some products have a lower profit margin and a higher sales volume potential.

Your challenge is to balance both types of margins to grow your sales, and AliExtractor makes that easier.  You can also see your bonus cashback amount on every product in AliExpress.

AliExtractor Review- Net Profit Generator

Research Child / Variations

As you browse products through AliExpress and add them to your store, you’ll notice that many types of products have multiple variants (sizes, colors, shapes, designs).  

Do you want to add all of them to your store? Not so fast! How about just offering the variants that have been proven successful sellers, by volume?

AliExtractor tools allow you to drill down and research product sales statistics by variant.  So, if only three colors are selling well, you’ll know which ones to choose for your store.

It’s really about eliminating products with poor sales performance so that you can choose only top-selling merchandise for your shop!

Product research is incomplete without a good product hunting tool.

With this thought in mind, we reviewed some great product hunting tools that will help you find profitable products to sell without much hassle. One of such tools is Niche Scraper, which was reviewed recently by us on Bloggersideas, check it out.

Product Reviews

We all know that product reviews stimulate online purchases; people want to know how the product worked, what needs it fulfilled and if it met the expectations of customers who already bought it.   

Getting reviews, however, is a bit of a pain (particularly new products). AliExtractor allows you to download the product reviews by vendor, to add top-rated seller feedback on the products you have selected for your shop.

New Product Idea Generator

One-click on the ‘magic light bulb’ in AliExtractor allows you to find products automatically.  Like a certain niche product? Want recommendations on products that compliment your store and current products by theme?

 AliExtractor will do all the work for you and provide some creative suggestions to kick-start your new product research.

Keep your online store variety fresh, by adding new products, bonus bundles, and promotional giveaways featuring products that every consumer wants to get their hands on.  

Retail Revenue Estimator

E-commerce stores are a constant evolution of new product assortment, promotion, and marketing to drive sales growth.  

 When you use the retail revenue estimator in AliExtractor, you will get current sales data and monthly volume statistics, to demonstrate the potential number of units you can sell on your store.  

AliExtractor Review- The Revenue Calculator

And in the unlikely event that you have latent sales for a popular product, it can help you identify next steps, to help more customers discover them online.

US Products Database

If your target customers and sales volume originate from the United States, you’ll want to source as many products as you can from U.S. manufacturers on AliExpress.  

Save money on shipping costs to boost your profitability and reduce delivery times for your customers.

AliExtractor provides an exclusive list of over 10,000 dropship products from American manufacturers.  Customers hate waiting for online purchases. Problem solved!

AliExtractor Pricing | How Much Does AliExtractor Cost?

Aliextractor Review— AliExtractor Pricing

AliExtractor Gives You Up to 8% Cashback on AliExpress Purchases

Talk about getting bonus pay for adding exciting products to your store, and you even earn cashback on your personal purchase.  Wow, right? And you’ll earn cashback on new products you choose from your store and even products that are already live in your store.  

AliExtractor has negotiated an exclusive volume kickback with AliExpress, on behalf of our customers.

 Power sellers should be rewarded for generating consistently high-volumes of consumer sales. That bonus pay for picking popular products that already make you a lot of money.  Talk about win/win.

Aliextractor Review— 8% Cashback Opportunity

Whether you run your store on Shopify, CommerceHQ, or Woocommerce you need to test-drive this new app.

It’s going to seriously reduce your product discovery and research time, and virtually eliminate the problem of adding low-sales potential products to your store.   The cashback is what I am pretty excited about (hey, I like making money), and when you purchase your copy of AliExtractor you are also automatically enrolled as an Affiliate.

And if you are unfamiliar with how the Affiliate program works, think of it as another huge opportunity to earn even more money, simply by referring your colleagues and friends to AliExtractor.

I’ve spoken with the development team at Dropified and they are rolling out additional features for AliExtractor this year that you won’t want to miss.  Get in now on the Early Bird offer of $97 (lifetime access) for AliExtractor.

If you have tried the app already I would enjoy hearing your comments about it.  Thinking about buying it but have a few questions, chat directly with the Support Team at AliExtractor.   

They are a great group of people e-commerce experts, committed to helping their members grow.

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Conclusion: AliExtractor Review 2023

Now you have got all the detailed insights about AliExtractor and how it will benefit you. With AliExtractor you have got a way to uncover all those products that bring sales conversions and actually give increased ROI. We highly recommend that you make use of this amazing app- AliExtractor (The Cash Back App for AliExpress).

We hope this post, suits your purpose well. Feel free to drop your opinions about AliExtractor right in the comment section. Do share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

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