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I have an online business and for every business to grow it has to be marketed well & it is not always easy and affordable to hire a marketing expert to market our product.

The difficulty gets amplified when the business is an online one instead of offline. The web is flooded with tools of similar kind and everyone promises that their product is the best one in the market and can provide very reliable marketing solutions for your online business.

Amazon is a great market place for expanding your online business, but how can you make the best of amazon? I myself have used many tools, apps & software to help me in this process of marketing myself and through amazon, but most of them weren’t as promising as it was told by them. But, one tool which I found most useful and powerful among them was the AmaSuite. This post is a complete review about everything of AmaSuite.

AmaSuite is one of the best tools if you are an Amazon product affiliate or even a physical product seller; they have a range of tools which can help you boost your Amazon affiliate and seller career.

Fasten your attention, as we are heading towards a bullet fast detailed review about AmaSuite Version 5.0: Amasuite Reviews 2019 : Latest AmaSuite 5 Review November 2019:Powerful Amazon Tool 100$ Amasuite Discount Coupon

Amasuite 5 Bonuses : 

  • Amazon Sellers Training Course – This extra bonus course shows you how to quickly go through the process of selling private label products on Amazon from start to finish. Throughout these videos you’ll see precisely where you can take most advantage of your AmaSuite software to help you find products to sell, get reviews and research the competition.
  • Amazon Affiliate Training Course As an added bonus you will also get our popular Amazon affiliate marketing crash course. We have recently updated our training course and content showing you everything from how to research, to choosing products, getting traffic, everything, with powerful and effective content!
  • Ali Inspector – Powerful 3-in-1 AliExpress Product Research Software that Generates Niche Keywords, Analyzes Bestsellers, and Uncovers Top Performing Dropship Products for Your eCommerce Store in just Minutes!
  • AmaGroup Facebook Community – This facebook group will be dedicated to learning methods for making money as an amazon affiliate as well as selling physical products on amazon as a seller. You will be able to join in on the discussion and share your experiences with everyone

amasuite 5 review discount coupon

What is AmaSuite? Latest AmaSuite Review 2019

As said above AmaSuite is one of the best or perhaps the best software or tool in the market which can help your online business grow to the maximum and the thereby increase your sales and sales.

Who is behind it?

AmaSuite Version 4 Team

AmaSuite was founded by David Guindon and Chris Guthrie, among them one is a premium class developer worked on a lot of tools before developing AmaSuite while the other is a very famous and successful affiliate of Amazon.

amasuite review discount coupon

Exploring AmaSuite


Amasuite review

After you sign up for AmaSuite you would be provided with the login credentials for you to access the AmaSuite, your purchase would give you access to the following items:

Amasuite packages 2

  • Azon Keyword Generator
  • Azon Product Inspector
  • Azon Top 100 Analyzer
  • Azon Review Finder
  • Revili Software
  • Interest Architect

Here are details of each tool of GetAmasuite  how they can be used

Azon Keyword Generator

Azon keyword-generator-screenshot 1

This is one of the best tools of AmaSuite and that is the main reason I have listed it for review on the top so that you don’t miss it at any chance. Keywords are extremely important in succeeding in any marketing trend.

The keyword generator of Azon is really awesome can be compared to famous keyword generators in the market. It is very simple to use the keyword generator tool, once you login through your membership account and reach on to the Keyword generator tool you can find a text box to feed in the keyword which you would like to search and know the trending patterns of it.

They have provided you a wide range of options to find the trends of related keywords, for example if you are new to keyword research most of the times the keyword which we are searching might not be useful, but the related keywords or the long tail keywords which we include are more useful.

Azon keyword-generator-screenshot

Azon Keyword generators list out all the related keywords searched the internet for you easily in the search results.
Once the list is obtained you can just right click on the keyword to know the Google Trends pattern for that particular keyword.

The Google trend pattern can help you analyze whether the keyword is trending currently or it was trending previously and not tending to that extent now. This is represented in the form of a graph, to understand & analyze the information easily.

azon keyword generator 2
You don’t have to be a pro to use this keyword generator, as I have said it is very simple to use. Let me know if you have any issues in using through comments I can help you for sure or you can contact their support team they too are awesome like their product.

Azon Product Inspector

Azon product inspector Getamasuite
Using the keyword of your choice (or) best search related keyword, you can feed in the output obtained from the keyword generator into the Product inspector to find out the products which are related to that keyword. The best thing is we can also find out which among them is selling the best in the market or amazon.

This gives us an idea to plan our promotion along with the best-selling product line to maximize our profit and sales. This data is required to promote a product because though you want to promote a product you have to be sure about their quality and if you promote a wrong product then you tend to lose the trust of your customers.

But, with best-selling figures with you, you can have full confidence to promote a quality product to your customers by which you can gain double confidence from them.

Azon product inspector Getamasuite 2

This powerful Windows PC & Mac software is used to extract and analyze products from Amazon beyond just the top 100 to uncover even MORE hidden gems!

You can now find the most profitable products to promote as an Amazon affiliates OR Amazon Seller .. 10 times FASTER!

Azon product inspector Getamasuite 3

Azon Top 100 Analyzer

AmaSuite Version 4 Azon top 10
This is also a product inspector but not based on keywords, it generates the top 100 of all categories, the most sold or best-selling products in all categories like gaming, books, clothes, and electronics – You can find top 100 using category. And, that’s not the whole thing, you can also find the top 100 through mostly wished (data obtained via wish list of amazon subscribers), top 100 bought together products etc.

If you are an amazon affiliate marketer then this would save a lot of your time to search a valuable & demanded product in the market instead you can focus most profitable products to promote rather than wasting time on searching the product using Azon Top 100 Analyzer from Amasuite.

Amasuite dashboard

New Main Rank & Main Category Extractor!

AmaSuite Version 4 Azon top 10 category

NEW – Dig DEEP into ANY Multiple Amazon Categories!

AmaSuite Version azon category level

Export Data to Interactive HTML Reports!

AmaSuite Version azon category level product choosing

Blazing FAST Filter Technology!

AmaSuite Version azon category level 1

Insert Your Amazon Affiliate ID!

AmaSuite Version azon category level aff id

You can now export data files containing your Amazon affiliate links!

NEW Blazing Fast “Instant Search” Feature!

AmaSuite Version azon category level instant search

Azon Review Finder

azon review finder screenshot
This tool is a boon for you if you are a physical product seller at Amazon where you can find who has reviewed the products at amazon. Reviews are very important for any client to buy the product and if your product is low reviewed and is competing with a seller who has higher number of reviews then you tend to lose the competition with him.

This tool helps you find the potential customers who can review your product so that they can improve your chance to get displayed at the top of the amazon list i.e. featured space as top seller & best seller and win the competition with other sellers when review is in place.

Search reviewer interests to quickly uncover the EXACT people you NEED to reviewer your products!

azon review finder screenshot 1


Analyze the Top 10,000 Rated Reviewers & Analyze Reviewers for Given Amazon Products!

Azon review finder screens


Get Optimized Data for Guaranteed Results!

azon review finder screenshot 3

Find the exact people you NEED to review your Amazon products using the built-in “Instant Search” feature!

azon review finder screenshot 4

You can easily export names & emails directly to text files, or right-click and copy selected names and emails to your computer’s clipboard! azon review finder screenshot 5
Revili Software

Revili Amasuite
This is one other cool product which can help you find out why a product is selling, you can input the ASIN number or the product name / phrase to find out about why it is best-selling the market. This can be of a great benefit to the amazon sellers because if they can find out why a product is selling the most among others then he can also make the necessary changes to his product also.

This product is available on an optional upgrade and not the general purchase & you can give it a try to buy during any promotional time so that you can grab it for a very low price.

amasuite review discount coupon

Interest Architect

Facebook ads are very cool and a highly successful ad campaign network after AdSense and to be frank it is giving a good competition to AdSense due to which AdSense is rolling out many rules to meet FB ads quality.

So, this tool is useful for people who are interested in using FB ads for their product or brand or website promotion. If you are not interested in FB ads then you can skip this part and navigate to the next one.

FB ads categories searches based on the interest of the users and ads relevancy is calculated based on their interests which they give in the profile information and this can also be obtained from the similar type of pages they like for example if you are liking pages of computer programming, following computer programmers and have computer programming as your interest then you tend to see computer programming tutorials as your FB ads.

This tool helps you to make the maximum use of the FB ads, I can’t explain about this tool in detail other than the above example, the Amasuite have an excellent set of tutorials for you to make optimum use of this software or tool.

AmaSuite Bonuses

amasuite 5 review customer feedback amasuite review

AmaSuite Bonuses 1

AmaSuite Bonuses 2

AmaSuite Bonuses
Amasuite Training courses

There are a lot of courses offered by Amasuite for helping customers in making optimum use of the resources they are providing; the courses are separately arranged for sellers and affiliates.

Amasuite Features 2

For sellers

  • How to sell at maximum efficiency through amazon?
  • What are the products that sell at amazon?
  • Easiest way to find sellers for your amazon business?
  • How can use amazon to maximize your sales instead of setting up your own ecommerce site?

Through the above tutorial you can solve your existing doubts which you have as a seller and find new ways to improve your efficiency and sales through amazon.

For Affiliates

To benefit the affiliate to the maximum they have included tutorials which cover the most important topics for an amazon affiliate marketer like –

  • How to research on Amazon for a niche or best-selling product?
  • Whether a niche site or authority site is preferable?
  • How to build an amazon niche website, how to make money, create content, and draw traffic for an Amazon website?
  • Every question which an amazon affiliate marketer has is solved through these tutorials. You can gain awesome insights after going through these tutorials.

Amasuite Reviews : Amasuite Testimonials

I’d like to personally attest to the strategies provided by Chris Guthrie. I’ve applied as many as I could and you can see what a huge difference it has made just in the last 2 months. Amazing! Thank you!

Fay Smith

 Fay Smith
Amasuite has benefited our customers in two ways. First of all, it makes the tedious process of trawling Amazon best seller lists a thing of the past. We can now get almost instant data on what products perform the best. On top of that, Amasuite helps us find a lot more opportunities that we would have overlooked without it. It’s a must-have tool for anyone who is building amazon affiliate sites, and wants to level up their earnings.

Dominic Wells

Dominic Wells
Chris, congrats on your another killer launch! I just got it because it’s such an awesome deal. Product Inspector is now my new favorite!! as it saves me a LOT of time doing product research. I always promote the best products in my niche. It’s definitely a super time-saver! Love all your bonus stuff too … and they are great for continuing my education. I’m know this will help me to grow my Amazon Affiliate income! Thanks!

Kent Chow

 Kent Chow
This is probably one of the best offers of the year so far! Amazing software functionalities with great money making potential, as well as training from an Amazon top affiliate, Chris himself. This is not-to-be-missed offer! Cheers.

Lester Lim

Lester Lim
I wish I had thought of this! As a software developer I always get a little jealous when I see stuff like this released that I didn’t think of first. Great package at a great price, I have tested it out and watched all the training and it really is everything you need to build great Amazon affiliate businesses. Get it while it’s still here everyone!

Simon Link Wizz

 Simon Link Wizz
I just picked up this package, the members area is very well organizedand has lots of great content, the software is clean & professional and very well done, these programs are going to save me lots of time and are very good tools to have around. Very well done Chris & Dave for this high quality product!

Steven Dybka

 Steven Dybka

Should you Buy GetAmaSuite Version 5: Pricing

amasuite review discount coupon amasuite review discount coupon

A superb software that allows  you  filter on high selling categories

Azon Top 100 Analyzer that quickly gives you the top 100 best-selling products in any category

Robusr filtering  feature allows  you to choose any category in flick of seconds with high selling products & reviews

Search and reporting capabilities   of  Getamasuite is what makes it unique in finding and analyzing the perfect products

Azon Keyword Generator that allows you to generate a huge list of keywords to paste into Long Tail Pro

You will  get special amazon training course.

There are many other products included in your AmaSuite membership like word press plugins, themes for your amazon site, amazon stores, and pc suites to make your Amazon life easy.

Over To you : Latest AmaSuite 5 Review November 2019:Powerful Amazon Tool 100$ Discount

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