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      We all are aware of Amazon’s great success story and agree that Amazon is a great place to learn and earn money. Everyone dreams of earning money while they sleep and the best option to do this would be becoming one of the great Amazon sellers. Do you want to grow your Amazon business? Do you want your products to sell? If yes, then there are many tools at your disposal.

      You probably must have heard about AmazeOwl and Jungle Scout and that’s why you must have landed here. AmazeOwl and Jungle Scout are the best tools and will guarantee your success. Choosing one of them is a difficult task and you could easily get confused between which is better than which. In this blog, I will help you out by doing a thorough comparison between AmazeOwl and Jungle Scout. So, let’s get started.

      AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout 2020: In-Depth Comparison

      About AmazeOwl

      AmazeOwl is a great product research tool that helps more than 4000 people every month to start their Amazon business. With more than 600 million products to sell on Amazon you can search for amazing products from over 11 Amazon marketplaces.

      AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout - AmazeOwl

      AmazeOwl helps you easily find and launch your first product on Amazon. It provides you with all the important information that you would need for starting your e-commerce business. The presence of 11 Amazon marketplaces is what makes AmazeOwl so much fun to use. The data provided by AmazeOwl is highly accurate and you can discover the products by doing product research you wish to launch and also the tools that would help you build and grow your business and make you one of the best Amazon sellers. It also has 5 star ranking system to show you ease of entry in business. 

      About Jungle Scout

      Jungle Scout is your All-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. It is a great product finder and product research tools for all Amazon FBA products. You can use this software to find and launch your first product and also to track your product data over time. It can also be used to discover the best supplier for your products. Jungle Scout has the best sales data according to their customer’s reviews. It has amazing features that make the whole selling experience on Amazon a lot more easy and fun. You can check our in-depthJungle Scout review here. 

       AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout - Jungle_scout

      Jungle Scout was founded in 2015 by Greg Marceris and now is widely used by entrepreneurs all over the world. More than 600 million products have been monitored and 4,00,000 entrepreneurs are supported by Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout annually assists more than $3 billion in Amazon sales. Jungle Scout has a web app but also offers a chrome extension.

      Difference between Jungle Scout’s Web App and Chrome Extension? 

      Jungle Scout web app and chrome extension both help you access Jungle Scout and the differentiating factor among tools is where you access them from, how you search, and what data you receive from that search.Jungle Scout is a web app that has product research software that helps you filter specific data to find your products to sell on can easily discover the products that match your search criteria.

      Jungle_scout_ reachThe Jungle Scout Chrome Extension can be accessed on the Amazon search results page to extract data from the visible product listings on the page.You can buy and use the web app and Chrome extension tools individually but you get the best results when these two are used together.

      AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout: Features

      Let us take at the various features offered by AmazeOwl and Jungle Scout.

      AmazeOwl Features:

      Product research & ideas: You can search millions of product ideas with AmazeOwl from over 11 amazon marketplaces. AmazeOwl highlights high potential products and explains everything about it to you in very simple language.You can validate your ideas and start winning with your product ideas. You can get the accurate information you need about any product on Amazon with the help of product research tool and then implement your ideas. It also gives insights on the best images to be used and shows 5 start rankings for easier understanding.

      Competitor analysis: You can stay one step ahead of the competition. You can stay updated about the changes that your competitors make and get alerts every time something happens with respect to the competitors. You can also drive more traffic to your product with this feature. 

      Tracked niches & keyword research: AmazeOwl has the feature of tracing niches in which you can easily track the required niches according to your convenience.You can find the most trending keywords using the keyword research tools. Using the more trending keywords on your product will help you increase the number of your customers.

      Keyword monitoring: You can easily track the performance of your keywords with this tool and then replace the keywords that are not performing well with some new keywords.

      Product database: You can explore millions of new products via the daily updated product database. 

      AmazeOwl Academy: This academy has training and courses related to how to use AmazeOwl and other product-related training.

      Customer support: It has great customer support which is very active and helpful throughout your journey.

      Auto-updates: AmazeOwl also has an auto-update feature that enables you to automatically download all the new updates and ensures that you always use the latest version of AmazeOwl.

      Jungle Scout Features:

      Product Database: Jungle Scout has the biggest product database consisting of more than 70,000 products directly from the Amazon Product database. You can easily find the perfect product by conducting product research that you have been looking for.

      Jungle Scout Product Database Product Tracker: This product tracker helps you track the performance of your product over time.

      Product TrackerOpportunity Finder & Inventory Manger: This feature helps you to discover suitable product niches that help you to maximize your profit. Inventory Manager helps you to keep a check on your inventory on the web app. You can easily find out when to order your next stock so you don’t have the chance to run out of stock.

      Supplier Database: It has a collection of data about all suppliers and you can easily find the best supplier for you.

      Jungle_Scout - ExtenstionSales Analytics: This feature helps you keep track of your sales. You can easily predict the performance of your sales over time.

      Sales AnalyticsLaunch: The launch feature of Jungle Scout web app helps you send out emails and notifications to your customer regarding any new product on Amazon you are launching. This helps to bring the customers to you with the help of direct marketing.

      Jungle Scout Academy & Listing Builder: It is a collection of all the FBA training that you would need in your journey. It also has ebooks and videos for all its users. Jungle Scout keeps on updating its features from time to time. The recently added features would be the listing builder. Using this listing builder you can easily create the lists of all your amazon listings on the web app.

      Products AlertsKeyword Scout: Jungle Scout has recently updated its keyword Scout which is a great tool to find appropriate keywords for your product. You can easily find great keywords which would bring you more profits. You can also use it to keep a track of all the keywords that you are using and find out the trending keywords.

      Keyword Scout


      Jungle Scout Chrome Extension: Jungle Scout has also updated its chrome extension which now has some more additional features added to it.

      Jungle_Scout - Filter

      AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout: Pricing

      Pricing has always been an important distinguishing parameter for me. Let us now look at how much these tools cost.

      AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout - Pricing Plan

      AmazeOwl Pricing:

      AmazeOwl has three different pricing plans. Each plan has a difference in the prices according to the features offered. Let us take a look at the pricing plans of AmazeOwl.

      1) The starter plan: The starter plan is completely free and is designed for curious beginners who want to give selling on Amazon a try.

      •  The features included in this plan are 1 tracked niche, 3 keywords monitoring along with auto-updates for 1000 niches.
      • You can find the top 2 keywords with the Keyword Research tool.
      • The loading speed is a bit slow and customer support and AmazeOwl Academy is not included in this plan.

      2) The growth plan: The growth plan is designed for people who wish to launch their first product and grow their business on Amazon. 

      • It costs $19.99 per month and $12.99 per month when billed annually. The features included in this plan are: 10 tracked niche, 10 keywords monitoring along with auto-updates for 1000 niches.
      • Product database is available for 50 products per month for product research
      • You can find the top 10 keywords with the Keyword Research tool.
      • You can get a 10%discount on AmazeOwl and 10 days product training is included in this plan.
      • The loading speed is fast and regular customer support is included in this plan.

      3) The established plan: The established plan is designed for people who wish to launch multiple products on Amazon and their aim is to grow their business on Amazon. 

      • It costs $29.95 per month and $19.99 per month when billed annually. The features included in this plan are: 300 tracked niche, 50 keywords monitoring along with auto-updates for 1000 niches.
      • Product database is available for 200 products per month for product research
      • You can find the top 100 keywords with the Keyword Research tool.
      • You can get a 30%discount on AmazeOwl and 10 days product training is included in this plan.
      • The loading speed is fast and a high priority customer support is included in this plan.

      Jungle Scout Pricing:

      Jungle Scout has three different pricing plans. It has a separate plan for its web app, chrome extension, and both combined together. Let us take a look at the pricing plans of Jungle Scout and the features offered in each plan.

       AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout - Pricing

      The pricing plans of Jungle Scout are as follows:

      1) Jungle Scout web app: The Jungle Scout Web application will cost you $139 when billed monthly and $468 when billed annually. When you decide to buy this web app, there are many features that you get to access.

      • You can easily perform unlimited searches using the product database and supplier database. 
      • You get access to the most amazing keyword research tool i.e. keyword Scout which helps you find the right keywords for your product. 
      • Tools like opportunity finder, email campaigns, product research, inventory manager, listing builder, sales analytics, and rank and supplier tracker are also included in this plan.
      • You also get easy access to the Jungle Scout Academy and the Jungle Scout customer support with this. 
      • The only things not included in this plan are the chrome extension and opportunity score.

      2) Jungle Scout chrome extension: Jungle Scout chrome extension costs only $19 per month and $228 when billed annually. 

      • You can use the features like- opportunity score, 20 searches using the product database, supplier database, and the keyword research tool Scout, and 3 product trackers with this plan. 
      • The additional features like AccuSales estimates, customer support, and Jungle Scout Academy are also included in it. 

      3) Jungle Scout and chrome extension: We have seen the pricing of the Jungle Scout web application and its chrome extension separately. What if I tell you that you can use both these plans together in one single bundle? Yes, the Jungle Scout and chrome extension plan offers all the features of its web application and chrome extension at a single place which will cost you $49 per month and $588 when billed annually.

      Save Upto $240 Off 

      AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout: Free Trial

      Free trials are usually something that everyone looks forward to using. Free trial for me is a tool to get the basic idea of the platform before investing my money in it. So, let us see if AmazeOwl and Jungle Scout offer free trials.

      Can I use AmazeOwl for free?

      Yes, you can actually use AmazeOwl for free. Its starter plan is a free plan which is free forever.You can use this free plan to have the start of your selling career. If you are not sure about the platform the best way to get started is the free trial and once you become sure you can use the paid versions. The free trial includes 1 tracked niche, 3 keywords monitoring along with auto-updates for 1000 niches. You can also find the top 2 keywords with the Keyword Research tool. The starter plan is a great way to get started completely free without using your credit card.

      Can I use Jungle Scout for free?

      Jungle Scout does not have any free plans but it offers an amazing 14-day money-back guarantee. Usually, many research tools offer only a 7day money-back guarantee but Jungle Scout offers you a complete 2-week free trial. To get started, you just have to make the initial payment through your credit card and you can start using all the features. If within 14 days you realize that you do not want to continue using Jungle Scout then you can just cancel your subscription and claim your refund. 

      If you face any problems doing the same, you can contact their support team which would be happy to help you. When you cancel your subscription within 14 days, you get a refund of your payment, and hence, you can use Jungle Scout for free for the initial 14-day period.

      AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout: Pros and Cons

      For a better understanding let us take a look at the pros and cons of AmazeOwl and Jungle Scout. The comparison based on Pros and cons will give you a better insight into each one of them.

      AmazeOwlJungle Scout
      • It is very easy to use.
      • It provides great details about products.
      • It has a 5star ranking system.
      • There also is a free plan available.
      • It offers great accuracy and is highly reliable.
      • It has a huge number of amazing features included for every purpose.
      • It offers a wide range of resources.
      • 14-day money-back guarantee.
      Only a limited number of features exist.

      Less accurate than Jungle Scout.

      Price is a bit higher as compared to AmazeOwl.

      Jungle Scout vs AmazeOwl: My Recommendations

      Now, it is time for some recommendations. Let us take a look at who can make the best use of these platforms and which tool should be used by whom. Here are my honest recommendations for Jungle Scout and AmazeOwl

      Who should use AmazeOwl?

      AmazeOwl is a great tool when it comes to starting your own online sellers’ experience. This tool is perfect for anyone who wishes to start his business and grow it. Although many intermediate sellers and big businesses don’t use this tool much often, its ease of use and more simplicity is what makes it the best place to get started. Any person who wishes to launch its first Amazon products and wishes to start his journey as an amazon seller should use AmazeOwl.

      Who should use Jungle Scout?

      Jungle Scout offers amazing features for all its users. It has wonderful tools which are not only good for beginners but also have been proven to be helpful for big enterprises. If you are a starter, waiting to launch your first product, a businessman who wishes to grow his existing business or even a well-known brand who wants to expand their business, jungle scout has many stunning features in store for all of you. Anyone in any part of their Amazon seller’s journey will definitely find Jungle Scout very helpful and reliable.  

      AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout: Personal Review

      AmazeOwl: I loved AmazeOwl for its free trial pack which offers a great start to your journey as an Amazon seller. Though the use of features is limited, you get a clear understanding of how to become an Amazon seller with these features. AmazeOwl is also a great place to start your seller’s journey and launch your first product as the cost is also not very high and it is easy to use for beginners. The product training and product research provided is also of great help and the overall experience is very good for beginners. 

      Jungle Scout: Jungle Scout is first on my list of Amazon product finder and product research tool because of the solutions it provides for all its users, it also has a great bundle of resources which help you create amazing opportunities for the success of your products. Jungle Scout is also very widely used which shows the reliability of people on it. It also has a great online community and the chrome and extension versions are the best combinations for smooth progress. Jungle Scout provides amazing support to all its users which is very helpful as the troubleshooting becomes very easy and with uninterrupted product research, achieving your goals becomes easier.

      Who wins?

      I feel Jungle Scout wins while comparing AmazeOwl and Jungle Scout because of more number of features offered and high accuracy. It also has fast speed and great customer support along with a huge database on customers and sellers. The profit calculator works amazingly and the launch feature gets extra attention as you get to directly contact your targeted customers through emails and notifications.

      AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout: Reviews & Testimonials

      Jungle Scout Reviews & Testimonials

      Success_Stories_Jungle_ScoutAmazeOwl Reviews

      AmazeOwl- Testimonials


      👉🏻What are the Payment options for Jungle Scout?

      Jungle Scout accepts online payment through Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. If you don’t have a credit card you can contact them through their support portal and they will send you a Paypal invoice.

      👉🏻Does Jungle Scout offer a free trial?

      Jungle Scout offers you a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you decide that you don’t wish to continue using this tool then you get a refund. You just have to get in touch with their support team for a refund.

      👉🏻Can I trust AmazeOwl?

      Yes, you can trust AmazeOwl as it has more than 4000 people joining it monthly. You can even talk with the users through their Facebook community.

      👉🏻Can I trust Jungle Scout?

      Jungle Scout provides you the most accurate data with the highest accuracy rate. It also has a huge user base which acts as a proof that it is highly reliable and you can trust it.

      👉🏻Do I need a credit card to start my AmazeOwl free trial?

      NO, you don’t need a credit card to start your free trial. The free trial is completely free and you don’t have to pay anything for it.

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      Conclusion: AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout Comparison 2020

      AmazeOwl and Jungle Scout are both great tools for product research on Amazon FBA services and provide us with great inputs about the products we are looking for. These two tools are also great for beginners who wish to start their journey as an online seller. Though the comparison showed us the conclusion that Jungle Scout is slightly better than AmazeOwl but for beginners, AmazeOwl is also a great tool to start with. 

      To sum it up, I would like to tell you that both AmazeOwl and Jungle Scout are amazing tools and you can choose either one of them based on your needs and requirements. Jungle Scout is a bit more costly than AmazeOwl but AmazeOwl has a free trial which is a great place to start for beginners. So, you can choose anyone from AmazeOwl and Jungle Scout or it’s chrome extension depending on your needs and requirements. I hope you found this comparison helpful. Thank you!

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