4+Amazon A/B Testing Software 2020 (Best Split Testing Tools)

Are you unable to determine your customer’s behavior while approaching your products via Amazon? Are you looking for testing software to determine the details of your product and how it affects your customer’s actions? If yes, then you must go through some of the interesting A/B testing software. It helps you to test the wrong things in your product names, images, descriptions, etc.

Such applications help in converting your sales and making better decisions for your business. If you want to earn high profits, then you have to boost your sales in your Amazon business. In the following write-up, let us discuss some of the effective A/B split testing software to run your online eCommerce business efficiently.

Amazon A/B Testing

What’s the Best Amazon A/B Testing Tool for You?

Advantages of A/B Split Testing Applications

There are many many benefits of using such apps, such as:

  • Testing Low Data Rates: You cannot use any tuning method if you have too few conversion rates on your landing page.
  • Easy to Implement: It is easy to implement the split tests with the help of this software. You can use the web-analytic application for gathering the required data.
  • Test Design: There is no need to design or balance the split tests. It is easy to decide the number of versions for testing and after that, splitting the traffic properly.
  • Easy to Analyze: It is easy to check the winners by easy statistical tests. You need to compare different versions of products to check the required statistical level.
  • Define the Value of Variables: There is a feature of mix and match for testing various alternatives in a single test. It is easy to define different variables and test other constraints.

Disadvantages of A/B Split Testing

Like advantages, there are certain disadvantages of using split testing applications, such as:

  • Limited Testing: In a landing page, you cannot test all the components because the scope is quite limited. You need to test all your ideas at the same time.
  • Incompetent Collection of Data: If you are testing components again and again, then you may be wasting your time. You can use the information that was previously checked. Make sure that you gather enough variables for effective testing in the future.

List of Top 4 Amazon A B Testing Software In 2020

1. Splitly

It is another split testing tool for running automatic Splitly tests on various Amazon products. It helps in optimizing the ranking and increasing conversion rates. You can also adjust the price of the products in simple steps. A feature known as a keyword tracking system helps you to monitor the performance of all the listings.


It is easy to track everything daily. It is easy to prepare a detailed report of historic data to check the performance of the products in recent times. It comes with fantastic optimization tools that help you to label sellers privately on Amazon that generate millions of revenue.

How This Tool Works?

There are three main steps of using this software and test your products on Amazon:

  • Uploading Variants: You need to create a genuine product listing along with various adjustments for testing it. There are many things for comparing and experimenting the modules like images, price, keywords, features or descriptions.
  • Executing an Experiment: When you create, and upload the listings of Amazon products, it will update automatically and rotate all the variants accordingly. The application takes care of everything by itself.
  • Get a Winner: The app fetches the detailed report from the account of the seller and helps in selecting the statistic winner. Therefore, it allows for making more sales.

Advantages of Splitly

  • Positive Results: With the help of the software, you can easily optimize the product listing. Therefore, it is better not to leave the optimized data on assumptions and chances. The application consists of various excellent algorithms that help in improving the listing efficiently and help in generating more profits effectively.
  • Algorithm-based Testing: It is possible to test each element of the product listing to get huge profits and conversion rates. You can verify features, images, descriptions, titles, pricing, and keywords.
  • Optimization: If you want to sustain the competition and reach high profits, then it is necessary to optimize each element. You can set the tool in an automatic mode for a few minutes for label repricing continuously on autopilot.
  • Removal of Manual Effort: You can test your product listing and change its pricing in very less time. You need to login into the Seller Central for several changes. You need to spend some hours analyzing the report data. The tool removes such manual effort and saves your time.

Disadvantages of Splitly

  • It is difficult to get feedback from your valuable customers, whether they like the product variant. The application allows customers to attract variants without knowing any reason.
  • When the statistical significance reaches 90%, the winner is declared. Till then, you have to wait for the winner.
  • There are no free trials of this software. You can use the Starter plan to understand the features and use them effectively.


FeaturesStarter PlanGrowth PlanBusiness PlanEnterprise Plan
Price per Month$47$97$197$497
Concurrents Tests31025100
A/B Split TestsYesYesYesYes
Profit PeakNoYesYesYes


Splitly is a perfect application to optimize Amazon product listings with improved conversion rates. The application does every process automatically and tests every element with perfection. It is easy to test images, descriptions, features, pricing and much more. I got this software when I was browsing A/B split testing applications for my products.

2. Viral Launch Dojo Listing Application

It is a fantastic split test platform for testing various elements like sales, sessions, profits, and much more. You can test at least seven variations like images, descriptions, prices, titles, etc. When you examine any element for checking the behavior of increase or decrease in several activities.

Listing Dojo

You can monitor such things by checking units, revenue, clicks, ordered products, and sessions. If you use this application, then you can learn ways to increase the profitability from product listings.

How This Tool Works?

Follow some simple steps to use this application:

  1. Choose a Product: You need to select a product that you want to test and get methods to increase your business sales.
  2. Select the Element: Choose any element like price, description, images, titles, etc. You can also select different elements later.
  3. Input Product Information: Enter all the information that you need to test.
  4. Increase Your Sales: The application helps in creating your product listing effectively to get maximum profits. Get reports for every test to analyze the information and implement profitable variations.

Advantages of Listing Dojo

  • Increase the Sales: You can use analytics for creating listings and get maximum clicks, profits, conversions, and sessions.
  • Statistics: You can check for the statistics, and graphs for earning huge profits from the listing element.
  • Mobile Stats: This platform is responsive and mobile-friendly which helps in keeping updated by checking the real statistics.

Disadvantages of Listing Dojo

  • There is no use of advanced algorithms that declares a winner. It is hard to check whether a test is significantly tested.
  • You need to choose the winner of the A/b test by checking the entire data by yourself.
  • You can get confusing results about product listings.
  • It is difficult to test all the keyword variants.


You can try the Dojo application for free without paying a single penny. You can create at least 150 campaigns with comprehensive statistics and campaigns. If you find any problem while using the platform, then you can contact the customer service

Dojo - Pricing

3. PickFu

It is a fantastic A/B testing tool to develop audience polls for making better decisions. You can get unbiased decisions from your audience to decide whether you are correctly selling your items. It is easy to create product listings effectively to get enough visitors so that they can buy your products.


How This Tool Works?

You can generate three types of polls with the help of this application, i.e., Solo, Head-to-Head, and Ranked. You need to follow specific steps for making a poll to get feedback in a few minutes.

  • Think of any question, and prepare a poll for your products.
  •  Ask any type of questions from your targeted audience.
  • Get answers on demand from your customers.
  • Decide based on your results.

Advantages of Using PickFu software

  • It helps you to know detailed information about the product variants that you are offering to your customers. You can check whether a product is scaling or profitable to sell or not.
  • Get an opportunity to improvise the click-through rates with the help of amazing images. You can also use infographics for a better understanding of your customers.
  • Organize the design of your page by observing feedback from shoppers.
  • Take feedback or polls from more than 500 respondents by Amazon Prime members.
  • Get feedback related to your brand logo and product name and optimize it in a better way. If your customer understands your brand or in what products you are dealing with, then they can trust and buy items from you.
  • Test your marketing ads and campaigns to track the behavior of your customers.
  • Correct design of your website or mobile application to increase traffic.
  • Before releasing any product, you can check and validate your designs for better productivity and profitability.

Disadvantages of PickFu

There are certain drawbacks of this tool, such as:

  • You need to run the polls outside the marketplace of the Amazon.
  • It is not possible to compare revenue. Impressions or click-through rates.
  • The keyword variants or price cannot be tested with this application.
  • Use the Live Test feature for enhancing the performance of the product listing with a unique algorithm of Amazon.


PlansFree PlanProfessional PlanTeam Plan
Price Per Month$0$79$299
Price Per Response$1$0.95$0.90
Responses Per Poll100500Team Support (4 Seats)
Audience Targeting144
Results of PollPrivate PollsAdvanced PollsAPI and Zapier Integration

Types of Polls

There are two types of polls: Basic and Advanced. Let us go through their differences in brief.

Poll TypesBasicAdvanced
Responses50 or 10050, 100, 200 or 500
Audience Targeting1 Category4 target categories
Respondent DataAge, GenderAge, Gender, Education, Ethnicity, and Income
Poll ResultsPrivate Accessible via URLPrivate accessible by downloading URL as PDF, CSV, or searchable responses


One of my friends suggested this application to grow my business and reach the targeted audience. Now, I get enough customers by making improvements in the details of the displayed products. I am quite thankful to him because he suggested a perfect tool for testing the complete information about the products and services before releasing them for the customers.

4. Trendle Analytics

It is another split testing application that tests all the elements automatically of your product listing. It helps in increasing sales and generating huge profits. It is easy to test images, prices, titles, sales, and much more. You can choose a product and perform all the tests in a few clicks.

Trendle Analytics

It is easy to select the variable for testing and setting a time. The application allows you to run at least 50 tests at the same time on all the marketplaces of Amazon like the UK, Canada, Japan, Italy, Spain, India, Mexico, Germany, USA, France, etc.

How This Tool Works?

You need to follow specific steps to run this application and test your elements:

  1. Click on Create New test on the Split testing page.
  2. Select any element to test like description, price, images, and other necessary points.
  3. Schedule and Save the Campaign. If you want to remove any campaign, then in a single click, remove it.

Advantages of Trendle Analytics

  • All Marketplaces are Available: You can combine all the accounts of the Seller Central. The application operates for 11 big marketplaces of Amazon worldwide.
  • Automatic Testing of Every Element: The application is capable enough to test all the elements of product listings. If you want to increase the profits and sales, then you need to test images, titles, prices, bullets, and much more.
  • Run at least 50 Tests: You can run at least 50 tests at the same time and optimize it well.

Disadvantages of Trendle Analytics

  • In a Starter plan, you can test only 100 keywords at a time.
  • If you want to run more than 50 tests at the same time, then it is not possible in this application.


FeaturesStarter PlanProfessional Plan
Price per Month$50$100
PPC Automation and ReportingAt least $2.5K spent on monthly adsMore than $2.5K spent on monthly ads
Automatic EmailsYesYes
Inventory ForecastingYesYes
Automatic EmailsYesYes
Split TestingYesYes


I was looking for the best Amazon split testing tool to get chances of earning enough profits. It helps me in growing my business and getting high profits.

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Conclusion: Top 4 Amazon A/B Testing Software 2020 What’s the Best Amazon A/B Testing Tool for You?

A successful business must have high conversion rates and high sales. You need to test the components of the product listings for getting enough customers by clicks, sessions, etc. You need to use Amazon A/B split testing software for testing and tracking the behavior of customers. We have listed essential software to make your listing more effective.

The main aim is to drive traffic and achieve high sales. Testing the elements can improve the quality and performance of your business and run everything smoothly. Start optimizing your business models by choosing any one of the A/B testing applications.

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