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      We all need money, and it lets us buy our basic necessities. In this digital age, many people are trying to make money through the internet. You can find various ways to make money but one of the popular methods is by starting an Amazon FBA business. Especially for those who have done the Amazon Product Research. You will get a countless number of success stories about making fortune with Amazon.

      Many people don’t start the Amazon FBA business because they are avoiding it in fears of failing. All they think is that there is too much competition and they cannot do that. The main problem is that they think that all the older sellers who have started before them have owned the Amazon FBA business. In these days you can run a profitable Amazon Business.

      All you need in succeeding any business is the hustle you made, it all comes through your hard work and dedication along with the great product researching strategies.

      There are plenty of things you should look for, like brand restrictions and selling fees. Selling products on Amazon may sound a bit difficult but trust me no one is born perfect. You will see many success stories of sellers who just started last year. If you have any e-commerce background then you know the importance of Amazon Product Research. So let us get started with it…

      Amazon Product Research: Best Amazon Product Research Tools & Software to Make Money 2019

      The very first thing you will need is picking up the winning products. This is how the Amazon Product Research comes in. The basic idea is that just look for a product which you can easily buy at the cheap price and you can sell it at the competitive price. With this, you will get profit in return.

      Price is not everything!  If you are selling t-shirts at $3 but your product isn’t good then definitely it will receive the negative feedback on Amazon. Due to that, you will merely get any sales of your product on Amazon.  All you need to do is to find the winner products that gives you positive review and that can be sell easily.

      How to do whole research process to find a profitable product?

      All you need to do is listing the products that you want to sell. Just research the same product on Amazon for making yourself sure about the same products are making sales. this one is important because you want to sell items that rent getting searched.

      After selecting the list of potentially profitable products, you just need to look at the status of their sales, review and the number of people selling similar products. You just need to search for a product that is going to give huge opportunity along with high demand and necessarily low competition.

      It all takes time in selecting the product along with getting all the statistics just to determine the product profitability. Here that is why tools are made for, saving your precious time. Just by spending few bucks a month you can easily buy some tools that will really save your time and effort too. Someone said that working smart is more important than working hard.

      Amazon Product Research…. Like a Pro : Best Amazon Product Research Tools

      If you really want to make a profit and make a bang in the industry then definitely you need to find the winning products with the help of product research and the market analysis. Many time it happens that people spend a lot of money in hiring Product Researcher or he/she is spending too much time in product research without having any proper knowledge.

      No need to worry about as, here is the tool that will really make your life easier than ever. Along with these market analysis and the product research apps, you don’t need to waste the money as well as your precious time. There are dozens of tools available in the market which will help you out in finding the potential and winning products on Amazon. So let’s get started with Egrow.


      Egrow- Amazon Product Research Tool

      This one is basically web-based tools that indicate you don’t need to install it on your PC. It is developed specially for the Amazon Sellers just to help them analyzing the market and helping them in finding the profitable products with high demands.

      It has multiple tools that will help you in identifying the products that are profitable and having huge potential growth. Just this tool to track a product and get the stats after few moves made. Instead of wasting money just use Egrow and do it on your own just by spending few bucks.

      Sign up, Pricing and Initial Log-in:

      Here it provides the free sign-ups without any obligations and the best part is that it doesn’t require any credit card at that time. You need is input the email and a password.

      As it has multiple tools like product tracker, a database research tool, live Amazon Scanner along with the saved search and many more.

      Egrow- Account (Amazon Product Research)

      Here you can choose from three different plans Basic, Standard and Plus.

      Egrow- Amazon Product Research Pricing

      In the initial log-in, you will get some of the useful tutorials along with some information that will let you use Egrow properly. Just skip the videos if you want. This is super easy to use Egrow.

      Now have a look at its some of the useful features:

      1. Product Tracker:

      If you are getting difficulty in finding the specific product you are searching for then you can use this Product Tracker tool to scrape the data. In Egrow data is uploaded on the daily basis and really it very easy to analyze. Just use the Product Tracker and copy the ASIN number from the product you are willing to monitor, paste it in the space provided.

      Egrow Product Tracker

      But if you don’t want to do that then copy and paste the URL into the tab and just hit the “add to product tracker button.” Here you can also use this tool to spy on your competitor’s products.

      2. Database Research:

      With this amazing tool, you can easily view along with scanning Egrow entire database of scanned products from Amazon. Here in the database, you will get millions of database and it is constantly growing day by day. This tool can also be used to find the ideal niche

      Egrow- Database Search Tool (Amazon Product Research)

      that you can really use to start the Amazon Business. You can look through millions of winner products with this amazing tool.

      3. Amazon Live Scanner

      With this amazing tool, you can do the real-time search on Amazon. Here you will not need any add-on and skin over Amazon. You can just perform the same task using this tool. All you need to do is to select the category and just use a keyword of your choice after that you all ready to go.

      Amazon Live Scanner- Amazon Product Research Tool

      Here the Data is real-time and directly pulled by Amazon, so you should trust it easily.

      4. Keyword and Niche Tool: 

      This tool is recently added by Egrow. Here this tool can be used to see how well a keyword is doing. You can see BSR, price, reviews along with sales and many more. Through this tool, you will see how well a keyword or niche is doing on Amazon.

      Egrow- Keyword Tool

      In the action tabs, you will see many other functions. You search the keywords directly using the live scanner, Alibaba and also with Google Trends. Really with this tool you can win products that will help you make the profit.

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      Conclusion: Best Amazon Product Research Tools & Software to Make Money 2019

      For doing the Amazon Product Research you need a proper analysis of products before taking any step. However, with the help of this awesome tool, you will be able to work faster and more efficient.

      I hope this post How to do Amazon Product Research like pro suits your purpose well. Share this post on all trending social media platform among all your friends and help them in setting the Amazon FBA business.

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