Amity University Workshop 28th oct 2015 Digital Secrets Decoded: Highlights

The morning of 28th October 2015 was a bit nervous for me. First, I had to give a presentation at Amity Noida and secondly because I had to travel from Gurgaon to Noida, looking my best! However, I mustered up some courage and was on my way to reach the esteemed institution much early to make sure that I was familiar with everything.

Amity University Workshop

It was my first time visiting the Amity Campus in Noida and I have to tell you that I was impressed. Spread over acres of land, the institution is really bringing education and lot more to a host of students from across the country. The workshop was to be held in a lecture room where me along with Jitendra Vaswani and Shivam Ahuja were to give presentations on various aspects and opportunities of the digital web.

The Amity Workshop was all about Personal Branding

Everything went according to schedule and we finally started the workshop at 3 30 pm sharp. The first presentation was made my Jitendra Vaswani who disclosed that how branding had become increasingly important in the online business space. He gave some excellent pointers to the heavily interactive audience who spared no doubt. We had some very good folks in the crowd with a few online enthusiasts coming all the way from Kanpur. It was pleasantly surprising for us.

Snaps from Amity Workshop:

Jitendra Vaswani at Amity University

jitendra vaswani blogging workshop at amity university
Me speaking on personal branding
rahul rakesh at amity university
Rahul Rakesh speaking on IOT
Shivam Ahuja
Shivam Ahuja on startup and entrepreneurship

The Amity Workshop

The Amity Workshop was also about what Entrepreneurship really means

Next in line, were Shivam’s presentation and his mesmerizing journey from being an Amity Alumni to running a printing business and then going on to launch Delhi Startups, a startup for and about startups! He gave us key insight into how one should plan when developing an idea into a product and also how various aspects and attributes were necessary to differentiate between a new business and an entrepreneurial venture.

No event is successful without some good food, brainstorming requires calories after all!

After Shivam’s event, all of us called for a break. After some heavy brainstorming over various ideas and aspects of the dot com domain, it was time to relax. Amity had it all prepared for us with some delicious muffins, hot tea, crispy samosas and more. Half an hour of excellent snacks, refreshing drinks and we were back on the learning bandwagon.

Finally, I gave the first public presentation of my life courtesy of the Amity Workshop

Well, now it was my turn to give the brilliant audience something to think about. My presentation was all about the Internet of Things and how one could tap into the billion dollar global opportunities it presented. I was nervous for a while, but the audience gave me such a boost by interacting along the way that after a while it seemed like I was talking to a bunch of friends. All in all, I was happy with myself, given the fact that the people present and the Amity authorities (who made this happen and gave me a much-needed chance to speak) like our adorable Dolly Ma’am, liked it too!

After my presentation, we called a wrap and indulged in some networking sessions and discussions which were excellently fruitful for all those present.

To conclude, I would say that the Amity Workshop on blogging and personal branding was a major accomplishment. Sharing the stage with the wonderful Jitendra Vaswani and the dynamic Shivam Ahuja was an achievement for me in itself. If you missed the event then don’t worry, there will be more! Videos will be updated  soon as  editing is in progress.

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