Amy Tan Masterclass Review 2024: Learn About Fiction, Memory, and Imagination!

Amy Tan Masterclass Review

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Amy Tan's Masterclass on Writing Fiction and Narratives is an invaluable resource for aspiring writers. Tan takes a deep dive into the craft of writing and provides students with personal feedback on their own work.

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  • Strong examples used throughout
  • Learn from an established author
  • Ideal for beginner writers


  • Less career-driven advice
  • No workshop sessions


Price: $ 15

Amy Tan’s Masterclass on Writing Fiction and Narratives are one of the most comprehensive courses available on the subject.

Amy Tan, the best-selling author of The Joy Luck Club, among other works, brings her unique voice to this course as she shares her own writing tips and techniques.

Through video lessons, interactive exercises, and personal feedback from Tan herself, students learn how to create compelling characters and storylines while developing their own creative process.

Amy Tan Masterclass Review

In this Amy Tan Masterclass Review, we take an in-depth look at the content of the class, what participants can expect to gain from it, and why it stands out among other writing classes.

Who is Amy Tan?

Amy Tan is a renowned American author and speaker known for her fiction novels that explore the experiences of Chinese-American immigrants and their families.

She has written several best-selling books, including “The Joy Luck Club,” which was later adapted into a movie, and “The Kitchen God’s Wife.” 

Amy Tan

Tan’s works often draw on her own experiences growing up as the child of Chinese immigrants in the United States and the complexities of cultural identity.

Her writing is known for its emotional depth and powerful storytelling, and she has received numerous accolades for her work.

She is a frequent speaker on the subjects of creativity and writing and has been invited to speak at universities, literary festivals, and other events around the world.

What Will You Learn in This Course?

Tan says that using fiction is one of the finest strategies to discover the truth. People often believe that fictional characters are wholly made up, although they always have some element of realism and humanity. Why?

It’s hard to resist doing so since, as a writer, you give every character you create at least a sliver of your own personality. Each and every one of your characters reveal a passion, grief, or a challenge that you have faced in your life.

As a result, even if your story’s events occur in a foreign culture or time period, they may still have an impact on readers. Once your tale is in the hands of a reader, it almost becomes their book. When you create fiction, things like these take place.

You’ll probably be able to construct a tale that readers will find plausible if you write honestly.

Your reader will focus on the traits and features that they can identify with, which are those qualities of human nature that are constant throughout all cultures and generations.

Writing requires a great deal of introspection. Many aspiring authors detest the idea of having to edit their work or remove portions of it because they feel as if they are eliminating a piece of themselves.

On the other hand, revision is crucial to one’s growth as a writer.

Amy Tan lessons

Even if your craft is never perfected to its fullest potential, you must be prepared to continually improve it.

In this MasterClass, Amy Tan talks about how many drafts of each of her tales she normally reads. Her objective is to create something that is both visually beautiful and emotionally satisfying.

She says that letting down your guard is a necessary step in the revising process. You must first let down your guard and accept things as they are in order to see them for what they really are.

Additionally, it is very important for you to be comfortable with yourself as a writer. Most writers have a tendency to either overwrite or underwrite their works.

Make a writing assessment and ask yourself the following query: Do I provide too little information and leave out crucial elements while describing my characters, or do I provide too much information and prevent them from developing further?

There may be occasions when you come to some surprising realizations, whether you do the analysis on yourself or get input from others.

But bear in mind that criticism of your work is different from criticism of you as a person. You should make an effort to teach yourself to maintain a healthy distance between yourself and the things you produce, even if, at first, it may feel strange.

To put it another way, everything should make sense to the reader by the time they get to the conclusion of your novel, but they shouldn’t have been able to predict that ending from the start.

The main theme of the story should be progressively brought into clarity during each chapter so that by the time it is done, it is no longer a mystery.

While it’s crucial to be precise and respond to pertinent queries, you should avoid overly elaborating on a subject to the point that its significance is diminished.

Experience the conclusion for oneself rather than having it presented to you for maximum impact.

Why Do I Recommend Amy Tan’s Masterclass?

3 reasons why I recommend Amy Tan’s Masterclass are:

1. Ideal for beginners:

The majority of Tan’s MasterClass guidance is directed at novices. For people who are new to fiction writing and would want a strong basis to build upon, this makes this course is excellent.

That is not to argue, however, that more experienced writers wouldn’t gain anything from Tan’s MasterClass. In reality, everyone who wishes to employ memory and imagination in their writing may use her advice on these topics.

Amy Tan masterclass review

2. Strong examples used throughout:

Although Tan offers a lot of opinionated advice, she always provides specific examples to support each statement. This, in my opinion, greatly increased the course’s balance and variety.

This is a fantastic class highlight if you, too, learn best by doing. Tan nearly always illustrates her arguments with examples from her own or other authors’ literature.

This, together with the Workbook, greatly helps in emphasizing Tan’s lessons. Another benefit of the course is that Tan’s examples are often shown on the screen, which makes them simpler to comprehend.

3. Learn from an established author:

Tan has written more than a dozen books and has had a career lasting more than 30 years, so it is obvious that she is an expert in the field.

You get the opportunity to learn directly from Tan in this course as she discusses her writing experiences. Additionally, you’ll discover Tan’s methods for creating stories out of memories and imagination.

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Conclusion: Amy Tan Masterclass Review 2024

Overall, Amy Tan’s Masterclass on Writing Fiction and Narratives is an invaluable resource for aspiring writers. Tan takes a deep dive into the craft of writing and provides students with personal feedback on their own work.

From exploring character development to creating powerful stories, this course has something for everyone. Participants can expect to gain a greater understanding of the writing process and leave with more confidence in their own creative abilities.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to brush up on your skills, Amy Tan’s Masterclass is definitely worth considering.

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