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Amazon is certainly the best marketplace in the E-commerce industry at the moment. It is blooming day by day and a number of sellers are joining in with the Amazon marketplace as a seller. The reason why there are a number of sellers with Amazon is that of its user-friendly approach towards the sellers and buyers.

There are a number of tools and platforms to boost the sales for Amazon sellers. AMZ tracker is one of the most robust tools currently. It offers the best tools to sell your products online and grow your presence in the market.

AMZ Tracker is an awesome Amazon FBA seller tool that raises the ranks of the seller by using different strategies. It is a suitable tool for tracking the seller’s progress. I have given a detailed review of the AMZ Tracker tool for the Amazon FBA Sellers. I will share latest  AMZ Tracker Discount Coupon and AMZ Tracker Review.

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Amz Tracker Discount Coupon

Detailed Review of AMZ Tracker May 2023: All-In-One Amazon Seller Tool for FBA Sellers

AMZ Tracker is a great tool for sellers that can help the sellers to grow sales and track them at one place. It helps you to track the products and look where your competitor ranks. You can use the keywords which are fixed to define your products. That wholly depends on the subscription plan that you choose.

AMZ tracker review

Let’s have a look at the review of AMZ Tracker and how it helps:

  • Keyword Tracker

This feature is very useful to rank your products well in the product research. AMZ Tracker does a proper product research for the products and the right keywords. You can add those keywords in the description.

The number of keywords that you use depends on the type of plan that you have. Keyword tracker also tells you that where your product is ranking for a specific keyword.

review for amazon seller tool

  • Keyword Search Tool

Besides the Keyword Tracker, the sellers can actually find out the right keywords. It tells the sellers about which keyword is right on track. Overall, it tells about the which keywords the competitors are using to get more sale and which useful keywords are they missing out.

  • Competitor Analysis Tool

This tool helps you find the competitors for you that are making more sales than you. The competitor analysis tool gives a selective list of the competitors with the number of sales that you are making and the sellers ranking. Similarly, this tool gives the deep mining for the long tail keywords. It gives the right tracking and long tail keywords for the deep research of the products.

  • Product Tracking

AMZ Tracker tracks the product in comparison with your competitors. The product tracking tool tracks the best selling products of your category and gives you the idea about each and every product.

It tracks and enhances the sales improving the profit ranges to the level as they can. The sellers just need to track the products that they wish to track. It does that based on the best seller rankings, sales estimations, revenue estimations, and many other aspects so as to make a good profit margin.

Thus, this feature makes a great comparison between the products to rank and add the best one to your arsenal.

  • Negative Review Alerts

You won’t like to get the Negative reviews on the products. The review department of the AMZ tracker makes sure that it doesn’t let your product and sales down.

Using this tool along with the tools that you are using for selling and promoting the products makes it worthy and beneficial. This tool lets you track the products and promote them in an efficient way.

If you are getting a negative review, you will be notified about the negative reviews and you can later improvise those products to make it better and stand up to the customers’ expectations.  Whenever a customer gives your product a negative review, you will be notified.

You can use this negative review and offer them the improvisation turning them into a 5-star rating. Any customer who would review with less than the 4 stars will be notified to you and you can later prepare a list so as to see which customers must be contacted first.

amz tracker for negative reviews

  • Super URL

Super URL feature directs the customers to the Amazon sellers’ page. It is used to direct social media users or any other customer to direct them to the Amazon product selling page. You can create a link which includes the link to the seller’s profile and then the product page.

Just create the link and define where you need that link; Facebook, Gmail or anywhere else. Facebook or Gmail users can visit the product page by clicking on the link and ad that you have added the link to.

  • Track your sales

Get a deep and detailed report of the sales that you have created. AMZ Tracker gives the insight into your products and how each of the products is performing. Use these tracking reports to increase the conversion rates.

Quickly identify the conversion rates and fix it if it is getting down. In the conversion tracking reports, check if these factors are working well; Title length, Bullet points, Product ratings, # of reviews, High Res images, Fulfilled by Amazon and Description for each.

  • Create Hijack Alerts

Amazon FBA sellers use certain tools to hijack the best selling products of the sellers. They often use these tools to filter out the best selling products for you downloading the complete list of tools for your customers.

AMZ gives an alert when a seller tries to hijack your selling list. Reclaim it before they get the complete hold of your listings. Use the strategies and inspire them to compete with you.


AMZ tracker integrates with some great platforms to make your selling more robust. You can integrate it with a number of platforms such as Vipon and Unicorn Smasher.

  • Vipon

Vipon is an Amazon deal website that shows the coupons and deals of the Amazon marketplace. It is a great way to boost your rankings in the marketplace. Vipon integrates and works seamlessly with the AMZ tracker.

vipon amz tracker review

In the dashboard, click on the tab on the left-hand side ‘Promote on’. A dialog box will appear where you will need to enter ASIN of that product and search for the products on Amazon. Select the marketplace at which your product is located.

Click on ‘Add Product from Amazon’ and start adding the products from Amazon to Vipon Pro. You can use this tool to list your products at once or one by one to boost the sales.

  • Unicorn Smasher

amz unicorn smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a great extension tool that is designed for the AMZ tracker to track the sales and revenue estimates. You can quickly find the products on Amazon that s trending and rocking downloading the list of products.

Grab the opportunity and the complete list of the products that is trending on Amazon and Vipon. Use this list and deck over the list and gives you the complete metrics for this products.

Pricing: AMZ Tracker Discount Coupon

pricing for Amazon seller tool

AMZ Tracker gives a 7-day free trial for all the users. It starts with a $50 plan with limited features. It offers a large discount if subscribed yearly.

Basic Plan

  • $50 per month
  • # of Keywords- 110
  • 50 Products
  • Unlimited Email Reports
  • 50 Sales Tracking
  • 1 Concurrent user
  • 50 Negative Review products

Professional Plan


  • $100 per month
  • # of Keywords- 500
  • 100 Products
  • Unlimited Email Reports
  • 100 Sales Tracking
  • 1 Concurrent user
  • 100 Negative Review products
  • 3 Product Promotions per marketplace
  • Unlimited Promo Voucher

God Mode

  • $100 per month
  • # of Keywords- 1500
  • 200 Products
  • Unlimited Email Reports
  • 200 Sales Tracking
  • 2 Concurrent user
  • 200 Negative Review products
  • 12 Product Promotions per marketplace
  • Unlimited Promo Voucher

Legend Plan

  • $400 per month
  • # of Keywords- 3000
  • 400 Products
  • Unlimited Email Reports
  • 400 Sales Tracking
  • 3 Concurrent user
  • 400 Negative Review products
  • 50 Product Promotions per marketplace
  • Unlimited Promo Voucher



Customer Support

I wasn’t satisfied with the customer support of AMZ tracker. There were some loopholes in the customer support. You can fill out the contact form for the customer assistance.

Fill out all the details and get the required assistance for the department you chose. You will soon hear from the department related to your issue.

Pros and Cons



  • It keeps the real-time tracking and analysis of the sales and conversions. You can also look for the products conversions according to the best-seller rankings.
  • It gives you deep knowledge of the products, product pricing, pricing range, product reviews, best-ranked products on Amazon etc.
  • It saves up your time and helps you do research well as compared to the other platforms.
  • It is compatible with all the platforms of Amazon and works well with all the software based Services.
  • Super URLs increase your chance of getting noticed.
  • Integrates well with the Vipon and Unicorn Smasher to boost sales.


  • The dashboard is quite complicated and less user-friendly
  • Pricing is quite high.

Conclusion: Is AMZ Tracker the Right Tool for the FBA Sellers? AMZ Tracker Discount Coupon May 2023

AMZ Tracker is the right tracking tool for your business needs and so it does well with the tracking. It gives you the glimpse of how to look the product for the ranking and analysis. It gives an overall estimation of sales and revenue with the product review and the product rankings.

It is much more than this tool can do and not just limited to this. It even alerts your hijack of the listings. It even sends you the notification if the customer gives you less than 4 stars.

AMZ Tracker that works on Amazon could be for the best because it is compatible with all the website of Amazon with its all web-based software. More so, it assists sellers to know their shortcoming and above all know the area where they need to improve their products and improve profits.

This was my detailed review of the AMZ Tracker tool for the Amazon FBA sellers. Use this awesome tool and start making your presence in the Amazon marketplace.


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