AMZ WordSpy Review 2023: Is It Worth For Growing Amazon Business?

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A product of an eCommerce giant “AMZ One Step”, AMZ WordSpy is a keyword research tool that is essentially made for Amazon Sellers who are desperate to increase their exposure and sales.  The tool is integrated with fine features in accordance with Amazon A9 algorithm that guarantees robust results.  

Here is an unbiased AMZ WordSpy Review based on its features and services. 

AMZ WordSpy FAQs:

What is AMZ WordSpy?

AMZ WordSpy, a product of a leading giant “AMZ One Step” is a one-stop-shop for Amazon Sellers that is specially designed for all your Amazon Keyword Research needs.

How much does AMZ WordSpy cost?

The pricing of the AMZ WordSpy ranges from $19.99 (Monthly) – $99.99 (Yearly).

Is AMZ WordSpy reliable?

AMZ WordSpy is one of the best tools due to the fact that it gives accurate data taken directly from Amazon, so it is quite reliable.

AMZ WordSpy Review 2023: Is It Worth For Your Amazon Business??

What is AMZ WordSpy?

AMZ WordSpy, a product of a leading giant “AMZ One Step” is a one-stop-shop for Amazon Sellers that is specially designed for all your Amazon Keyword Research needs. Easy on the pocket and convenient to use are the noteworthy advantages of AMZ WordSpy. 

AMZ WordSpy Review

If you are an Amazon Seller, ask yourself this question; what is the real challenge you face in growing your Amazon business and rising above your competitors?

Your answer will probably revolve around the need for ‘relevant keywords’ and the ‘accurate analytical data’. 

AMZ WordSpy gives you access to the most powerful keywords for your product linked with genuine relevance and search velocity. Unlike many other tools that show estimates based on external search history, AMZ WordSpy works differently as it shows accurate autocomplete results. 

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From optimizing rankings to monitoring competitors to tracking performance metrics; AMZ WordSpy is a revolutionary tool that gives you access to the real-time data which guarantee top results. 

Jungle Scout is other reliable option available of you’re looking for a reliable Amazon keyword research tool.

AMZ WordSpy Features:

AMZ WordSpy
Price $19.99 (Monthly) – $99.99 (Yearly)
Countries USA, Uk, CA, IN
How Search volume is Calculated Taken from Amazon Only
Unique Features Real Data taken from Amazon, Optimal PPC Campaigns, Same Pricing In all Countries, ASIN Tracker.
Used For Keyword Research, listing optimization, backend search terms, Amazon PPC


Meet the product 

Founded in 2009, AMZ One-Step is a team of eCommerce expats that works on assisting the Amazon Sellers to achieve the ideal product placement. With the help of an efficient listing copywriting and optimization services, AMZ One-Step helps the Amazon sellers to stand out in the tough competition by increasing their sales and exposure. 

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Every seller talks about ranking on the first page of the Amazon search engine. This cannot be achieved if you are only working on few keywords. With AMZ WordSpy, you can literally reach the top of Amazon search with the help of powerful keywords and some useful analytical data. 

Data-Driven From Amazon

The thing that makes AMZ WordSpy ideal for Amazon Seller is the fact that the data is taken directly from Amazon which keeps on updating and is 100% relevant. Unlike other tools, AMZ doesn’t show google results that aren’t always accurate and reliable. 

Relevancy is the key. It gives you the data that is most relevant to your product. 

Diverse Market Place

AMZ WordSpy has a broad marketplace which covers USA, UK, CA, and India. Unlike many other keyword tools, the pricing is the same for all the countries which make this tool quite better. 

Availability of Downloads

AMZ WordSpy allows its consumer to download the backend keywords up to 250 bytes. Moreover, it offers unlimited CSV downloads to all the Amazon Sellers. All you need to do is research the main keywords, and download the back end keywords. 

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This premium feature is truly an exception because, with downloaded keywords, you don’t have to visit the software every other time. 

Monitor your keyword ranking

With the help of AMZ ASIN Tracker, it is much easier to find the performance of your keywords against your competitors. Not only you can find out the new keywords in accordance with your niche, but also it shows you the areas where your competitors are being ranked and the results they are getting through it. 

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More specifically, the ASIN tracker gives sales and price history of the product for up to 6 months. Moreover, you can track both organic and sponsored keywords in AMZ WordSpy.

The software takes help of the ASIN to show you the real-time data of your rankings, revenue, and sales. With that, you can identify the potential keywords that are generating decent results and the ones that are not. 

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Niche Analyzer 

Being an Amazon Seller, you can analyze the volume of sales and its competitiveness in a certain niche that will help you understand a profitable niche and a low scoring niche. This way, you can build out the necessary measures to uplift those low scoring areas and will prevent you from investing in poor zones. 

Build Optimal PPC Campaigns 

The tool is tailored for building optimal PPC campaigns as it shows the real-time analytic data and displays a methodological combination of high-volume keywords and long-tail keywords. With AMZ WordSpy, you can target the right keywords for your PPC Campaigns that guarantees good results.  

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The tool lets you optimize, track, and analyze the performance of your Amazon advertisements. 

After all, it’s always important to check how well your campaigns are doing!

Features like Group, plug, and Optimize

The tool allows you to filter results for duplicates and build customized group keywords in accordance with search term limits and backend optimization.

Up to Date Trends

AMZ WordSpy showcases the latest trends in sales and targeted keywords that are solely to assist Amazon sellers in reaching out new markets and getting a definite competitive advantage.

AMZ Wordspy pricing 


Find Profitable Products

As an Amazon Seller, the most important thing in your view would be to find profitable product ideas. AMZ WordSpy shows all kind of useful data including hot sales, the performance of products in your country, and the competition involved. 

Sales/Revenue Dashboard


AMZ Wordspy dashboard

The tool is integrated with a special feature that shows you the estimated sale and revenue of your products. This way, you can find out the products that are getting you profit and the ones that aren’t. 

The Not So Good

In this AMZ WordSpy Review, let talk about some not so good things about AMZ WordSpy.

This tool is not good in every aspect.

Features like ROI, user management tool and downloadable reports are not a part of this tool. And these features are a must for Amazon sellers. 


My Verdict: Is AMZ WordSpy Worth Money??

Let’s see what is the final verdict about AMZ WordSpy review.

I am an Amazon Seller for the last few years. I have come across many tools that are solely made for Amazon sellers. But, the reason I consider AMZ WordSpy to be the best is due to the fact that it gives accurate data taken directly from Amazon. 

For those who are looking for an Amazon Keyword Tool on a limited budget, AMZ WordSpy is worth trying. 

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