AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout 2020: Which One Is The Best & WHY?

AMZtracker vs Jungle Scout



      Earning extra money, taking your business online, starting your own e-commerce store, may sound appealing to everyone, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Becoming a seller and selling the correct product to your customers, requires a lot of thorough research and understanding of the market palace. 

      There was a time when all the research regarding a product had to be done manually with a lot of hours invested and many times the results of this research were also not that accurate. But now with new emerging technologies, there are many Amazon product research and finder tools available at your disposal. 

      What are the product research tools?

      The product research and finder tools are software designed by keeping the needs of the seller in mind. These tools help you find the correct product and also the correct keywords that you can use for your products. They also help you keep track of the performance of your product.

       Which tool should we use?

      When we think of such product research and finder tools, we usually find ourselves confused between Jungle Scout and AMZtracker. Jungle Scout and AMZtracker both are very famous tools that ensure an assured hike in the seller’s income and help grow your online business. So, which among the two is the best tool? To find the answer to this question let us look at the comparison between Jungle SCout and AMZtracker. By the end of this comparison, you would be able to decide which is the perfect tool or you.

      AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout 2020 | Which One Is The Best? ( In-Depth Comparison )

      Jungle Scout Overview

      Jungle Scout is a name that pops us every time you look for Amazon product research and finder tools for Amazon FBA. It is a seller centric platform that considers all the needs of its sellers throughout the sellers’ journey. Founded in 2015 by Greg Marcer, Jungle Scout is now a very widely used tool that has produced more than $3 billion worth of sales estimates for more than 4,00,000 entrepreneurs. 

      AMZtracker vs Jungle Scout - Jungle Scout

      Jungle Scout provides great solutions for everyone. If you are just a starter in search of your first product, Jungle Scout takes care of all your needs. It helps you find the most trending products and discover the perfect keywords for it. You can use jungle scout even if you are in the next step of your seller’s journey i.e. you have been a seller for some time now and wish to increase your sales and monitor your progress. 

      Jungle Scout also has sales analytics for you which would be very helpful for keeping track of your sales. Even if you are a big enterprise and want to take your business to the next level, Jungle Scout has many solutions for you too. Jungle Scout has been found helpful throughout your seller’s journey. 

      AMZtracker Overview

      AMZtracker is a great product research tool for Amazon FBA sellers. It uses various strategies and tools to help you increase your rankings on Amazon. It also helps you to maintain your new ranking. AMZtracker uses Amazon’s A9 algorithm to help you reach the first rank on the first page of the search results on Amazon by increasing your rankings. 

      AMZtracker vs Jungle Scout - AMZtracker

      It has various products specially designed for you which help you in every aspect of your business. It helps you increase your sales volume by promoting your products to potential customers to attract them towards your products.

      AMZ tracker makes use of three strategies to help you become the best seller. It uses the offensive strategy to succeed with Amazon’s A9 algorithm and bring customers towards your products. It uses the defensive strategy to alert you when any malicious customers or negative reviews for your product pop-up. It uses the recon strategy to assure a constant flow of precise data. Let us look at the features provided and tools used by these strategies.

      AMZtracker vs Jungle Scout: Features

      Let us discuss the amazing features offered by Jungle Scout and AMZtracker

      AMZtracker Features:

      Super URLs: This amazing feature helps you increase the ranking of your product using URLs which helps you to bring more traffic to your product.

      Increase conversion rates: This helps you to increase your conversion rates by identifying and fixing the things that reduce your conversion rates. Some features that are identified and checked through this are title length, images, bullet points, product ratings, fulfilled by Amazon chars description, etc. 


      Account Performance: This feature helps you track the performance of your account over a period of time and gives you insights on your product and business growth.

      Alerts: There are two types of alerts available. One is the negative review alert which will show an alert like notification and notify you whenever someone puts a negative review about your product.  The other alert is the hijack alert. You can get an alert when another reseller tries to look into your listings and take your ideas and crucial data on your product and market. This will improve healthy competition.

      Deep words: This unique feature helps you to find out long keywords and phrases that will help you optimize the Amazon search engine and help you increase your rank.

      Competitor Analysis: You can analyze the performance of our competitor and find out the various strategies they use to increase their sales.

      Jungle Scout Features:

      Product Database: Jungle Scout has the biggest product database consisting of more than 70,000 products directly from the Amazon Product database. You can easily find the perfect product that you have been looking for. 

      Jungle Scout Product

      Product Tracker: This product tracker helps you track the performance of your product over time. It makes use of different graphical methods to display the data and makes it easier for you to analyze the performance of your product.

      Product Tracker

      Opportunity Finder: The opportunity finder helps you to discover suitable product niches that help you to maximize your profit.

      Opportunity Finder

      Inventory Manager: This feature helps you to keep a check on your inventory. You can easily find out when to order your next stock so you don’t have the chance to run out of stock.

      Supplier Database: Jungle Scout has an amazing supplier database. It has a collection of data about all suppliers and you can easily find the best supplier for you. 

      Opportunity Finder

      Launch: the launch feature of Jungle Scout helps you send out emails and notifications to your customer regarding any new product you are launching. This helps to bring the customers to you with the help of direct marketing.

      Jungle Scout Academy: It is a collection of all the FBA training that you would need in your journey. It also has ebooks and videos for all its users.

      Listing Builder: Jungle Scout keeps on updating its features from time to time. The recently added features would be the listing builder. Using this listing builder you can easily create the lists of all your Amazon listings in a single place.

      Sales Analytics: The sales analytics feature helps you keep track of your sales. You can easily predict the performance of your sales over time.

      Sales Analytics

      Jungle Scout Extension: Jungle Scout has also updated its chrome extension which now has some more additional features added to it.

      Product specific

      AMZtracker vs Jungle Scout: Common Features

      Let us compare the common features offered by AMZtracker and Jungle Scout

      Jungle Scout vs AMZtracker: Keyword tool 

      Jungle Scout and AMZtracker both have their keyword tracking tool. 

      Jungle Scout: The tool used by jungle scout is called Keyword Scout. It has been recently updated which now offers a great range of features. The keyword scout helps you to discover high ranking keywords instantly and you can easily use these keywords on your product. You can easily use historical volumes to find out the records of the performance of the keywords. You can find out the keywords strategies used for ASIN groups.

      AMZtracker: AMZtracker has a keyword tracking feature which helps you to track and rank your keywords. You can easily use great keywords to increase your ranking and you can also track your competitor’s keywords to discover the changes they make in order to increase their ranks. It also has a great keyword research tool that helps you find the top-ranking keywords and you can find the words or phrases the customers are looking for.

      Jungle Scout vs AMZtracker: Launch Tool

      Jungle Scout Launch: this feature helps you to target your desired customers and contact them directly through email and notifications. Early sales are the most helpful to boost your product listings, so launch features play an important role to achieve this. It also helps you to prevent promotion abuse and shows you customer reviews.

      AMZtracker: AMZtracker uses its VIPON feature to promote and launch your products. This is the most used feature as it has over 2 million users and 9,00,000 daily pageviews for over 9 supported marketplaces.

      AMZtracker vs Jungle Scout: Major Differences

      Education and training: Jungle Scout offers full education and training sources while AMZtracker only has some partial training sources present.

      Data Accuracy: Jungle Scout offers more accurate data than AMZtracker and is more reliable.

      Supplier Database: Jungle Scout has a great supplier database that provides information about the suppliers and AMZtracker doesn’t have a supplier database and can provide any information regarding the supplier.

      Listing Review Downloader: AMZtracker has this amazing feature that enables the user to download all the listings reviews. This feature is not available in jungle scout.

      Keyword index checker: Jungle Scout doesn’t have a keyword index checker tool while AMZtracker has an amazing keyword index checker tool present to help its users.

      PPC Automation tools: AMZtracker has tools for PPC automation which are not present in Jungle Scout.

      Marketplaces: Jungle Scout has more 250,000 shopper marketplace while AMZtracker has very few marketplaces.

      Mobile application: AMZtracker has an amazing mobile application that allows you to use this tool from mobile whereas Jungle Scout has a chrome extension and web application. 

      Refund reimbursements: Jungle Scout does not provide any reimbursements for refunds while AMZtracker provides refund reimbursements.

      Customizable external landing pages: AMZtracker has an amazing feature that allows you to customize your external landing pages. Jungle Scout does not have any customization features.

      Some other features which are present in Jungle Scout but not present in AMZtracker are: Sync listings to Seller Central, Seller Central product review requests, Product promotions & discounts Track inbound FBA shipments, Email performance reports, and product promotion and discounts.

      AMZtracker vs Jungle Scout: Customer Support

      Jungle Scout has a great 24*7 customer support which readily helps out its users in case of any difficulties. It has various resources and blogs that can be used for troubleshooting.

      Jungle Scout and AMZTracker both support various marketplaces all over the world. They are available in different countries and are also amiable through country-specific versions of Amazon, including the USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, France, Japan, Germany, India, Spain, and Italy. When you use the tool throughout the world, support does play an important role in proper functioning. 

      AMZtracker also has nice support for customers but many customers are not satisfied with its performance. Although, it also has various blogs these blogs were found to be not that useful.

      AMZtracker vs Jungle Scout: Pricing

      AMZtracker Pricing: AMZtracker offers different pricing plans for different users. It has 6 different pricing plans differing according to the features offered in each plan. you can easily choose the plan which you like according to your convenience. 


      Basic mode: The Basic mode costs $50 per month. The features offered in this mode are 110 keywords along with 50 products and unlimited email reports. It also has an on-page analyzer and Amazon super URLs. along with this you can track 50 sales and view 50 negative review products while having one concurrent user.

      Professional mode: The Professional mode costs $100 per month. The features offered in this mode are 500 keywords along with 100 products and unlimited email reports. It also has an on-page analyzer and Amazon super URLs. You can use the Vipon promotional product feature for 3 marketplaces and Vipon voucher sends for an unlimited time. Along with this you can track 100 sales and view 100 negative review products while having one concurrent user.

      God Mode: The God mode costs $200 per month. The features offered in this mode are 1500 keywords along with 200 products and unlimited email reports. It also has an on-page analyzer and Amazon super URLs. You can use the Vipon promotional product feature for 12 marketplaces and Vipon voucher sends for an unlimited time. Along with this you can track 200 sales and view 200 negative review products while having two concurrent users.

      Legend mode: The Legend mode costs $400 per month. The features offered in this mode are 3000 keywords along with 400 products and unlimited email reports. It also has an on-page analyzer and Amazon super URLs. You can use the Vipon promotional product feature for 50 marketplaces and Vipon voucher sends for an unlimited time. Along with this you can track 400 sales and view 400 negative review products while having three concurrent users.

      Along with their four packages, two larger packages are also available. 

      Corporate 2 packages: The Corporate 2 package costs $800 per month. The features offered in this mode are 6300 keywords along with unlimited products and email reports. It also has an on-page analyzer and Amazon super URLs. You can use the Vipon promotional product feature for 120 marketplaces and Vipon voucher sends for an unlimited time. Along with this you can track 840 sales and view 840 negative review products while having five concurrent users.

      Corporate 3 packages: The Corporate 3 package costs $1600 per month. The features offered in this mode are 13000 keywords along with unlimited products and email reports. It also has an on-page analyzer and Amazon super URLs. You can use the Vipon promotional product feature for 300 marketplaces and Vipon voucher sends for an unlimited time. Along with this you can track 1700 sales and view 1700 negative review products while having eight concurrent users. 

      Jungle Scout Pricing | How Much Does Jungle Scout Cost?

      Jungle Scout has three different pricing plans. It has a separate plan for its web application, extensions, and both combined together. Let us take a look at the pricing plans of Jungle Scout and the features offered in each plan. 

      Jungle Scout-Price

      The pricing plans of Jungle Scout are as follows:

      1. Jungle Scout web application: The Jungle Scout Web application will cost you $139 when billed monthly and $468 when billed annually. When you decide to buy this application, there are many features that you get to access.
      • You can easily perform unlimited searches using the product database and supplier database. 
      • You get access to the most amazing keyword tool i.e. keyword Scout which helps you find the right keywords for your product. 
      • Tools like opportunity finder, email campaigns, inventory manager, listing builder, sales analytics, and rank and supplier tracker are also included in this plan.
      • You also get easy access to the Jungle Scout Academy and the Jungle Scout customer support with this. 
      • The only things not included in this plan are the chrome extension and opportunity score.
      1. Jungle Scout extension: Jungle Scout extension costs only $19 per month and $228 when billed annually. 
      • You can use the features like- opportunity score, 20 searches using the product database, supplier database, and the keyword Scout, and 3 product trackers with this plan. 
      • The additional features like AccuSales estimates, customer support, and Jungle Scout Academy are also included in it. 
      1. Jungle Scout and extension: We have seen the pricing of the Jungle Scout web application and its chrome extension separately. What if I tell you that you can use both these plans together in one single bundle? Yes, the Jungle Scout and extension plan offers all the features of its web application and chrome extension at a single place which will cost you $49 per month and $588 when billed annually. 

      Save Upto $240 Off 

      AMZtracker vs Jungle Scout: Pros and Cons

      Let us take a look at the Pros and Cons of AMZtracker and Jungle Scout.


      Jungle Scout

      • It offers more pricing plans according to the number of features offered.
      • It has a unique Super URL feature.
      • It offers a deep words feature which enables you to use the right phrases.
      • It provides real-time information to its users.
      • It shows alerts when any negative review or hijacking issue occurs.
      • It offers a 7-day free trial.
      • It is highly accurate and reliable.
      • You can do your product research easily as more features help you simplify your research task.
      • Contacting sellers manufacturers is easy through the supplier database.
      • It gives a more analytical approach to researched data.
      • It is a very user-friendly website and navigating through the site is easy. 
      • It offers a 14-days money-back guarantee.
      • Subscription prices are very high as compared to other products.
      • The dashboard is confusing and not user friendly for new users.
      • Customer service provided can be improved as many people have stated issues regarding the same.
      • Sometimes the software can become a bit complicated for a new user.
      • Auto-renewal policy can be quite frustrating.
      • The price is higher than other similar tools.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      👉Can I use AMZtracker for free?

      AMZtracker offers a 7-day free trial. So, you can use AMZtracker free for 7 days

      👉Can I use Jungle Scout for free?

      Jungle Scout doesn’t offer any free trial but it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. So, you can use Jungle Scout for 14 days and if you wish to discontinue using it within 14 days, then you will get a refund.

      👉What country does Jungle Scout work in?

      Jungle scout is supported in the following countries: • United States • United Kingdom • Germany • Canada • France • Italy • Spain • Mexico • India

      👉How often are the rankings updated on AMZtracker?

      All the rankings are updated once a day on AMZtracker.

      👉How long does AMZtracker keep the historical data?

      Sales data is kept for one month and the ranking data is kept for up to one year



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      Conclusion: AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout Comparison 2020

      We have seen the amazing features offered by Jungle Scout and AMZtracker and also compared the pros and cons of each one of them. I have used both of this software and from my experience, I can tell you the following things: 

      Jungle Scout is an amazing tool whose features work wonders and you can easily grow your business using this tool. The sales analytics and profit calculator are the two tools that caught my attention in particular. This is because the analysis displayed by the sales analytics tools is really helpful and gives the real accurate information about our sales. The inventory manager is also a great feature that helps you monitor your inventory closely. And the price is worth it as Jungle Scout provides all accurate data for any feature that you use.

      AMZtracker is a great tool for beginners and those who wish to attract more traffic to their product and website and also increase their sales and ranks. The tools which I liked the most are Super URL and Deep Word finder. The alert about the negative reviews is also an additional added feature.

      So, which is the perfect tool for you?

      To sum it all up, I would say that both Jungle Scout and AMZtracker are wonderful tools that help you to grow your business. Though they both differ in the features offered and tools used, they don’t fail to fulfill their aim as a product research tool and help you to increase and grow your business. So, no matter what tool you choose your success is guaranteed. The perfect tool among Jungle Scout and AMZtracker according to me would be the one that helps me grow and growth can only be achieved through dedication. So you can choose either Jungle Scout or AMZtracker according to your needs. 

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