Arcadier Review 2024: Create Your Marketplace For Products and Services for Free

There are a number of marketplaces for the eCommerce business and for selling a number of products and services. You might look over the internet and find the software that gives you marketplace themes and chance to sell anything or everything from your store.

Sometimes, something seems to be missing from each of them and they seem to be really important for a particular purpose. You may or may not like the themes, the interface or any feature of some marketplaces because of the lack of functionalities.

arcadier review for ecomerce

I have researched about a number of marketplaces recently and luckily found one of the best to fulfil the needs. That void seems to be filled by the Arcadier-a perfect solution for creating a marketplace for products and services.

Detailed Review of Arcadier- The Best Online Marketplace Solution

Arcadier is an online marketplace for the eCommerce businesses and the startups that lets you create the online store by putting different factors needs to run a business together.

Ecommerce marketplace for free

I have shared a detailed review for the Arcadier below. Let’s read to find out if it is worth your money.



Arcadier Ecommerce marketplace

  • On-Boarding- The on-boarding process for the Arcadier is quite intuitive. You can quickly create a marketplace for your needs and it is certainly based on the self-service.
  • Private Marketplace: You have the choice to make your marketplace private. You can make your marketplace secure and invite and approve the sellers and the buyers as according to you.
  • Hosting: Arcadier gives you the hosting place to start your online marketplace. You don’t need another hosting provider to create the marketplace.
  • Multilingual: Arcadier also supports different languages. You can translate and edit your contents in different languages. It supports 20+ languages in its interface.
  • Track the data: Here, you will have the two dashboards; admin and seller dashboard. Both of the dashboards will give you the analytics of how much sales have been generated, the most viewed items and also profit you have made this month. As an admin, you can also integrate your Dashboard with the Google Analytics account.
  • Marketing Solutions: The reason why I prefer Arcadier is that it just doesn’t let you create the marketplace for you but also helps you in advertising the platform for you. It has got the SEO tools and the Analytics to track your campaigns.
  • Payment Integration: If you want to integrate a payment gateway with your marketplace, you can do that with just one click. Arcadier integrates with third-party payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal and Omise. You can also integrate it with your own payment processors.

arcadier payment

  • Customer Account Management:  To make it more reliable and easy to use, the Arcadier lets you manage your customer’s accounts. Also, they can create accounts easily by using Facebook, Google or Open ID.
  • Custom Domain: Usually the company gives the marketplace with the domain name ‘’. But once you get the paid plan, you can get the custom domain and set up your own custom domain for the marketplace. Also, you can create the landing page of your own.
  • Themes and Templates: The most robust feature of Arcadier is that it has got the most amazing templates and Arcadier themes for all kinds of needs. You can choose a number of themes which are simple, clean and appalling. Also, these pages are mobile-responsive and they look great on mobile, desktop and laptop. All the themes and templates are well designed for the mobile-friendly view.

themes for Ecommerce marketplace

Ease of Use

Arcadier’s marketplace is quite simple and affordable to use. The elements of the dashboard are easily navigable and you will find all the features on the left-hand side of the dashboard. The dashboard has various elements such as Layout, Categories, External Links, Payments, Customization, etc.

Best Marketplaces for E-commerce

The dashboard for the service and the retail marketplace is quite different.

The dashboard for the retail marketplace is editable with different background images along with the texts. Also, there is a search box which lets you search the keywords and products.

In the dashboard, you can add the media, categories and add galleries. You can also invite the sellers to the marketplace.

Arcadier marketplace for free

If you are willing to create a marketplace for giving the services, then it has a different dashboard to design. The service marketplace has default designs and also they can specify when they would like to get the services.

It has got nice filtering tools which help customers to find better results. It also has a map so that the customers can find the services nearby and tap on the map to locate.


Arcadier has got attractive pricing packages for the newbies as well as for the professionals. It also gives a 30-day free trial period to the users.

Arcadier review with pricing

It has 4 different pricing plans:

Starter Plan

  • $39 USD per month
  • 200 Transactions per month

Basic Plan

  • $79 per month
  • 500 Transactions per month
  • Customizable Homepage
  • Custom Code


  • $199 per month
  • 2,500 Transactions per month
  • Customizable Homepage
  • Custom Code Input
  • API Access


  • $399 per month
  • 10,000 Transactions per month
  • Customizable Homepage
  • Custom Code Input
  • API Access
  • Hosted API Integrations

I would suggest getting a half-yearly or an annual plan if you are planning to use it for a long term. The pricing reduces to 25% if billed annually.

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Arcadier Solutions and Products: Exzbit- Online Marketplace for Traders and Events

Arcadier has got another great service besides proving the marketplace for e-commerce. Exzbit is quite a unique and great online platform marketplace for the exhibitioners and trade shows to create the events site with them.

Exzbit review for trade shows

It is perfect for the trade shows to collaborate with the exhibitors, visitors and members with an aim to drive more engagement to the show.


Create trade shows and exhibitions- exzbit

Exzbit has got the scads of features which makes it the perfect place for creating the marketplace for your event needs.

  • Advertising: The advertising section promotes your featured products or sponsors by adding the advertising on the trade show home page. You can add the links to the banners or the products.
  • Private Marketplace: Like Arcadier, Exzbit also gives the private marketplace to the trade show organizers. Thus, you can make the marketplace private so that you can add or remove the exhibitors and attendees automatically.
  • Ratings & Reviews: If you want, you can add the reviews and ratings to the marketplace. You can ask the attendees to give reviews to the exhibitors or attendees. This increases the accountability of the exhibitors.
  • Multiple Themes: This marketplace has got over 30 templates and themes that make your marketplace beautiful and adds elegance to it. You need no designing skills in designing the marketplace.
  • Featured Sponsors: Add a section of featured sponsors and exhibitors so that everyone can see the sponsors for your event and help them to grow. You can include links there too.
  • Mobile Responsive: Another reason to choose Exzbit is its mobile-friendly design. It adjusts your view according to the device that you have so that users don’t face difficulty while navigating the site.
  • Customization: You can also add the custom codes such as the HTML, CSS and Java so that you can customize your marketplace with ease. Also, integrate with the third party plugins for the currency conversions and social media button or the newsletter.
  • SEO: Exzbit also takes care of your SEO needs. You can rank better with Exzbit as it is SEO-friendly. You can enter the SEO bases title, meta description and submit the sitemap to Google Webmasters.


Exzbit prices

The pricing plans for the Exzbit are really cool. There are two pricing plans for the users.

The company gives the assistance in setting up the marketplace with each of the plans.

  • If you have to create a marketplace for only one trade show, then there is a ‘Show’ plan which costs $1200 USD per event.
  • If you have shows going on for the whole year, then you should get ‘All Year’ plan which would cost you $1200 per month.

These plans consist of the following features:

  • Unlimited listings and users
  • Unlimited use of POS App
  • Custom Editor
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-Currency
  • Access to theme and templates library
  • 1-time mass exhibitor
  • No transaction fee

You can also get your plan customized if you want to add extra features. Here’s what you will get in the Enterprise plan. You can check the features to be included in the Enterprise plan.

Besides this, there are various Value Added Services which you can get upon request:

Pros and Cons of Arcadier

conference marketplace with exzbit


  • Unlimited Listings
  • Free Demo
  • Custom Domains
  • Beautiful Themes and Templates
  • Separate portal for Admin & Seller
  • Affordable Pricing
  • A number of helpful resources are available on the site


  • Some customization features are missing

The Verdict: Is Arcadier Worth Your Money?

Arcadier is one of the most reliable and reasonable marketplaces for E-commerce users. If you want to sell or even if you want to give a service, you can provide both of them using its features.

The retail marketplace has got the features such as the product gallery, media and texts to add.  The customer support, as well as regular product updates, are the add-ons. You can also refer to the various articles, interviews and guides give a boost to your understanding.

The other product of Arcadier- Exzbit is a great platform for creating the marketplace for trade shows and events. Creating a marketplace for your trade show is a breeze here.

This was my detailed review of Arcadier E-commerce marketplace. If you have used it earlier, please share the feedback of Arcadier with us.


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  1. I tried Arcadier for my business and it was a disaster. Their customer support was horrific and features were severely limited. We spent more than a month trying to work with their dysfunctional support and tech group to get our simple site to function but eventually had to cancel the subscription. There were a series of failures that continued even after cancellation — their exit form failed, a sales person who contacted me failed to follow-up. I thought bad customer service was out of fashion but not at Arcadier. Do not use this platform unless you have lots of time to waste.

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