Armin Van Buuren Dance Music Masterclass Review 2021 : Is It Worth?

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  •   During these videos, Armin teaches you the wisdom of staying organized and saving everything, as you go
  •   This course is beyond learning about dance music
  •   I love the fact that even after being the Master or the King of Trance, Armin is an awesome human being
  • This course is very valuable and extremely informative  
  • Affordable For Professionals
  • High-caliber award-winning instructors
  • Produces high-quality video


  • A detailed and thorough course so some of you might find the course lengthy

Price:$ 90

In this post, we have done a detailed and trustworthy Armin Van Buuren Dance Music Masterclass Review 2021, the review will include a step by step guide about the Dance and music by Armin Van Buuren Hope it makes your decision easier to go for the Masterclass or not, so let’s get started…

Bottom Line Upfront: Armin Van Buuren hosts a very famous radio show every week and over 41 million listeners listen to his music and experience the quality music. He created this Masterclass to teach you guys about how to mix music in a very efficient way and he tells everything about how to become a famous DJ like him. If you’re interested then you should enroll in Armin Van Buuren Dance Music Masterclass.

Check our in-depth MasterClass review here:

Armin Van Buuren Dance Music Masterclass Review 2021

About Armin Van Buuren’s Dance Music Masterclass

Learn dance music production from a very talented teacher who is Armin Van Burren. The best part and what I love about this course is that he starts by explaining things, goes over the problems you may face, at each stage. Then, he goes through an actual example. Seeing him apply what he has just taught makes a huge difference to how much of it you can absorb and apply. His pads and leads video is a great example of his teaching technique and why it is so effective.

Okay so, why I told you this? I have done quite many theoretical courses that have not benefited me much but this course is full of practical knowledge and more about reality, that’s a major reason why this course is awesome.


I was also working when I had a colleague who told me about this course, my first reaction is oh my god, this is the longest masterclass course I’ve seen. I was double-minded if I should really dive into this course or no. And I finally took the course and here I am, it clearly states that I am really happy with the time I spent in this course. This course was full of rich valuable experiences. This class is more than 30 lessons.

Armin-van-Buuren-Teaches-Dance-Music-MasterClass - Star Rating


You also get a downloadable workbook that accompanies the class, along with exclusive audio stems from Armin’s projects. Isn’t this awesome?

About the instructor: Armin Van Buuren’s

I’m so excited to tell you about the instructor oops the Master of Trance! Armin starts by saying it’s all about music, music gives color to your life! Today Armin is heard by an audience of 40 million from more than 84 countries.

People are crazy behind his music. He is far more than just being a DJ. He is a creator himself.  He was nominated for a Grammy Award in the year 2014 for Best Dance Recording for “This Is What It Feels Like”. 

Armin-van-Buuren-Teaches-Dance-Music-MasterClass - Lesson

He also shares the initial inspiration that created the passion madness for music in his mind. He tells how he used to record his mother talking, the vacuum cleaner, television sounds, and made mixes when he was a small boy.

He is definitely the King of Trance. But this masterclass is beyond the knowledge of producing dance music. The creative process he shares with you can be used to produce most forms of music, especially EDM.

Armin Van Buuren’s Dance Music Masterclass: Step by Step Guide

Finding Melodic Inspiration 

If you don’t have an initial spark you won’t have music says, Armin. So, he starts in a very logical manner which is right from the beginning that is finding inspiration. He goes on by telling you a gist about his entire process, but he also says this does not mean you have to strictly follow the same.

He says every person is different, and you have to find your own inspiration and ideas that come your way.


I would put this into simple words that Armin is trying to help you open your ears and eyes to find your own inspiration and also to tune into moves. He teaches you how to be independent because by doing this Armin believes that you will never be short of ideas.

Building your home Studio 

Are you bored at home? Do you find your home not interesting at all? Here, I have an awesome solution for you!

Definitely, Armin teaches you from his professional studio but he tells you how you can do everything from your home. (My feelings) Guys listen I have to tell you this I’m a fan of his studio you will also love it, it’s full of awesome vibes. He briefs about everything you must know.

Armin-van-Buuren-Teaches-Dance-Music - Stage Show

He is perfect when it comes to hiring something or buying a particular item. He knows how to make most of each and everything.

Turn Limitation into inspiration, what an inspiration right?

Using Templates and Staying Organized Using Logic Pro

If you know Armin you would surely know how organized approach he has towards his music. He says that an organized way of working takes you towards your desired outcome gradually.

Doesn’t matter which music production software you like to use, you can do something similar. So, you will definitely make the best of Armin’s music production course, regardless of whether you use Logic Pro, or not.

Developing Components of your Dance Track

From this point onwards the masterclass has a full dance and creative vibe ahead. So what does he teach you?

Armin-van-Buuren-Teaches-Dance-Music - Dance Stage

  •         Sketching and developing your melody
  •         Mixing and mastering
  •         Using pads and leads as a way to enrich your sound
  •         Reviewing the Track
  •         Creating a groove
  •         Building the Drop
  •         Working with lyrics and vocals, and a lot more.

Okay, hold your breath I’m going to disclose a huge surprise! Armin takes you through the process of creating a music track, by sitting down with his producing partner Benno de Goeij and creating a completely new track for his masterclass students. Guys, I lost my senses in happiness when he disclosed this, I had goosebumps trust me.

Developing your Melody

This is the most tricky part says Armin and that is the reason he spends almost 2 hours explaining this concept. Honestly, I cannot describe this part in words at all and you will have to see it yourself to understand well.

Remember guys you definitely need practice so I would for sure recommend you to do all the given assignments.

Ways to use Pads and Leads

To create dance music, pads and leads are necessities. Do you know how Armin has so much depth and power in his music? He makes use of layering which he explains in this video and also teaches you how not to overdo the same.

Hey, Hey you know what? You also get insights about the plug-ins he uses!

Creating Your Dance Groove

Armin says when the word dance music pops up in your mind then creating a groove is possible the most important part. The beat is what creates a vibe and energy in the room and forces people to get on their feet, So to get this right Armin takes you through every stage and also later on he explains how to add complex grooves.

For this Armin makes use of Ableton, I won’t tell you why! Find out yourself.

Mixing and Mastering 

You must step in the shoes of your audience in order to get this right says Armin, which is definitely very complicated.

Armin-van-Buuren-Teaches-Dance-Music -Mixing And Mastering

Polishing can be extremely tedious because for this you must step outside yourself and listen to the same track from various other aspects. Armin teaches you how to be sure of the sound of your music, as great as the ones that are heard at festivals and clubs.

Arranging your Dance Tracks

Armin says getting the arrangement right is the way you can connect to your audience. He says a perfect dance track takes the listener through an entire journey. He shows ways that can help you energize and excite the audience.

Building the Drop

This is a bit detailed video because Armin gives tips on how should one create tension and then let the beat take over. He shows it beautifully and simplifies all of it just for you.

Reviewing the Track

Do we ever talk bad about our work no, right? Armin says it right; it’s very difficult to listen and to critique your own work. Here Armin teaches you a lot of stuff that can help you achieves great perfection.

Case Studies

One thing I love about the Masterclass platform is the case studies most of the instructors provide. This really adds huge value to your learning process. Armin has a very different way of approaching the track he creates from scratch in this masterclass is definitely a great case to study. But he also shares about “Be in the moment and Sunny Days” which are some of the great case studies one must listen to.

Working with Lyrics and Vocals

Have you ever felt super connected to the lyrics like you just feel them? Armin says lyrics give you a chance to reach a bigger audience and vocals are a great way to add texture to your track.

In this section Armin takes you through:

  •         Recording
  •         Tracking
  •         Comping
  •         Manipulating live vocals
  •         Editing and Mixing

In this video, you will clearly see how loving Armin is. The way he treats and respects other artists and his team is amazing! He also teaches you how to make them comfortable in order to gain the most from them.

How to handle Singles, Club Mixes, and Edits

The best part of this course is how Armin really tries his best to reach out to intermediate students as well as beginners. He says most people will already know the difference between club mixes, singles, and edits. But for people who don’t know, Armin goes through it. He uses a pop song and transforms it into awesome dance music. He takes the help of “Sunny Days” to give a practical example! He is great trust me guys!

Best Way to Approach DJ Sets

This video or session is very relevant for music producers. He says it is too easy for a music producer to lose touch with his or her audience, over time. So Armin gives tips and strategies to ensure that this does not happen.

Armin-van-Buuren-Teaches-Dance-Music - Dj Sets

Basics of using Decks

Do you want to know the gears Armin uses in his live sets? And why does he use them? Then my friend this is the video where you would find it. It is absolutely awesome to see him using decks, it’s far better than just talking about it.

Did you know one could actually even hire decks? I loved this highlighted part in this video. He shows various skills one must develop and make the best out of it to be one of the bests.

Live EDM Performance Tips 

A live performer has to do much more than just playing good music. You must learn how to present yourself on stage, how to connect with the audience, and how to respect your fellow DJs. Learning to read your audience and give them what they want is a key skill for any DJ. In this video, Armin teaches you how to get balance everything.

Hosting a dance music radio show 

Armin is passionate about radio. His A State of Trance show is really what launched his career. He explains how he puts each one together as well as how he promoted his show and used it as a springboard.

Armin-van-Buuren-Teaches-Dance-Music - Dance Music

Armin’s early musical influences 

This was super fascinating for me and this is something I’m not able to put down in words. This is one thing that I like the most about the masterclass is influencing factors, the influencers, the stories; it just makes you understand the person from a different perspective altogether.

Starting and Growing your music career 

In this video, Armin shares all kinds of resources and communities you could tap into to give your music career a boost. He says there are many people out there, what makes you different is all that it takes to be successful!

Here, we come to an end of the modules and sessions in this masterclass.

Armin Van Buuren Dance Music Masterclass Pros & Cons 


  •       During these videos, Armin teaches you the wisdom of staying organized and saving everything, as you go
  •       This course is beyond learning about dance music
  •       I love the fact that even after being the Master or the King of Trance, Armin is an awesome human being
  •       This course is very valuable and extremely informative  


  • A detailed and thorough course so some of you might find the course lengthy

Armin Van Buuren Dance Music Masterclass Pricing Plan

There are two ways by which you can purchase a MasterClass, a single MasterClass, and an All-Access Pass for any of the gurus on the platform.

 MasterClass - Pricing


  • Single MasterClass: ₹7,775
  • All-Access Pass: ₹15,550 per year

The All-Access Pass comes in real handy when you wish to take more than one MasterClass, so this means that there is no limit on the number of MasterClasses on the All-Access Pass.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is also available for any of the Timbaland MasterClass Review packages you purchase and you will get a complete refund of the amount in case you are not satisfied with their services.

Armin Van Buuren Dance Music Masterclass Review Testimonials

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Conclusion: Armin Van Buuren’s Dance Music Masterclass

Don’t run away with the idea that this course is only for music producers. It absolutely is not. Yes, it is very technical. At points, you will end up staring at the deck and mixing screens for 10 minutes, or more. But, during all that time Armin is opening up and sharing his thought processes, techniques, and much more.

For music fans of all genres, this is pure gold. It provides a rare chance to get an insider’s view of how the industry that they love works.

If you are a fan of electric dance music, trance, clubbing, DJs or Armin Van Buuren that is even better. You are going to enjoy this course on so many different levels. My advice is to dive in and buy this masterclass.

please share the review on your social Media Handles, if you find value from the article, Till then enjoy the music and feel the beats.

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