Top 15 Art Affiliate Programs 2024: What Is The Highest Paying Affiliate Program?

In this post, we will provide the list of Top 15 Art Affiliate Programs 2024, let’s start

Affiliate art programs are the answer if you’re an artist with an audience willing to put in more effort to make extra money.

By utilizing some of the top affiliate art programs for crafty bloggers, you are also supporting the work of other artists.

Most of these programs also provide access to a community of bloggers and specialists.

In many ways, I can attest from personal experience that this is more valuable than handsome commissions.

Top Art Affiliate Programs

How To Select An Art Affiliate Programs

Before you can select the ideal art affiliate program for a crafts blogger like yourself, you must evaluate many criteria if you’re just starting with affiliate marketing.

I’ve elaborated on the two most important ones:

High Commissions 

Once you have a general concept of the products you wish to sell, it is time to settle on a commission rate. Do not immediately sign up for the first program that gives you a huge commission.

Possibly, there is a catch here.

Many programs that pay a hefty commission do so because they anticipate low product sales (s). You must select programs that generate a high volume of revenue.

This will raise your average order value and revenue.

Increased Conversions 

What exactly are conversions? A conversion occurs when a visitor to a particular website makes a purchase. You can see why this is so crucial by seeing how commissions are earned on sales.

Adding proper descriptions and images of what you’re attempting to sell could enhance your conversion rate. This will ensure your visitors have sufficient information before being redirected to your partner’s website.

Additionally, you may include your personal experiences and product reviews to help your visitors decide.

I’ve analyzed and considered the benefits and disadvantages of a few of the best affiliate programs for art that I believe you should investigate.

Top 15 Art Affiliate Programs 2024

Here are the top 15 Art Affiliate Programs:

1. Cricut 

Cricut serves both novices and experts who wish to enter the world of affiliate art programs. They use some of the world’s most advanced technology to make it easier for beginners to create artwork.

Cricut is one of the most user-satisfying art affiliate programs on the market. Their handmade offerings range from home decor to greeting cards.

Cricut  Affiliate Program

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Commission Rate: 8-12%


  • Excellent technological tools are used by them 
  • There is a broad audience for their work  
  • You can use them both as a novice and as a professional 


  • Getting featured here isn’t easy

2. Art finder (UK) 

This is among the most effective affiliate schemes for creative artwork. They specialize in accepting high-quality work from international artists. You can benefit from this site even if you don’t qualify for their affiliate program.

Art finder Affiliate Program

Their referral scheme is also pretty appealing.

When you give your friends the referral code, they receive a 15% discount. Once they have delivered their artwork, you will receive a $30 credit.

Art Finder (UK) belongs to the extensive AWIN network.

Cookie Duration: 30 days 

Commission Rate: 5%


  • It is easy and quick to sign up 
  • Referrals are an attractive feature of their program 
  • Commissions are reasonable 


  • Their standards are incredibly high 
  • Response times aren’t ideal

3. Creativebug 

This program caters to those who like to paint, bake, crochet, and sew, among other things. I don’t regret not having an art degree because I’ve found many helpful video art classes on Creativebug!

Their growing network of writers and artists is an excellent resource for information and support.

Creativebug Affiliate Program

Cookie Duration: 30 days 

Commission Rate: 20%


  • Their learning tools are excellent 
  • There is no expiration date for the classes 
  • Several skill sets are catered to


  • There are too many choices, which can be overwhelming

4. Craftsy 

Craftsy offers classes and instructional videos taught by some of the world’s foremost art specialists. They cover a variety of art forms, including quilting, knitting, baking, crocheting, sketching, and painting, among others.

Craftsy Affiliate Program

I especially appreciated how simple and straightforward the entire registration procedure was and how well-organized the website was.

Craftsy’s commitment to updating its customers on the finest techniques makes it one of the best affiliate programs for art bloggers.

URL: Craftsy

Cookie Duration: 5-30 days 

Commission Rate: 4%-75%


  • Their online courses are excellent 
  • It’s easy to register 
  • Beginners can get plenty of guidance from them 


  • Most of the time, the commission is lower than expected

5. DigiDesignResort 

This application is one of my favorites on this list because absolutely no requirements are necessary. They will offer you a code for a promotional banner that you can place on your social media pages.

DigiDesignResort  Affiliate Program

When individuals click on the banner, they are led to the resort, and the program records their participation in this action. This makes it incredibly simple to earn extra money by enrolling in this program.

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned 

Commission Rate: 10%


  • There are no requirements for it 
  • The interface is very user-friendly 
  • It pays fairly well


  • They don’t provide a lot of guidance or instructional material

6. Simply Crochet Mag 

Simply Crochet Magazine provides abundant information about crochet designs, crocheting techniques, and affiliate marketing.

I was particularly delighted by their beginner crochet guides, which are refreshingly straightforward.

Simply Crochet Mag Affiliate Program

In addition, they provide a simple means of staying connected with the online craft community. Interacting with other bloggers and newcomers will give you a lift and help you hone your talents.

Cookie Duration: Mentioned upon registration 

Commission Rate: 10% per sale / 5% two-tier


  • We have a lot of materials to guide us
  • For beginners, they are perfect 
  • Subscriptions should be attractive 


  • Unlike most websites on this list, their content does not adequately encompass other art forms

7. Leisure Arts 

The Leisure Arts affiliate network is among the most effective strategies for monetizing a blog or website. They’ll offer you everything you need to earn commissions, including links, banners, and data.

Leisure Arts Affiliate Program

Every time someone makes a purchase from their website after clicking on one of your links, you will receive a commission.

Each sale they generate due to your marketing efforts will earn you a commission. It is, therefore, safe to assert that the capacity to earn money is limitless.

Cookie Duration: 60 days 

Commission Rate: 10%


  • Reports can be generated online with great ease 
  • It is reasonable to charge commissions 
  • It is easy to follow their steps 


  • Earning potential is limited by fixed-rate commissions

8. Learn Cake Decorating Online 

This website offers an affiliate partner program to assist you in expanding your income. It is a fantastic source of passive income that requires minimal effort.

I thought it to be a nice aspect of this program that every new member who joins will be credited to you as the referrer. The majority of other websites merely provide a commission on sales.

They will give you your commission every month.

You will receive 30% of any membership fees paid by those you recommend to the program and who register.

Cookie Duration: 365+ days 

Commission Rate: 10%-30% per sale / 30% per membership 


  • It is a bonus to have the referral program
  • It’s a great way to earn passive income 
  • Those with a large following on social media will benefit from this program 


  • It’s not very suitable for beginners 
  • Monthly payments are offered instead of the more common weekly and biweekly payments 

9. Zazzle 

Zazzle Affiliate Program

You can choose from millions of Zazzle’s goods to promote online. You receive a commission if you post links to their items via your website, email, blog, or social networking profiles.

The range of products Zazzle offers makes its affiliate program so appealing. In any case, the more things they offer, the greater the likelihood that you will find a consumer for them.

Cookie Duration: 45 days 

Commission Rate: 15%-17% 


  • Signing up is quick and easy 
  • Offering a wide range of products 
  • Checks are accepted for payment
  • Bonuses for volume are great


  • They don’t offer enough guidance on affiliate marketing

10. Craft Cruises 

Craft Cruises offers an offer that may be difficult to decline: earn additional money or enjoy a complimentary trip. They provide a wealth of articles, forums, and organizations that can assist you in achieving your affiliate goals.

Craft Cruises Affiliate Program

Since a free trip is up for grabs, this program is for artistically inclined travel enthusiasts. You only need to advertise their items in exchange.

URL: Craft Cruises 

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned 

Commission Rate: 20% per sale / $25 two-tier 


  • There is a free cruise offered by them 
  • Engage your communities and forums 
  • Their monetary rewards are attractive


  • There’s not a lot of information on their website to help beginners

11. Craft Edge 

Craft Edge Affiliate Program

The Craft Edge painting affiliate program entails revenue sharing if you produce online sales for the company. Unlike many comparable affiliate schemes, this one is free to join.

They will supply you with links on your blog or social media networks. Craft Edge will commission any sale generated by a visitor who follows your affiliate link.

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned 

Commission Rate: 15%


  • High commissions are offered by them 
  • Beginners will benefit from their program 
  • Their products would appeal to crafty bloggers


  • It’s a lesser-known site than others, so you’re unlikely to find many customers there

12. Mister Art 

Webmasters, bloggers, non-profit organizations, etc., can earn money with Mister Art’s outstanding affiliate art program. Here, you earn money by sending traffic to their website.

Mister Art Affiliate Program

I was impressed by their straightforward and uncomplicated online registration procedure — an undervalued competitive advantage. Additionally, they provide more than 25,000 art and craft items that will appeal to everyone.

It is important to note that their customer service is also excellent.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission Rate: 10%


  • They offer a variety of products
  • It is easy to repost their products because they include adequate descriptions 
  • Offer great discounts that will entice customers


  • In comparison with similar programs, the commission is lower

13. is primarily a lifestyle website, although it is also related to sewing. Through their affiliate program, you may give your visitors a variety of quilting, home décor, and fashion products. You can enroll in this program at no cost. Affiliate Program

In addition to providing you with all the information you need to set up your links and banners, they also provide you with complete access to their product inventory. Here, you’ll earn a commission on sales earned by your marketing efforts.

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned 

Commission Rate: 8%


  • They offer a wide variety of fabrics and sewing materials 
  • Daily, they update their products 
  • Registration with them is free of charge 


  • Commission rates are pretty low 
  • Artistic skills aren’t catered to except for sewing 

14. Redbubble 

Redbubble provides some of the most distinctive works of art and design. This market places a premium on independent artists who appeal to diverse preferences.

Redbubble Affiliate Program

Redbubble has been lauded by artists from around the globe as having one of the greatest affiliate programs for art bloggers. They offer something for everyone, from photographers and painters to type designers and illustrators.

Cookie Duration: 45 days 

Commission Rate: 10%


  • There are thousands of artworks in their collection 
  • You can take advantage of many great offers from them 
  • Their customer service is excellent 


  • This isn’t the best site for affiliates who are just starting out

15. Minted 

Minted is one of the top art programs in terms of commission, as their rates are more than twice as high as those offered by comparable programs.

Minted Affiliate Program

Their focus is primarily on special occasions, like weddings.

I discovered some of the finest online wall murals on Minted; their collection is outstanding. Also, I’d like to mention that Minted is a strong competitor in the wedding planning area.

Cookie Duration: 120 days 

Commission Rate: 15%


  • Their artwork is top-notch
  • Commissions are higher than average
  • Referrals are also accepted  
  • Their publisher promotions are great


  • They don’t appeal to a large audience

FAQs On Art Affiliate Programs

✔ What is an art affiliate program?

An art affiliate program is a marketing arrangement between an art supplier, online art gallery, or other art-related business and an affiliate partner. The business pays the affiliate a commission for each sale that the affiliate generates through their unique referral link.

✔ What are the benefits of joining an art affiliate program?

Art affiliate programs offer several benefits, including high commissions, access to a wide range of art products and services, and marketing tools and resources to help you succeed.

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Conclusion: Art Affiliate Programs 2024

I have researched some of the top art affiliate programs for artistic bloggers, and I believe they should provide you with a solid foundation. Having realistic expectations regarding your commission, effort, etc. in advance will allow you to maximize your affiliate income.

Numerous bloggers have utilized art programs as a lucrative source of passive income. According to everything I’ve heard and witnessed, this source of income appears to be here to stay.

The advantages above of the numerous affiliate programs should give you a good notion of why I say this.

After all, your art won’t sell itself, so why not sell to others while you’re doing it?

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