7 Reasons Why You Should Take Astra’s WordPress Security Course 2024

Every one out of three websites is on WordPress. And, more than 70% of these WordPress websites are vulnerable to attacks, according to statistics. This answers why attacks on WordPress have become freakingly common. One thing is clear that with increasing popularity the awareness around WordPress security isn’t increasing.

This should not be confused with any scarcity of resources on WordPress security. Quite opposite to scarcity, the web is, in fact, overflowing with “How to secure WordPress” articles. And It’s so easy to get lost in this sea of content yet not find anything of value.

Astra WordPress Security Course- Daily Security Alerts

The problem isn’t limited to excessive resources only, but also extends to the sparse coverage of WordPress security. This is to say, most of the content do not cover WordPress security in totality but only parsley. Hence, it gets extremely draining and time-consuming to have to read 10 different articles for 10 different problems on WordPress.

This is when Astra’s WordPress security course presented itself. I took the course and found it to be amazingly relevant, time-saving and practical. Not to say that I was able to secure my WordPress remarkably with each lesson. 

ASTRA Security - 360° Website Security

So, I took it upon myself to tell you point by point why this course is perfect for you if WordPress security is valuable to you.

7 Reasons Why You Should Take Astra’s WordPress Security Course (MUST READ)

1. DIY security for your WordPress

All the lessons have been tailored to include easy to follow steps. With each lesson, you will be prepped with go-to solutions for your WordPress. And guess what, all the measures depicted will be easily doable by yourself. So, no need to ask around for any help.

Astra WordPress Security Course-

2. Money ain’t a problem, cause it’s FREE

Yes, surprisingly and thankfully this course is completely free. That comes as a relief for your pocket. You need not spend a dime to avail this course and no, there are no hidden costs. It is plain and clear and FREE.

3. Video lessons make it easy to learn

No extensive reading required. Just watch, listen and learn. It’s as simple as that. Above all, the lessons do not extend illogically. At all points, it remains crisp and short. Hence, it does not make you exhausted at all.

4. It’s Time-saving

In addition to energy saving, it is also time-saving. I was really wary of having to invest too much time learning this. But to my relief, I had to invest only a couple of minutes on each lesson. Further, it is really flexible and convenient that way. Moreover, it is multitudinal in respect to the WordPress pain points.

5. Everyone gets an amazing Goodie bag

Wait, there is more to this exciting course- A goodie bag! On completion of this course, you will be eligible for a beneficial goodie bag. This virtual goodie bag includes various discounts & vouchers like

  • Flat 20% OFF on Cloudways,
  • Flat 20% OFF on Astra,
  • $200 OFF on Customerly
  • Flat 30% OFF on Cloudways Managed Hosting for WordPress
  • Flat 20% OFF on TypeForm

Astra WordPress Security Course- Goodie Bag

And many more.

6. Knowledge assessment with Quizzes

Test your learning with a quiz. This course also lets you assess your learning with a set of objective type questions on completion.

Quick Links:

7. Course completion certificate

On securing 60% and above in the quiz, you will be awarded a certificate by the CTO of the company. This shining certificate will add to your career enhancements for it could be used on your LinkedIn profile. In case, you didn’t pass the test in one go, you can always retake it. You will still be eligible for the certificate.

Here is my certificate:

Astra WordPress Security Course- Completion Certificate

In case of doubts & queries, you can directly ask the security experts. They will be there for you to guide through.

400+ Web owners have joined the course, what are you waiting for? Enroll right now and secure your WordPress website in minutes.


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