Atomic Email Verifier Review 2023: Is It Worth Your Money?

A clean email database is a key to successful email marketing. If you send emails to invalid addresses, it influences your mailing campaigns in a terrible way.

Firstly, you are mistaken in the effectivity analyzing. If you clean your database and leave only the existing and correct emails there, you see that your conversion percentage increases. That’s why now more of your newsletters really reach the recipients.

Secondly, the repeated sending of the newsletters to the email addresses that do not exist looks suspicious for providers. They will concern your mailing to be spam. Especially if there are some spam traps in your address list (the email addresses created especially for identifying spammers, they never subscribe to any mailings, but are often added to the lists by parsers). So, don’t put your reputation under the risk and get rid of the non-existent emails in time.

Atomic Email Verifier Review

Atomic Email Verifier Review: In A Nutshell

So, Verifier for providing successful email marketing campaigns, you need your address list to contain only valid emails. And for making the list clean you need a powerful email verification tool for getting rid of the bad, incorrect, and non-existing addresses.

Verifier Overview

And now we will overview one of the most popular software for verifying emails in an unlimited mode, Atomic Email Verifier. This is the program released by AtomPark Software, the developer of the professional marketing tools with 19 years of experience. And in this review, you will see all the features of this software. ZeroBounce is another reliable email validator which you give a try. Check our ZeroBounce Discount code to get exclusive discount now.

How does Atomic Email Verifier Work?

Before starting the detailed review of all the features, let’s discuss the principles of this program’s functioning. In what way does it verify emails? Does it let the program to be accurate? How the results are displayed and how can they be saved? Read and you will understand all this.

The software verifies emails in three steps:

  1. Checks syntax. There are some standards about how email address should look like. If it doesn’t then it’s incorrect. So, the first step is checking if the item meets the requirements of how email address should look like. For example, the program will delete the addresses with the mistakes (like john!@$,
  2. Checks domain. It’s logical that if a domain doesn’t exist, then the email address doesn’t exist too. So, the program checks if the domain is correct and existent.
  3. Checks email address. This is the last step for the most accurate verification. Atomic Email Verifier refers to the SMTP server of a domain and checks if there is a certain user there. Saying the planer, the program tries to send the test newsletter to the address and waits for the response of the server. If the newsletter can’t be delivered then the address is not valid. This last level helps to say for sure if the email is real or invalid. But note that this step is possible only if port 25 is open.

Such a three-step validation ensures the top level of accuracy of the validation process. So, the lists checked with Atomic Email Verifier are spotless and contain only good email addresses.

The results look like this:


You can see the number of valid, invalid, uncertain, and disposable emails.

It’s possible to save these results on your PC as .xls or .doc files, export them to MS Word, MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc or OpenOffice Writer. Also, it’s possible to copy the results to the clipboard. And finally, as Atomic Email Verifier is compatible with other programs of AtomPark Software you can export the results to them. For example, if you want to manage your list after validation (sort it, divide into parts, etc) you can export it to Atomic List Manager. Or if you are ready to run the email marketing campaign then there is the possibility to export the verified list of addresses to Atomic Mail Sender, a program for sending emails.

You can save only good emails or save two different files with valid and invalid addresses.

Note! The program works much better if port 25 is open. Sometimes this port can be closed by ISPs or Firewalls. So, before starting to verify emails, ensure that port 25 is open.

The main options Verifier

Atomic Email Verifier is a convenient tool for email validation. There are all the needed features. Here is the list of them.

Unlimited address lists

Atomic Email Verifiers doesn’t have any limits on the number of email addresses in the list. So, you can check the big database consisting of thousands of emails at once.

It supports any format of the address list

You can upload the emails in the form of the following files:

  • Word files
  • Plain text file 
  • Excel files
  • Outlook Address Book.

Also, you can copy your list and paste it to the verification program from the clipboard.

And finally, Atomic Email Verifier is fully compatible with all the other Atomic products. So, it’s easy and convenient to import the addresses to the validation tool from, for example, Atomic Email Extractor, a program that collects emails from the Web. This makes your preparation to the email marketing campaign much easier. Once you have parsed the email addresses you can import it to the Atomic Email Verifier to check if all the addresses are valid.

Pro features for perfect email list Verifier

You can specify any settings you need for more effective validation. Here are the options for making the email lists clean.

Types of connection

The program supports three different types of connection:

  • Direct connection. This is the default option.
    Direct Connection
  • Web script (add it to your website and use it for email validation). You can read more detailed about this feature here
    Web Script
  • Proxy connection (use it to hide your IP and make the process of verification safer). The program supports different types of proxy servers. Among them, there are Socks 4, Socks 4A, and Socks 5. The program not only can work with Proxy servers but also constantly checks if they function properly.
    Automatic Verifier


Also, you can connect to SMTP for faster work. Just click “Common settings”, go to “SMTP” and fill in all the needed boxes. You can enter the needed settings: thread count, retry count, connection timeouts.


You can specify the default statuses for the domains you want. There are four statuses available:

  • Always valid
  • Always invalid
  • Always uncertain
  • Always unchecked

For specifying, choose the domain you want to apply the default status to, then go to “Filters”, “Add rule”, and choose the needed variant from the four available ones.

Verifier Pricing Plans

Unlike services, the software doesn’t require a monthly fee. The program costs $69.85. And you shouldn’t pay anything more until you want to get the updated version when it’s released.

Email-Verifier- Pricing

The possibility to try for free

There is a demo version of the program which you can download for free. It allows you to test the software for 7 days after installation. All the features are available, so you can conduct a full-value test-drive of this email validator. But the only thing that is impossible in the demo version of Atomic Email Verifier is the results of verification saving. For enjoying the clean list with only valid emails, you should buy the full version of the software.

Some more advantages of Atomic Email Verifier

After the full review of this program and exploring the information on its official website, the following pros were detected.

Easy work

The program is easy to install. It is ready for work on your PC in a minute.

And also, it’s easy to use. The interface is understandable, all the features are located either on the panel at the top of the window or in “Common Settings”. So, you need not look for the needed option for a long time. This will take you just a few seconds.

But still, if you are using the program for the first time and have some problems while doing the needed operations or setting something, there is the “Help” that contains the complete guide on how to use the software. All you need to do in order to see it is to click F2.

Good 24/7 technical support

If there are some problems you don’t know how to solve, then contact the technical support. The specialists are ready to help you at any time of day and night without days off. And their contacts can be found on the official website of the program. It’s possible to use the most convenient for a client’s way of contacting. There is a chat on the website, phone number, and email. So, you can feel free to use any of them for asking technical support for help.

Pros Cons
  • Three-step verification
  • A bit old fashioned design of the interface
  • Advanced settings for better validation
  • Detailed results
  • Proxy compatibility
  • The possibility of SMTP connection
  • Good price

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Conclusion: Atomic Email Verifier Review 2023

So, Atomic Email Verifier is a very easy and effective instrument for the address list validation. You can use different types of connections for safer and faster functioning of the program. Also, you can enjoy other features for better and more convenient verification.

As for the price, it’s rather affordable, especially taking into account that you shouldn’t pay every month. But it’s always better to try it by yourself than to read reviews. So, download the demo and use it for free for 7 days.

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