Atomic Mail Sender Review 2024: Should You Go For It? (TRUTH)

Email marketing is one of the best ways of marketing your business. This is sending bulk emails to the entire contact list that you have. And the best part is that you don’t have to invest a fortune to get this started. Instead, you just need a proper contact list, and everything will be taken care of. Though it is easier said than done. But if you can select the right platform to carry out this function, then you will find no difficulty in accomplishing email marketing successfully.

Atomic Mail Sender Review

It is tough, mainly because when you are sending out a bulk email then it can be termed as spam and would not reach your client’s inbox at all. Instead, it would land up in the spam box.

Automatic Mail Sender

Today, most of us have the spam filter turned on, so we don’t have to go through hundreds of spam emails every day. I recently had time to review a mass email software from AtomPark Software, a company that specialized in developing email marketing tools. The aim of Atomic Mail Sender is to help you to reach out to the maximum number of clients without been identified as spam. So, I’ve checked if it’s true and explored all the features of the software.

Enjoy Atomic Mail Sender Features

The program has everything for making your email marketing easier and faster. There are tools for helping you to prepare the newsletters, features that minimize the risk of going to the Spam folder, and many other useful options that are needed for email marketers. So, now we will review all the possibilities of Atomic Mail Sender.

Full SMTP compatibility

Atomic Mail Sender supports any SMTP server. So, you can make your mass mailing faster and safer. You can use any external SMTP server or connect to the partners’ ones if you haven’t got your own one.

Proxy support

Hide your IP for not being suspicious of your provider. Atomic Mail Sender is compatible with the proxy server. It supports the following types of them:

  • Socks 4
  • Socks 4A
  • Socks 5

The program is not just only compatible with proxy, it also monitors the functioning of the servers. It can delete the dead ones if there are some before sending emails. It helps to make the mailing more effective.

SSL/TLS authentication

This is a great and very convenient feature. It allows us to reconnect without repeatable authentication.

Basic list management

Atomic Mail Sender makes your preparation for the email marketing campaign easier. It has the following features for address list management:

  • adding emails;
  • deleting addresses;
  • sorting emails;
  • randomizing the list;
  • editing the additional personalizing information;
  • deleting suspicious emails and duplicates.

These options are absolutely enough for beginning email marketers. But if you are a professional and want to manage your address lists in a more sophisticated way then AtomPark Software has prepared something else for you. For more advanced list management, there is another product, Atomic List Manager.

Social media widgets

Promote your social media accounts in your emails. Mixing these two channels of communication, you will keep in touch with your target audience permanently. You can add the widgets with the links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram accounts. After clicking on it, a person will see your profile in the social network. This way you can attract more subscribers to your social media accounts. Also, the social media widgets in the emails help to earn more trust from the recipients as they will be able to go to your accounts and learn more information about you.

Social Media Widget

Unsubscribe link and Wizard

The simple process of the unsubscription is the best way to avoid complaints about spam. If it is hard to unsubscribe, the people who are not interested enough in your emails will press the “Spam” button. And after some time, the provider will consider that you are a spammer because of the big number of complaints, and block your next mailing campaigns. So, in order to avoid this, put the unsubscribe link to your emails compulsorily. Fortunately, it’s easy to do this in Atomic Mail Sender.
Unsubscribe Link

You don’t have to delete subscribers manually. The built-in Wizard will exclude from the contact list automatically those people who have unsubscribed. The feature works in the following way. When a person unsubscribes, the special unsubscribe email goes to the address you have specified. And the email addresses from which such letters have been received are automatically excluded from the contact list.


This is the obligatory component of any email. The newsletters with personalization are proven to be more effective than the ones without it. So, Atomic Mail Sender automatically replaces the special tags with the information about the receiver (name, company, website, etc.).

Free HTML templates

If you don’t want to waste your time creating the design of the newsletter or money for paying to another specialist, then Atomic Mail Sender can offer you the way out. The program contains a set of free HTML templates with a unique design: for everyday use and for holidays. Just choose one of them, copy your text to the template, and send.

HTML Template

Spam Assassin

This is a very helpful tool for newbies in email marketing. This built-in tool tests the risk of your message to end up in the Spam folder and gives you advice on how to improve it for enhancing the chances to go to the Inbox.

Spin Text

This is an awesome feature for preventing your mailing campaign from going to spam. It makes your mailing look for the providers and mail clients as if it was a lot of unique newsletters. So, it looks less suspicious than many same emails to the thousandths of the recipients.

The feature works in the following way. You enter the list of words or word combinations that could be appropriate in certain places of your email. And then the program places randomly of them in different newsletters. So that they all look unique.


The software is fully compatible with Google Analytics. So, it’s easy to monitor the results of your campaign.

Detailed reports

After you have sent the messages you can look at the reports: individual and grouped under specified criteria. Also, it’s very convenient that it’s possible to save the reports on your PC.

Scheduled sending

You can send emails either immediately or at the pre-set time and date. Also, you can set the automatic sending of the emails once a week or one time in any other period of time you need (just enter the number of days: 7 days, 8, 9, 10 days, etc).

Scheduled Project

Feel the significant advantages Atomic Mail Sender

Not only a wide range of features makes Atomic Mail Sender so attractive for the users. It also has a lot of other pluses.

Unlimited contact lists

You can send your newsletters to an unlimited number of recipients. There are no restrictions on the length of the address list. Moreover, it’s possible to upload the list of any format:

  • .csv
  • .txt
  • Excel files (.xls)
  • Word files (.doc)
  • .mdb
  • .accdb
  • DBF database
  • Outlook Address Book

Also, you can copy your contact list to Atomic Mail Sender from the clipboard or import it from the other Atomic programs (for example, from Atomic Email Verifier that checks if the emails are valid or from Atomic List Manager, a program for managing the list, or directly from Atomic Email Extractor, a tool for email addresses parsing).

Buy once, use for a while

As this is software, not a service, you don’t have to pay the monthly fee. You can buy a product once and use it for a year until the update is released. So, if you do mailing campaigns often, this is the most favorable variant you would ever find. Especially if you see the price. It is only $89.90.

Use the software easily

The interface is rather user-friendly. If you it’s hard to find some features, press F2, and the Help will appear. There you can find the ultimate guide on how to use Atomic Mail Sender.

Customer care specialists of AtomPark Software are always ready to help you in case of some problems. So, you don’t need to rack your brains if something is not clear while using the software.

Pricing Plans Of Atomic Mail Sender

For those who want to see all the features by themselves, there is a demo version. It is absolutely free for downloading. You can use it for 7 days and only then buy the full version.

Atomic Mail Sender is a brilliant tool for email marketing. It has all the needed features and even more. It’s very affordable as there is no monthly fee. Also, it’s very easy to use as the interface is understandable. You have the possibility to feel all the advantages yourself by downloading the demo and testing the software for free for 7 days.

Buy-license-for-Email-Marketing- Pricing

So, Atomic Mail Sender is a reliable email marketing software that saves your time and money.  Download the demo and see for yourself!

Pros Cons
  • Fast and unlimited sending
  • A bit outdated design of the interface
  • Compatibility with SMTP
  • Proxy support
  • Free HTML templates
  • Scheduled sending
  • Favorable price

Atomic Mail Sender Review & Testimonials

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Conclusion: Atomic Mail Sender Review 2024

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