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Ease of Use






Unlimited lists


Verify emails


Verify domains


Verify email syntax




  • Search by keyword
  • Uncover email addresses on websites
  • Bulk email sender
  • Address recipients by name
  • Search for email addresses by keywords
  • Atomic Subscription Manager
  • Send Extensive Emails with Little Effort
  • High-speed delivery
  • Atomic WHOIS Explorer
  • Email syntax verification
  • Atomic Newsgroup Explorer


  • More pricing options needed
  • No Single Email Verification

Email marketing that is sending bulk emails to the entire contact list that you have is one of the best ways of marketing your business. The best part being that you don’t have to invest a fortune to get this started instead you just need a proper contact list and everything will be taken care of. Though it is easier said than done, but if you can select the right platform to carry out this function, then you will find no difficulty in successfully accomplishing the task of email marketing as well.

It is tough, mainly because when you are sending out bulk email then it can be termed as spam and would not reach your client’s inbox at all instead would land up in the spam box.

Today, most of us have the spam filter turned on so that we don’t have to go through hundreds of spam mails every day. I recently had a time to review a mass email service from AtomPark Software, a company specialized in developing email marketing software and services. The platform is said to allow the users to reach out to the maximum number of clients without been identified as a spam.

Bulk Email Service Manage Email Campaigns with Ease

Helping you with bulk email at an affordable range

Though this service doesn’t come for free of cost still it is easily affordable by any business type, irrespective of whether it is big or small. In order to make use of this bulk email service you don’t need to be a tech geek. You just need to register yourself with the service and instantaneously will gain access to its services. Instead with a click or two you will be able to handle the process completely.

Bulk Email Service with Low prices

There is this “free 200” tariff plan which will provide you the options of sending out as many as 3000 emails for free of cost every month. If you see your customer base growing then you can change the current plan anytime you want. Once you verify the prices with various other bulk email services you will find that this one is the cheapest of all with great features.

Atomic Email Service Plans

Enjoying some great features

Mostly what happens when you use any bulk email services, then their name appears, but that is not the case with Atomic Email services! It allows you to use your brand name or the company name so that your customers identify with your mail instantly and doesn’t discard it as spam mail.

Another feature which will save you time and effort is the auto responder feature where you create your text once and when you set up the settings accordingly the Atomic email services does the rest by sending emails to the contact list regularly.Bulk Email Service Manage Email Campaigns with personalizations

It also helps you in planning your email marketing by providing you the comparison table that gives you an insight to which template is performing better. You can also enjoy the service of a scheduler to schedule your mail and create personalized subscription form. If you want to track the information that your clients are most interested in then you can make use of click maps.

All these features can be enjoyed at an affordable range, making this email service platform a great one to bank upon. If you are, however, one of those guys who don’t feel comfortable with online services, AtomPark Software offers desktop solutions with the same features. One of them is Atomic Bulk Mailer, an email marketing program for bulk email campaigns.

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