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Ease Of Use
Content Quality


  • Featured free fiction books
  • has its own easy to use app, available for both android or IOs.
  • The free trial for 30 days is offered by, which allows using many services offered by them for free.
  • grants permission to access for a lifetime to all the books which are purchased by the user.
  • One, easy-to-follow membership plan
  • Easy to use across multiple devices
  • Over 1 million podcasts to choose from


  • The VIP audiobooks are not allowed to be used for a lifetime in is considered to be one of the most demanded audiobooks of the year. The updated services and incredible features make it perfect in every noticeable term.

Price:$ 14.95

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Trying to find an audiobook that you can enjoy is time-consuming and frustrating. offers a wide selection of audiobooks for listeners of all ages and interests, With you can sign up for a free trial and get 3 audiobooks free, 2 books a month after. Members get free access to 10,000+ audiobooks and 100+ million+ podcast episodes. review reddit

Those who are searching for a good range of book recordings of a variety of titles for their everyday routine whilst traveling, working, or doing any other activities can go with

Bottom Line Upfront: Who has time to read a book these days? You can listen to an audiobook while you’re in the car, cooking dinner, or getting a workout. has an amazing selection of audio books for everyone. Whether you want a romance, a thriller, or an autobiography, Audiobooks have the perfect book for you.

Many people prefer listening to a book rather than reading it and started an initiative to offer best books in audio format. You can listen to some of the best books on With our special discount offer, you can get upto $30 off on

which is the best Audiobook service

You may have questions for like this: I will answer everything for you today

-How do I cancel audiobooks com?

-Is audiobooks com a legit website?

-Is audiobooks com the same as audible?

-Which audiobook app is best?

-Who owns ?

-What is

-Is there any Free Trial available ?

-How does it work ?

-Where to buy ?

-Is Subscription Worth it?

-What is the difference between Audible and VIP Selection: What Is It? Review 2021 : Overview is attempting to imitate the audiobook services offered by Amazon known as Audible. has a huge set of libraries that helps in providing incredible offers on audiobooks and is always determined to ideally help their customers which improves user experience.

However “” and the product of Amazon –“Audible” are comparatively the same in terms of functioning. One can easily purchase’s monthly subscription, which benefits in providing free books for over a month.

For capturing the market, they also offer some discounts on subscriptions, and most importantly the app of consists of an immense range of recorded books and serves related offers on them. Review - Audiobooks has an outstanding collection of more than 200,000 audiobooks. Also, it provides access to 80000 plus podcasts. has an incredible framework of the credit system which makes it an efficient and decent audiobook.

The book store of is able to give you all the types of books, whenever you sign up for a membership subscription. At this point, no other audiobooks are able to offer such a reasonable option. library is one of the best-developed sites as it allows users to buy additional credits at the same price. Hence it makes the platform more user-friendly, flexible, and affordable. Those who are regular listeners of can prefer as it allows you to keep the audiobook that you bought for a lifetime. Discount Coupon: (Get $30 OFF NOW)

What is Audiobooks.Com? has more than 200,000 plus recordings of books in their enormous library. The library provides an array of incredible features and a stable platform. It’s very reliable and feasible for all users. started in 2012, and it made a huge fan base with its services.

The services offered by are affordable even by serving with such outstanding flexibility. This makes even more optimal as one can easily buy as many as books they want every month.

Moreover, the best part of using is you get permanent access to the audiobook which you purchased for a lifetime.

Audiobooks - Libarary

Even after the subscription ends, you can still access all your audiobooks which you bought earlier. Most audiobooks don’t provide this feature, and that’s why is so much preferable by so many people. Consequently, those who are substantial about the audiobooks, and are regular users, can blindly trust has a platform that provides a good range of audiobooks as compared to all the other audiobooks providers. Moreover, the audiobooks library can be accessed easily either on the web page or on the app.

The most interesting factor of is that it is user-friendly, thus it provides the best user functions such as you can easily open the audiobook just by tapping on the cover of the audiobooks. Although, the library of is systematically organized according to the titles of the audiobooks.

The major drawback of the library is that they do not provide a book section for free. However, some books are offered free of cost but those have some limitations. Those who are looking for free audiobooks, they can search for other free applications available on the internet or they can browse directly, as will fail to do so.

Latest Feature Free Trial

In case you don’t get convinced that is the right choice for you then come with 30 days free trial offer that includes 1 free audiobook and 2 bonus audiobook from their VIP selection.

And, the best part is you will get 30 days to decide that you like their services or not, and going forward you don’t feel the need for paid version just cancel your subscription within 30 days and avoid deduction of any charges.

Audiobooks.Com App And Device Consistency

The mobile app of is very spontaneous, which makes it more compatible with all types of mobile versions of iOS and Android. The application involves all the key features useful for downloading and listening to all the favorite audiobooks.

The configuration of the app consists of various functionalities for instance classified selection of titles and chapters, ability to add bookmarks, night mode settings, permission to adjust the recitation of the audiobook accordingly, fast forward, rewind, ability to add a comment, and much more.

Most importantly, one of the unique features offered by is Cloudmark sync.

And another unique feature of is the Automatic Restart of the application. This helps in starting the app at the spot where you stopped when last used. Whenever a new audiobook is released by your favorite author, you can get notified by just following your favorite author on

_Audiobooks - App Store

The app is trusted by so many users because of its customer care team. The team is always available to help with all the queries and support requested by the users via a toll-free number, email, or live chat options.

The app is significant in terms of usage but it needs a lot of storage space to run. Moreover, it’s always recommended to use WI-FI while listening to audiobooks. The website also advises you to set storage of around 150 MB.

Although, the app has some of the biggest drawbacks such as it does not support car mode and speaker. The navigation in the app is difficult as compared to other service providers.

Listening To Audiobooks While You Do Something Else Is The Ultimate In Multitasking


Credit – Forbes Pricing has super flexible pricing plans for its users. They offer a free trial and monthly subscriptions.

Free Trial offered by offers a free trial for all users. This trial is applicable for 30-days after signing up. offers two credits for free. The 30 days trial is given so that you can easily find out whether the services which are offered are suitable for you or not.

Monthly Subscription Offered By

After the completion of 30-days of the free trial offered by, you can go for a monthly subscription if you find is suitable for you. The monthly membership of costs $14.95 for a month. In this package, you will be able to access two of the audiobooks from their library.

Also, the best part is they grant you permission for accessing additional audiobooks of which they classified as VIP books.

Thus you will be paying approximately $7.50 for each audiobook offered by However, the additional audiobook which was complimentary as a VIP audiobook will only be accessible until you have subscribed to a user, after that it will get terminated. Although the book will be present in your library.

Moreover, the good part is you can access the audiobook which you purchased by credit. Audiobooks after the completion of a monthly subscription extract the VIP audiobooks from your account. Review - Pricing Plan

When it comes to comparison,, and Audible- The Amazon product is finely similar in terms of pricing. The Audible also charges $14.95 for a monthly subscription in which they provide two audiobooks that are categorized in audible originals and one audiobook credit for a month.

However, allows its users to purchase additional audiobooks for $14.95 each credit. Thus it’s one of the factors which makes more considerate than audible.

One of the most beneficial offers provided by is their additional promotions, such as you can buy your favorite books within a single deal. This reduces the basic cost of your subscription.

One of the good parts of is the price of membership subscription plans. The prices are always fixed and do not differ in any case. So it makes it easy and the user can easily rely on the pricing.

Gift Vouchers Offered By has a gift center that is offered by them its users. The gift center has many ranges of providing gift vouchers which are categorized for one to twelve months. The only condition in these gift vouchers is the location, for instance, if you belong to the UK, then you can redeem the gift vouchers only the offers which are for UK residents.

If you received any of the gift vouchers from, for redeeming that, you need to visit and sign up there. After completing the creation of the account, just need to navigate into the account settings and follow the steps as mentioned. After applying the code, you will be able to select the title of the audiobook which you need to buy.

Audiobooks.Com Returns Policy fails in one zone when compared with Audible, and that is returning the books from the account.  In terms of this part, does not represent any defined rules and policies to overcome this situation of returning the audiobooks which you didn’t like.

For Instance, many other audiobooks providers have some of the best policies of returning the audiobooks which were not liked by the user. Likewise, Audible, the audiobooks provider offers refund policies in a way better than any other audiobooks provider. Moreover, never mentions in any of their user agreements the refund policies offered by them.

Hence for improving the services and increasing users, needs to work on the refund policies, by making the policies reliable and clear.

Audiobooks.Com Customer Service

The support team of is outstanding and available to help in any case. They are providing support over phone calls, emails, or even through live chats. However, if you are not able to find from above-mentioned communication options, then you can also check FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions), which might help you in finding the solutions for your queries. Vs audible vs audible

Audible is for sure is of the most popular audiobook subscription available in the market but has taken the industry by storm and comes with lots of advantages too, the prices of both services are the same that is $14.95.

However Audibles one gets 1 book each month and 2 audible originals and offers 1 book plus 2 books as a bonus from their VIP section and All-access pass their podcast. and Audible have almost the same figure of titles with Audible leading by a margin of 25k which is 12%.

Audible also has a plus advantage that is it has many great book titles in comparison to However, growing at a great pace and catching up with their competitor gradually. and Audible both have mobile applications with great features & live sync is one of them.

Audiobooks.Com Pros & Cons

There are various types of pros and cons in which consists. The following are some of the major pros and cons, which can help in finding more relevant points about

Pros has a tremendous collection of audiobooks. They offer every type of audiobook which is liked and preferred by so many audiobooks enthusiastic individuals. There are more than 200,000 plus titles that make a huge collection of audiobooks into their library.

  • has its own app, which can be used on any version of the mobile whether on android or IOs. The app comes with many great features and is very easy to use.
  • The free trial for 30 days is offered by, which allows using many services offered by them for free. It helps the user to decide whether is suitable for them or not.
  • In the app, they offer many deals for promoting their services. By providing discounts or coupons while buying, which reduces the total cost of the subscription of the user.
  • com grants permission to access for a lifetime all the books which are purchased by the user.

Cons has several drawbacks which make it fail under some of the conditions.

  • The app is not user-friendly as compared to other audiobooks service providers.
  • has very limited subscription offers and that is only for a month.
  • Any of the smart speakers like Alexa, Google Now, and many more are not supported by
  • The VIP audiobooks are not allowed to be used for a lifetime in

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FAQs related to

👉How much does Audiobooks cost per month?

When your free trial expires, you have a monthly subscription fee of $14.95 and will be charged automatically from the billing information of your account.

✅How can I listen to more than an audiobook per month?

When you subscribe to one credit will automatically be added to your account per month, either you can purchase top-up credit or claim books instantly using instal credit.

😎How can I use Insta credit?

Instacredit is a free and quick way to purchase extra credits, this Instacredit will only be used when you have credits remaining in your account. To use Instacredit make sure to enable the feature under the Setting menu, then choose the book credit that will instantly be purchased and redeem for the book you want to purchase.

🤔How can I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription you need to visit Audiobooks official website and log in to your account and click on cancel my subscription.

🤞Is there a family plan in

A family plan is a new member feature that allows you to add people to your household and share Audiobooks with them. As you add your family member to your account they can save their bookmark and notes.

✔Do Audiobooks offer a money-back guarantee? does not offer a money-back guarantee on any of its subscriptions, but if you steam audiobooks and find faulty you can contact its Customer Service team. They will help you to replace that file.

✌Does offer any free trial?

Audiobooks offer 30 days free trial which starts with your first subscription and it also offers two free credits. This 30-day free trial is given to you so that you can choose whether the service offered is suitable or not.

🤔Does offer any Audiobooks Coupon Codes?

Yes, offers coupon codes, where you can get up to a 30% discount on Audiobooks.

Is Subscription Worth it? – Review Conclusion is considered to be one of the most demanded audiobooks of the year. The updated services and incredible features make it perfect in every noticeable term. offers super-exclusive audiobooks in its library, which is appreciated by many users.

You Can Also like & follow Their Social Media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and stay updated.

The app of is perfectly easy to handle and use. All the basic functionalities are present and can be easily followed. The credit system of is finely adaptable. is the best combination where you can find everything including cost, multiple audiobooks, a great platform, and much more!

In Short

Features: You can read any book. lets you enjoy the complete audio version of a book in real-time.

Advantages: You can listen to your favorite books at any time, wherever you go, without cables or wires. Anywhere, anytime. With

Benefits: It’s very good value for money! $14.95 will get you unlimited access to many thousands of quality books plus the ability to create your own library by buying other audiobooks from your favorite authors and narrator. You won’t be disappointed by

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