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Review is useful only when it is done in true sense of it but most of the time the reviews are biased so ultimately that affects the customers. Instead of letting your viewers know what the pros and cons are most of the product reviews emphasizes more on the pros. When your review appears on top you feel great but does that mean you have genuinely reviewed the product without being biased.

With the help of Author hReview you can add some rich excerpts of reviews along with review to the editors or author reviews. It is also said to enhance search traffic for your site by enabling interesting SERP results.

AuthorH review plugin details

Rating and Review

People would love to have their product rated and reviewed too, but in order to make it look real and acceptable you have to invest a lot of hard work. There are people who love to have customized review of their product where on one hand, they will be able to project the customer rating and on the other hand the editor rating will also be visible.

Authorh Review Plugin schema tags

When any review gets published it will be of great help if it also explains the criteria based on which the rating has been provided because that way the customers will know where it is lagging and where the product is on top.

But it is much easier said than done, so here we have to seek external help and here is where Author hReview plays a vital role.

Serving your purpose rightfully

If you go by, Google then you will also know that snippets with rich text are much more effective than the preview. Snippets will bring out the important parts of the review as compared to that of Preview.

If you are not sure whether you have been able to publish rich snippets or not, then you can take the help of testing tool provided by Google only to measure that up.

There have been many reviews which are spam and are a fabricated one so if you come across those kinds of reviews then you can easily report them directly to Google by filling a form. Along the line when you are coming up with rich snippets, then you are actually helping your viewers get the right idea about the product and this will help in increasing the rates of click through.

Helping the users to win them over

Google rich snippets plugin authorh review

You cannot defeat your rival by bad mouthing about them instead enhance your performance to win over more viewers and that way automatically your rival will be sidelined. With the help of this plugin you can behave a bit more responsibly and inform them the correct information.

When you are providing a better review for your viewers you are actually helping yourself only because once the viewers realize that you are providing genuine review then they will flock to see what you have to say on certain products. So, next time when you are reviewing something which is really worth it, then you can easily make use of Author hReview.

User friendly approach

This plugin is simple and easy to use and you will not find any difficulty in inserting your rating along with a review in your blog. Moreover the shortcode enables you to present the review in different ways and is a useful tool in saving a lot of your time. If you want a different layout for particular review then also it is made possible through shortcodes.

Now when your viewers are going through one review and you want them to go through others as well then make use of the widget and display other reviews by the sidebar in a sleek and stylish way.

Therefore over all it not only helps you in providing the best review, but also makes you draw traffic to your site and also enhance the style of your page.

author-hreview add reviews and ratings for wordpress blogs




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