Top 5 Aweber Alternatives For Ecommerce In 2023 (#1 Omnisend)

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Aweber, for years, was the industry standard for email marketing solutions. As new technology emerges, the needs of customers change, and email marketing continues to increase in importance, it is time for companies to look for something new.

The following will introduce you to the top 5 Aweber alternatives. Any of these solutions will be a great and needed change to your e-commerce email marketing strategy.

List Of Top 5 Aweber Alternatives For E-commerce In 2023

1. Omnisend

Omnisend tops the list because it is a multichannel tool that focuses specifically on ecommerce solutions. While you can build top notch emails simply with a drag-and-drop function, Omnisend does much more.

As ecommerce continues to grow in importance, it is vital that you reach as many people on as many platforms as possible.

Email is important, but there are also other electronic points of contact such as SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. What really sets Omnisend apart from others and earns it the number one spot on this list is the fact that you can add several channels to the same automation workflow.

Omnisend Review- Best Aweber Alternatives

With email marketing at its core, Omnisend offers list building and email capture features, like popups, landing pages, and dynamic Wheel of Fortune forms.  Online merchants get the most out of Omnisend’s ecommerce-friendly features like their Product Picker, which allows you to pull products directly from your site’s inventory and import that data into your messages. Check out our detailed Onisend Review here. 

Ultimately, Omnisend offers robust automation that can help power your marketing strategy. The fact that you can add in more channels means you can implement an omnichannel marketing strategy quickly and painlessly. It’s definitely worth testing out, especially since they include both a free plan for basic email and a free 14-day trial of their paid plans.

As far as Aweber alternatives go, Omnisend is your best option.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the more popular email marketing solutions and is one of the best. Its ease-of-use makes it the right solution even for a beginner.

Mailchimp also has a drag-and-drop function which makes creating emails simple, but it also has a wide array of predesigned templates.

Mailchimp can also create ads on Facebook, Google, and Instagram directly from the app which allows you to interact over multiple channels.

MailChimp- Best Aweber Alternatives

While they offer automation or adding multiple channels into the same workflow, it is more of an add-on rather than the main feature. This is probably the biggest difference between Omnisend and Mailchimp in terms of effectiveness across channels.

There is a free plan, a Growth Plan, and a Pro Plan with increasing levels of features and support.

3. Constant Contact

If Mailchimp is the most recognizable name on this list, Constant Contact is a not-so-distant second. It offers great features, a recognizable name, and delivers results.

The first thing you will notice is the ease of creating visually stunning emails. There are predesigned newsletter templates, a visual email editor, a wide variety of signup forms, and marketing automation features.

Constant Contact- Best Aweber ALternatives

If an email was the only communication channel needed in e-commerce, then Constant Contact would be number one on this list. As mentioned numerous times before, however, it is not.

The biggest weakness I see with Constant Contact is its lack of additional channels. This weakness will only continue to grow as multichannel marketing becomes more and more important to an overall ecommerce strategy because while email is important, it is not the only thing.

Constant Contact offers only two pricing plans the “Email Plan” and the “Email Plus” plan. The first is free and the second is less than $50/month.

4. Mailjet

Mailjet is not the best aweber alternative, but it is something different and does offer some additional features. Unlike the other five options listed, it does not offer an email capture function so you will need to find a third party provider for that feature.

Mailjet does offer a visual email builder, numerous predesigned templates, and a segmentation feature. There is also a marketing automation function that allows you to cater emails to specific customers.

Mailjet Review- Best Aweber Alternatives

Mailjet does not offer the same multichannel approach as the previously mentioned solutions, but it does offer you the freedom to combine with other providers if you have a comfort level with them.

For instance, if you are comfortable with a specific email capture platform and ad building function, then you can continue to use those features and combine them with the email marketing expertise of Mailjet.

There is a Free Plan, a Basic Plan, a Premium Plan, and an Enterprise plan.

5. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor allows you to create visually appealing emails and deliver them at the right time to the right customer base.

There are adequate segmentation and personalization features that help you target specific customers with specific content. The best feature for personalization is that Campaign Monitor actually allows you to send emails at the optimal time for each specific customer.

Campaign Monitor Review- Aweber Alternatives

They offer what is perhaps the most advanced tool for marketing automation with their “Visual Journey Designer.”

The reason that Campaign Monitor finds itself number five out of five solutions is that it cannot include text messages, Facebook ads, or any other channel to your workflow. This is a big disadvantage that will only perpetuate as multichannel marketing continues to grow in importance.

Campaign Monitor offers a Basic Plan, an Unlimited Plan, and a Premier Plan.

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Conclusion: Top 5 Aweber Alternatives For E-Commerce In 2023

Not every tool will be great for every business, so it’s important to test what’s out there and see what’s right for you. Each tool is different and has something unique to offer. You also need to consider price and sophistication to make sure the tool is appropriate for your level and speed of growth. Omnisend is one of the reliable and best email marketing automation tool for e-commerce. You can also try Omnisend for free. 

With something as important as email marketing, which is pivotal to a great e-commerce strategy, you’ve got to do your homework. Getting it right will make everything else that much easier.

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