Ayboll Review 2023 – Native Advertising For Your Blog

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Monetizing your blog for maximum earnings can be tricky, especially at the beginning. Blog and website owners struggle to figure out the fine line between making money from advertising and annoying their readers – this calls for a lot of experimentation as well as trial and error.

You would ideally like to avoid losing readers because of intrusive advertisements – but also not miss out on any money it can earn. That said, it’s important to note that Ayboll can be used in conjunction with Google AdSense. In this post, we have featured Ayboll Review 2023 that includes detailed insights of its features, functionality and more.

In-depth Ayboll Review: Is It Worth Your Money?? (Must Read)

Detailed Ayboll Review 2023

Ayboll is one of the better solutions on the market to balance monetization visuals while preserving your readers’ natural experience.

ayboll get more value from your online content
Ayboll Review – Native Advertising For Your Blog

Ayboll provides a blog owner with a customized widget that  provides links to content published on other networks that a blog’s readers might find interesting (native advertising). When a reader clicks on the widget, you will get paid a very generous revenue share if your readers purchased one of the items advertised.

Here is a short review of the various components of ayboll, from payment options to registration:

Ayboll Review – Native Advertising For Your Blog

How to Get Started With Abyoll?

Ayboll‘s sign-up process is shockingly easy. Any blog, no matter its content type (even adult), must simply provide  an e-mail address and choose a password.  Important: unlike with many other services, there is absolutely no contract that needs to be signed in order to become an ayboll partner.


ayboll create ads

After sign-up, a new user is directed to the widget-design process, which is much easier than it sounds. All the widgets are free and customizable to fit your website’s look and feel.

Here is how you setup a widget:

Just after signing-up you will be redirected to the main page where you can create free widgets. Setting up the widget is another easy task. It just requires you to fill some details and get it ready.

Firstly, you need to enter your website URL for which you want to create the widget. Then, you just give a name to the widget. This name does not get displayed on the webpage, rather it is only for your identification purposes.

The ayboll widget gives you the option to choose the ads rating between Safe, Moderate and 18+ ads. After selecting the ad rating the next thing is to add a widget header. The text you enter in the widget header appears on the top of the widget on your webpage, so make sure to keep it as interesting as you can.

You can customize the number of rows and columns that will display ads on your webpage. You get the option to select up to 5 columns and 3 rows according to the sizing of your webpage. The widget also has an auto feature that automatically adjusts the size and number of columns based on your web page.


You also get an option to choose the widget style that has two themes, Dark and Light. You can select one of them suiting your blog’s background and theme.

ayboll features

A preview of your widgets is always displayed at the other side of the dashboard, making it easier for you to design its look and feel.

Just after you are done with customizing the widget, click on create, and you will get the codes of the widget that you just created. You just need to grab the code displayed on the first box and place it at the head of your site and the other is to be placed where you would like the ads to appear.

The whole widget creation process is super easy and user friendly!


Ayboll offers you three pages with which you can analyze earnings, check revenue and categorize multiple widgets.

Dashboard: The dashboard gives an overview of your earnings. This page provides reports such as today’s revenue, yesterday’s revenue, revenue this month and revenue last month, current balance, withdrawable balance etc.

My Widgets: This page shows all your widgets lined up one after the other along with the necessary details of the widget. You can directly edit, delete and get codes for the widgets from this page. And you can also create new ones.

Revenue Summary: The revenue summary page allows you to analyze and check your earnings by days, websites, widgets, country and platform. The page provides various other calculations including CTR, Clicks, CPC, RPM and revenue. Thus, with the help of this page you can analyze the individual performance of each widget, days and more.

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Making Money with Ayboll

Ayboll pays you a generous revenue share, as well as for high quality clicks. “Bot” traffic will be identified and ignored. Far above many of its competitors, ayboll earnings can be huge if your traffic is good, ranging between $2-$6 RPM.

Payment Options 

ayboll revenue dashboard

Withdrawing payment should not be an issue with Ayboll as they offer multiple options for payment withdrawal. They give you three options to withdraw your payment: Wire transfer, Paypal and Skrill.

The minimum balance required to withdraw a payment is $100 and payments are transferred between the 1st and 10th of every month.

Now talking about the charges for payment transfer, the Wire transfers charges $25 per transfer, while Skrill is free. You can easily see the payment history in your account window.

Web page loading times

ayboll’s widgets will not in any way affect your website’s loading time, because they use asynchronous loading, independently of your page. The fully responsive design of ads works on all devices (desktop, tablet & mobile).


Wrapping Up: Ayboll Review 2023 | Is It Worth Your Try??

So wrapping up everything, I would say Ayboll is a great way to monetize your blogs or websites. With its attractive and at the same time responsive widgets displaying ads, you can make a decent amount of money with it. And keeping in mind its easy setup process and useful pages, you should definitely give it a try and see how it works for you.

If you have already tried Ayboll, then do let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you!


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  5. I personally would always recommend Adsense ahead of Ayboll. In my tests Ayboll earnt me an RPM of $0.42, whereas with Adsense my RPM was $0.98. Adsense also looked a lot better, ads like the Ayboll ones aren’t very pleasing on the eye with their clickbait nature. Based on my experience I would certainly recommend people to go with Adsense ahead of Ayboll.

  6. Hi Jitendra,
    Honestly, I never heard of Ayboll before, so this come as a great news to me considering persistent disapproval of my Google Adsense account.
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