BaapStore Review 2024: Best Platform For Your Dropshipping Store?

The business of dropshipping is on fast gear nowadays BaapStore Review, as everyone wants to earn money online. The Internet has opened innumerable opportunities for people to make money, and with digitalization reaching heights, it has provided an unlimited potential to bloom and shine.

Many people dream of achieving big in online business by selling their products, but when they dig deep into this world, they realize it is not that easy to sell your products. It is not a cakewalk to open an eCommerce store from scratch BaapStore.

You can still sell products online on a dropshipping platform, but those products will be someone else’s. A dropshipping platform lets you sell products owned by someone else and earn money.

The best part is it does not require a massive investment from your side. BaapStore is an excellent dropshipping platform that offers everything you are looking for.

BaapStore Review

BaapStore Review: In A Nutshell

BaapStore is an incredible dropshipping platform that is growing enormously for the past eight years. BaapStore was launched in 2011 as a non-branded firm. Later, in 2016 its name ‘BaapStore’ was registered under the company ‘Uptail Private Limited.’ At present, it supports more than $400,000 products and 26,000 pin codes of the delivery networks.

BaapStore Overview

BaapStore came into existence with the original idea of boosting its customers’ profit by providing them many products to sell under their names. This platform lets the customers put their entire focus on sales and revenue only, without having to bother about inventory or delivery.

Features of BaapStore

BaapStore has a lot of enticing features:

White-labeling and products listing

BaapStore gives you the freedom to sell products under BaapStore, without letting the consumers know that BaapStore provides the products. It proffers the products to you at a wholesale rate and lets you set your products’ prices. The consumer will see BaapStore’s name in the orders and shipments.

Baapstore - Product Listing
They offer an extensive range of products and have no restrictions on who sees the products. Its listing efficiency is marvelous as it has multiple categories for selection.

Auto-refilling of thousands of products

BaapStore offers you more than Rs 50,00,000 worth of products so that you don’t have to make considerable investments to buy the inventory. This inventory is free of cost, irrespective of the pricing package you select. BaapStore takes the responsibility of refilling the products that are selling best in the market. It also adds new products to the inventory regularly.

BaapStore - Wholesale Cost

Shipment and delivery integrations

The delivery options provided by BaapStore are mind-blowing because it covers more than 26,000+ pin codes all over India. It also offers international shipping. While delivery within India is free of cost, there is some delivery charge for customers staying abroad.

BaapStore has some great shipping integrations with some good courier companies across the world. They guarantee the dispatch of the products on the day of the order. All this is possible because they ensure that their inventory is full of stock at all times.

eCommerce website, marketing, and hosting

If you have a diamond package, you can have the privilege of having your eCommerce website, which is not possible in a bronze package. Along with this, you get a free domain, and you can choose your site’s layout from numerous available themes and skins. To top it all, the eCommerce website can also run on mobile phones. Their payment gateways are also decent.

BaapStore also provides web hosting with Cloud Server and SEO services, free of cost, only for the diamond package users.

The marketing strategy and approach used by BaapStore is fantastic because it offers unlimited access to free banner images. This is because the banners are costly, and you will require them for several occasions and festivals.

They provide the following – BaapStore Premium Banners, BaapStore Premium Themes, and BaapStore Website Templates. These features are provided to users who have Gold or Diamond plans.

Well-categorized products

The categorizations of products are done beautifully by BaapStore. They have streamlined sections for the commodities that help in finding the product very quickly. This way, the owner can easily undertake the drop-ship business of various products.

No coding knowledge required.

As a user of BaapStore, you need not have any prior coding knowledge because it is a straightforward platform to operate. Even a non-technical person can start using BaapStore right away.


BaapStore proffers excellent marketing tools for their resellers to boost their business. Some of these tools are – Generating Coupon Code, Gift Vouchers, Affiliate Marketing, Referral Code, Subscription to Newsletters, etc.


Admin Access

BaapStore gives you the admin access, wherein you can design the eCommerce platform. You get the ease of access for the following –

  • Menu formats
  • Adding new products
  • Adding new categories
  • Adding banners
  • Adding co-admins
  • Adding shipping rules and policies
  • Adding filters for easy search
  • Setting-up of multi-currency options
  • Integrating blog links
  • Mentioning about return policies, etc.

Buyers Guide

The product page should be user-friendly and informative because it will help the user decide whether to buy the product. BaapStore allows the following details to make it easy for the consumer to purchase:

  • Wishlist option
  • Filters
  • Titles, descriptions, SEO keywords, etc. for every product
  • Same-day delivery options
  • Comparison between products before purchasing
  • Guest checkout with no sign-in

Option for multi-channel sales

The resellers have full freedom to sell the products on any platform, like Facebook, website, Whatsapp, Amazon, etc. The only requirement for this is that the particular platform must allow “seller shipment” or “self-shipment” option.

Benefits of BaapStore Review

  • BaapStore does not show up its name on the website; instead, it shows the resellers’ brand name.
  • The pricing is very reasonable for the excellent services it provides.
  • Their services are intense and result-driven which enhances the online business of the reseller.
  • It does the product listing in a very efficient manner.
  • No coding knowledge is needed to work on this platform.
  • It has tie-ups with all the great courier and shipping companies for timely and free of cost deliveries.

How BaapStore Works?

The working of BaapStore is straightforward, and in no time, you will see yourself selling products online and earning income.
Buy any BaapStore plan and gain access to their 10,000+ products at wholesale prices.

BaapStore - How It Work

Fix the MRP and start selling the products on Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Place orders on your BaapStore reseller portal with the buyer information

BaapStore ships the products to the buyers on your behalf.

Pricing Packages of BaapStore

BaapStore provides three pricing packages to its users – Bronze, Gold, and Diamond. They charge one-time fees and a nominal recurring fee, annually. As per the package you select, you get different offerings and services. The Diamond pack comprises everything that BaapStore has to offer.

BaapStore Pricing

  • Bronze Package costs Rs. 17,495
  • Gold Package costs Rs. 35,988
  • Diamond Package costs Rs. 59.899

Products Pricing

The products available at BaapStore are at competitive prices because you will not find these products at this price anywhere else. They charge low as compared to other sellers due to which the reseller gets more orders.

BaapStore Pros

  • Cash on delivery options
  • Unlimited products at wholesale price
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Courier delivery via excellent companies
  • 24×7 customer support via ticket and phone
  • Cross-platform sales

BaapStore Review & Testimonials

BaapStore - Testimonials

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Conclusion: BaapStore Review 2024

BaapStore is undoubtedly one of the best dropshipping platforms available. There is not a single thing to complain about this fantastic platform that works towards helping the reseller gain profits.

Suppose you wish to run an online business without having to invest immensely and deal with inventory, delivery issues, losses, unsold products, or marketing. In that case, BaapStore is the one-stop solution for you. It has everything that one needs for an eCommerce business and earns enormous profits without investing much.

Head Over to BaapStore now and get awesome products for your online store. 

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  1. These are the worst people whom you can trade with. Thier service named Baap store is a dropshipping service. They call it drop shipping but they dont care about the order, quality for shipment, on time delivery. Customers place an order they get wrong product 1 month after. Or damaged and crushed products. They will claim its all against thier policy if we ask for refund. They are always right and we as an reseller we are always wrong. Total waste of my time and money . Dont buy anything from these selfish greedy people

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