Babbel Review 2024: Is It Worth Paying For Babbel? (Pros & Cons)

Babbel Review

Overall Verdict

Babbel is the best online source for interactive language courses that anyone can use to learn languages ​​in an effective and entertaining way. Babbel provides a communication tool that gives you everything you need to speak, write and understand a foreign language.

Out of 10


  • Good for basic vocabulary
  • Good for practicing difficult grammar
  • Low price
  • Easy to use
  • Provides a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary in a foreign language
  • 1 Lesson takes around 10-15 minutes


  • Less popular languages have less content
  • You only have access to one section to begin with.
  • There is no information about how the course is structured


Price: $ 7.45

Are You Looking For Unbiased Babbel Review, We’ve Got You Covered

You have a big presentation tomorrow and you’ve been studying the language. But there is one thing that’s really holding you back.

You can’t speak it.

You’ve tried other methods, but you just can’t seem to get the hang of it.

Babbel is the smartest way to learn a foreign language. This is a complete learning system that combines effective education methods with state-of-the-art technology. With Babbel, you will be speaking in no time.

In this Babbel review, we’ll dive deep into all features, pros, and cons of this language-learning app. If we talk about Babbel, it is one of the best language learning programs that allow you to take classes from the comforts of your home.

You can learn the language at your convenience. Use it as a smartphone app or web app, it all depends on how you like.

Exercises can sometimes seem cumbersome because they do not offer the greatest variety, however, you can learn words, phrases, and some concepts that are language-specific.

Bottom Line Upfront: Babbel is the best online source for interactive language courses that anyone can use to learn languages ​​in an effective and entertaining way. Babbel provides a communication tool that gives you everything you need to speak, write and understand a foreign language.

Babbel is one of the highest sold Language learning app with 10 Million + subscribers.

Babbel testimonials

Read Our Detailed Babbel Review and get more information about the application.

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Babbel Review

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Babbel Review: OverView

This German educational platform was founded in 2007 and is a renowned language learning tool for beginners looking forward to learning the basics of another language. You can take up a language course in 14 different. Not only English, but the tool can also help you take up any language course while you are a native Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, German, Polish, Swedish, Russian or any other language

Babbel Review

Although Babbel helps students learn online, such as on the Babbel platform, Babbel’s main advantage is personalized teaching.

In this Babbel Review, you will find many certified private teachers who are qualified enough to develop a personalized curriculum according to their level and personal preference.

You may have questions like this: I will explain everything in detailed

– Is Babbel Worth it?

– How Does Babbel Work?

– How does Babbel help in conversation building?

– How is Babbel better than Rype?

– How is the Babbel user interface?

– How Many Languages Does Babbel Offers?

– How Much Does Babbel Cost?

– Is Babbel any good for learning Spanish?

– What are the best Babbel alternatives?

What Languages Can You Learn With Babbel?

If your primary medium of communication is English, Babbel has programs in 13 languages. Dutch, Danish, French, Indonesian, German, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, and Turkish are among the languages that can be learned through this platform.

babbel languages course

There is even an English course that can be taken in German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, or Swedish. Until you already understand the language, you may take a quick prep course, and Babbel will position you in the appropriate section of the program that focuses on your current skills.

Getting Started With Babbel

I have looked at Babbel’s programs for Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, and Norwegian several times over the years. This year, I went back to German, a language that I am not very comfortable with but can manage a few words.

You would just not know it if you tried only one of Babbel’s programs, because each language’s content is special. Throughout the Dutch curriculum, for instance, there is an activity in which a French female speaks and then other replies in Dutch, “I don’t really understand any French.”

getting started with Babbel

That is a term you would need to know in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Dutch tutorials will also show you how to pronounce the names of several towns in the Netherlands.

Syrup, liquor, soda, mineral water, coffee, lemonade, and tea are only a few of the terms for beverages that you can learn quickly on in the German curriculum. The earliest tutorials in the Russian curriculum are heavily geared toward assisting you in learning Cyrillic.

The idea that every Babbel program is different adds to my faith in the company. Most language learning software, such as the Rosetta Stone, uses almost the same photos and basic vocabulary regardless of the medium being learned.

If you use Rosetta Stone quite often, you will be prepared to pronounce “the dog will eat food” in 20 foreign languages. Nevertheless, unlike Babbel, you could never be able to interpret Groningen correctly.

What Do You Get Inside Babbel?

Setting a target for whatever you need to achieve when learning a new language is important. As a traveler, you will encounter complex terminology that will influence how you interact with a place.

It’s easier to concentrate on such terms and phrases rather than attempting to memorize countless pieces of vocabulary that won’t be helpful right away. 

babble dashboard classes

Babbel’s classes are broken down into 10 to 15-minute chunks with a variety of tasks. New words, terms, and phrases are introduced one at a moment in each class. Teachings should be brief and focused on specific learning objectives.

Standard ability and drill exercises are included as part of the curriculum, such as:

  • Listen and repeat – Each and every fresh word or term is said by a fluent speaker. You will be allowed to say each one when they are presented when you have speaking activated.
  • Choose the Correct Translation – Herein, you must compare the phrases and words on the display to the picture and the English version that corresponds.

Spell the word / Sort the items- Other tutorials include verb conjugations, learning guidelines, fill-in-the-blank spaces to bring such guidelines into practice, and starting conversations with other people.

How Does Babbel Work?

According to a 2016 study, 92% of participants enhanced their language skills using Babbel for only two months. Let us see how this application can improve your language skills.

The Babbel application has a mobile version (iOS, Android) and a desktop version (Mac, PC) with a user-friendly interface. User progress is synchronized on all your devices. The app has progress makers to track the course of execution of the lessons. Whether you log in with the same device or from a different one, it will start from where you left off.

You can even take a free trial lesson for a language before you finally enroll or sign up for a course. A small survey is also taken by Babbel so that the best experience is brought to you by the team.

Babbel Review - Spanish

Each lesson will be adapted according to the language selected by the student. Babbel teaches all essential language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The short lessons are attractive and relate to everyday issues: ordering food.
Be prepared to repeat what you have learned by performing various types of tasks, such as:

  • Choose the right translation;
  • Finish a dialogue with the corresponding words.
  • Bring the words into the correct order.
  • Listen and write words, etc.

The app shares the basic phrases and words for you to use regularly. For eg. “What is your name?” and further they turn into more complex sentences. Ideal for beginners, Babbel has been loved and appreciated more by early learners than advanced learners.

Excellent opportunity to start your language study trip.
So that’s what you should do to get started with the Babbel application:

  • Choose the language you want to learn.
  • Take a short test to let the application know your preferences.
  • Try Babbel’s free trial lesson.
  • Get a paid subscription to access all the lessons in your language course.

Since the trial is limited to one lesson, you must pay for full access to all courses. So it’s time to get the Babbel Awards.

Who Is Babbel for?

Most Babbel listeners seem to be beginners who are just beginning to learn a new language. It is also inexpensive because it offers a software-based learning approach.

This is especially useful for people who want to learn new vocabulary and improve the structure of their sentences.

Another difference we’ve seen is that you can jump from different levels with Babbel if you think you’re too advanced or a beginner. This is a feature that Duolingo does not allow. Start from the beginning with Duolingo on stage that suits you.

This means that it opens the door to Babbel for the more advanced students.

How To Get Started With Babbel

I wanted to learn Dutch and that’s when I thought of trying my hands on Babbel. So, this gave me the chance to explore the app right from the beginning. The course material differs for different languages and this makes this app even more interesting. Well, if you take up one course at a time, you would hardly know this fact, but since I opted for another course for my sister, I realized the difference between the course modules.

Babbel french review- learn how


The variation in the types of modules rather boosted my confidence in Babbel. this simply proves that the module creators have done really good research and have not just copied the same modules for different languages.

This can be clearly seen with Rosetta Stone which shared the same phrasal examples for 20 different languages. One sentence and 20 different forms to it irrespective of the fact that each language has different grammar concepts and pronunciation too.

Babbel App Structure

The structure of the courses on Babbel is quite sorted. Every course has lessons and therefore, following the pattern of these lessons is the key. Unless you have learned the preceding lesson, you will not be able to skip and learn the next lesson. So, one cannot jump to the next lesson unless the last lesson is well-learned and clear.


Each program has different courses in their words. So, my Dutch program contained 5 courses and they all were labeled as Beginner. My program had 5 courses with 20 lessons each except the last on which had 9 lessons. So, you see the kind of course structure is quite convenient to study for s beginner. That’s not all, you can repeat the lessons anytime you want if you are not sure of the understanding.

Babbel Interface and diversity

The content on Babbel is excellent, but the user interface is not too attractive and the variety of exercises is minimal. I usually planned to practice the words and spellings in my notebooks while learning this course since I found it a better way of understanding.

babbel spanish

Babbel Focus and specialty

Now let’s see how the language application Babbel works and how it can help you learn a new language.
For starters, Babbel is primarily interested in helping you learn new words, and improve your speech grammar skills, and sentence structure.

Babbel also wants to help you improve your conversational skills when compared to similar voice applications like Duolingo and Busuu.

Babbel helps you learn the language as a whole. Whether it is speaking, writing, reading, or listening, you will be able to learn the basics in no time with their practice exercises. The practice modules consist of different types of exercises like translating the words, filling in the right word in a sentence, and even repeating the words loudly so that you can be perfect in pronunciation.

I learned a new word in Dutch and tried spellings which were a little tough and I was making mistakes. However, it took me 4-5 days to gain confidence with the speed I was going at with the exercises.

Babbel language learning

I still needed practice for a few more days on the sounds so that I could be perfect in pronunciation, and I decided to pick it later as spelling was also taking a lot of time. So, I finally followed a process where I read the next lesson and revise the last lesson’s spelling and sounds.

Another great thing about Babbel is that it allows you to go back to the exercises and practice the ones that you were not able to solve in one go. This indeed is a great way since this allowed me to follow my process of learning quite easily.

Going back to exercises and trying them again with the right answers made me more confident. Another good way for others may be adaptive learning. This will help the user to re-introduce the exercises that he didn’t perform well during the course of the next lesson.

Babbel Review - Learn arabic

I also checked with the Spanish course method taken by my sister and asked her various questions. She reached the advanced lessons much before me. Advanced lessons have comprehensive passages but have writing involved too.

Filling in the right word is still one of the exercises, but lengthy passages help you reach the next level of understanding. So, not only translation, the user is able to dig out the meaning of words through logical thinking and an in-depth understanding of the way a word can be used in this particular language. My sister quite appreciated the way she was learning as this was actually what she wanted,

Parroting back sounds is not the idea that’s followed by Babbel.

For example, in Pimsleur’s most advanced lessons, there are exercises wherein you get an audio clip to listen to. The narrator in the audio speaks to you in this language and later on asks questions on how would you reply to a certain situation using the choice of words you have been learning during the course,

What Are The Features Or Benefits of Using Babbel?

Language courses in Babbel are offered as an online questionnaire. Thanks to the Internet connection, you can access it via your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Languages are divided into subjects, which are then subdivided into more specific courses, each of which deals with a specific language feature. For eg. the Spanish French program consists of a 31-course vocabulary section that teaches basic words for day-to-day usage right from salutations to body parts.

Babbel offers a review feature that provides additional exercises that the users can solve for practicing what he has learned. The questionnaire format allows users to perform written exercises, exercises for listening where the response is involved or a standard revision using a widget or flashcard.

These reviews help you in realizing the level of your knowledge and command over the language.

Babbel Review - does babbel work

Babbel aims at a conceptual study. They teach users the logic behind a particular usage of words. The lessons are designed to explain the rules of grammar in the said language.

Moreover, the learning language is still standard English so you understand it all without hassle. That’s what helps in getting the hardcore knowledge of new grammar with logic.

That’s not all! The app allows you to customize the courses according to the language you understand. So, if you are learning French and understand English, your course material would be different from a user who understands Italian only. So, in other words, the courses you take up can be tailor-made at your convenience.

In this way, users benefit from the useful content that adapts according to them and provides optimum learning exposure.

Babbel offers the following benefits as a language course provider:

Develop your ability to focus better

As per the research, bilingual speakers have an efficiency to absorb new information than one with knowledge of a single language.

On learning something new, the brain needs to go through the process of incoming information and thereby absorb it using new patterns inside. This, in turn, improves the executive functioning of your brain. Executive functioning is actually the command system of the brain that accepts new information and controls the cognitive reactions that are used to make further planning, learning, and problem-solving an easy process.

Keep your brain fit.

Process better cognitive functions using the courses on this app. The exercises include emotional and memorial responses that help in stimulating your cerebral cortex.

Using the brain proactively helps in strengthening your brain muscles. So, Babbel helps you learn a new language while dealing with your memory slots by testing your skills in the language over the coarse of time.

You can learn a language at your own pace.

Babbel Review - How Babbel works

Regardless of whether you are a fast learner or a slow one, you are your own teacher.
It may even be necessary to take time for more complex or difficult lessons and to repeat some lessons that you may already know.

Encourages you to use the language in your daily conversation

Babbel aims at giving knowledge on the contemporary usage of the language. You can be sure that native speakers will easily understand what you are learning with this application.

Beginners start from basic sentences on “What is your name” types of phrases and move on to more functional conversations creating complex sentences.

Babbel stimulates the brain to build concepts by teaching new information both actively as well as passively. This builds a strong confidence in the user to frame complete sentences thereby leading to fluent speaking of the language immediately.

How Much Does Babbel cost?

Subscription membership fees in Babbel begin at $12.95 on a monthly basis. If you buy multiple months’ worth of usage in advance, the monthly price drops. 3 months plan is priced at $26.85, a 6 months plan is priced at $44.70 and a year plan is priced at $83.40.

A premium subscription grants you unrestricted access to the vocabulary program of your choice on the internet and smartphone applications.

These are reasonable rates, particularly for the six-month and one-year packages. You should expect to have to spend from $10 to $12 per month for most of these language learning applications, and around $100 to $200 per year for the most expensive ones.

Modern language learning technology costs anything between $130 to approximately $500, depending on the curriculum and the number of tutorials included.

Babbel is a relatively inexpensive program. Although you must spend for each and every language you seek to improve, you will obtain a substantial amount of stuff for your money. Babbel is comparable to other language-learning apps that use technology and guidance.

You get to have a preview of Babbel’s service through a collection of ten simple language courses, but then you are greeted with a paid subscription requesting you to register up almost immediately.


Babbel Review - Price

The fees for Babbel language courses (in US dollars) are as follows:

  • One month (monthly billed) – $ 12.95.
  • Quarterly (billed every three months) – $ 26.85 (or $ 8.95 / month).
  • Every six months (billed every six months) – $ 44.70 (or $ 7.45 / month). It’s Babbel’s best-selling service.
  • Annually (billed every 12 months) – $ 83.40 (or $ 6.95 / month).

Price comparison of similar apps to Babbel:

  • Duolingo: Free of cost
  • Rosetta Stone: Priced at $6.99.per month (for a 24-month subscription plan) to $18.99 (for a 3-month subscription plan)
  • Busuu : Free + $6.66 per month (for a 24-month subscription plan) to $12.99 (for a 3-month subscription plan)
  • Memrise : Free + $4.92 (for a 12-month subscription plan) to $9 (for a monthly subscription plan)

Provided the other’s unlimited price range, many users appear to be debating between using Babbel against Duolingo, depending upon the search queries. You may consider a simple component of the software for a free trial while purchasing a Babbel subscription, however, you won’t be able to practice for too long.

What Do We Like About Babbel?

Babbel provides high-quality content, but the interface is still not particularly cutting edge. Writing, reading, listening, as well as communicating are among the skills taught by Babbel. The speech analysis aspect was problematic for me, but the remainder of the resources and information was trustworthy.

Babbel can have varying values of information because their material is special to every language. In comparison to a less common language such as Italian, the Babbel language might just have a higher number and quality of courses.

In brief, the user interface is very much similar to that of Rosetta Stone or Duolingo, as the application teaches you another language using a combination of flashcards, fill-in-the-blanks, and multiple-choice formats.

It does not provide live learning opportunities or experiences with fluent nationals for communication development, as previously stated.

Conversation Building

In addition to this, I enjoy how Babbel’s courses place everything in perspective in a simulated discussion. The dialogue starts with a quick description of the scenario. I just had to finish the sentence by filling in the gaps along the line. These exercises also provide new words that can be deduced from the meaning of a sentence.

Bringing all that into a discussion activity seems more engaging than many of Babbel’s other practices, which are much more simple and more memorizing.

To participate actively in the exercise, I must read or listen to the discussion in Spanish, and also combine what I’ve studied with my experience of related kinds of topics in English.

Convenient Learning

I, the same as anyone else, have a limited amount of time to devote to learning a foreign language. I am still on the run, so Babbel’s ability to switch in between the digital dashboard on the desktop and the Babbel application on the smartphone is very important to me.

more courses on babbel

Both platforms monitor your performance so that you can pick up where you finished off and continue classes no matter where you have been. You can also access courses to finish when you are offline using the Babbel Spanish application.

This is ideal for prolonged flights where you are not linked or whenever you want to save your details for important tasks like making phone calls or texting.

Babbel Review: Pros and Cons


  • The repetitive character of the lesson.
  • The lessons are interlinked and gradually expand your knowledge.
  • Attractive content and comprehensive lessons
  • Flexible and autonomous learning plan: You have the opportunity to decide what and when you want to learn.


  • No downloadable material.
  • Not very clear learning structure, similar to Duolingo (word-to-picture correspondence)
  • Do not develop enough of your conversation skills

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Babbel!

It’s very crucial to highlight that this Babbel study is still under construction. I have used this platform for about a few months now and intend to keep using it. I like that their curriculum incorporates fresh stuff while still expanding on previous classes.

The rule descriptions are straightforward and helpful in building the foundation, but they aren’t excessive. And the opportunities to deal in immersive and interactive discussions while reading and learning valuable skills.

So with that in mind, the following are some of the aspects I have learned and enjoyed about the Babbel Language courses.

  • Clear and Fluent Native Speakers

Babbel’s lectures are presented by fluent speakers who communicate clearly and very quickly. Whenever it’s my turn to talk, I have found myself in language conditions where the discussion moves so rapidly that I mess up.

I find that the more Babbel classes I attend, the less I need to replay what is being said in order to comprehend it. I have gradually gained faith in my willingness to hear real-time languages.

I have also decided to listen to the Babbel podcast “A – Zero to A – Hero” for vocabulary beginners, which I would never have even heard about if it hadn’t been in the suggestions on the Babbel homepage.

  • Unlimited Language Content

Babbel has a lot of resources for students who want to learn a new language. I may select from grades such as “Newcomer,” “Beginner 1,” “Beginner 2,” and so on in the “My Level” section of the virtual dashboard of the platform.

After you have made your choice, each section includes many classes with hundreds of tutorials to finish. Small video clips of a native speaker demonstrating a fast suggestion on something relevant to the current classes are intermixed in the course.

I have got enough to keep me occupied as a novice! When I need an escape from the defined course lectures, I can even use the “More Courses” or “Review” parts to choose from a wide range of vocabulary and subjects to practice or evaluate previously learned phrases and words.

  • Carefully and well-planned Curriculum Sequence 

Perhaps it’s because I am a crazy classroom instructor, but I appreciate and sometimes even enjoy possibly the best curriculum series. I am aware that certain educators who truly recognize whatever they are explaining can bring together a careful and rational environment for learning something.

I shouldn’t need to look at Babbel’s learning plan guides to see just how much effort and thought their professionals put into their job.

Each tutorial serves as a foundation one, nothing really feels as unexpected as since I was practicing the French language on Duolingo. I felt like I was forming the foundation, particularly as a novice.

Perhaps more interesting were the instances where vocabulary and phrases I had studied were used in unexpected situations. Flashcards may be presented for inspection by anyone.

However, only experienced instructors can incorporate teaching material in such a manner that you must adopt the latest words and expressions to a new setting.

As a result, every time I reached a segment without any errors, I just can’t help but become more positive.

  • Babbel Explains Language Rules.

When I first began, I was skeptical of the Babbel vs. Duolingo argument. I previously have been using the free language application to study French terminologies and appreciated their game-like practices, as I described above.

Although, as a genuine language student, I realized I wanted language guidelines to be demonstrated and clarified, and Duolingo never has excelled at it. I will not have to worry about masculinity and femininity endings, or even the inconsistencies within formal or informal forms of the pronoun “you,” because I am English native person.

As a result, the way Babbel describes language principles and afterward provides an instant chance to participate has a lot of advantages for me. And short suggestions that appear when in an operation explain why this is written or pronounced in a specific manner.

These grammar rule descriptions also help me relate what’s really close and what wasn’t to what I currently understand regarding French if you are really like me and have some expertise with any other Romance language.

  • It teaches important sentences

Babbel teaches complete phrases and complete sentences, which I completely adore! Trying to learn new words is, of course, an essential aspect of trying to learn a language But then how exciting it is that Babbel’s software teaches me vocabulary and sentences that I can memorize or apply in real-life situations immediately!

I noticed myself recalling real-life scenarios where I should have used the latest word or sentence after spending more time in Spain when I felt that I severely lack in my speaking skills!

Is Babbel Worth It?

Babbel is among the greatest language learning services available, with such a reasonable price and genuinely useful material. Babbel offers a web service as well as a mobile phone application that helps people understand and practice a foreign language at their own speed, as well as the latest podcasts in a number of languages and even at various levels of expertise.

Its immersive activities can be repetitive at points, however, they are quite difficult than those provided by many other vocabulary Softwares.

Babbel teaches you ideas, sentences, and phrases that are specific to a language you are learning, unlike some of its rivals, it is not a one size fits all approach. Babbel could be right for you if you consider other applications too simple. Prepare to understand by bringing a pen and writing notes.

Babbel For Business:

Since 2017, Babbel for Business has been available. Babbel for Business is used by over 800 firms across a wide range of industries as part of their professional development programs, whether as formal or informal training efforts, team incentives, or benefits.

There are 14 languages to choose from, including instruction for both professional and social scenarios. Babbel is adaptable to meet the needs of specific business objectives or to allow learners to pursue their own interests.

Available with


Available with

Babbel for Business
Learn real-life conversations
Designed by language experts
Personalized Review Sessions
Speech Recognition Technology
Synchronized across devices
Admin Portal
Transferable Accesses
Onboarding Webinar + Q&A
Business Learning Paths
1:1 Live-Lessons (Babbel Live)
Usage Reporting
Corporate Care

Why Babbel Is Different From Rosetta Stone:

There are many language learning applications and tools to select from, but here are some of the reasons why I choose Babbel as my learning companion:

  • Experts created the Babbel product.
  • Babbel’s effectiveness has been proven in studies.
  • Babbel is dedicated to new ideas.
  • Babbel has content that you’ll enjoy.

Babbel is developed by over 150 linguists, language teachers, polyglots, instructional designers, editors, and researchers. Because we know that the demands of an English speaker learning Spanish will be extremely different from those of a French speaker learning Spanish, these professionals personalize each course to your mother language. Babbel also makes sure that all 100,000 hours of learning content are voiced by native speakers, so you can start learning the language right away.

These 150 professionals are at the heart of the Babbel Method’s success, ensuring that you enjoy the finest possible learning experience.

Babbel is developed by specialists, thus they want to make sure the product is tested by experts as well. Researchers from Yale University, Michigan State University, City University of New York, and the University of South Carolina confirmed Babbel’s effectiveness.

So, what did they have to say about us, exactly? According to Yale University researchers, after three months of utilizing Babbel, 100% of study participants increased their oral proficiency. Meanwhile, researchers from the City University of New York and the University of South Carolina discovered that beginners learning Spanish only needed 15 hours of study to complete the requirements for one semester of college.

Finally, linguists from Michigan State University discovered that after just 10 hours with Babbel, almost every learner improved their vocabulary, grammar, and oral communication test results.

Babbel Keeps Updating Their Products

Babbel was the first language learning app on the ed-tech market, having been founded over ten years ago. Babbel, while being the first on the scene, strives to remain at the forefront of innovation. Babbel keeps track of how well users are doing in the courses and adjusts them as needed.

Babbel, for example, might detect that many students are having difficulty with a certain subject and try to make it more intelligible. Babbel also appreciates recommendations, which it forwards to our linguists and language experts.

Babbel has content the user loves

Babbel offers approximately 60,000 courses on a wide range of subjects. Babbel not only teaches the fundamentals of a language, but also offers classes on topics such as travel, family, career, living abroad, holidays, dialects, cuisine, and other unique topics. Babbel also doesn’t force you to follow a certain learning route or force you to “level up” in order to see new courses.

When you purchase a Babbel subscription, you gain access to all of the learning content available for the language you’re learning – and they’re constantly introducing new unique courses for you to try.

Babbel is dedicated to ensuring that you learn the language you’re studying while having a good time doing it. Their product is designed to engage students in learning, and I hope you like using it as much as they do create it!

To see for yourself, I encourage you to make an account and try out several Babbel classes. (The first lesson in every course is free to attempt, ranging from 30-80 free lessons depending on the language!)

Babbel is great for learning vocabulary

Babbel can help you dramatically extend your vocabulary. You can learn more than basic vocabulary with over 60,000 courses filled with words and phrases, regardless of which language you want to learn.

Our lessons include over 3000 words in Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Swedish.

You may learn over 2000 words in Danish, Dutch, Indonesian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, and Turkish.

Check out the courses in the Words and Sentences area if you want to improve your vocabulary. These courses will teach you how to learn the most widely used words in a language and how to utilize them in real-life situations.

Why Babbel is better than Duolingo

Babbel and Duolingo are two of the most popular language-learning apps on the market right now, but which is better?

Babbel has more features than Duolingo does, including access to vocabulary reminders every day after you’ve mastered that word, natural conversation practice with native speakers, and Babbel sets individual learning plans for each user.

Babbel costs more than Duolingo but you get more value for your money with Babbel, especially if you pay yearly instead of monthly. Babbel gives you the ability to practice via voice or typing so that no one can see what you’re learning. Babbel has options to learn German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and English.

Babbel is more effective than Duolingo because Babbel does not simply rely on translating phrases from your native language into the foreign one you’re trying to learn. Babbel has an option for you to take a placement test so that Babbel can teach you more effectively.

Babbel has writing exercises that are included in the Babbel courses that are not part of Duolingo’s lessons. Babbel is available for laptops, tablets, and mobile phones so it can be used on the go anywhere! Babbel keeps track of your learning progress while Duolingo does not do that.

Babbel is not just about reading and writing, Babbel also teaches speaking, Babbel has chatbots for users to practice speaking with Babbel provides users the ability to chat with native speakers of the language they’re learning.

What are the benefits of learning languages on Babbel vs Duolingo?

– Learn a foreign language with Babbel’s effective and comprehensive learning system. Babbel’s content goes beyond simple vocabulary lists and helps learners go deep into languages by understanding not only how to speak them but also how to understand them.

– Babbel offers courses in 14 languages, with more on the way! Babbel has already amassed a wealth of content and Babbel continues to develop new interactive language courses so you can learn a foreign language anytime, anywhere.

– Babbel’s content is created by Babbel, using its own developed language learning expertise and scientific knowledge. Babbel is the only leading online language learning platform that creates and manages all of its own content in-house – nothing is outsourced to third parties like Duolingo.

– Duolingo is best used as an introduction to foreign language learning, not as a comprehensive course! Duolingo courses consist of only “vocabulary,” not “comprehension,” and Babbel’s courses offer a more substantial learning experience.

Who should use the app, and who shouldn’t?

Babbel is a good choice for anyone looking to learn a new language. Babbel has set out to recreate the language learning experience so that you can succeed with Babbel. Babbel provides a safe and personalized environment for optimal learning, so if you have specific goals, Babbel can help!

Babbel would be ideal for students, workers, travelers, teachers, and anyone else who has an interest in learning a new language. Babbel features 14 languages to choose from including Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Brazilian Portuguese. Babbel also offers business insights that help businesses improve their global presence through effective communication.

Babbel provides the tools for companies to communicate with customers in their native languages. Babbel is perfect for students and professionals looking to improve their language skills. Babbel’s lessons cater specifically to the individual needs of users. Babbel also creates a customized learning profile that helps optimize your learning and efficiency.

Babbel can help you achieve success in learning a foreign language through personalized instruction. Babbel provides a safe environment for students to practice their skills. Babbel’s courses are tailored to the individual’s needs and teach at the pace that is best suited for each learner. Babbel can help you unlock your full potential as a language learner!

Other Alternatives Of Babbel:

1. HelloTalk:

If your preferred feature of Babbel is conversation-based learning, HelloTalk can help you advance your language skills.

This is because HelloTalk is also a conversational application. Rather than simulating actual conversations, though, HelloTalk offers immersive conversations with native speakers, enabling you to practice vocabulary in an entirely authentic environment.


And, since the software includes translations and fixes, you don’t even need near-perfect language skills to begin using HelloTalk today.

 Furthermore, HelloTalk supports more than 150 languages. Best of luck locating a language that you cannot learn through HelloTalk!

Although the basic service is free, additional payment choices allow you to study additional languages, conduct more precise searches and gain additional translation resources.

2. Mango Languages:

Mango Languages has a slew of features that Babbel users adore. E.g., this software employs practical example conversations to teach vocabulary and develop conversational skills.

mango languages

Additionally, the Mango Languages recording function enables you to capture your pronunciation and equate it to a native speaker, allowing you to fine-tune your accent.

Additionally, with over 70 language choices, you’ll have much more options than Babbel does. Therefore, if Babbel does not deliver the language you wish to understand, Mango might be worth investigating. Although there is a free trial, other lessons include a fee.

3. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the oldest language-learning tools in the industry. Less gamified, it offers a more traditional lesson approach called “dynamic immersion,” immersing it in a linguistic environment right from the start. In other words, you are learning a language without translation into your mother tongue.

Rosetta Stone - Overview

Rosetta Stone offers 31 languages in the desktop version, while the mobile version is limited to 24 languages.

In terms of price Babbel certainly has an attractive price. Rosetta Stone’s annual subscription costs $ 179, which is more expensive than Babbel’s plan. The price may vary, however, as the platform offers regular discounts.

Which is the best Rosetta Stone or Babbel? Both applications deserve your attention. However, their learning methods differ considerably. In any case, you can complete a free trial lesson and choose the program that suits you. Here’s a complete guide for both Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone.

Lingoda is also a similar platform to Babbel which can potentially help you learn new languages with ease. You can check out our detailed Lingoda Review here.

What Big Brands Saying About Babbel

What experts saying about babbel

Babbel Is a Top-Rated Company By Trustpilot Based On 16K+ Reviews

Babbel Reviews On Trustpilot

Babbel is also one of the most liked pages on Facebook.

Why Do I recommend Babbel (Is It Worth It?)

By now, you must have got good reasons as to why is Babbel the right language-learning app for you.

It is a solid help in achieving the goal of learning a new language, as it provides a useful vocabulary for daily interaction. You can speak the new language after a few hours of using this tool.

Babbel Review - is babbel good

Babbel is also a leader if we consider its pricing as compared to other such tools. At the same time, they have a clean and convenient refund process if you realize that this tool is not working for you as you expected.

All geared up to become a polyglot? Check out Babbel today!

Faq’s On Babbel Review

Can you become fluent with Babbel?

Babbel will help you learn the basics of a language and not necessarily turn you into a fluent native speaker. However, it is best for beginners and can be a resource for the initial language learnings.

✔Is Babbel or Duolingo better?

Babbel, as reviewed by the users, focusses more on conversational language and phrases apart from basic vocabulary learnings like other apps. We have covered a comprehensive review on both Babbel Vs Duolingo

🔍Can you get Babbel for free?

Registration on Babbel is completely free of cost. The first lesson for each language is free for all users. However, you will have to pay once you decide to take up the full course.

🤞How do I cancel Babbel?

It’s quick and easy! Simply log in to your account. Click on the ‘Account Information’ in ‘Profile and Settings’ on subscriber names in the navigation bar. You just need to ‘Disable auto-renewal to cancel the subscription.

How is the Babbel user interface?

The overall user interface of Babbel is very much similar to that of Rosetta Stone or Duolingo, as the application teaches you another language using a combination of flashcards, fill in the blanks, and multiple choice formats.

What languages can I learn from Babbel?

Babbel has programmes in 13 languages. Dutch, Danish, French, Indonesian, German, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, and Turkish are among the languages that can be learned through this platform. There is even an English course that can be taken in German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, or Swedish.

Does Babbel explain grammar rules properly?

The way Babbel describes language principles and afterwards provides an instant chance to participate has a lot of advantages for me. And short suggestions that appear when in an operation explain why this is written or pronounced in a specific manner. These grammar rule descriptions also help me relate what's really close and what wasn't to what I currently understand regarding French if you are really like me and have some expertise with any other Romance language.

What skills can I improve with Babbel?

Writing, reading, listening, as well as communicating are among the skills taught by Babbel. The speech analysis aspect was problematic for me, but the remainder of the resources and information were trustworthy. Babbel can have varying values of information because their material is special to every language.

How does Babbel help in conversation building?

You will enjoy how Babbel's courses place everything in perspective in a simulated discussion. The dialogue starts with a quick description of the scenario. You just have to finish the sentence by filling in the gaps along the line. These exercises also provide new words that can be deduced from the meaning of a sentence. Bringing all that into a discussion activity seems more engaging than many of Babbel's other practises, which are much more simple and memorising.

Is Babbel affordable?

Babbel is a relatively inexpensive programme. Subscription membership fees in Babbel begin at $12.95 on a monthly basis. If you buy multiple months' worth of usage in advance, the monthly price drops. 3 months plan is priced at $26.85, a 6 months plan is priced at $44.70 and a year plan is priced at $83.40. A premium subscription grants you unrestricted accessibility to the vocabulary programme of your choice on the internet and smartphone applications.

What are the best Babbel alternatives?

Duolingo (which is free) and Rosetta Stone (priced at $11.99 per month), provide a more gradual approach to teaching as well as learning. Duolingo is indeed a fantastic tool to incorporate into any language learning strategy, however Rosetta Stone is a main option for laying a strong base of terms and expressions.

How is Rype better than Babbel?

Rype is another popular language learning platform that provides a true, real time educational experience with several experienced individual learners, as opposed to the application way of learning. You also get to communicate with, engage in conversation with, and also get instant input from an actual professional who can support you to improve your language proficiency in any region.

How do the Premium and Standard gifts differ?

A Standard gift entitles the recipient to entry to any one of Babbel's languages. When redeeming the Babbel gift code, the receiver would have the option of selecting the language. A Premium gift entitles the recipient to use all 14 Babbel languages includesTurkish, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, (Brazilian) Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Italian, Indonesian, German, French, English, Dutch, and Danish.

What do you mean by Babbel Method?

The Babbel Method sets itself apart by focusing on learner engagement and performance. Both lessons are designed following the most recent advances in language pedagogy. Additionally, Babbel's lessons are often customized to the learner's native tongue. As such, they use a variety of methodologies. Their blended learning format is highly effective; in their Intensive course, learners are educated effectively using e-learning and online lessons.

What exactly is Babbel?

Babbel is a language-learning e-learning application accessible as a mobile app and as a web-based edition for tablets and PCs. Babbel is not an algorithm; humans created it for humans.

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Conclusion: Babbel Reviews 2024

Babbel is a great choice if you’re starting out. To get exclusive deals on Babbel pricing plans you can check Babbel Coupon Codes here.

It has a certain audience – beginners and early intermediate students. It’s an affordable tool and I think it’s pretty complete for what it costs.
I like that learning a language with Babbel is less intimidating.

Babbel does not have the necessary contact with conversational practice and personalized teaching. Italki is a great option to find affordable tutoring to improve your skills.

Babbel Testimonial

Although not necessarily the most complex learning tool, it is not a bad way to learn a new language.

We hope that this assessment by Babbel was helpful in making an informed decision for you. We recommend that you try both options to determine which one is right for you.

As we explained earlier, starting your language journey with Babbel is not only easier than ever but also safe. You can sign up for your language course today.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. And if you liked the Babbel Review then kindly share it on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter, and share your opinion in the comment section!

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98 User Reviews on Babbel Review

  1. “Babbel is the best!! I could never imagine having so much fun and still learn a language.” This online learning platform combines things that we love, like an easy to use interface, funny content mixed with lessons, and offline data. Babbel’s accompanying app has been personalized to meet all of your learning needs! Download it now and start realizing your goals as soon as possible – you won’t regret it!”

  2. This app is amazing! I’m a slow reader and never learned French without help from a tutor, but Babbel’s fun courses make learning the language easy. Kids take to it like fish to water, too! The program takes you step by step through lessons that gradually get harder while building your vocabulary. There are lots of exercises for writing and speaking in different situations along with great animations that reinforce what you’re learning. You can interrupt or jump anytime, which makes it perfect for busy people looking for a little extra immersion on the go. Plus there’s no worry about getting bored – the variety keeps things suspenseful so you don’t get complacent at all despite being alone…literally anywhere. When someone learns so quickly, they really

  3. Babbel is probably the most complete, well-rounded language learning service on the market. It’s got a wide variety of lessons from slow and easy to challenging, so there really is something for everyone. Plus counting in at $12 per month, it could just be worth paying an arm and leg for that sensation of finally mastering another language.

  4. For people who would like to improve their cross-cultural communication skills for work or travel, Babbel is a total game changer. When it comes to learning languages, nothing compares to the power of interactive lessons that encourage real conversation and keep you engaged with native speakers around the world. Start your free trial today and get unlimited access!

  5. “After I tried out this app, I was mind-blown. It’s like they took all my favorite elements of other languages apps and blended them into the perfect potluck masterpiece.”
    Babbel has all the tools that students need; including thousands of words to practice listening comprehension, hundreds of interactive grammar exercises, an offline mode for self-study on airplanes, high quality recordings by native speakers who provide comprehensible input to listen how sentence are properly pronounced. Its genius algorithm tracks your progress so you can see where you need more work. With Babbel especially smart feature “Word Wall”, it feels like magic as new words pop out with each lesson! The platform is constantly being updated so there’ll always be something new around the corner.

  6. I just want to live somewhere that people can talk to me and I don’t have to translate everything. The Babbel app is a great place where I learned enough German and Spanish to get by and never bother with translating except for fun, anymore.

  7. Babbel is your solution when you don’t want to put in time or money into trying to learn by yourself. Their price tag might seem high at $12 per month but if you compare what they provide verses having to buy books/pens/courses by companies all over the world — Babbel actually ends up being less expensive than buying traditional paid courses

  8. DubDub dub dub! That’s the sound of learning Arabic through music, even though you’ve already given up hope! There are two-hour lessons designed for all learners based on level and time commitment at your fingertips. Unlock vocabulary, grammar rules, pronunciation help–all so you can finally throw those Rosetta Stone CDs we bought back in 2004 into the nearest dumpster (we’re not judging).

  9. It’s important to brush up on your foreign languages in these increasingly global times. I started with Babbel because it seemed the best option – and let me tell you, I don’t regret my decision one bit!

  10. I love the way it thinks outside of the box for pedagogy to teach you a foreign language. I’m not just learning how to say “hello” or “how are you?”- I’m actually using what I know in one language with another, which is more natural. It also gets me out of my comfort zone and stops me from persisting habits with English. The lessons are playful and make me want to come back for more time after time.

  11. Babbel is the new way to learn a language! Babbel provides lessons that are personalized for your needs, ensuring you never get stuck in boring repetition. You can set your own personal deadlines by choosing between weekly or daily lessons. You just have to decide what’s best for you at the time! It’s got everything an app should have: one-on-one tutoring, grammar quizzes, exercises, voice recognition software and all levels of instruction. What more could you want?

  12. I don’t know how I ever lived without Babbel. The lessons are fun, engaging, and because the app adjusts your level based on your work it’s all tailored to what you need. Plus there are moments when you’re in ‘creative mode’ where you can speak in Spanish or French to practice making conversations with locals. After finishing each lesson they also send an email to help make sure you understand all of the material–great for people looking for a way to remember everything. For me, this app doesn’t just open up options for traveling but has helped my own fluency in general!

  13. Babbel is a really well-designed product that covers all your language needs, from the beginner just starting out to the person who wants to learn a specific dialect or do more than one language. It has a great community and well thought out lessons. My favorite part of it was being able to choose what you want to work on – for example I would have different tabs open with beginners vs intermediate level lessons depending on how fast I wanted to advance my knowledge!

  14. “I feel like I’m actually learning German!”

    Babbel is the best way to learn German because there’s so many different colors and pictures. When you use Babbel you can choose between three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Babbel has multimedia content including short video clips that are great for explaining classroom concepts. You also get access to native speakers who will correct or confirm your understanding of what someone says or write down what it means in other words (text boxes). The system will show an animation if the word has other meanings (spoken by native speaker with text box) which helps students remember the word better! It also offers games for experiments which makes it more interesting

  15. A first-class product that requires first-class skills! As a complete beginner in Spanish, I found this app difficult at first – even though it’s extremely user-friendly. But persistence paid off when, after 10 months of studying regularly 15-60 minutes each day – voila! Speaking fluently in less than two years

  16. I struggled with some of the dialogue last week but I had an epiphany. It turns out the key to learning the language was patience; I wanted it all too soon, and didn’t give myself enough time to absorb lessons before powering on. The good news is Babbel offers new ways for me to learn without having to constantly purchase books or CDs (which can be expensive!)

  17. I always wanted to learn a language, but I had no idea where to start. I tried YouTube for a little while, but it turned out not to be the best place for me. That’s when my friend introduced me tot he Babbel app – it offers unlimited lessons based on your level and time commitment, making it perfect for beginners like myself! Plus there are quizzes that let you know how much progress you’re making in each category which is great motivation for someone starting from scratch.

  18. I’ve been using Babbel since I was an exchange student and it’s pretty cool. It teaches you new words, phrases and grammar that don’t go over your head like a lot of classes do. You can use it anytime anywhere-even while doing something more enjoyable than homework!

  19. It’s no secret: learning a language can take years. The question is, where do I find the time for that? Well now you don’t; with Babbel it only takes minutes each day! Simple design and innovative teaching methods make our award-winning app fun and addicting to use. With the help of fully immersive foreign language audios and tutorials perfect for all levels, anyone can learn at their pace – even your kids! Why waste more time on trial and error when we’ve done the hard work for you?

  20. I’ve never found an app to be as complete, intuitive, and engaging as Babbel. I’m constantly finding new things to do – not because the lessons are boring, but because they’re so customizable. They set goals for me that are relevant to what I need at my level. Within seconds of logging into the app, I’m totally engaged in a foreign language lesson with other learners around the world! This app totally fits my lifestyle – juggling family life with work life takes up about 99% of my time already… There’s no way someone else could have done it better than Babbel did!

  21. If I could give this 10 stars, I would! It’s super easy to use and it has the most effective education methods. Babbel blows Rosetta Stone out of the water (for real).

    What makes this product stand out: The “creative, witty” part of copywriter is my strength because you never know what might roll off my tongue or even who decides to stop by for some creative inspiration while we’re chatting about your project. When not writing lines and drawing pictures and designing beautiful things, you can find me reading up on all things personal growth related like self-help books and manifesting mantras.

  22. Babbel is the only language learning system that brings you lifetime access to conversation lessons, grammar exercises, vocabulary trainers, pdf downloads and more! I was at my limit in Spanish with Duolingo; Babbel comes with this but it isn’t even enough. There are so many features I’m getting spoiled – an added game for practicing vocab words like scrabble or 2048 (for example), email courses for when you’re on the go. They can do personalized recommendations based on your goals which has also been great to help me stay accountable. Best of all is the feedback feature where they’ll send out surveys that you fill out then use them in their course material to teach you what other people want or need from a language

  23. The best app I have ever used.
    In a fast paced world, it’s never been easier to go from being able to say nothing in a language other than English to being able to say something – no matter how simple – in the language of your choice. Babbel is so effective and engaging you won’t even feel like you’re learning because it will feel more like having fun! I recommend this App for all students that are serious about going abroad or spending time overseas instead of starting with scary books because no one likes reading textbooks!

  24. The comprehensive learning system stands out because it combines effective education methods with state-of-the-art technology. Best of all, it’s affordable. The cost starts at $14.95 per month for an annual subscription, or 10 months at that price if you sign up for a monthly account. Expandable to 60 languages that are classified by level and time commitment, which offers benefits for both accelerated learners as well as those who can only devote one hour each day to their studies!

    Solutions tailored to the specific language skills desired? You bet! Discover features like voice recognition software or grammar feedback exercises in your lessons–equipped with suggestions on what works best depending on whether you want spoken proficiency, reading comprehension, listening skills . .

  25. Babbel made it surprisingly easy to learn a new language. From navigating life easier and snagging that overseas job, learning a foreign language has seemingly endless benefits — and Babbel is the best way to reach them. With their award-winning lessons and massive word list, you’ll pick up your chosen language easily. All without having anyone know what goes on behind closed doors (though we can’t guarantee how persuasive your accent will be)

  26. I was finished with my college class in French and needed to brush up on my skills. There are tons of expensive books, apps, and programs out there but I decided instead to try Babbel because it is the alternative that gets results. When you sign up for a free account, you can create your own personalized learning path based on your goals so I learned all about phrases related to romance! The videos are really well done too which made them way more engaging than just text or audio alone. If this review helped, please take a minute rate Babbel’s Spanish course 5 stars : )

  27. What I like about Babbel is that it’s easy to use and understand. It combines the latest technology with teaching methods proven to be effective. That way you can practice at your own pace and in a style that suits your learning style. The interface is also very intuitive which makes for a more enjoyable experience.

  28. When living abroad during my senior year of college, I felt overwhelmed with too many things to do each day. So one day I tried out Babbel which turned out to be great! You have multiple options depending on where you want to use

  29. Learning a language is hard enough without having different words for “to buy” depending on if we’re buying vegetables or any important things. Loved this app!!!!!!

  30. I spent a year with Babbel and was not impressed, so I cancelled the renewal in plenty of time, and Babbel confirmed my cancellation. That was months ago, and still, every day, I get a message from them. Their phone offers only a message to communicate with support. Which I have done 3 times. And I am ignored. Still, day after day I get an email. Their refuse to leave me alone.

  31. I purchased Babbel for a six month course, having paid about £44. Using Babbel is good and I am learning to use the Italian language. I have found the progress to be be carefully organised. I almost completed the Beginners course, having earned my first certificate, but then was locked out and was not able to set a new password. So far, none of my e-mails has been more than acknowledged and I am keen to continue and complete the course.

  32. Using Babbel to learn a new language is actually fun. I can learn at my own pace, review where needed and they have great customer service. The pace is perfect and price is affordable.

  33. Bad advertising. They post free learning on their website and in the emails they send out, but it’s just a free first lesson so almost everyone knows six words, or if you buy x number of subscriptions you can use it free x time, basically 50% off. They also charge full fees for multi-month subscriptions instead of monthly fees. It may be a good platform, but their ads are very misleading so I don’t trust

  34. I enjoy it, I really appreciate spoken English because I live south of the border during the year. I’m not sure what level to use. I am quite fluent and found that my course is too simple, although it is fun to review and learn new things, such as “impossible” without blemishes.

  35. I found the Babbel experience very positive. I work at my own pace and the courses are not boring. They are based on daily experience. If the epidemic ends, these experiences will be helpful. I can travel to some Spanish speaking countries and practice. Some audio passages, such as the practice of the Argentine station, are difficult to decipher, when I tried to go to the next question I was paralyzed, so I had to give up and go back to the beginning of the program. Overall, I am very happy that this program exists, which offers a different way of learning languages, not just practicing at home. Keep up the good work!

  36. Absolutely bad customer service! ! The payment on the website is broken down into the monthly payment amount, which is the amount I thought I registered. This is not the case, but a one-time payment, which is then deleted immediately. When I tried to explain this to customer service via email, they kept recommending me to Apple, but I couldn’t cancel. I said that I would accept subscriptions for less than a year, because false information would not help! ! ! Don’t get involved in this company, it doesn’t seem like it! ! ! !

  37. The Babbel application itself is great! I have no complaints. But you didn’t ask me to cancel my subscription, even if your app says it wants to cancel my subscription, you still keep taking my money. You don’t need to take other people’s money. You already have some benefits for the application itself!

  38. The Babbel application itself is great! I have no complaints. But you didn’t ask me to cancel my subscription, even if your app says it wants to cancel my subscription, you still keep taking my money. You don’t need to take other people’s money. You already have some benefits for the application itself!

  39. I have tried to use several different applications and learn Spanish at university. Before I tried to use Babbel on tablets and phones, none of them succeeded. The learning structure means that you learn how to use the language and achieve a good balance between speaking, writing and listening.

  40. I really like using the Babbel app to check my French. It’s fun, there are a lot of courses, and a lot of reminders. These scenes are more modern, relevant and mature, which gave me a great review of the French in my school, especially when I left school more than 20 years ago!

  41. What a great language learning tool! I like that you work at your own pace and convenience. It is immersive from the start, the dialogue you hear is real, it not only contains the words you are learning, but it also contains all the contextual words. I appreciate the various styles used, namely cards, listening, speaking and writing. Merci beaucoup Babbel, très bien!

  42. Babbel helped me master the language in a fun and challenging way. I like the conversations and the scenes, which include useful phrases that can be used in various situations. This is more than memorizing common phrases. You will learn to combine and construct sentences to improve your fluency.

  43. I think Babel is the best for learning Spanish. It gives me a lot of useful advice about Spanish or Latin American culture, not about the language. From the first day I used Babbel, I knew it was extraordinary. It can not be better. Thanks to Babbel, I started my day of learning Spanish. It’s fun. I appreciate your smart work. Keep going!

  44. You’d think that a service created to teach languages would be free from rampant bugs, grammatical issues, and other easter eggs. Au contraire! I once downloaded this app for kicks and surprise – it’s full of constant glitches! In addition, the course series is ineffective in teaching language patterns which renders this subscription less than useless. Download at your own risk.

  45. Babbel’s been a life-changing experience for me. Since I started, my confidence level in speaking has increased drastically and to the point where where I would drive by someone on the street and have conversations with people that had no idea what language we were speaking.

  46. I’ve been using Babbel for the last month and I have to say, it is completely changing my whole outlook on learning languages. You can literally make your own schedule (though if you want extra help or help with specific grammar points, their customer service is great) and do a bit at work, at home, in the car- wherever you are! Plus their community has really helped me stay motivated also. It deletes yesterdays lesson once you complete it so you don’t end up just memorizing tests and never actually progressing further.

    I love that they offer 12 different lessons from beginner level to advanced so everyone gets what they need depending on how many years they’ve already studied Spanish before trying out Babbel

  47. Before you start your language journey, you have to choose which one. That can be a big decision: what if the language doesn’t click with you? Luckily, Babbel has four languages that are 100% guaranteed to appeal to all types of learners – Brazilian Portuguese, French (including Canadian), German and Spanish! The first step in learning any new language is deciding where and when to do it. You don’t need any formal commitments or expensive books – just grab a copy of Babbel for Android/iPad and go anywhere! You could get started this evening on the bus ride home from work; tomorrow morning before breakfast; or on Sunday afternoon while waiting for Game of Thrones series finale… There’s literally no end date.

  48. Languages are hard. There’s nothing new about that, but we finally figured out a way to make learning them easier. It’s called Babbel and it has been scientifically proven (according to science people) as the most effective language learning app on the market today! When you download this fabulous tool, you will have access to interactive lessons for 14 different languages with advanced speech recognition technology. You can listen to podcasts, do interactive quizzes and practically anything else your little heart desires! What is more? You get all of these features without having an internet connection (yay)! In short: Learn a language- anytime, anywhere: Download Babbel now!

  49. You know, I’m not an expert on this topic because I don’t speak French fluently. But it seems to me that Babbel is a pretty cool language learning app. I enjoy the way that it teaches you and carries you along. It feels good and not difficult! Maybe my accent isn’t so hot but hey there’s always room for improvement!

  50. I’ve subscribed to Babbel for a few months now, and I LOVE it! Whether you are studying just one language or several, or trying to pick up new ones, this app is like an electronic Rosetta Stone. With courses for beginners to advanced learners in everywhere from German and French all the way through Chinese and Arabic, what else can be said about such a diverse service. The lessons teach you vocabulary with dialogue so that by listening how sentences are formed in each of the languages will eventually make enough sense on your own that this would become one less thing you need help with when traveling abroad in the future! You’ll start talking at day one if only you give it just 30 minutes a day…that’s right kids!

  51. Babbel language app is great for beginners and it’s just fun to use. I love the way you can virtually practice a conversation on your own before doing it with somebody else.

  52. Babbel is by far the best way to learn a new language, in my opinion. I’ve tried Duolingo and Rosetta Stone with some success but they don’t compare to the functionality of Babbel. First of all the app itself is gorgeous, much more intuitive than other platforms I’ve used without giving up any features or tools. No clunky interface! There are so many different options for people like me who have busy lives – instructional lessons can be chosen from speech recognition technology or translated text, as well as audio podcasts for those not interested in reading or played on your phone while you commute.

  53. The Hindi lesson is fantastic! I’ve never had any luck learning a new language, but Babbel makes it seem so easy.

  54. The first time I tried Babbel, I was hooked. We chose it out of many language learning apps because the tutorials were interactive, and showed flexible programs for people who wanted a short blast of lessons or another mode that go slightly more in depth. The variety is all in there – funny video clips to help you remember words, spoken word audio to practice your listening in different accents, and vocabulary quizzes. Play as much or as little as you like – when life gets busy again (as it will) Babbel’s flexibility makes coming back feel feasible and doable!

  55. The app is so addicting. It’s like playing brain games and getting your dose of Starbucks all at the same time! I love that you can surf lessons, podcasts or play a fun game to learn new vocabulary AND it has advanced speech recognition technology. This means you can hear your pronunciation while recording and practicing with other users in real-time. With this level of engagement, cultural immersion, easy access & variety – You’re bound to become fluent faster than with anything else out there!.

  56. When you open up your phone and see Babbel, you’re in for a treat. You could be waiting on the bus or sitting at dinner, but this app will keep you entertained no matter what’s happening around you!!! I’m not totally sure how all these phrases magically come out of my mouth when they really shouldn’t! But that just proves that Babbel needs to work some more magic because one way or another–I am NEVER going back!

  57. I couldn’t believe it. I was in Portland and suddenly, my mind went blank. All that Spanish vocabulary I’d been practicing for months in preparation for a trip to Guatemala just disappeared from my head like dust! Dust gone! The only word I could remember was “pelo” which mean “hair.” And hello there, long brown hair everywhere that wasn’t mine (don’t worry, she spoke English okay!). So embarrassing. Thank goodness for BABBEL-learning the Spanish language with this app saved me from having to say anything at all when traveling abroad even if you haven’t had any money or time to get lessons beforehand!

  58. I absolutely love Babbel. I loved it so much in fact that when my parents thought I was not going to continue with a foreign language major, they sat me down for an “intervention.” They told me about how I used to be obsessed studying languages and that this app would help them make sure I can speak more than one fluently. So ultimately, if you’re into language learning of any kind, go download the free version now!

  59. I’ve been trying to learn a new language for two years and I really thought it would be impossible. But then, two weeks ago, I started using Babbel and suddenly real progress was happening!

  60. Babbel is a fabulous app that I use all the time for when my Spanish falls off. It has more than 2000 exercises, which are designed to suit every need to keep me looking smart and confident in front of my friends and family while on holiday in Spain. The best thing about it for me is that it never gets boring, as it changes up its routines so I don’t get bogged down with same old tasks over and over again.

  61. When you’re ready to take your language skills past basic typos on Facebook or chats with locals who can’t find the bathroom, Babbel is a great learning platform. With interactive lessons that get you trying out new words and phrases in real-time, this site is perfect for those looking to have conversations in their new language. For beginners especially, the variety of classes catering to different interests helps keep lessons engaging. If you’ve already got some strong base knowledge but want to go from intermediate speaking level up into advanced conversational proficiency levels or test out verb conjugations, there’s enough here for everyone. It can be easy at times when it feels like nobody speaks English – but if they do speak another language

  62. I have been an English learner for the past 5 years and I was always looking for opportunities to get more speaking practice. When I found out about Babbel, i’ve realized that it has everything I need! Lessons are fun and interactive, presentations are updated every day with new lessons, you can type on your keyboard or speak aloud to take a class.

  63. Ok, let’s be honest. Learning a language is like nothing I’ve ever done before and it can feel really hard! But somehow every time I log into Babbel for my “Live virtual classes” with my awesome tutor Selma or when I review a lesson on the App, learning feels surprisingly manageable. What makes me keep logging in? The comprehensible content and authentic interactions that make sense to me no matter what level of learner I am. Plus it’s reassuring knowing that there are clear milestones (checked off!)with each new skill while working through lessons at your own pace—even as an absolute beginner!

  64. The best way to learn a new language is in the real world. The second-best way is through live online classes led by professional, award-winning teachers and delivered at a variety of times according to your schedule. This service has hundreds of lessons, all tailored for different levels and commitment levels, which teach beautiful ways to say what you want with style and confidence.

  65. Babbel is an accessible language learning app with a ton of lessons, teachers and class formats to suit whatever your needs. With round-the-clock availability, you can plan for success in any time zone or work schedule.

  66. Babbel is an awesome online language learning program that has helped me tremendously over the last year. I was always one of those people who would take a class, or study by myself and never really ‘get it’, but Babbel makes things easy and engaging. Offline lessons have quizzes for you to guess what you don’t know, which helps enormously when tackling languages instead of going purely read-write like some programs. Plus they offer all sorts of fun stuff like live classes with subtitles!

  67. I had all the excuses. I don’t have time, it seems complicated and technology just isn’t my thing. And then I saw Babbel at work in a recent Skype conversation with someone speaking their native language to me – using Babbel! It was easy, natural and intuitive. Suddenly everything clicked and language learning become easier than ever

  68. my best language-learning ever
    My German was great, but then I decided to travel through Germany
    I wanted to be ready for a completely different culture. In my experience, the only way to get fluent with the locals is by speaking their language 24/7 and not just in some classroom or book. Living abroad–immersed in that culture on a day-to-day basis — will help you retain what you learn under all these pressures. Babbel got me hooked when they added live virtual lessons designed with my needs in mind

  69. Before you learn a language, Babbel is already teaching you one. From limitless access to live virtual classes by top language teachers to immersive lessons in all of the app’s courses, this gargantuan library just might be big enough for any and all learners. Just like when we were kids trying to read cereal boxes for breakfast, I fully believe everyone needs their Babbel billlionaires box!

  70. I’ve been using babble for a few weeks now and the way their app has helped me learn is nothing short of jaw-dropping. I was starting to really think that it would be impossible for me to ever get fluent, but with this program i feel like anything is possible! Way easier than any other method I’ve tried in the past

  71. I have never been an avid language learner, but when I downloaded Babbel to help me learn Spanish for a trip to Chile, the app offered everything that I needed. Babbel has interactive lessons with speech recognition technology, which was perfect for my hectic schedule. It also offers games and other features that make learning fun whether you’re looking to pass your high school finals or just have a little something on the side while binge-watching Netflix.

  72. I’ve tried learning other languages before and I can say with absolute certainty that this is the best app on the market. I had a friend who only spoke Spanish after she found Babbel and now we have conversations all day long! This app really has changed my life for the better.

  73. Learning a new language is the perfect way to connect with people from around the world. Improve your career prospects by mastering a second tongue, or take back control of time spent in airports–spend it instead with good company and no subtitles! Whatever you want to get out of learning another language, Babbel will be there for you every step of the way: whether your goal is travel, business or just plain FUN!!

  74. Babbel is the BEST app ever for learning new languages. They have really worked to make it different from other apps and you can tell that they are actively working on making the lessons more fun. Some examples include a game show with cats, a superhero quiz and so much more! My only regret is not downloading this sooner!

  75. I’ve spent quite a lot of money on different language learning materials and apps, but none compare to this one. For someone like me with a busy life who wants to stretch the time between long trips abroad due to work, it was exactly what I needed. The ease of use is amazing and would be very beneficial for those who are particularly rusty in a particular foreign language. Your Babbel review is very informational.

  76. Learning a language can be challenging for adults, but thankfully with the help of Babbel. Great Babbel Review, I was quickly able to recall my favorite moments in Sweden as well as understanding what some Swedish people were saying. The lessons are interactive and easy to understand so you’ll find yourself more engaged than ever before!

  77. Learn a new language in an immersive and fun manner on your device of choice. Babbel is the first interactive learning program that is available completely for free because it offers exclusive content from partners such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, MailOnline, Flickr and YouTube among others. I had a certain idea of what Babbel review might be like before using it myself but now I’m convinced this has been the best decision to make my bilingual dreams come true! There are many different languages to choose from to give you more options no matter where you’re at. If anyone’s looking for a fresh alternative way of boosting their skills this is definitely worth downloading on break time at work or when waiting around in between classes.

  78. “Babbel is AMAZING! So I used it for a while and absolutely loved it. Then one day when I went to answer a question, the app crashed. Different languages started popping up that weren’t even related to any of my recent quizzes! Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that Babbel is awesome because you’ve gotta pair your smartphone with their website so you can log in from anywhere. PLUS, there’s this crazy little chat feature where all the phrases pop up on your phone screen as text bubbles so you know exactly how you should be saying things.” Awesome Babbel review!

  79. I was skeptical at first, but the scientifically proven “drop method” really calls on your brain cells. The drops let you hold the lessons for however long they want and do much better than just passively reading a book alone in an office chair. My passive knowledge gradually turned into active understanding and I found myself able to comprehend my friends’ conversations because of this great app and nice babbel review- it’s well worth the investment!

  80. It’s always nice to try something new. And nothing beats mastering a language with this app!

  81. The new way to learn a foreign language is surprisingly ineffective. The “comprehensive” education combines cumbersome and patronizing lessons with old-fashioned technology. You will get unlimited access to hundreds of boring and repetitive videos designed for complete idiots, based on intelligence and the time you want to put in. Plus it only has eight languages available–and one year enrollment fee!

  82. You know that feeling, when you think it’s about time to learn another language. So you go out and buy some new software or book with the intention of learning French… but after an hour of practicing grammar on your webcam, you simply can’t take it any longer.

  83. As an Englishman, I was severely disappointed in this product. All the lessons were in German and there wasn’t anything to work on my pronunciation or grammar skills. It’s difficult when you’re trying to learn a language with only vocab words that are spoken without context. Maybe it could be useful for someone who already speaks another language fluently, but for the average person it will probably end up being more of a pain than not.

  84. I wanted to learn a new language. I thought you were the answer! Unfortunately, your lessons are hours long and their primary focus is speaking. So how am I supposed to practice reading? Plus, what’s with the quizzes—even when I get them right they tell me that my pronunciation was wrong and need more practice! What a waste of time and money…

  85. It’s worth noting that anyone can start Babbel in under two minutes. So you can take a break from the chaos around you by diving into an immersive lesson with just a few clicks – no matter where you are or what device you have on hand!

  86. This app is the best I’ve experienced. Unlike most of my other language learning apps, this one actually helps me remember new words because I actually use them in sentences which inevitably leads to retention. It also has tons of different exercises so its really easy to learn a bunch at once without getting bored!
    *I’m obsessively hooked on Babbel’s clever games like Word Fun with Effie and Palooza that help you comprehend and remember new vocabulary by making it fun and engaging. More than just a flashy interface, these wacky characters make the time fly by while being absolutely adorable.* Awesome Babbel Review, i loved it

  87. I watched my friends go off for the summer and my irl-friendships dwindle away as they proceeded to have an ocean full of wine together, spilling secrets on what had transpired in our lives, or else just playing silly games until four in the morning. But now they’re back from their travels abroad and they don’t know what App I’m talking about, my favorite one that translates languages into English so that you can read news articles about people who are worlds apart from yourself. They used it years ago but now all my classmates are using it too—they’re using Babbel

  88. Language learning usually takes a lot of dedication and patience. But when you’re not really in the mood for any more words, it’s pretty hard to persevere. Now imagine being tired from a long day at work or school, watching TV is your favorite pastime but you suddenly have this need to know how to ask for coffee in Italian so you can speak with your friend on Skype…but French is easier because they both have words like “coffee,” so let’s just learn French! Suddenly the language learning process is a whole lot less frightening and a whole lot more doable.

  89. I’m really happy with this app! It’s really helpful to know another language because you’ll be able to communicate better with other people who speak that language fluently.

  90. It’s like counting all of the steps that you used to take and then replacing them with a single, gigantic leap. If it were actually possible to learn a new language in three minutes, why would I ever write this review?

  91. What’s up with that?”
    Babbel is the all-new, totally awesome, fully addicting way to learn a foreign language. It combines cutting-edge education methods with state-of-the art technology for unlimited access to award winning lessons designed specifically for your level and time commitment. And you won’t believe this–it’s free! When my friend told me about it all I was like “What’s up with that!” (Learn German in minutes here!)
    And now I’m like “I’m on Babbel doing German.” If boring classes are not for you then try taking some French lessons on your phone instead.

  92. This app includes a price of $10 per month which you have to pay at the same time every moth. I was under the impression that this would be a free app if it wasn’t for a little pop-up window that popped up and didn’t allow me to continue until I pressed “okay”. The lesson templates are not very well laid out as there is too much content, videos cut out constantly, games don’t always update correctly every time, text is sometimes blurry or scrolling erratically. These inconveniences make me feel as though Babbel isn’t going anywhere in my personal opinion.

  93. Babbel is the new way to learn a foreign language. The comprehensive learning system combines effective education methods with state-of-the-art technology. Get unlimited access to hundreds of award-winning lessons designed for all learners, based on level and time commitment—and kind staff ready to answer your questions 24/7! Babbel may not sound very different from any other app you’ve come across in this genre, but there’s one thing that sets it apart: it’s exhausting. There are over 300 (!!!) insanely repetitive spelling lessons alone—you can’t use them for anything else like lesson quizzes or grammar exercises.

  94. This app includes a price of $10 per month which you have to pay at the same time every. I loved it

  95. “This app is useless! It doesn’t work at all. I tried so many times to open it but nothing happened.” The speaker continues angrily, “And the customer service is terrible. They don’t answer my emails and they’re never available on the phone!”

  96. Wow… You sound amazing after just fifteen minutes of using this app! It’s so motivational because it tells me what areas I need to work on for next time while also telling me which ones I’m doing well on. The latest update works even better on cellular data if you’re struggling with having WiFi

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