How do I restore my website from BackupBuddy? BackupBuddy Support & Pricing

Do you require an effective backup plugin for your WordPress website? The frustration of working on a website just to have it crash and wipe out all of your efforts may be unmatched. However, there is no justification for this to occur to you.

In order to give developers a comprehensive plugin that can do more than just save data and files, BackupBuddy was developed. A plugin like this may be required for a variety of factors, and many users have confidence in BackupBuddy.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Backup Plugin?

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We would like the Internet to be more secure, but it is not. Every day DDOS attacks, hacking attempts, and data theft cause thousands of websites to go offline.

Before their data is lost, many website owners do not understand the value of backups. With adequate backups, recovering lost data is completely avoidable, incredibly expensive, and painful.

There are many WordPress backup options available. Here is what we need in a backup program for a WordPress-powered website.

  • Produces backups automatically on a regular basis
  • Keeps backups in the cloud
  • Provides simple recovery and migration options from backups

Let’s look at BackupBuddy and see how well it accomplishes all of these tasks, as well as some more.

Simple and Quick Setup for Full Backups

Many users at the introductory level are unfamiliar with the jargon employed by backup software. They find it a little challenging to make choices when putting their backup solution in place because of this.

As soon as they activate the plugin, BackupBuddy makes it incredibly quick and straightforward for beginners to set up their backup solution.

It displays a straightforward form with options that are simple to understand. Simply filling it out and saving it will start your first full backup in addition to setting up your backup solution.

Users are spared from having to choose a plethora of choices. You don’t have to struggle with the software to get it to work; it starts working in a matter of seconds.

How do I restore my website from BackupBuddy?

How do I restore my website from BackupBuddy

  1. Compile the essential “supply” in advance of the restoration
  2. Upload to your server the ImportBuddy file and your complete backup zip
  3. Bring up your ImportBuddy URL
  4. Follow ImportBuddy’s six steps to finish the restore

BackupBuddy Support & Pricing

The price for BackupBuddy starts at around $80 per year for a license for two sites. For $297, you can get a Gold license that allows you to use BackupBuddy on an unlimited number of sites and includes lifetime support and upgrades.

All subscribers receive ticket-based support from the plugin’s official support forums. Most inquiries are resolved in a matter of hours or less.

Users who want to complete tasks alone will find the web documentation to be fairly comprehensive and satisfying. Additionally, you have access to support forums, tutorials, video tutorials, and the official Codex.

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Wrapping up

You will require a full suite of functions from your WordPress backup plugin, and BackupBuddy provides them all. It has a very well-designed user interface, and if needed, on-screen support is provided. Even beginners would find it simple to use and has a clean user interface.

The plugin code is trustworthy and was created by one of the top WordPress developers. It is incredibly trustworthy and dependable. To keep it safe and secure, it is frequently updated and maintained.

With strong expert help, it is the most affordable solution to set up backups for a WordPress site.

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