Bartleby Vs Chegg 2022: Which One Is The Best? (Top Pick)

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What’s better than having all the textbooks stored on one phone? Just like how the physical textbooks and workbooks have their significant roles in the learning process platforms like Bartleby and Chegg are equally important too. But there is a very big and common confusion – Bartleby vs Chegg, Which one to choose?

Well, both of them administer a considerable variety of educational services with premium quality. Ranging from free material to having additional facilities that are paid, they are both extremely user friendly.

Without the shadow of a doubt, I know how confusing it can get to choose between Bartleby vs Chegg that are market leaders. And well, you’ve stopped exactly at the right place! Having known almost all their features, here in this blog you’ll find all your answers. I have technically experienced both the applications, meaning that I have used them. I’ll make sure I put in all the minute details and make it easy for you to choose the perfect one for you!

Bottom Line: Chegg is one of the best platform for online textbooks and it is better than Bartleby in terms of pricing, features and materials of the textbooks. Many students put their trust in Chegg and it is constantly giving the desired outcome. So what are you waiting for get your online textbooks with Chegg.

So, let’s begin with the in-depth comparison of Bartleby vs Chegg.

Bartleby vs Chegg 2022– In-Depth Comparison

Bartleby vs Chegg Overview

Being a user of both these apps namely-Bartleby and Chegg, there are some key points I’d like to mention. One needs to identify its need first and then make a choice. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t overweigh your pockets Bartleby is the one! However, if you’re looking for something that gives you premium quality services, move towards Chegg! 

Bartleby vs Chegg- Ease of Use

Bartleby-Ease of Use

Bartleby has a great user interface and is said to be a very untroublesome application to use. Many users claim that there are not many hurdles or obstacles while using this app. Even in its first days, where some apps cause some hindrances, Bartleby is extremely easy to adopt the platform.


This makes it stand out from the rest. It is indispensable for an application or a website to be user friendly. Any platform that keeps getting stuck or is too perplexing to use is not appreciated. It does not stay for long.

Chegg-Ease of Use

Chegg is christened as a market leader in these instances. It does not only provide absolute ease while using it but is also an integrated solution. A whole lot of reviews talk about how Chegg is a perfect online tutor and have online courses for all cases. Chegg has made a strong base or rather has held its customers tight by making sure that the application provides its best.

Chegg Ease of Use

Bartleby vs Chegg- Pricing Review

Bartleby Pricing

Bartleby bequeaths a service where textbooks or any of its study material aid the homework exercises from an average price ranging from $7.99 a month to $9.99 a month. As a part of its very recent promotional activity it has been giving its first month at a base price of $4.99 a month which is a steal deal! Well, putting it up in the terms of a layman – the first month is a 50% discount. These subscriptions cater to a new one-to-one activity which means an individual direct-to-student function happens. A detailed solution with proper explanation is and a dexterous guide for Q and A is what it all consists of. The price one pays is surely worth it because the quality Bartleby has been providing is perpetually improving. 

This can also be justified – “Bartleby, in January 2020 crossed a sale of over 1 million solution textbooks.” This denotes how Bartleby is undoubtedly worth the pay.

Bartleby Pricing

Chegg Pricing

Chegg has a slightly different pricing strategy. Its basic study plan will cost the user somewhere around $14.95 a month which when compared to Bartleby is a little higher. There are some study packs attainable at $19.95 a month as well. One must of course try the Chegg app and not take a backseat just because of its pricing strategy. This being said because Chegg has a lot to offer on a plate at once. These packs offer services where one can write research papers and make sure they are plagiarism-free. With it comes the “Chegg online graphing calculator” which allows math to get easier! 

Before buying any of its premium packs Chegg even grants a free trial for a period of 4 weeks, in order to get sure of the application. All these premium features are available on the website as well as the mobile app.

Chegg Pricing Review

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Bartleby vs Chegg- Providing Aid while writing a Research Paper – 

Both Bartleby and Chegg accommodate writings of various kinds. From essays to research papers, they facilitate both of them. However, according to the reviews the customers have given in we have some derived notions:


Bartleby is a website or a platform that does allow the user to choose a proper topic for the research paper and how to go about it. It also gives out frameworks or guidelines that make it easy for the user to derive their process for working on a research paper. Bartleby is not really a source though it is a compilation of many sources together making the authenticity of its text an issue again. While writing the research papers at least, the references and the plagiarism has to be taken utmost care of. This becomes a grave problem with Bartleby. There have been times when the app shows zero plagiarism but other authentic websites like safe-Assign showed it to be between 10-60%. This in turn raises a question on the originality and the authenticity of the website itself. 

Bartleby has another loophole when talking about the writing of a research paper; it does not correct any grammatical errors. All the grammar in any form is ignored. This leads the user to use other applications that provide better quality service.  

Bartleby Writing


Moving to Chegg, Chegg doesn’t really provide any such additional services that allow the citing of a research paper, it is just a digitalized ensemble of textbooks and other study material. It can, however, be used in the process of data collection. There are additional services that are powered under the big Chegg umbrella, out of which one of them is “EasyBib”- a Chegg service that facilitates users to write a research paper. It allows a whole research paper to be pasted in a checkbox and then be rectified. 

While we consider both these platforms from the point of view of a research paper, these can be used but can’t be completely relied upon. It will need backup sites.

Bartleby vs Chegg- Quality provision

While one is made to choose between options of two apps, there is undeniably a parameter that states or asks “what quality services does the app provide?”Quality has various inferences and stages. An app might be called a good one if it has everything in balance. 


People have found out as to how repeatedly, Bartleby becomes frustrating to use. The questions are recurrently left unanswered. Some users have even described the asking process as “awkward”. This becomes a huge barrier while a user might make a choice between two apps serving a similar purpose. Users also tend to complain as to how Bartleby charges extra fees even when the subscription has been canceled or the subscription hasn’t been made at all. This apart from being ethically incorrect is a major loophole. This turns the customers down and drifts them away from the application or the website. Some have also said that there are other trustworthy options than Bartleby in turn meaning that Bartleby isn’t a very dependable source. 

However, some customers have also mentioned how it has a great variety of textbooks and the resources do provide enough content. Features like early scoring and citation assistance are as well of great aid. Another great feature Bartleby showcases are all the services that they provide have a trial option. This grants the customer access to it without actually paying for it and allowing the customer to then decide if it is really needed or not.


About Chegg, customer reviews are relatively better. No doubt why most of the surveys on the internet call Chegg as a market leader. Chegg is a highly reliable app where users can actually trust the information provided. Users have always complimented the trust-worthiness of this app. The customer service surely has to be given a lot of its credibility. Once a user found some glitch with its subscription and payment issue, and reported a complaint with the customer care. Within half an hour of its report, the issue got resolved and all the glitches were removed. 

Honestly, this does play a really significant role in building a customer’s trust, and this is exactly how customer loyalty increases. In my case too, I once rented textbooks and some resource material from Chegg and I was honestly surprised. All the material reached my place a day before it was actually supposed to and the quality was perfect too. The price range was minimal too and without a doubt I am recommending Chegg for sure with a 10/10. The posted questions are answered within no time and the whole process of learning-unlearning is very fine.

Here I spoke of how customers perceive these two apps and put up a comparison completely based on reviews, however one must not forget reviews are extremely subjective in nature and one must know all the features an app or a website has to offer to choose the right one!

Bartleby vs Chegg- Modules

Bartleby modules:

Bartleby is an exclusive hub for students, with a mission to empower lives through education. It has products and services exclusively designed in a way that leads students to success. Some of its modules are:

  • Bartleby Learn: Also popularly known as a study guide, Bartleby Learn provides a lot of services that shall indeed really help the user. Step-by-step solutions in millions of textbooks, expertise study material, availability of experts 24*7 to answer questions. Through Bartleby Learn they not only ensure the right answers but also make sure it comes just in time.
  • Bartleby Write: Your perfect partner for write-ups. Be it an essay or a research paper, Bartleby has you covered. It is like a virtual platform where a user can write research papers and constantly keep a check on its spelling or grammatical errors. It also comes along with a plagiarism checker that makes a research paper efficient enough.

Bartleby Write

  • Bartleby Research: To have an idea that can lay a base for writing an essay or a research paper, one necessarily has to research. And generally this research can take up too long. However, Bartleby aids users by helping them spark an idea and also helps them with writing assignments.

Chegg Modules

Now talking about Chegg, it has a huge variety of modules working. Let me describe them in short for you, which will help you get a quick idea of how it works and decide.

  • Chegg Textbooks: This is where one can get all the textbooks similar to the course material at a very affordable rate. While comparing the prices between these rented textbooks and the actual ISBN prices, one can derive to the difference between the two. This does help all the middle-class students to save up on their pockets!
  • Chegg Play: Chegg play is like an interactive community where students can learn while playing. This makes learning more of a fun process and keeps the users glued. Interactive and fun games can be played where one has to answer questions and earn points. This feature serves great benefits.
  • Chegg Math Solver: One of the most innovative features, Chegg Math Solver is like a scientific calculator where a user can type in their math sum and get an answer for it. Not only the answer but also provides a detailed step by step explanation to it. This makes the life of mathematics students easier honestly! The best part of this is, it literally has all the topics covered. From algebra to calculus, they have us covered!

Chegg Math Solver

  • Test Prep Chegg: Your ultimate guide for the preparation of exams like GMAT, GRE, AP, and ASVAB is here. With the most authentic test material, Test Prep Chegg is always a great platform to rely on. A rigorous test with proper time frameworks is what the ultimate aim is.

Bartleby vs Chegg- My Honest Review- Which One is the Winner?

Being a student from a management background, I am in a constant need of online textbooks for extracurricular help as well as writing research papers. My personal experience with both apps has been undoubtedly great. However let me stress the notion of Chegg being better. They do answer all the questions in the nick of a time, which is surely a great advantage! They do justify the statement “experts available 24/7”. Bartleby takes a lot of time to answer questions and also has some glitches! I would personally recommend Chegg.

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FAQs of Bartleby Vs Chegg

👉A user's question has been unanswered for a while now, why is this happening?

Bartleby makes sure that all its questions are answered unless they are out of the scope, scam, or unclear. However, if the user believes the question is perfect they have a separate email address that is [email protected] for any such issues.

👉How can a user search for the textbook solutions?

A user shouldn't necessarily be logged in to have all the access to the textbook solutions; they can use the search box at the top of the page to find.

👉Is Bartleby worth the investment?

Taking into consideration all the features Bartleby provides, yes a user can rely on Bartleby. These features include provisions like writing a research paper, learning through experts etc. To know a detailed description kindly check the blog.

👉Does Bartleby give in any discounts?

Yes, the first month is a flat 50% discount with a price of $4.99 a month. A steal deal! For more information on its pricing, read the blog!

👉Does Chegg have a limitation on the number of questions?

Yes, one can only ask a maximum of 20 questions per month.

👉Does Chegg have any limits on the number of textbook solutions a user can view?

YES, a user can only view 300 solution textbooks per week.

👉Does Chegg have a refund system?

If any issue is reported in a span of 5 business days, Chegg does provide a refund.

Conclusion- Bartleby vs Chegg Comparison

We discussed various modules that both Bartley and Chegg provide, and how one can make the most out of these digital platforms. There are umpteen parameters, on which apps or digital platforms can be segregated, judged, and compared. The efficiency of these apps can be decided by how large they tend to benefit the students or the community they are intending to serve.

Surveys will give out results but we need to keep a back thought as to how reviews are subjective. In my notion, before deciding which app is better, we must first identify our needs and check out the trials of both the apps. Like the two sides of a coin, everything has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Glitches happen in all the applications anyways so, try out the free trials that the apps give out and then choose one for yourself. For the mathematics junkies who need accurate answers-Chegg Math Solver is surely something you shouldn’t miss, and on the other hand, if you want to write a full-fledged research paper-Bartleby Write is waiting for you!

I hope this comparison of Bartleby Vs Chegg helps you decide which is a better platform for you to use!

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 Chegg is one of the best platform for online textbooks and it is better than Bartleby in terms of pricing, features and materials of the textbooks. Many students put their trust in Chegg and it is constantly giving the desired outcome

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