BaseCloud Global Review 2023 Features & Pricing: Are They The Best Digital Marketing Specialists?

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Engineering combined marketing may not be quite as famous as pizza and beer, but the marketing world opened up for two engineers once they discovered they could utilize their expertise to help their clients increase sales and enhance customer service.

To ensure this can be done more smoothly and effectively, it is wise to employ a reliable CRM and Lead management tool that allows you to connect with your customers and queries, and ensure that you have better chances of converting potential customers.

If you are looking for such a dependable lead management tool, then BaseCloud is the one that you should try out. Let me tell you more about this tool!

BaseCloud Global Review 2023: What is BaseCloud?

BaseCloud-Global Review

BaseCloud is a groundbreaking lead management platform developed to allow businesses to track calls and texts, emails, and forms generated by a variety of advertising platforms, including billboards, vehicle branding, sites, and social media. The company likes to call itself “Marketing Performance Managers”, as they focus on getting the correct data into and from Google Analytics for your business, so that you know and improve things like conversion rates and lead costs much more efficiently.

BaseCloud addresses the issue of failing to manage new potential clients or leads through proper and timely replies and follow-ups to their queries and feedback. The tool ensures that clients get useful responses at the push of a button by monitoring everything automatically and analyzing the data in a fresh, unique way.

The Idea behind BaseCloud!

BaseCloud was founded by Jaco Krüger and Eduan Snyman, who grew their company to provide five distinct digital marketing services as it grew. Their first endeavor was to use marketing technologies, notably Google Ads, and measure the effects. Engineers are fascinated by the statistics and data that end up making our heads spin.

They eventually discovered that most businesses face the same issues. Many businesses might not have a system in place to successfully manage new potential clients or leads. Businesses take too much time to reply to new potential clients, refuse to ask the correct questions, and fail to follow up, resulting in the loss of potential customers.

What can you do with BaseCloud?

As BaseCloud grew in popularity, it expanded into web design. Web designers joined the team, developing clean code and creating websites with high conversion rates.

Lastly, they discovered that, despite using all of the available marketing methods, most organizations’ online organic development remained a challenge. Their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) group is now working to resolve the problem. SEO is a technique that aids in the organic and “free” discovery of businesses on the internet.

BaseCloud’s main goal is to assist businesses in growing. The company has been the only digital marketing agency, according to one of their long-term clients, that will notify a client to discontinue service if it isn’t working for them. Even if it’s one of BaseCloud’s services, they don’t recommend wasting time and money on it if it’s not assisting your business to expand.

Services Offered


BaseCloud essentially offers power-packed services and expert assistance that can allow you to handle your business workflow smoothly and efficiently manage your customer relationships so that you improve your reputation among your audience.

BaseCloud CRM

BaseCloud CRM is a fully automated customer relationship management platform with a special emphasis on lead management. Many small enterprises around the world need systems to assist them with the following:

  • Knowing how well their marketing is performing and also where their leads are originating from.
  • Measuring the return on investment (ROI) through various marketing platforms.
  • Managing their sales staff and leads successfully.
  • Insights about their shortcomings in the workplace (for example, sales and communication procedures)
  • Operations can be made more efficient with the help of business automation.
  • Creating databases in order to expand marketing options.
  • Integration with software packages.

BaseCloud CRM offers easy solutions to these issues. This one-of-a-kind CRM system also helps in tracking all of your leads effortlessly, which means less manual tracking from various lead sources. The following features are included in automatic lead tracking:

  • Website forms
  • Emails (from multiple sources)
  • Calls (from multiple sources)
  • Facebook Lead Ad forms
  • LinkedIn forms

BaseCloud’s CRM software may be tailored to match your business’s specific goals. You can now keep records of who is attracting new clients or where more efforts should be targeted. Depending on needs, the following business operations can be easily automated:

  • Keeping a track of leads (and their origins).
  • Auto-assignment of leads to the particular sales team member.
  • Automatic calling of sales reps, allowing them to call within 30 seconds
  • Email and SMS are used to communicate with the sales staff and leads.
  • Follow-up reminders for your team.
  • Lead logging into other software (Salesforce, API integration, including Zoho, Xero).

Google Ads Management

With a high-performance-oriented staff handling your Google Ads campaigns, you can create massive leads quickly and effectively, with an emphasis on conversions. Expect the following from Google Ads campaigns:

  • Targeting with precision

Get your company in front of consumers in your target location who are looking for your unique products and services.

  • Flexible, versatile, and fast

Refine your advertising to boost your lead generation. When you need it the most, Google Ads is highly versatile and flexible enough just to conform to your business demands or key areas.

  • Reporting in real-time

The customized BaseCloud marketing dashboard allows users to access your results on the go and receive real-time reporting.

  • Measurability

Unlike traditional marketing techniques, Google Ads is extremely measurable, allowing better-informed decisions to be made to improve success.

You can engage your target demographic by advertising on one of the many networks available:

  • Search Ads

These are highly focused advertisements that display depending on what you are actually looking for; as a result, this type of marketing is referred to as ‘high intent’ marketing. These advertisements are great for connecting with people who are actively searching for your service or product and are ready to buy or act.

  • Display Ads

These are image-based advertisements that let you target your audience based on things like their interests, what they are researching or preparing, how they are engaged with your company, and so on.

  • Video Ads

On YouTube, you can display targeted Video Ads. These ads are great for raising brand awareness and encouraging your item or brand to the right people.

  • Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are mostly for businesses that sell products. These advertisements are most effective in increasing visitors to your e-commerce store and increasing sales.

Website Development

A website is more than just that. BaseCloud is conversion rate oriented, with the primary purpose of ensuring that potential site visitors convert into paying clients, significantly improving the efficiency of the marketing campaign performance.

Their web development group has been creating high-converting websites for over a decade. Moreover, BaseCloud provides an exceptional worry-free website hosting and management service, allowing business owners to maintain a competitive edge.

Consider 24 × 7 uptime tracking, daily website backups, and ongoing conversion rate optimization on your site, as well as an extraordinary assurance that if your website goes down, they would fix it or even reconstruct it at no charge to you. This demonstrates their commitment to keeping your website up and running, guaranteeing continued lead generation.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

BaseCloud can assist you in increasing the number of organic visitors to your site by:

  • Providing assistance in the development of well-researched, SEO – optimized articles for your website.
  • On-page and off-page SEO recommended practices are implemented on your website.
  • Find strategies to connect to your website from authoritative websites in order to increase your domain authority.
  • Boost your overall search engine rating for relevant keywords.

Basecloud SEO has the following advantages:

  • You will receive a clear SEO plan to follow and comprehend each stage of your company’s SEO journey.
  • BaseCloud examines the best SEO methods from the beginning and shows you how to implement them in the long run.
  • You will receive monthly SEO timeline analytics that is simple to understand and have measurable outcomes.
  • The goal is to raise your domain authority and develop content that will help you rank higher in Google and other search engines.
  • Building great content and backlinks is an evergreen strategy that will expand your brand’s visibility year after year as you continue to implement SEO best practices.
  • When you stop being a client, your SEO ranking does not drop; your organic growth is long-lasting.

Major Benefits of using BaseCloud 


BaseCloud has always taken a data-driven and performance-driven strategy focussing on the right and accurate figure for enhancing the marketing of your brand. The tool is a very powerful Lead Management and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application, which gives real information on your leads and customers, in addition to offering smart, effective, and data-driven Google Ads campaigns.

  • BaseCloud creates proactive strategic improvements to your Google Ads advertising campaigns based on this data.
  • They offer a customizable CRM system that assists with lead management and automates many time-consuming processes, saving you both time and cost.
  • So you don’t waste any money on ineffective ad campaigns, your Google Ads are targeted, evaluated, and changed on a regular basis.
  • BaseCloud websites are simple to use and convert well. You will never have to bother about your site again if you use their website services.
  • With BaseCloud’s SEO timeline, your organic traffic will increase, and you will have peace of mind knowing that even if your advertisements go down, you will still get organic visitors to your website.

Get in touch with the experts NOW!

Visit the BaseCloud Official website to learn more about what a dedicated digital marketing agency can achieve for you. You are just one click away from getting in touch with the best and most credible experts to assist you with your marketing strategies and more.

All you need to do is either visit their website and schedule a call with their team of experts or simply fill up the basic details like name, contact number, email ID, and a brief description of your issue in the form that appears on their homepage and they will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Add them to your network, contact them, and chat business, technology, and marketing with them, or tell them about your unique vision. You will get the best and most reliable assistance in aspects like Lead Management, Website Designing, SEO, Google Ads, and more.

BaseCloud Customer Support 

Customer support is something that BaseCloud has always taken very seriously and they have been known to give top priority to the issues of their customers and get them resolved at the earliest. Their team of support executives can be contacted anytime via call or email. The support team is super responsive and always happily willing to assist you.

Contact BaseCloud via:

Furthermore, there is even an “Articles” section on their website where their team regularly posts blogs covering several aspects connected to marketing, SEO, etc. that can help you increase your knowledge and resolve some trivial issues by yourself without having to connect with the support team.

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Conclusion – Is BaseCloud worth it?

It is the fundamental business of BaseCloud to assist businesses in growing. The platform has been designed with the sole objective of letting you effectively manage your leads, make more sales and eventually increase your team’s efficiency to serve your customers better.

  • BaseCloud CRM offers comprehensive reporting features so that business managers can manage and keep up to date on where new customers are coming from and where you should be focusing more resources.
  • BaseCloud can help manage your leads by providing customers with proper support across different channels like emails, phone calls, and form submissions, all in one place so that you assist your customers in record times and increase your sales. 
  • BaseCloud CRM offers robust tools for your team to help customers quickly and efficiently every day.
  • Their Lead Management Software allows your customers experience the right communication, at the right time.
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