Bavoko SEO Tool Review With Discount Coupon 2022: (SAVE Upto $250)

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WordPress is the most popular platform for the websites. No doubt, Search Engines are the main source of the traffic for most of the websites and blogs nowadays. Nearly everyone gets to indulge in optimization to rank high in Search Engine results. Everyone who is having any website or blog then they can’t deny the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Many of us are currently using WordPress as it is the most SEO Friendly Content Management System (CMS) which basically powers millions of websites. WordPress SEO Plugins plays an important role in helping many webmasters to optimize their site and getting better rank in search results.

One such WordPress plugin that has really impressed me is the Bavoko SEO WordPress plugin. Bavoko SEO tools are the most comprehensive SEO WordPress plugin that improves the SEO workflow by combining the SEO analysis and optimization in a unique way.

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Bavoko SEO Tool Review With Discount Coupon 2022: (Get 40% Off Now)

Bavoko gives the most extensive tools to optimize and improve your website ranking. It does not include just the SEO tools but also has got the detailed SEO data and the unique workflow keep everything at a place.

 BAVOKO SEO Tool Review- All in One WordPress SEO Plugin

This WordPress plugin, as I said find application in most of the SEO Workflow. It optimizes your content as well as work well with the ON-Page SEO thing. Besides this, Bavoko also helps to monitor the backlinks.



  • Content Optimizer

This is really amazing and helps you boost the SEO of your website by optimizing the content. It does not only provide you with the tools but also give some great tips on content optimization.

The Content Optimizer helps you edit the pages for the website and are present in SEO Analyses tool. You can edit the metas, social snippets, keywords, internal links as well.

Bavoko SEO Tool Review- Content Optimizer

The optimizer helps edit the single page of your website for the search engine rankings. When you use the Bavoko, the content optimizer is attached to the top of each post that helps you suggest the metas, keywords, headlines as well.

If you feel the suggestion is appropriate, you can apply the changes. Besides helping for the Content Optimization and Creation, this tool successfully helps you to do a deep research on Keyword analysis.

The Content Optimizer tool also helps you place the internal links to the other pages as well as remove the unnecessary pages.

Bavoko SEO Tool Review- Content Optimizer Rankings

The best part about the Content Optimizer tool is that you don’t have to reload the page again and again while editing the texts and your articles. You can edit it from the outside of the articles. Just go to the dashboard and there you can start optimizing your texts, metas, internal links as well as all other important SEO aspects.

  • Search

As this plugin aims at improving the SEO, this can only be done by using the keywords that rank you higher.

Firstly, the WordPress site needs to be connected to the Google Search Console and then you can use Bavoko tool to find the best keywords. Almost 25,000 keywords are present at your WordPress backend using this tool.

By using the Bavoko tool, you will get the extensive tools for researching the keywords, monitoring your competitors and connecting it to the Bavoko API, all at a single place. The SEO tool connects with the Google Search console using an API which stores about 5,000 keywords in the backend.

Bavoko SEO Tool Review- Search Overview

If you get a premium version, there will be an additional API for you which will give more keywords. Keep in tune with your keywords and look for the SEO data that helps. This tool gives you all the necessary information about the search volume, CPC, Clicks, Impressions, CTR, and position.

The Premium tool for the Bavoko supports you with a deep research for the keywords. Keep an eye on which keyword is right for you. With the SEO tracking tool, you can search for your most favorite keyword and look out for its historical progress.

The Premium Version also gives the detailed list of the competitors based on your past history of keywords so that you can add them and analyze the individual keyword ranking.

  • On-Page

Bavoko SEO tool is the first WordPress plugin with the integrated On-page crawler. While in the free trial, the content aspects of the crawling are given whereas in the PRO version, it gives the weekly onpage reporting by the external crawler.

The On-page tool edits the title as well as the meta description for you. It suggests you whether the description is to too long or too short.

Bavoko SEO Tool Review- On-Oage SEO Insights

Besides the description, it also suggests that if your website URL is compatible with the SEO. Use the content optimizer to check for the permalinks. It gives you the data about how many external and internal links are present on the page.

Heading Tags are an important part of your content. This tool effectively tells where to use the effective heading tags. It filters your various pages and lists the page where no h1 is set. You can edit the heading when needed.

  • Backlink Monitoring

Backlinks are the backbone of your website’s ranking. Bavoko SEO tool gives you detailed information about the individual backlinks of your pages and their historical progress.

There is also a Disavow tool that analyses the spam links to your site and detects it. It adds the spam links to the Disavow table and submits it to Google.  You can find the history of your backlinks, find the old ones and the lost ones as well.

Bavoko SEO Tool Review- Backlink Analysis

Check out the backlink analysis one by one and sort them according to the domains and pages. The domain tabs tell you that which links provide the backlinks to your website and the anchor texts that are working.

You can also get the report of the websites that link and if they are using a no-follow attribute.

  • Performance

It is important to know that how your website is performing with the latest update of Google. As per the latest update of Google, page speed and the scripts play an important role overall.

Bavoko SEO Tool Review- Performance Checker

Bavoko integrates with your Google Analytics and monitors your page speed. It seamlessly analyzes the Page speed of your website and finds the Javascript, CSS and Image file on your website. The monitoring tool also tells that which page has a longer loading time and due to which reason.

Bavoko  SEO Tools

There are scads of tools for the WordPress optimization of your website. This is all included in just one plugin which does the wonder for you:

  1. Create the XML sitemap which is a deciding factor for the site to index.
  2. Optimize your permalinks and set internal links with one click.
  3. Find and Manage the Orphaned pages which you can own and create a backlink to your site.
  4. Create the headings and titles effectively with just a click by using the Dynamic Metas. Dynamic Metas adjusts your meta titles according to the post types using the drag & drop.
  5. The most intriguing part of Bavoko SEO tool is that it sets up and edit the descriptions, meta titles, URLs as well as the Titles in one go.
  6. This WordPress tool handle your internal links effectively. With just one-click, you can get the best suggestions for the internal links and once you confirm, it will automatically make changes.
  7. Set the redirect links; 301 as well as 302 so that no clicks are lost. Redirect either a single page or the whole directory.
  8. Social media tools which let you monitor the Facebook posts, as well as the Twitter, feeds.

Bavoko WordPress Plugin Pricing

The pricing for this SEO WordPress plugin is quite reasonable as when compared with the features. If you are just starting, you can use the basic plan for it.

Bavoko SEO Tool Review- Pricing Plans

Free Plan

  • Unlimited Site Licenses
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Basic Content Optimizer
  • 2 SEO Keywords
  • Internal Website Crawler

Professional Plan ($19.99/month)

  • GSC, Google Analytics and Bavoko API Integrated
  • 25 SEO Keywords & Synonyms
  • External Website Crawler
  • Content, Structural Analysis
  • Backlink Monitoring of up to 200 domains
  • Premium Customer Support

Advanced Plan ($49.99/month)

  • GSC, Google Analytics and Bavoko API Integrated
  • 25 SEO Keywords & Synonyms
  • External Website Crawler up to 25,000 pages
  • Content, Structural Analysis
  • Backlink Monitoring of up to 500 domains
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Keywords search- 500 keywords/month

Business ($99.99/month)

  • GSC, Google Analytics and Bavoko API Integrated
  • 25 SEO Keywords & Synonyms
  • External Website Crawler up to 50,000 pages
  • Content, Structural Analysis
  • Backlink Monitoring of up to 1000 domains
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Keywords search- 1000 keywords/month

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  Pros and Cons of Bavoko SEO WordPress Plugin


  • Dynamic Metas: Generate your Meta and Title as well as the description with few clicks and lesser time.
  • Internal Links Manager: Strengthens the link structure of your website by pointing out the places on the page where the internal links have to be placed.
  • Redirect Manager: Redirect a single page or the entire directory to the desired location.
  • Social Snippets: Create the Facebook Open Tags and Twitter Cards for your Social Media campaign.
  • Affordable Pricing: The pricing for the Bavoko SEO tool is affordable and can be even managed by the newbies.
  • SEO Analytics: It gives the deep SEO insight into your backlinks and the page rankings. It offers the on-page crawler for improving the ranks.
  • Intuitive Interface and Clear Dashboard
  • Discount Codes: Get the Discount coupon codes for Bavoko plugin at 40% Off on all pro plans.


  • No A/B Testing

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The Verdict: Does Bavoko WordPress Plugin Improve Your SEO? Bavoko SEO Tool Review With Discount Coupon 2022: (SAVE Upto $250)

Bavoko is undoubtedly the best SEO WordPress plugin when it comes to the features and pricing. The tools, as well as the intuitive dashboard, are the big plus for this tool.

If you are a newbie, you can still start with zero investment and get Google Analytics Integration which makes it valuable. You can either free download the plugin or even start a demo to check for the plugin.

To conclude, I would recommend this WordPress plugin as it works efficiently and leaves no stone unturned to boost your rankings.

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