10 Best 3D Pens 2020 Buyer’s Guide [Top Rated Under $99]


The world of art has evolved a lot over this decade with emergence of a lot of advanced technologies and functions which makes art more interesting and easy to practise. We all knew about the 3D printers and were taking all the possible advantage of that, when suddenly there was an emergence of the 3D pens in the art world.

As a 3d printer does, so does a 3d pen allows you to design each of your art piece according to your need and imagination but it is even more economical than the conventional 3d printers. They are available in all vibrant bright colours to choose from and add on a beautifully amazing touch to each of your art piece.

Let us take a deeper view at what does a 3d pen actually means. In this article we are going to Top Latest Best 3D Pens 2020Check here to see the top 10 best 3d pens reviews here!

What is a 3d pen?

best 3d pens top 3d pend cheap

So, talking about what a 3D pen actually, so it is nothing but just a little bulkier version of what you call a conventional ordinary pen or the pencil. The point where it differs from the conventional pen is that the 3d pens do not possess any kind of ink or the lead as a pen or pencil does, 3d pens simply operate on just the plastic.

There might be a lot of doubts in your mind about is this 3d pen even easy to use? Or how do we use it? So, let me answer all these doubts on one go. It is just as easy to use as the other ordinary pens and the pencils and also it can be held in the same way. Although there are a lot of ways to use this pen but they are all in accordance with the type of the art piece you are working on.

So, next let us discuss about the proper functioning of the pen and the ways to operate.

Working of a 3d pen

3d print pen - So how does the 3Doodler work?

The 3D pen as mentioned earlier in this article, uses the plastic and no ink or lead. Remember those fancy tic-tac pencils, a 3d pen works in a bit the same way as you insert a lead in the pencils you just need to insert the plastic filaments in the 3d pens. The plastic filaments are added one at a time. When the plastic filament is inside the pen, the pen functions in a way that it heats up inside the pen by employing a heating technology.

The heating technology heats up the plastic to such a high temperature that it melts the plastic, and by this it gets converted into the liquid state.

Now, once the plastic is converted into the liquid, it functions just as the ink of a normal ordinary pen. This way you can use this pen just as an ordinary pen and pencil to write or create anything that you wish to and enhance each of your artwork this way.

One major advantage of using a 3d pen is that it works on all types of surfaces. These d pens come in all sorts of colours and add a vibrant, bright and beautiful touch to all your creations.

The best 3d pens 2020: Best Sellers Top Picks


1) 3D simo mini

3D Simo Mini -best 3d pens top 3d pend cheap

So, to start with the best and eye catching feature of this pen is that it is the only pen that comes along with modules and a mobile app too for a better and proper functioning, and by now you have made out that this is the reason why this pen is on the top of the list.

This pen is one instrument which is revolutionary in its own approach, it seems to be the most ambitious and innovation approach towards art, it comes with an amazing financial backing too and this is the reason why it has backed up too much of recognition and support in a short period of time.

Today, this 3D Simo Mini is finally becoming and in fact has become a reality, and all those people that wish to try and use it can do it, all they have to do is pre-order it simply and then waits for it. The company is certainly an amazing company and provides you with the option of sending a review sample before you actually use the pens. This 3d pens comes along with a number of mind blowing features that we shall discuss in the following section of this article.

So, to start with, let me tell you that, this pen from simo mini is not just a 3d pen, in fact it comes with numerous attachments and can be modified according to the need of the artist. It is an actually a multipurpose pen which you can use for performing almost all the artistic functions. This amazing 3d pen from the brand of simo mini can be transformed into a cutter and even a soldering machine by just applying the attachments to it and that too with quite ease.

You will get all of these attachments along with the pen and you can use it accordingly, so you need not have such things separately in you’re at box because 3D simo mini does it all for you and you need to spend some extra amount to for this.

Apart from this, there are a number of features of this 3D simo mini pen which are out of the knowledge of some people like for example the attachments that are given with can be used for the purpose of foam cutting, burning and sometimes for soldering too.

These attachments can be used along with a number of different materials such as wood, metal and also certain other materials. a number of different materials such as wood, metal, as well as all the other materials that normally are supposed to work with the 3D pen.


  • So, now you would have known that this 3d pen has a feature which no other pen has and works very efficiently on all surfaces.
  • This is the best pen which comes packed in all the essential features and a few extra features too, and hence is at the top of this list and is a revolutionary instrument.
  • This 3D simo pen comes along with an app to which can be used in IOS, android and even the windows phone and hence it makes it easy to use it.


2) LIX 3D smart pen

LIX 3D - best 3d pens

So, this one is the smallest, the smartest and the handiest of all the 3D pens that are enlisted here. LIX gave us all a great surprise when they announced that they will be launching the smallest ever 3D pen and that too the smartest. It was opposed and offended by many marketers and all the competitors but it kept its promise and turned out to be the best out of all. This pen is nothing less than a pocket-sized powerhouse. It is so small yet so efficient.

The main question that arises in mind is that it being such a small instrument how does it functions so efficiently. this pen has passed a lot of test series along with certain other pens that are present in the market these days. The tests were conducted in the atmosphere of the pin drop silence so as to check if they make any sound while working, but surprisingly it turned out to be the most silent 3D pen and worked out absolutely in an amazing way.


  • Along with this, the build quality of this pen is awesome and works perfectly one every surface.
  • Yet another feature of this pen is that it can derive power using the USB cable, which is again a great advantage and it is a unique feature, while working with a 3D pen a lot of power is used and hence, it is helpful in such cases.
  • Well, another pro of this product is that it has no cons, amazing, isn’t it? It has gone through a number of test series and passed each one and there wasn’t even a single drawback found in this product.


3) Scribble 3D printing pen V3

Scribble 3D printing pen

It is one of the most used pens by the artists all over the globe. This 3D pen comes along with a lot features and advantages but in my opinion, the best feature according to me is that its build quality which are amazing as well as the ergonomics of this pen makes it absolutely interesting to use.

This pen comes along with a number of different colours that provides all the brightness and vibrancy to your art piece. This pen comes along the filaments of 8 colours which can be added inside the pen and be worked out according to the need of the artist and the art piece. The colours that are available are yellow, blue, green, red, purple, white.


  • This pen is absolutely lightweight and easy to handle. In fact, changing the colours of the filaments is easy hassle free, this is the one ideal 3D pen that provides you with everything and that too at an ease.


  • There isn’t any significant drawback of this pen known after all the test series that it has gone through, it just turns out to be the perfect 3D pen. It functions just as a 3D pen but yes the best 3D pen.



4) 7TECH 3D printing pen

7TECH 3D printing pen

So, we will discuss about 7TECH 3D Printing Pen next. This 3D pen has been designed for just one thing and that is the ease to use it. It functions only in this one feature that it is completely user friendly as well easy to use. It is completely silent operating pen and does not make much of fuss while working. This 3D printing pen comes with numerous other additional features and we shall discuss about them in detail in the following section of the article.


  • So, now talking about the additional features of this 7TECH pen, let me enlighten you with all the amazing features that this pen has to provide, so to start with, this pen from the 7TECH comes along with an outstanding thermal control, and unlike many other 3D printing pens, it can notify you about when the filament inside pen is getting stuck, so you know that there is some problem with the pen that needs to be fixed.
  • And yet another amazing feature that this pen provides you with is that it allows you to work on your own required speed and does not exhibit too fast or too slow extrusion. This means that extrusion will always be under your control.


  • The only two drawbacks that were encountered during the test series of this pen is the heating up of the pen which cannot be controlled and the lack of supplied filaments.
  • While using the pen the temperature can go incredibly high and can hinder the proper usage of the pen and hence, it is a drawback of this pen. Also, the number of supplements supplied along with it is also very low.

To sum it up all this pen is a finest 3D pen ever and that is why it is here in our list.



5) Ccbetter intelligent pen

Ccbetter intelligent pen - 3D Pen

So, the fifth pen in our list is the ccbetter intelligent pen, now as you can make out from the name it is quite an intelligent pen. Well, this pen is available in the market with another name and that is the joyluxy intelligent pen. It is one of the best 3D printing pens available in the market. Coming to the features that this pen has to provide, this is a very basic pen with all the basic necessities and not much of the advanced features. Let us talk about the features of this pen in a bit detail.


  • This pen comes along with a very stylish as well as a sleek box which is very compact and handy. The contents of the box include a power brick along with 2 colourful filaments supplied. Although it comes along with the supplements but you can also use the supplements that are available in the market and they will work just fine with it.
  • Along with all the contents of the box the seller also provides you with a stand in order to hold the pen in place. This pen can be used very easily by the newcomers as well as the professionals of this field.
  • This pen has passed almost all the tests done on it and it can work on almost all types of surfaces without any much hindrance of the surface. The pen has an OLED which has a small status indicator which notifies us about the heating of the filament.


  • Let us talk about the drawbacks of this pen, the testing series didn’t reveal any of the significant drawback. It comes along very understandable detailed instruction guide which makes it easy to use and understand.



6) LAY3R 3D printing pen

LAY3R 3D printing pen

This pen from the LAY3r company is known to be the best 3D pen available for the kids due to its design and the features that it comes with. Well, this is one of the most amazing 3D pens available in the market, and let us know how in the following section.

This pen is known to be a large pen when compared to the other 3D pens available in the market. Despite being a bigger pen, there isn’t any drawback known in handling it or with the heaviness of this pen, it functions just perfectly fine as any other smaller or compact 3D pen.


  • The most fascinating advantage of this pen is that it can be used very easily by the children of the age 12 with proper guidance provided. It can do wonders to the artwork of the children and can add beautiful detailing to them.
  • As mentioned above, it is not just a pen made for the children, it is designed in order to provide ease and hence can work efficiently in any artwork and can be used by anyone including a professional, a new comer or even a child.
  • Another fascinating feature of this pen is that it comes along with a pen which is installed inside it, so as to keep a check at the heat that is produced in the pen.


  • The pen comes along with an automatic turn off feature, that turns off the pen when it is no more functional and the only drawback of this pen is that it is quite bigger in size.



7) GENESIS 3D pen


This pen from the genesis is a very popular pen already in the market is brilliantly designed to deliver the efficiency. This pen is designed very efficiently and is very sophisticated in its looks and is not at all slim and sleek like some of the pens mentioned in this list.

It comes a wide range of colours and works as efficiently as any sleek pen in the market. It’s known to pass all the test series that it gone through, it functions perfectly well on any surface, the filament present inside it does not gets stuck anywhere and also tit does not heat up too much.


  • The company behind this pen is the lasso lab which provides 5 filaments in the box but you can also look to the market in order to get more filaments of different colours.
  • This pen from the lasso lab has a very efficient and consistent working along with minimal curving.


  • And talking about the drawbacks, there isn’t any this pen completely pleases us with its perfect functioning.



8) 3Doodler 3D pen

3Doodler 3D pen

This is a very stylish pen which comes along with a set of 50 different plastic filaments, which is the highest number of filaments to come with a 3D pen. It comes in an overall amazing look and with price of $110 it is quite an expensive pen. This is the first even known 3D pen in the world.



  • This is one of the best-looking pens in the market available these days. the 50 different filaments given with it are very easy to use and replace and do not clogged while using it. The testing series revealed that this 3D pen works perfectly fine all surfaces.
  • This pen is completely user friendly for all the professional artists out there but may seem a bit difficult to handle to the newbies.


  • Talking about the drawbacks, the only drawback I came across is that it is slightly difficult to handle for the newbies and also is slightly heavy for handling.



9) GLYBLY intelligent 3D pen

GLYBLY intelligent 3D pen

It is one of the best 3D pens known in the market, though it is nowhere in competition with other pens in terms of looks and style, yet it is completely a competition in terms of the performance and functionality.


  • The flyby 3D pen is known for its cheap price which is certainly the cheapest among most of the known pens. It comes at a price of $ 50 and functions just as perfect as any other expensive pen and works amazingly fine on all surfaces.
  • This pen can be used up very easily by the kids as it has a very simple design and is very easy to operate.
  • At the given price, it is the best pen someone can look for and can be used very efficiently by the newbies and the kids without any hassle.



10) CreoPop 3D printing pen

CreoPop 3D printing pen

It is the first ever cordless 3d printing pen known. Now, being cordless is one revolutionary feature in its own. Unlike many other 3D pens this does not involve heating of the plastic, it functions without heating and melting of the plastic filament.


  • Unlike the other 3D pens known this one do not use the thermoplastic, it instead uses photopolymer which functions by liquefying when it is exposed to the LED diode. Despite of the completely different type of the ink, this pen has no flaw at all in its working.
  • Now, as it does not involve heating and melting it is completely safe for the children to use.


  • Well, talking about the cons of this pen, I didn’t find any drawback to this pen honestly.
  • The only problem faced by many people is that the ink used in it is supplied by only one company currently and might be difficult for the people to find it, so the plastic filaments are available in the market very easily.


And to wind up it is an amazing pen that provides immense beauty to all the artworks.


Final verdict: Which is Your Best 3d pens 2020 ?

Here, in this article we had talked about the use and the functioning of the 3D pens. We have stated about all the top best 3D printing pens 2020 available on the market these days so that it becomes easy for you to pick to the one that meets your requirements. You can very easily compare the features of the different pen and look for the one which is suitable for you.

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