List Of Top 7+ Best ACT Prep Course 2023

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Are you looking for the best ACT Prep course in the market? No doubt, with such resources and too many online course providers it seems difficult to find a reliable test prep provider.

But you don’t worry, here we have listed the top 7 Best ACT Prep Course In 2023. We have carefully gone through these test prep provider and make sure that these platforms are reliable as well as affordable and also offer legit study materials and score guarantee.

ACT scores are a key element of your college application. It may be the turning point you accept in the school of your dreams.

There are MANY ACT Prep Courses options available. How you will come to know which is the best option for you? Here I have just done it! As here I personally review all major ACT preparation courses. The following comparison lists the best ACT courses to help you decide which ACT course is right for you!

Let’s get started with the list here..

(Updated) List Of Top 7 Best ACT Prep Courses In 2023

1) Magoosh ACT Prep Review

Now with Magoosh, you can easily prepare with high-quality materials. They are here to help you improve as quickly as possible. With Magoosh you will always learn the most recent and proven materials, based on a careful analysis of the responses of thousands of students. We don’t overwhelm you with questions; Every question counts!

Magoosh ACT Prep-

You can also take notes, mark, read transcripts and share your comments. We give you everything you need to make learning very easy. They make it easy for you to know where to start and how to stay motivated. The follow-up of their specific study calendars works in a variety of situations and levels of difficulty. Their weekly study planner will help you stay on track until the day of the exam.

They also strive to make your practical experience as close as possible to the actual exam. They adhere to the strictest standards and offer online and printed field tests in order to help you in scoring good marks in ACT prep.

Simply create custom training to train specific topics and difficulty levels. If you are stuck on something, read their detailed explanation in the text or watch the video tutorials that follow each question.

Key Features: 

  • Fully- accessible

Learn anywhere, anytime on your computer or mobile phone Magoosh prep courses is available on all the devices. Along with they also offer email support every time you get stuck. Also, they offer support for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS as well.

  • Effective Learning:

This platform Magoosh offers high-quality learning material that is constantly updated based on the responses of thousands of students. Smart feedback and progress tracking to turn your weaknesses into assets. So this platform offers effective learning methods for you so that you can score better in your test.

  • Affordable Price:

Unbeatable price in preparation for the test: half the price of the competition

Ambitious guarantee for improving the score: 4 points or money back for your course. The best part about this platform is that it offers very reliable and affordable pricing plans so that anyone can easily get started right away.

Pricing Plans:

Magoosh ACT Pricing Plans

  1. One Month ($ 79)

Premium Content

  • Over 250 video lessons
  • Over 1500 practice questions
  • Up to 4 practice tests


  • 1 month of access
  • Progress tracking
  • Email assistance from expert tutors
  • +4 points score guarantee

2) Three Months ($89)

Premium Content

  • Over 250 video lessons
  • Over 1500 practice questions
  • Up to 4 practice tests


  • 3 months of access
  • Progress tracking
  • Email assistance from expert tutors
  • +4 points score guarantee

3) 12 Months ($ 99)

Premium Content

  • Over 250 video lessons
  • Over 1500 practice questions
  • Up to 4 practice tests


  • 12 months of access
  • Progress tracking
  • Email assistance from expert tutors
  • +4 points score guarantee

Students Testimonials & Reviews

“Magoosh really helped me improve my science section by giving me an approach to maximize my time and keep focus. Magoosh also taught me all the material I needed to ace the English section!! Cannot thank Magoosh enough for this!”

Elizabeth, 34 on the ACT

2) The Princeton Review ACT Prep

The Princeton Review ACT prep is one of the best option available in the market.  It is one of the most recognized platforms of exam preparation courses known for high-quality materials, custom courses, high guarantees and an attractive price and more.

Actually, they have adapted their courses in order to help students learn ACT more effectively, without wasting time, remembering less important information or simply solving specific problems in difficult areas.

The goal of preparing Princeton Review ACT is to easily maximize your results as quickly as possible. Although Princeton Review is more expensive than many of its competitors, courses are an excellent option for you if you exceed 90% of students. And if you want affordable options then you should go for other options in the market.

ACT Test Prep The Princeton Review

Each of the courses in Princeton magazine provides first level learning material. All present more than 140 video lessons created by experts on each ACT topic, more than 1,200 practice questions and 137 exercises. Each course adapts to your skills, objectives, and schedules as well.

In addition to the online documentation, where each course is accompanied by a textbook for the ACT and practical questions about the ACT manual.

Basically, Princeton Review is the only provider of exam preparation courses that offer a combined SAT and ACT course or an SAT supplement with its full-service courses. For students who have not decided which exam is the best option or who are considering both, this platform is the best option you have got so far.

The ACT & SAT course option gives you video-on-demand access to your SAT, ACT and practice courses and exercises. It is an option at your own pace so you don’t have direct contact with your experienced instructors. The price is basically  299 US dollars. So if you really want to go for both of the examination then you should definitely go for the Princeton Review ACT Prep.

If you enroll early in the ACT 26+, ACT 31+ or Ultimate classes, you will also have access to SAT videos for your SAT 1400+ course, practice tests and exercises when necessary easily and effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • ACT Exam-Style Questions

Study smart with their adaptive technology that simulates the official ACT

white start icon. Just prep for ACT smarter and score good marks in your ACT test.

  • Drillmart

Adaptive drills consistently adjust your practice question difficulty to match your current needs. Simply study smartly with their Drillsmart feature.

  • Best Instructors:

Learn efficient strategies from experts who know the test inside and out. Now you will learn more as this platform has world-class great instructors.

  • The Princeton Review Guarantee

You’ll score higher, or they will refund your tuition fee. And that’s quite impressive, if you’re somehow unable to score better in your ACT exam then you can easily claim your tuition fee.

Pricing Plans:

Here the pricing offered by this platform is very flexible and affordable. Let’s find out what pricing this platform actually offers.

Princeton Review Pricing Plans

  1. Ultimate ($749)

Comprehensive ACT prep that gets results.

Save $150! Code: SAT150

2. ACT 31+ ($ 1374)

Achieve a 31+ in 2 months – Guaranteed*.

Save $225! Code: 225HS

3. Private Tutoring ($ 150/ Per Hour)

Increase +3 Points.


4. SAT & ACT Self Paced ($299)

Study at your own pace. Anytime, anywhere.

So this is the pricing plan that is being offered by The Princeton Review.

3) Kranse Institute ACT Prep

Here the  Kranse-Institute generally offers only a self-directed online course, with the possibility of contacting them if you have difficulties in a certain area.

The self-learning option here at Kranse is ideal for all independent students who want to learn at will. If it’s morning, you can easily learn a little before going by bus or going to school.

If you like the night, you can organize some conferences after dinner or work. The Kranse Institute gives you the flexibility you need to succeed, and it is up to you to follow a schedule and that’s what makes this platform flexible.

Kranse ACTPrep

In its ACT course, the Kranse-Institute offers 240 small videos with a duration of approximately 10 minutes each so you can have clear insights. That’s about 40 hours of thoughtful guidance, and small videos help you organize and store the information you record better.

Simply by giving each video 10 minutes, the Kranse Institute helps students find the time they need to learn. These conferences are actually designed in order to allow students to expect extracurricular activities.

Each video is basically structured as a short video conference in which Shaan Patel guides you through the various questions about ACT. Spend the same time on each section of the exam, including the optional written section.

The ACT course of the Kranse-Institute guides you through the individual sections over and over again. This is another technique that helps you remember information better naturally. And this is what makes this platform reliable and flexible so that one can easily score good marks.

Key Features:

  • Self-Study Options:

The self-learning option is ideal for all independent students who actually want to learn at will. If it’s morning, you can learn a little before going by bus or going to school. If you like the night, you can organize some conferences at any time you actually want.

  • Reliable Content Amount:

In its ACT course, the Kranse-Institute offers 240 small videos with a duration of approximately 10 minutes each. That’s about 40 hours of thoughtful guidance, and small videos help you organize and store the information you record better.

  • Study based on strategy:

Instead of teaching different questions and expecting to find something similar in the current course, the Kranse ACT course focuses on teaching students the strategies they can use during the exam.

This strategy-based approach teaches and encourages students to sharpen their critical thinking skills and apply the knowledge they have acquired instead of simply reciting what they have been taught without understanding it.

Pricing Plans:

Here the pricing plan is very simple so that you can choose any plan easily without any confusion.

1) Simple ($499 One-Time)

  • 204 video lectures instructed by Shaan Patel
  • 540 days of instant access
  • Updated for the new ACT 2019
  • Accessible on any internet-connected device
  • Progress tracking included
  • Free printable ACT practice tests
  • Free lifetime access to the Kranse mobile app

4) Kaplan ACT Prep

Reaching the highest score for the ACT test is one of the most important aspects of your application to American University. An exam preparation course is especially important for students who have not studied in the US school system. So here comes Kaplan ACT Prep that helps you in getting better scores in your upcoming ACT Test.

Kaplan ACT Prep

And if you have no experience in standardized exams. Simply choose Kaplan, as here they are the official live training partner for the ACT and Kaplan is preparing to help you pass the exam for over 75 years!

They actually offer a variety of ACT preparation options right from the most flexible to the most complete, in order to meet your individual needs. Just take a look at their preparation options in order to find out which one is right for you.

Are you looking for additional ACT preparation? Enter the ACT channel Of Kaplan?

Students who enroll in Kaplan online or live tutoring course will now have access to our new ACT channel. This interactive channel is based on decades of exam preparation analysis and has been approved by a team of learning engineers. This allows you to focus on specific review sessions as well.

The ACT channel basically offers more live lessons than any other major provider of previous services, which generally improves your learning experience. It is a new way to learn online and on-demand.

This platform has hundreds of hours of live streaming and our most popular ACT teachers, ACT Channel gives you more content and flexibility than any other preparation solution. In addition to the live online broadcast, all episodes are recorded so you can access them anytime, anywhere and that is what makes this platform fully flexible and accessible.

Key Features:

  • Top-Notch Instructors: In Kaplan, less than one in ten candidates are qualified to teach for us. With ACT Channel, their elite instructors will teach you. So for your prep, you’re going to have top-notch for your prep.
  • Content Variation: One channel several episodes. Whether you want to focus on reading, arithmetic or writing, their ACT channel episodes cover all test topics!
  • Guided review: Simply learn from your mistakes to improve performance. Accept the challenge as you improve for scoring better results in exams.
  • Unlimited access: Simply the day you register, you will have unique live episodes at all times. When you make a live connection, you can chat in real-time with a teacher and other students, ask questions and get answers immediately.

Pricing Plans:

Kaplan ACT Pricing

1) ACT Prep Self Paced ($299)

  • Video tutorials
  • Online progress reports
  • 9 full-length practice tests
  • ACT QBank
  • 6 months of online access
  • Email-based support
  • Guaranteed results

2) ACT Prep Self Paced Plus ($795)

  • Video tutorials
  • Online progress reports
  • 9 full-length practice tests
  • 3 hours of private tutoring
  • ACT QBank
  • 6 months of online access
  • Email-based support
  • Guaranteed results

3) ACT Prep Live Online Essential  ($599)

  • Video tutorials
  • Online progress reports
  • 9 full-length practice tests
  • 3 hours of private tutoring
  • ACT Channel
  • Live-online run-through of the practice tests
  • ACT QBank
  • 6 months of online access
  • Email-based support
  • Guaranteed results

5) Barron’s ACT Prep

It has never been so easy to get a good ACT score! Simply get a good score with hundreds of expert instructional videos, thousands of practice questions and their powerful adaptive learning technology.

Here the Barron’s ACT Prep-Test online course gives you everything you need to get a first-class ACT score. Barron’s online ACT preparation courses cover everything from specific practices to comprehensive strategies, comprehensive tests, and comprehensive tests.

Barron's Test Prep

The diagnostic test is the basis of the Barron ACT Prep test. The ACT diagnostic test is a powerful adaptive test that allows you to accurately measure your full capacity profile. This allows the Barron ACT online tutorial in order to provide detailed course recommendations to improve your ACT score with maximum efficiency.

Barron’s ACT prep-test online courses use an adaptive learning algorithm that will easily customize your lesson plan once you pass the diagnostic test. Barron’s ensures that you spend your time and energy developing these skills to achieve maximum capacity development capacity.

Each time you log in, you access a custom control panel that shows your ACT online update activity, including the scheduled ACT score. With Barron, you can easily track your progress and improve your ACT score.

Key Features:

  • ACT expert lessons

ACT Barron experts will inform you about test strategies and important ACT concepts. Video and text lessons are available for each concept covered in the test.

  • Video solutions step by step

The Barron ACT course offers thousands of detailed incremental video solutions that address the problems of the real-world ACT exam. The combination of complete content and world-class teachers leaves nothing to chance in their pre-trial online ACT test program

  • ACT preparation reports

Barron’s ACT online preparation continuously monitors your progress and your current qualification profile to provide you with the most accurate recommendations. Every time you do an exercise, a test or a diagnosis, Barron updates your profile to get the best recommendations. You can always see your profile of progress and competence in the Summary tab of your personal panel.

Pricing Plans:

Actually, the pricing plans are not mentioned there on their website. Also, they have a free trial so let’s find out what they are actually offering:

Barrons Prep Pricing

Free Plan ($0)

  • 25 Hours of Video Lessons
  • 50 Hours of Video Solutions
  • 75+ Lessons
  • 4 Full-Length ACT Tests
  • Computer Adaptive Practice
  • 1 Diagnostic Test
  • 3000+ practice Questions

6) Testive ACT Prep

Here Testive offers personalized online tutoring for SAT/ ACT for your coming exams. They generally combine technology with human trainers to keep your college student on track and ready to win an ACT or SAT.

The first step to simply achieve excellent results is to put the energy behind one of the two standardized tests. Simply answering carefully selected SAT and ACT questions with the Testive SAT / ACT selector, your child learns the exam, which is likely to get better results and prepares for the baseline exam.

Testive ACT

The coaches we hire have different professional and academic backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: a passion for teaching and a score of 1% ACT or SAT. You can choose a coach who shares your child’s interests and acts as a mentor to guide and motivate you to assess success.

Key Features:

  • More Opportunity:

Where there is a little Zen: believe it or not, the ability to learn and improve the points is not in the correct answers of your child. It’s about thinking about your mistakes. With this test prep, you can just have more score in your upcoming exams.

  • Get faster results

Testing helps students improve their score by an average of 18 points, which is three times more than the average of conventional exam teachers or preparers. This type of improvement makes a big difference in college applications.

Pricing Plans:

 Testive Price

  • Bootcamp ($799)
  • Coaching  ($399)
  • Coaching Plus ($599)

All Plan Includes:

  • Live 1-on-1 coaching sessions via video chat
  • Personalized lesson plans
  • Customized weekly assignments
  • Adaptive learning software
  • Practice monitoring throughout the week by expert Coach
  • Text message reminders
  • Weekly meeting notes for parents
  • Parent Portal to track progress
  • Priority email and phone support
  • Unlimited access to 3,000+ practice questions
  • Over 50 hours of instructional videos
  • Score improvement guarantee

7) ACT Online Prep

The ACT is an online platform that helps students prepare for the ACT exam with real questions from previous exams. Study with ACT Online Prep and get a better score in ACT easily and effortlessly.

Take the next step on your trip and feel safe and ready to take the ACT test. This is an excellent way to prepare for the ACT, especially because it was developed by the evaluators themselves.

The questions and practice exams basically come from previous ACT exams, so you can get used to the format and avoid surprises on the day of the exam.

Act Prep Online

If you discover that your scores and percentages change with each complete class and training session, you are lucky. Simply get ACT Online Prep and get a free mobile app to check on the go!

The best part is that they reach each year, we reach millions of people, institutions, and employers in all 50 states and more than 130 countries.

Their programs are basically designed in order to easily promote lifelong learning and the potential for success in schools and workplaces around the world. Their passion is to make a difference in everything we do, whether to guide students through their learning journey.

Empower companies to expand their workforce; Understanding of parents, teachers, and advisors for student progress; Job seekers lead to professional success. This platform is reliable ACT prep provider that you should check out this platform now.

Key Features Of ACT Online Prep

ACT Online Prep provides you:

  • A short-form ACT test to get started
  • A personalized learning path
  • Tools to track your progress
  • A free mobile app
  • Daily goals to help you stay on target
  • Flashcards customized for your review requirements
  • A game center to further test your knowledge
  • Full-length practice tests to simulate the actual exam too

Pricing Plans:

1) 6 Months Subscription ($39.95)

Six-month subscription to a dynamic, interactive test prep course from the makers of the ACT!

  • Personalized learning paths
  • Practice tests with real ACT test questions
  • Comprehensive content review
  • Anywhere, anytime access via the Internet

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Conclusion: List Of Top 7 Best ACT Prep Courses 2023

So here we are done listing top 7 best ACT Prep Courses in the market. All these courses are well-reviewed by us and we have made sure that all these are reliable as well as affordable.

Magoosh and the Princeton Review are the two best options available but here the Princeton Review is a little bit expensive. So choose one of them as per your budget and requirements.

We hope this post suits your purpose well and if you liked the post then kindly share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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