17 Best Ad Networks For Publishers To Make Money in 2023 ( High Paying)

Looking for the Best Ad Networks For Publishers To Make Money, you are at the right place.

Got a website? Want to make some cash from it?🤑

Ad networks can help you do just that. They put ads on your site, and guess what? They pay you!

In the online world, people who create content on websites want to earn money. Ad networks help them do this by showing ads on their websites.

This guide talks about the best ad networks that can help you make money from your website.

So, here’s the scoop on the 17 Best Ad Networks For Publishers To Make Money, I’ve found.

I’ll walk you through how they work, how they pay you, and how they can pump up your earnings.

Let’s dive into these ad networks together and find out how we can make some real money from your website.

What Is an Ad Network and Why Do You Need One?

Ad networks are an excellent choice for those who need to sell ad inventory that doesn’t get bought up by advertisers fast enough.

For instance, if you’re producing video content and your publisher isn’t getting as much interest from buyers then it could be worth scanning through other networks such a Google’s YouTube unit or Twitter Video Ads platform!

Ad networks are a great way to sell any impressions that don’t get used by advertisers. For instance, if you have monthly deal with an advertiser for 700k clicks but generate 900K total traffic -you can offer them up as ad network ads and make some money off the difference!

How do you choose the best ad network for your company?

When choosing which advertising network to go with, it’s important that you start by evaluating your marketing needs. For example if video ads are what’ll help generate leads for sales then there is no point in using an In-feed ad platform because these types of display advertisements only appear after someone has searched on Google or Bing–so they won’t be seen by potential customers until late into their browsing session when they’re already halfway through looking at products!

Key factors to consider

Your audience- Are they B2B or C? How large is your target market, and what are their interests like? Note down any demographic information that can help you decide which network works best for reaching this group.

Your budget – Starting up a business often means spending money on marketing; but sometimes the type of campaign dictates which platform will be most effective (or even if there’s one at all).

For instance: If you’re looking to reach niche audiences with specific products or services then certain social media sites may not make sense because those groups don’t monetize well via ads.

What are Different Types of Ad Networks?

The Premium Ads Network is a type of advertising network that offers inventory from popular publishers.

Vertical Ad Networks focus on topics, such as technology or automotive; they’re very specific to one industry and offer ads across multiple industries for advertisers looking to reach niche audiences with their products/services via this distribution channel at an affordable price point compared other alternatives out there today

Inventory specific ad networks focus on a certain kind of inventory–i e mobile downloads vs desktop browsers; video streams versus website visits etc..

Affiliate advertising network : typically uses revenue share CPC or CPA pricing models.

How to Choose the Best Ad Network?

It is easy to find a good ad network. The only problem is that there are too many choices. And the language used in the ad tech industry can be confusing. What does programmatic buying mean? Should you choose CPC or CPM? Should you use standard IAB units or the newer, more innovative types?

These questions can be daunting if you don’t understand how the online ad tech ecosystem works. But it doesn’t need to be so difficult to choose a network for your website.

There are a few things you should consider before signing a contract with an ad network:

  • The size of the advertiser network.
  • The quality of the ads in the network.
  • The variety of ad formats available.
  • Compensation and payment terms.
  • The underlying technology.

So below given are the  17 Best Ad Networks for Publishers 2023 To Make Money which may help the publishers in choosing the best for their blog or websites.

1) Google Adsense

Best ad network for publishers Adsense

Whenever a person talks about monetization, most of times,the first ad network that clicks up into the mind is Google AdSense. Google AdSense offers the best ad performance for international traffic approximately close to 100% fill for small publishers.

There is no surprise that adsense has been the world largest and best advertising network for quite a few years. Account approval for AdSense is pretty hard but not impossible.

If one follows Adsense policy and webmaster quality guideline they can easily get approved by adsense. One should  take proper care about following Google terms and conditions.

If publishers follow them properly, they can enjoy the benefits of a well performing ad network, but if they violate them,then they may encounter a lot of worse punishments.  You can even block ads you don’t wish to see and choose where ads appear in your blog , and even change the look and feel of text ads to match your site. The categories of ads you allow can also be controlled.

It’s complete as they say ” Your site , your rules”.Block ads you don’t want, choose where ads appear, and change the look and feel of text ads to match your site.  The categories of ads you allow can also be controlled. It’s completely as they say ” your site , your rules. You can quickly create, run, and analyze A or B experiments without changing your code.

AdSense Experiments allows you to  compare one of your ad settings against a another to let you  see which performs better.

Basic details :-

Publisher Traffic Requirement – None

Payment Method – Check, Western Union

Minimum payout – 100$

2) Monetag

Monetag new ad network

The high-tech platform of Monetag acquires a database of a massive number of advertisers in every country, that’s why their publishers can monetize 100% of their audiences

Websites, application and APK owners, brokers, SEO experts, domainers and plugin owners, and social publishers can all benefit, you may monetize ANY audience type using Monetag. 

Below some reason why you should use Monetag:

  • Worldwide Ad coverage
  • Clean and Safe Ads
  • Competitive CPMs
  • Convenient Payment Options
  • Solutions for mobile Web SDK and APK
  • One of the largest monetization platforms
  • Advanced AI-based tool – MultiTag. Install several ad formats at once with just one tag and get the most relevant ads for your sites!

Monetag is prepared to meet your expectations, sign up for amazing income and an above-par advertising experience for your visitors, regardless of the audience types you wish to monetize. 

3)  Adsterra

publishers bloggersideas

Adsterra is a world-renowned ad network with a Partner Care approach. . It’s a perfect Adsense alternative, serving over 30 billion ad impressions worldwide per month (70% of traffic is mobile). Adsterra works with 18K+ direct publishers and 12K+ brands, affiliates, media agencies, and ad networks.

Adsterra helps advertisers meet their KPIs and grow ROI, while publishers get maximum eCPM with our easy-to-use advanced traffic solutions and the best team in the industry.

The ad network offers multiple ad formats: Popunders, Social Bar (new!), In-Page Push, Banners, Direct Link, Native Ads, Vast (video), as well as various cost models: CPM, CPA, CPI (PPI), CPC, CPL, CPO, RTB.

Adsterra Media KIT_Top Ad Network for Publishers-08


Benefits for publishers:

Adsterra Media KIT_Top Ad Network for Publishers-02

  • Clean ads. No malvertising is allowed at Adsterra. Malware, along with redirects, unsolicited downloads, and alerts, is strictly prohibited.
  • Fast and easy start: 10-minute moderation.
  • Vast pool of advertisers with 20K+ campaigns and exclusive offers.
  • 100% fill rate.
  • High and stable CPM rates.
  • Smart Direct Link to monetize all types of traffic (apps, social networks)
  • Automated payouts twice a month on fixed days, starting from $5.
  • Payment methods include: PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Tether
  • Transparent and detailed real-time stats.
  • Anti-AdBlock feature that increases revenue.
  • Easy API integration.
  • Lifetime 5% referral program.
  • Dedicated, caring managers and live chat support.

4) Vortex Alpha

Vortexalpha CPA network

Website owners, bloggers, social media influencers, content producers and email marketers like you may use Vortex Alpha to identify the greatest offers for your audience.

Vortex Alpha can also assist you maximise your marketing efforts! Their advertising partners and marketing tools make it simple to reach larger audiences and attract customers and consumers – and to drive purchases through your website. .

When it comes to marketing collaborations, it can be difficult to determine which companies to work with.

You’ll have access to all the information you need about any company and product in Vortex Alpha network. In addition to information on the amount of commissions paid out each month, you’ll learn what kind of traffic are most effective at generating sales.

If your advertising campaigns don’t provide any results, and you’re wasting money. It has been demonstrated that the advertisers they work with are successful. These high-performing products and companies will help your business thrive!

CPA, CPL, and revenue share pricing models are just a few of the many ways to generate sales and revenue. It is Vortex Alpha goal to provide our clients with the largest CPA payouts possible.

Vortex Alpha primary goal is to increase your revenue.

Joining our Affiliate Program has many advantages:

  • The most competitive prices in the market.
  • A system for monitoring performance.
  • Payouts every week are an option.
  • Client-focused account executives
  • High signups and conversions
  • Diverse industries served, as well as well-known brand partners
  • Offers in a wide range of business sectors.

Thousands of organisations, advertisers, and publications rely on Vortex Alpha Services for brand exposure and increased conversions. Account managers at Vortex Alpha will assist you in boosting your affiliate commissions and earnings from the advertisers and items you promote.

Digital content providers of all sizes can take advantage of Vortex Alpha’s affiliate marketing program verticals like: iGaming/Forex \sFinance \sInsurance \sShopping \sSurveys/Health and fitness contests for e-commerce.

5) Adcash

Adcash has been a very popular monetization platform amongst publishers since 2007. Adcash’s ad optimization technology matches your traffic with high-quality advertisers and shows only the most relevant ads to your users. 

Adcash Affiliate network

Adcash accepts worldwide traffic from more than 196 countries. They have more than 10K active campaigns that generate high eCPMs and earnings for publishers.  

Adcash is well-known for their excellent support team and account management. Their dedicated account managers will help achieve your monetization strategy and also support you in more than 10 different languages. Still not sure if you should work with them? Check out their TrustPilot reviews. 

Adcash’s key features for publishers: 

  • Easy website approval and setup
  • Advanced ad optimization technology
  • Anti Adblock technology
  • Flexible and fast payments 
  • Worldwide traffic 
  • Multiple ad formats: pop-under, interstitial ads, banner ads, push notifications and banner ads 
  • Live Reporting 
  • Multilingual support and account management
  • Multiple payment options: Wire payments, PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill and Web Money.
  • Referral Program – refer a publisher to Adcash and earn 5% of their earnings. 

Adcash’s Referral Program

Adcash referral prograM

Every time you refer a new publisher to Adcash, you will earn 5% of their lifetime earnings. Read more about their Referral Program here.

Adcash also has excellent support and their account managers speak more than 10 languages. Still not sure if you should work with them? Check out their TrustPilot reviews. 

6) Leadbit

{Updated}Top 13 Best Ad Networks for Publishers To Make Money

Leadbit is direct advertiser  in Europe, Asia, Latam and worldwide affiliate network. They always care about our partners, that’s why they only offer the best performing campaigns in their system. To provide you with the best quality of their offers they decided to handle everything by ourselves, meaning the most of their offers not a resale, but our own in-house campaigns. With more than 5 years on the market they made a strong brand that can help you make a real profit. Personally, I was very pleased with the support team.

I did not notice any difficulties with payments and holdings during my work. I do not plan to leave Leadbit.

leadbit testimonial

7) AdPushup


For publishers looking to grow their ad revenue, AdPushup is a hybrid ad network with advanced revenue optimization features such as ad layout optimization, automated A/B testing, header bidding implementation, AMP converter, and adblock recovery.
AdPushup is a managed service, i.e., publishers don’t have to do the heavy lifting of managing their ad operations—the ad ops team at AdPushup will take care of that. In addition, they have demand partnership with top-tier ad networks and exchanges such as Google AdX, AppNexus, Rubicon, and Criteo, among others.
Their ad optimization tools coupled with premium demand helps publishers deliver better user experience and achieve higher CTRs and CPMs, with an average of 33% revenue uplift for their publishing partners. AdPushup is easy to get started with and is constantly evolving as a tech platform to drive ad revenue growth. 

Key features

  • Quick setup and easy onboarding
  • Comprehensive suite of revenue optimization tools
  • Partnership with top ad networks and exchanges
  • Dedicated account manager and after sales support

Offer Types: CPC, CPM

  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $50
  • Payment Options: Wire, Paypal

8) SmartyAds

smarty ads reviews

SmartyAds SSP automates media-selling workflow for publishers using AI and ML algorithms, optimizing yield on impression-level in order to get the maximum profit from each placement. Smart algorithms of the platform know how to manage priorities based on settings selected in publisher controls: floor price, ad unit type, format, position and more to reach maximum fill rate and eCPM in desktop, mobile and in-app ecosystems.

A variety of ad formats available on the platform (native, rewarded, playable, video, rich media) attract more advertisers, which turns into better monetization opportunities. Lightweight and GDPR-compliant SDKs for IOS and Android ensure that advertising creatives are rendered in applications in superior quality. Additionally, SDK mobile developers and publishers can intensify competition with header-bidding and mediation that will positively effect cost per impression. 

Basic details:

Publisher Traffic Requirement: ~300 000 monthly views

Payment Method: Total earning is obtained during 60 days (NET 60 basis)

Minimum payout: $50 min. limit on publisher’s account.

Offer Type: CPM

Key features:

Header-bidding and mobile header-bidding. Unified simultaneous bidding auctions are supported in all environments: desktop, in-app, mobile and web. Publishers can choose between client or server side installation.

High-volume preferred deals. A beneficial option for publishers to sell their exclusive and premium placements to direct advertisers and partners who are willing to pay more.

Individual trading conditions. Publisher controls involve all the tools: price floor, filters, black and white listings, placement configuration and more to make media-selling predictable and controlled.

eCPM optimization. Massive reach across the top countries of North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia; mobile mediation through SDK, and various monetization opportunities (RTB, direct deals, open and private auctions) elevate eCPM and fill rates.

9) HilltopAds

hilltopads CPM

HilltopAds is a global advertising network based out of United Kingdom and is dedicated to help enhance online business growth for advertisers, webmasters and ad networks. HilltopAds works on the traffic type for mobile and desktop devices and formats such as popup/popunder, banner, search, social.

For Advertisers

Traffic from direct Publishers Get high quality traffic directly from their best publishers.

Own Ad Server solution : They put their time to develop their own Ad Server solution to monetise traffic effectively.

Self-service for Advertisers: Your personal account at Hilltopads is fully equipped with all the needed information to start your first campaign and manage your own performance at ease without approval. Are you a beginner?  Your personal HilltopAds manager will guide you every step of the way. Integration with mobile tracking systems Get detailed tracking from all traffic sources through popular systems: AdsBridge, AppsFlyer, Voluum.

Integration with mobile tracking systems: Get detailed tracking from all traffic sources through popular systems: AdsBridge, AppsFlyer, Voluum.

Real-time bidding system : Take advantage of changing bid prices in real time and access billions of daily

For Publishers

Ad networks rotation and eCPM real-time optimization: This feature lets their partners with higher CPM rates get more traffic and high converting offers in real-time mode. Their unique internally developed optimisation system will help you optimise your ad campaigns to achieve best results.

No financial transaction fees : BOTH! At HilltopAds they take care of your transaction fees.

Anti ad blocking solution: Their anti ad blocking solution helps you deliver your ads to the viewers even with their Ad-Blocker active.

24/7 Qualified Support: Whether it’s day or night, They are here to help you every step of the way!

Payouts:  Payouts are made with Net7 hold policy or per Publishers request via popular payment systems: Bitcoin, Paxum, PayPal, Wire Transfer, ePayments, Webmoney, ePayService).

HilltopAds Network Details

Commission Type CPM, CPA, CPC, CPO, PPI, CPL
Minimum Payout $50
Payment Frequency Net 7
Payment Method Bitcoin, Paxum, PayPal, Wire Transfer, ePayments, Webmoney, ePayService
Country United Kingdom
Ad Serving International

10) Media.net

Media.Net Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers

Media.net is a contextual ad service program . It is powered by  Yahoo!Bing Network. The company reported a revenue of 232 million USD in the year 2015 and has managed more than 450 million USD of managed ad spend. According to quality of ads one has a nice chance to earn great money. Yahoo! Bing contextual ad network,  which serves media. Net comprises a lot of national and local advertisers, ensuring a 100% fill rate across all of the ad formats.

In addition to display units, Media.net also supports desktop interstitial, in-content native, and mobile docked ads.A few of the Media.net’s publishers are Forbes, Reuters, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Esquire, and many more.  Standard IAB sizes are supported by the network.

Details –

Publisher Traffic Requirement – None

Payment Method – Paypal

Wire transfer Minimum payout – 100$

Attention : Best CPV/PPV Networks

11) Double click ad exchange

double click exchange

DoubleClick Ad Exchange is another top Ad network. It is a  marketplace in partnership with the Google Display Network for the buying and selling of the advertising. It represents another marketplace for the interested advertisers to bid on display advertising all over the Internet. It is the premium version of AdSense along with some deep integrations with every ad network, agency, DSP, and millions of advertisers, plus exclusive access to big brand advertisers.

It is completely integrated with Google’s ad server, Doubleclick is for Publishers where it can be setup through the  dynamic allocation to ensure highest price for every impression. Through DoubleClick Ad exchange you can buy quality mobile web, mobile app, video and desktop inventory from numerous publishers all over the world  Ad Exchange let’s you reach the consumers through the screens on every format—and do it all at scale.

You may connect with a premium publisher inventory, whatever may be your media buying strategy be it  private exchanges or private marketplaces, programmatic direct, and open exchange transactions are available on Ad exchange.The query tool provided by the Ad exchange makes it easy to find the inventory that you need across the marketplace.

It consists of a free fraud protection which is an automated and manual filtering  that prevents you from buying invalid traffic.The Inventory quality is certified by the IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines and the UK Digital Trading Standards Group Good Practice Principles.

Payment Terms: NET 30

Payment threshold: $100

Offer type: CPM, CPC

Publisher requirements: At least 30 million monthly impressions, compliance to Google ToS


TOCU Web is the response to all your writing needs. Now, you can use a single article for numerous blogs as well as Google could not punish you for plagiarism or duplication. Just how, you ask? Well, it’s extremely basic! TOCU innovation utilizes special software application for this function that ingeniously changes all the Latin letters of the words to letters from other languages like Greek, Bulgarian and so on in the same short article/ blog site.

Google after that would certainly not be able to identify it since it would certainly be 2 different posts for Google yet to you, it would appear to be the very same text.


How it functions?

Well, it works in a really uncomplicated and problem-free means! All you have to do is choose a short article that you want to promote. Input the post right into the TOCU software application and also see the magic of the altering letters in front of you. You will certainly have greater than 1000 unique articles in your hands.

It is a premium short article entry solution for write-up posting to make sure that you do not need to write several components for your various website. It quickly controls Google to ensure that it is incapable to acknowledge the currently existing content on the internet as well as hence, can not punish you for replication.

You can even submit the distinct short articles to the network of TOCU blogs and also receive thousands of site visitors daily.

A blog article generally includes a minimum of 1000 words and those 1000 words include an even larger variety of letters. TOCU internet operates in such a way that it quickly misdirects Google by transforming all the letters of the words in the write-up making use of various mixes and making hundreds of special messages consequently through a single post material. What’s even more, all the hyperlinks and keywords are conserved in the original data so that you do not lose those during the process of the production of new messages.

13) Infolinks

Infolinks Review

As depicted by the picture, Infolinks is the best alternative to Google adsense and  best in in-text ads. Infolinks provides four kinds of ads which are the  intext ads, insearch, inframe and intag ads. It also works in collaboration with the  adsense without violating any rule. To maximise the benefit we may combine Infolink ads and any other image base ads network.

Infolinks produce a very high monthly revenue for over 200,000 publishers in more than 130 countries everyday, and they even work with the all-time top advertisers such as Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Ebay. Check out our Infolinks review here.

The platform of the Infolinks is very simple to integrate into your site and is open to all the publisher, without any setup fees and minimum requirements for page views or visitors.It is an in-text link based CPM ad network. If you possess a text based rich blog or site  then the  Infolinks is the most appropriate for you to earn some revenue.

They don’t need and space for banners which is the best part of the infolinks. They show targeted ads for all the elevant keyword from your content. Keyword Tag cloud can also be used  from Infolinks on your site or Infolinks can be used as search ads.

Infolinks do not cover the spaces at all  which is the reason why you can use other ads banner from Adsense or some other alternative to earn more revenue for site content.

Details –

Publisher Traffic Requirement – None

Payment Method – e-check, Paypal, Western Union

Minimum payout – 50$

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14) ShareThrough

Sharethrough Native Advertising Software For Publishers

Sharethrough has took the  advertising to a complete new level by displaying articles, videos, photos on a native ad platform. The ad units have been designed in such a way that it adapts to the look and feel of the website on which it is place.

The platform of their ad crawls the website source code to determine style, font, color, lightboxes, etc. Share through  with pride  claims that their ads are highly effective as it works in an environment which is ‘scroll-centric’  and is optimized for smaller screens. Share through gets a high engagement from the users due to their integrated creative content. And this is the way how they generate great performance for publishers.


Here in share through even trafficking is easy as you can create custom sized DFP ad units that will run only Share through or you can create additional flex sizes on your in-content ad placements. It’s the  best one can implement within the 728×90 placements . It’s native advertising software is helping the Internet in its evolution  beyond interruptive ads. Share through  allows  the  publishers  to manage their all native ad strategy from sale to delivery and  even measurement.


Rate: $3 CPM (US, UK, AUS, CA)

Payment Terms: NET 30

Offer type: Visible CPM (50% of the ad needs to be visibly above the fold to the user)Publisher requirements

15) Adbuff


Adbuff is an  alternative of AdSense ad network having a strict approval guidelines for publishers and advertisers. They are  accepting publishers having English sites with a majority of the traffic coming from USA, Canada, Australia and the UK currently. Publisher sites mainly require at least 2,000 unique visitors every day.

Times of approval may take between 5 – 7 days and every approved site will receive a welcome bonus of $25 for signing up.For the premium publishers who are looking for the best AdSense Alternative ad network, Adbuff is the first ad network you should look at.

Attention : List Of Best Money Making Apps

16) Advertising.com

Advertiser AOL Platforms

Advertising.com, is basically the technology, data and insights arm of AOL Advertising. It has related to 70+ of comScore’s Top 100 ad-supported sites, with a publisher network spanning 30+ content verticals and monetizes approximately 2 billion ad impressions everyday on an average.

The best reason for choosing Advertising.com  is  that they show relevant add that matches to your site and also liked by the readers of your site. They offer best CPM rates.If one is in search of a specific set of advertisers, Advertising.com offers ad blocks by advertiser, industry, media, and category so that the best fit for your site.Advertise.com provides various types of display ads, video, mobile ads and some custom implementation as well.


Conditions:- They Approve Sites only having Huge visitors.

Payment:-  via Check.

Payout:- Minimum Payout $25

17) Chitika

Chitika Online Advertising Network

Chitika is another one of the largest advertising network after adsense with more than 300,000 publishers. It can be used with other ad networks such as adsense ad in same page without violating any rule. It also provides a  high CPC rate but sometimes clicks from Asian courtiers provides almost zero money.  If you combine chitika ad with adsense ads it works the best.

Details –

Publisher Traffic Requirement – None

Payment Method – Check, paypal Minimum payout – 10$

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FAQ’s on Best Ad Networks for Publishers

What is Ad Network?

Ad networks are good for selling remnant ad inventory. This is when publishers have some extra ad space that they can't sell. Ad networks take this leftover space and sell it to advertisers who are looking for similar ads.

Which ad network pays the most?

There are a number of ad networks that offer high payouts. Some of the best include Google AdSense, Media.net, and Adcash. You can also look into Propeller Ads or BuySellAds.

Why do publishers work with ad networks?

Publishers work with Ad Networks to sell ad space that they are not able to sell through direct sales. When they can't sell the space, it results in a loss of revenue for the publisher.

What is an ad network for display advertising?

An ad network is a service that helps companies run advertisements, and it connects these companies with publishers (websites) that want to host ads. The ad network gathers ad space and puts it together with what advertisers are looking for.

Is Google an ad network?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that allows business owners to bid to show ads in different formats on the internet.

What is a publisher in online advertising?

A publisher is a company or individual that displays ads on their website.

2) AdsterraVisit Site
3) AdcashVisit Site
4) HilltopAdsVisit Site
5) SmartyAdsVisit Site
6) Double click ad exchangeVisit Site
7) TOCU WEBVisit Site
8) InfolinksVisit Site
9) ShareThroughVisit Site
10) AdbuffVisit Site
11) Advertising.comVisit Site
12) ChitikaVisit Site
13) Adsterra Visit Site
14) Yellow HammerVisit Site

Conclusion: Top 17 Best Ad Networks for Publishers 2023

As I wrap up our journey through 17 Best Ad Networks For Publishers To Make Money, I want to emphasize the exciting opportunities they bring.

It’s not just about a website anymore – it’s about turning something you’re passionate about into a source of income.

By partnering with these ad networks, you and I can take our websites to the next level financially.

Remember, knowing our audience and trying out different networks can lead to amazing results.

So, let’s infuse our creativity, give these ad networks a shot, and watch our websites bloom into money-makers.

Here’s to our websites and the new avenues of income they’re about to open!

Jitendra Vaswani
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    Ok my question is, regarding the other CMP networks, what is the source of ads ? from where they will come ?


  2. Adsense is the best no doubt about it. However there is a lot a of content Google would not accept. I recommend using one or two cpm networks like bidcrux and bidvertiser along with one or two pop under networks to get the maximum earnings for a website which do not qualify for adsense.

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  7. sir which is the best cpm ad network for a low traffic website about 1000 user visits per day?

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