Top 4+ Best Adzooma Alternatives In 2023 (Handpicked)

Best Adzooma Alternatives

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Looking for Adzooma alternative, Hubspot is best alternative for you it is best Ad promoting platform which offers product and services for marketing and sales.

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So, in this article, I am going to tell you about all the leading ad promoter companies which can be a potential alternative for Adzooma Alternatives (One of the old artists!!!). Alright, Let’s start our quest.

Let me explain quickly, Are you planning on making your product a grand success by doing an ad campaign? Well, first of all, congratulations on your decision.

But what are the steps you have taken to achieve your dream?? If you are looking at this article, you are still searching for a company that can make your dream come true. Creating a successful ad does not only depend on the quality and reputation of your product. It depends on the number of hidden metrics and precise calculations to achieve it. As this popular saying goes

“A successful ad cannot be created, it needs to be carved”. So, you need an excellent carver(I mean, ad promoter)to carve your ads so that you can achieve your dream

These are the companies that claim they have an excellent ad management service. So, First Let’s see

What is ad management?

Ad management is the service offered by the companies which involve 

  • Helping you to create a high-performance ad
  • Finding the right audience for your products
  • Constantly giving insights about the performance of your ads etc…

In short, they will take over all your work on ads and try to get the best of your ads for performance.

Why not use Adzooma??

Seeing the title “Adzooma Alternatives” you may probably ask “If Adzooma is, that important competitor in the business means why can’t I just use them”. Let’s see the justification of your question in this title.

Reason for the title?

The reason why “Adzooma Alternatives” is given as a title name is that Adzooma is one of the oldest companies in the business and it is one of the forefathers in the industry. But In this competitive world, It will not be a wise decision to choose Adzooma as your Ad promoter.

Justification for the title:

Adzooma is an Ad management company whose primary and only focus is to reduce the complexity of your workload in the ad management section.

They try to achieve this by using some of their features like

  • Optimization engine

This search engine gives you all the details about the performance of your ads.

  •   Powerful ROI suggestions

This feature will give you an insight on how to improve your ads performance by improving the various hidden metrics

And much more.

This may sound amazing, but their features on audience targeting and conversion are so traditional. It will not give you the return on investment you expected.

So, Let’s see some alternatives for Adzooma which has better features than this. Unlike other articles, where you still don’t get an answer after reading, In this article, you will get an answer and you can decide whether to use it or not.

List Of Top 4 Best Adzooma Alternatives In 2023 (Top Pick )

1) Madgicx

Madgicx is the topmost alternative we are going to see in this article. Madgicx is one of the top companies for ad promotion and it is well known for its innovative and creative methods to acquire audiences from anywhere in the world. It was founded in 2018 and from that time it is one of the leading brands in the industry. 

Madgix Overview

They have divided their service into two categories

  • Establishment platform
  • Insight platform

Let’s take a look at the features from both of these platforms

How Madgicx differs from other ad promoters:

Madgicx is well known for its unique features in the ad promoting business

In Establishment platform

  • Ad care:

This feature helps you in targeting the right audience by separating the potential audiences from the critic. This will help you to focus all your promotion to the right audience which results in conversion.

MadgicX- Add Care

  • AI audience:

This feature will give you thousands of lookalike audiences ready to make your product have a high conversion rate with just a few clicks. This will impress the potential audiences that they get to see a lot of conversion in recent times.

Like this image, you can get different types of lookalikes for different kinds of audiences for improving your conversion rate.

These are just a few examples of their features. They have a lot more features for creating ads to converting audiences.

In the Insight platform:

  • Strategic Dashboard:

This dashboard gives you all the data of your ads you need to measure the performance of your ads. It covers all the hidden metrics, feedback, and suggestions in one page to give you a quick overview of your performance level.

Madgicx Dashboard-

Similar to this image, you will get all the stats for your ad.

  • Smart filters

These filters will takeover your consumer support by fully automizing the decisions of your ad preferences for different audiences. These filters will decide which ad will be suitable for which audience and you can see the results for these in the conversion data.

Smart-Filters - Madgicx

 Madgicx Pricing

Madgicx offers its free trial of some of its features for 7-days and their plans will vary depending upon the validity, not in the terms of features.



Madgicx offers these three types of plan

  • Monthly plan-$49
  • Quarterly plan-$44
  • Annual plan-$39

For each of these plans, they offer all of their features but the validity varies depending upon the plan.


  • One of the best features sets available for audience targeting and conversion.
  • Their features for Return On Investment promises a high return to the customers.
  • Their dashboards and insights data are easily accessible and user-friendly.


  • No variation in plans for annual paid users
  • No free version of their software.

2) Hubspot

Hubspot is the third alternative for Adzooma we are going to take a look at it. Hubspot is one of the oldest companies in the ad promoting business which was founded in 2004. Hubspot gives you the entire service of marketing from creating your ads to customer service for your products. 


Hubspot offers different hubs for different service users like

  • CMS hub- For content management
  • Marketing hub- For the promotion of your content.
  • Sales hub- For increasing and managing the sales of your products.

So, Let’s see what are the features Hubspot uses to offer these services.

How Hubspot differs from other ad promoters:

Hubspot offers unique features in each and every one of these hubs. Let’s take a look at some of them

For Marketing hub

  • Landing pages and email templates

Hubspot uses Landing pages and templates as part of their marketing campaign to impress your customers and to get a high conversion rate.

HubSpot - Landing Page

  • SEO monitoring and suggestions

This feature monitors your SEO(Search Engine Optimization) ranking for all of your ads and it will constantly give you suggestions to improve the ranking and to increase the traffic to your website

Hubspot Features

Like this, it will provide built-in modules to monitor and improve your ad performance.

For sales hub

  • Automated outreach method

This feature automates all of your customer support works and it automatically decides which ad will be suitable for which audience. This will reduce your time on picking the right ads for the right customer

  • Track all your deals

This feature helps you to track all the deals and it will regularly update the status of your deals So that you can take it to the subsequent steps to make the deal a success.

Like these, For every hub, they offer some amazing features to guide you through the ad management campaign.

Hubspot Pricing

Hubspot offers a free version of their software which includes email marketing and basic features to generate leads. Hubspot offers three types of plans for three types of users. These are the plans Hubspot has to offer


For starter pack

Hubspot charges $40 and it offers

  • All free tools like landing pages, Live chat, etc… and
  • Segmentation of Lists
  •  Monitoring of website activity etc…

For Professional pack

It costs around $800 a month and it provides

  • All starter pack features plus
  • Testing your landing page performance using A/B testing
  • High-quality filters for audience separation and much more.

For Enterprise pack

It will be $3200 a month and Hubspot provides

  • All Professional pack features plus
  • Exclusive team for your support.
  • Links to high fortune clients etc…


  • A/B testing of your landing pages will definitely improve its performance.
  • Unified database for all your marketing activities.
  • A fully automated customer support system will reduce your burden.


  • Massive price variation between starter and other packs.
  • No new method for audience targeting and conversion.


WASK - Adzooma Alternative

WASK is a one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs. It tracks and manages Facebook ads, Instagram ads as well as Google Ads through an easy-to-use interface with customizable reporting options that allow you to see exactly where the most engagement occurs on any given campaign or advertisement – it’s like having a personalized map of success!

Features of WASK

Features of WASK

  • Create Smart Audience

WASK has a smart target audience tool, which will help you create the most accurate and profitable advertising campaign for your business.

WASK Facebook Pixel integration allows us to build upon this matching knowledge base of customers by including other segments based on their browsing history giving them more opportunities than ever before.

  • Optimization

If you are not satisfied with the results of your ads, click the “Optimize” button. WASK will start the intelligent optimization process with a few pieces of information from you and you will see the effects quickly.

  • Design Your ads

WASK’s free designer tool offers a range of beautiful and customizable themes that will help you design ads like professionals.

You can choose from hundreds of emojis, background colors, or stock images to make your ad stand out in this competitive market!

WASK’s media library lets you store and organize all of your Google, Facebook, Instagram Ads images in one place.

WASK Pricing Plans

There are three different pricing plans. The Basic plan is $14/month, the Premium plan is $29/month, and the Professional plan is $49 per month.

WASK Pricing

4) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the final alternative we are going to see in this article. Hootsuite is also an ad management platform that is used by some of the top companies in the world. Like other competitors, Hootsuite works on all the social media platforms which means you don’t have to search for separate companies for your ad promotions in other platforms.


Hootsuite also offers its services in various categories like

  • Publish
  • Engage
  • Advertise
  • Monitor
  • Analyze

Each of these categories offers some amazing features, Let’s take a look at some of them.

How Hootsuite differs from other ad promoters:

Even though there are some tough competitors in the business, Hootsuite impresses their customers using these features

For Analyze category

  • 360-degree view

This feature gives the data of the performance of all of your ads in various social media platforms in one place for quick stats of how they are performing and it also gives you an insight into how to improve its performance.


  • Hootsuite Impact

Hootsuite Impact will predict your Return on Investment in advance based on the current performance of your ads. This will help you to rethink your strategy on investment and you can save some of your budgets.     


Like this, you can see your trend on Return on Investment based on the current performance of your ads.

In-Engage platform

  • Chatbots

This feature interacts quickly with the customers who visit your page and it will link the chat page to the corresponding team member who is responsible for clearing the doubts of your customer. This instant reply approach will definitely impress your customers.

Hootsuite - Instagram analytic Tool

  • Trend Analyzer

This feature gives you a daily update of all the trending keywords, articles, and offers related to your products, So you can engage more customers with updating your ads to the current trend.

HootSuite Pricing

Hootsuite offers a limited free plan for one user with up to 3 social profiles. If you want more than that, these are the available plans.

Hootsuite - Pricing Plan

For a professional plan, these are the features available

  • Social profiles up to 10.
  • One user account
  • Advance scheduling feature and much more

For a Team plan, Hootsuite offers

  • Social profiles up to 20.
  • Three user accounts and various other features..

For a Business plan,

  • All team plan features plus
  • Social media profiles up to 35.
  • More than 5 user accounts.

For the Enterprise plan

  • The cost will vary depending upon the social profiles and the number of user accounts needed.


  • User-friendly interface to monitor all your data.
  • The free version of the software which makes the interface easy to use.
  • Their Return on Investment predictions is pretty accurate which will save you a lot of money.


  • Hootsuite’s audience targeting and conversion techniques are fairly similar to most of the competitors.
  • Hootsuite’s plan is not affordable to small and new business owners.

5) Wordstream

Wordstream is the second alternative ad management software we are going to look at. Wordstream promotes the ads of their customers using popups and landing pages and several other features. Let’s take a look at some of them below


How Wordstream differs from other ad promoters:

Wordstream uses Landing pages and Popups as part of their promotion campaign which itself is quite unique. But apart from that, they provide features such as

  • Wordstream Managed services:

This feature manages all of your ad-related data and activities in one place so that you don’t need to search your ad’s performance individually for all key metrics.

WordStream - Performance Dashboard

  • Integration with Google ads:

Wordstream integrates with Google ads for improving your ad’s quality and it also recommends all the cost-cutting measures to help you to attain a high return on investment.

  • Wordstream Advisor:

Wordstream Advisor saves a lot of your time by automating all your daily tasks and it will give you a weekly review of the performance of your ads. This will save you a lot of time and you can focus on your business.

WordStream - Week Optimization

Like this image, You will get your own ads pool of data such as conversion rates, Speed, Clicks, etc…

I’ve just given you a short glimpse of Wordstream features. They provide much more features for promoting and creating your campaign.

Wordstream: Pricing


Wordstream offers services for three kinds of users 

  • Individual users
  • Advisor for agencies
  • Marketing services

For each of these services, the feature remains mostly the same. Wordstream offers a free trial of some of their features. 

So, Let’s look at the plans for individual services alone.

For Online Advertising software

Wordstream charges $49/month and it offers

  • 20-min weekly review
  • Performance data of all the platforms.
  • Access to all their tools.

For Plus assist scheme, It will be $299 and it has

  • Personalized support
  • Goal setting features and much more

For plus Offline Assist, It will cost $649 and it provides

  • All plus assist schemes for longer validity.

Similar to these, For the other two services Wordstream offers separate plans for their users.


  • High-level automated management of your account reduces most of your work.
  • The free trial gives you a glimpse of their interface.
  • Popups and Landing pages will give a high conversion rate compared to other methods.


  • Wordstream needs development in the areas of audience targeting.
  • No innovative or unique features to impress their customers.

FAQ’s On Adzooma Alternatives

👉Does Madgicx offer any free trial of their software?

Yes, Madgicx offers a 7-day free trial of their features to give you a preview of what you can expect from the software

👉Can these companies improve my product success?

Yes, of course, the success of the product depends on the success of the ads and these companies are pioneers in the ad promotion business.

👉Can I trust the data given by these companies?

Absolutely, These companies derive the data based on the past performance of your products and the future trend in your market.

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Conclusion:  Best Adzooma Alternatives In 2023

In this article, I have reviewed five different ad promoters (Including Adzooma….)Each one is different from the others in terms of its functions or the approach it uses to achieve the objectives. There are not the only ones available in the market but the features offered by most of the companies will be similar to these five companies I have reviewed in the article.

So, Among these five Madgicx clearly prevails others in terms of uniqueness in its features and the Performance rating of its software.

Even though other companies offer some interesting features Madgicx will be the one that will make you stand out in all the areas of a marketing campaign.

So, based on my personal observations, I believe that Madgicx will be the perfect alternative for Adzooma.

Looking for Adzooma alternative, Hubspot is best alternative for you it is best Ad promoting platform which offers product and services for marketing and sales.

Price:$ 40
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