10 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums On The Internet To Join 2023 (Paid & Free)

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In article I will share 10 best affiliate marketing forums in 2023.

Are you new to affiliate marketing and looking for a place to learn from professionals?

You’ve come to the correct place, and we applaud your decision to join affiliate marketing forums, as this is a sure-fire method to get your affiliate career off to a good start.

You may either learn everything by experimenting or by listening to others who have already tried, tested and succeeded in affiliate marketing.

Which one is the most suitable?

Some may argue that learning on our own is the ideal technique since we may make mistakes and learn from them.

Oh, come on.

When my mother is always there to teach me the correct recipe, I would never try to create a cake on my own.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

It’s pointless to reinvent the wheel when the recipe has already been discovered. All you have to do is choose a recipe, add some flavours, and the cake will be ready in no time.

That is the advantage of these affiliate marketing forums.

The average monthly cost of joining a forum is $99 a month.

Do you have the impression that someone joined the forum solely to spend money?

Definitely not!!

They’ve come to learn and develop.

They’re there to present case studies, success stories, and failures.

Why do they do it, is the question?

Because there are affiliate program owners on the same topic, the answer is – They keep a watch out for success stories like this and reach out to those affiliates to market their special offers.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Let’s get this article started by learning some basic terms.

What are Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Affiliate marketing is a means of making money through commissions. Marketers promote products that they believe are worthwhile. The affiliate marketer receives a portion of the revenues if consumers buy the product after clicking on the link. Each sale generates a separate profit.

Affiliate marketing overview- best affiliate courses

While an affiliate marketing program appears to be straightforward in theory, there are various factors to consider.

To begin, you must comprehend the affiliate program’s two key components. The affiliate marketer comes after the product originator and seller.

There are four sections.

  1. Merchant

The inventor and seller are referred to as merchants. Merchants can be large corporations or tiny businesses.

  1. Affiliate

The affiliate is the individual who advertises the item in exchange for a percentage of the sale. The affiliate’s principal responsibility is to market the product to others.

  1. The consumer

The purchaser of a product is referred to as a consumer. Consumers are the affiliate’s target market. When a customer is convinced, he or she will buy the product. The affiliate marketer can choose whether or not the customer is aware of the commission. Transparency is the key to success right now.

  1. Network

Affiliate marketing’s network is a contentious topic. It is not a required section. The network will act as a go-between for the affiliate and the merchant.

You can either delegate product delivery and payment to the network or form a direct revenue sharing with the company. Impact, ShareASale, ClickBank, and FlexOffers are some of the greatest networks.

How Big is the Affiliate Marketing Industry?

Successful Ways to Make Money Online- Stats About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a $12 billion sector that has aided in the accumulation of riches for a number of people.

Many organizations, from Amazon to local businesses, have affiliate programs. It helps them increase sales while also allowing marketers to earn a commission.

What Types of People Should Participate in Affiliate Marketing Forums?

Affiliate marketing forums are online communities that assist affiliate marketers to connect with one another. Everybody is welcomed here.


People who are just getting started in the marketing sector can use the forum to gain helpful advice and avoid common blunders. It’s a secure environment where you may ask questions and learn from other people’s errors. Furthermore, the forums assist newcomers in meeting possible clients right away.

Affiliate Networks

Companies who operate affiliate networks and middlemen can also join the forum to receive the most up-to-date information. It’s also a great location to make relationships and gain new clients for your company.

Product Owners

Product creators can join the program to speak with affiliate marketers, assess their potential, and locate a marketer who can help them improve their brand.

Joining a relevant affiliate marketing community can serve as a source of information and collaboration.

While looking for the next best thing, there are a variety of affiliate marketing schemes to explore. It can be challenging to choose one. The table below will assist you in determining the best course of action for your specific needs.

Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

Here is a list of some of the premium and free forums where you may get started in the world of affiliate marketing. The analysis includes a special note of the pricing as well as the primary feature.

1. STM: Stack That Money

When it comes to affiliate marketing forums, STM Forum is always at the top of the list. Lorenzo Green, one of the best affiliate marketers, founded STM Forum in 2013.

stmforum best affiliate marketing forum

Lorenzo decided to build a community where he could invite the top gamers in the world and where he could also invite product owners because he was one of the top affiliates and was producing over a million dollars each month.

They started by hosting small meetups in various cities, and Affiliate World Conference quickly grew to become one of the world’s largest affiliate conferences.

STM Forum is a private online forum for everyone interested in affiliate marketing, as you already know. Every day, thousands of active users and suppliers give invaluable content, information, and deals.

It claims to be the number one community for affiliate marketers.

Known for: A well-balanced forum with something for everyone. This forum is one of the must-join communities for any affiliate marketer because of the numerous case studies and step-by-step tutorials.

Check: STMForum Discount Coupons & Codes


  • Make contact with other affiliates.
  • There will be new developments.
  • Constant development
  • The best affiliates are present.
  • Quick responses


  • A large database that can be difficult to manage.
  • Prior experience with data mining and keyword research is required.
  • Try things out and post any questions you have on the forums! It will result in achievement.

2. iAmAffiliate

Overview- iAmAffiliate Review


Attila founded this forum in the year 2019. He has expanded this forum to such a large size in such a short time that every affiliate marketer wants to join to learn from his secret black hat practices.

He’s invited some of the world’s best affiliates, and there are a lot of success stories in this community.

Known for: Actionable material, case studies, and how-to guides are what they’re known for.


  • Case studies with 6 to 7 figures
  • Feedback in real-time
  • Courses in depth
  • Follow along with the various campaigns that are offered.
  • A cost-effective price choice.


  • It’s on the pricey side, especially for novices.
  • Newer

The platform’s continuous updates make it a fantastic alternative for those who want the most up-to-date information RIGHT NOW!

3. affLIFT

AffLIFT is an online affiliate marketing community. It explains how things are done in the industry and how to get the most out of it. You aren’t only taught how to make a little money, as some other forums are known for. With AffLIFT, you’ll be able to connect with a big group of professionals, each of whom is a specialist in producing massive profits.

Afflift forum review

Luke Kling, often known as Luke from Peerfly or LukePeerfly, is the mastermind behind this masterpiece of a forum. He is a well-known and recognized figure in the affiliate marketing sector. He is a long-serving Peerfly member. His ability to share and help others willingly has made him famous for his entrepreneur’s mindset, inventive ideas, an arsenal of tools, and his willingness to share and help others willingly.

Best Known forPush notifications available


  • Monthly pricing
  • Pro Affiliates on the channel
  • Answers for support questions


  • It’s quite young, having a smaller database.
  • Covers a broader range of novice subjects.
  • There will be less discussion on formats

It can be really beneficial to those who are just starting out.

4. Affiliatefix

Oliver Kenyon is the founder of AffiliateFix. Oliver is a seasoned affiliate marketer who has amassed millions of dollars through ad campaigns.

Best Affiliate marketig forums- AffiliateFix affiliate marketing forum

This forum provides information regarding affiliate programs, as well as a section dedicated to specials and discounts.

They’ve designed some exclusive tools and scripts that you can access after you upgrade to the premium section.

Free of charge.

Newbie assistance is what they’re most known for.


  • The separate business section that is very active
  • Easy access to potential clients and business partners
  • Free


  • A massive database that necessitates a great deal of digging.
  • This is the place for you if you don’t mind studying while competing.

5. Affiliate Tribe

After noticing a void in the business,Kulwant Nagi founded this forum in 2020.

Affiliate Triibe affiliate marketing forums

Because the majority of forums are charged, They wanted to develop one where they could provide some useful information for free while also keeping it inexpensive for everyone.

Cost: There are both free and paid choices available.

Beginner-friendly is what it’s known for.


  • A database that is of a reasonable size
  • Simple user interface for simple comprehension
  • For improved access, complete segregation is required.


  • There isn’t much to offer in terms of free access.
  • There is little information accessible because this is a new forum.

Use the forum to learn the basics.

 6. Warrior Forum

One of the most well-known and well-established digital marketing forums.

Best affiliate marketing forums- Warrior forum for digital marketers

Since its inception in 2001, this forum has played an important role in the lives of all super affiliates. This was the old days when people used to hang out in forums and learn a lot from one another.

In 2014, this forum was no longer active, and Freelancer.com took over as the new owner. They enhanced the forum by adding numerous new topics and expanding the Warrior Special Offers section by introducing more affiliates.

Free of charge

Best known for: Covers a wide range of topics such as digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and digital business methods.


  • Questions with direct answers are provided.
  • Other subjects were also discussed.
  • The best option for business owners in the United States.


  • There aren’t many case studies and follow-along available.

The forum’s useful information sets it distinct.

7. Blackhatworld

This forum is at the top of the list when it comes to Black hat marketing.

Best Affiliate marketing forums- BlackHat world for affiliate marketers

This forum has several areas that are appropriate for all types of marketers. This topic covers copywriting, marketing, SEO, web design, Facebook ads, and almost everything else.

Free of charge

Best known for Black Hat SEO, Adult SEO, and low-cost, high-return investments.


  • Forum for complete black hat practices
  • Information that is well-informed is readily available.
  • There is also a white hat segment.


  • Some doubtful methods that rely on luck
  • Change and adaptation are required.
  • Concentration is tough due to the black theme.

If you want to think outside the box, this is the place to go. While it’s advisable to stay as far away as possible, having more information isn’t a bad thing. Although being a regular member may not be feasible, paying a visit is an excellent strategy.

8. WickedFire

WickedFire is also one of the oldest SEO communities where you may learn a lot about the subject.

Wickedfire affiliate marketing forum

You can get SEO services from a variety of good sellers to help you expand your blog. Apart from SEO services, it’s also a fantastic place to learn new skills.

Free of charge.

Information on SEO is what they’re most known for.


  • Forums that are well-known and reliable
  • Well-organized Provides a forum for networking with people in the business


  • Becomes less active

The forum is best suited to those who know how to conduct a thorough investigation.

9. Affilorama

Affilorama- Affiliate Marketing Platform

Affilorama is a forum that provides you with private services and solutions to help you expand your blog.

Their forum contains a wealth of information, with a concentration on blogging, SEO, content writing, and content promotion.

Cost: There are both free and paid choices available.

Training classes are what they’re most known for.


  • Free and cheap training
  • 60-day refund policy
  • Tools available


  • Outdated
  • Few practical examples

It isn’t one of the most up-to-date affiliate marketing forums, but it is a great place to go for a lot of free information.

10. SEO Exchange

Charles Floate founded SEO Exchange, an SEO community. Charles is a well-known figure in the SEO sector, and his site is full of useful SEO tips.

He began when he was only 16 years old, and as a result of his SEO experiments, he has become one of the most well-known SEO players.

The SEO Exchange discord community operates on a freemium model.

Cost: Both a free and a paid option are offered.

Best Known for: Discord is available, as well as grey hat training.


  • Open Exchange
  • Networking opportunities
  • Up-to-date information
  • Discord community available


  • It necessitates extra effort.
  • Some techniques are more dangerous than others.

It has a user-friendly UI. For affiliate marketers, the free sector has a lot to offer.

Affiliate Forums and How They Work?

Affiliate forums are online communities dedicated to sharing information, asking questions, answering inquiries, and more among business partners.

It’s an excellent way to meet people who can help you resolve your worries and share your experiences.

How to Use Forums to Search For information?

There are both paid and free affiliate forums available online. You can look through the many forums to examine the fees and other rules and restrictions to decide which one is the best fit for you.

The number of specialists and their credentials are the most crucial factors to consider when selecting an affiliate forum. You can attain your aim by joining a forum with well-known and successful affiliate marketers.

Why Should You Join Affiliate Marketing Forums?

To begin your journey into the world of affiliate marketing, you must first gain knowledge. Here are some ways that affiliate marketing forums can assist you.

Best affiliate marketing forums-Strategies in Affiliate Marketing

Social Media’s Pleasures combined with a Library’s Resourcefulness

Social networking and online affiliate marketing forums are extremely similar. As a result, they don’t seem to be working.

They do, however, provide some of the most up-to-date information on the market. It’s a fantastic resource for finding niche-related information.

Give you the tools you need to be a successful marketer.

The better forums provide you with the opportunity to learn the marketing world’s best-kept secrets.

 You can use the new information to achieve your objectives. You’ll be better equipped to attain the best results if you use better tips that work for the vast majority of people.

Endless Bonuses

Joining forums can help you improve your affiliate marketing results. It’s an investment in gaining information in order to make more money in the end.

Learn how to use tools and software in your affiliate marketing efforts.

A number of forums provide specialized tools and software that you can utilize in your business. It aids in the development of a deeper grasp of what is going well and what is not. The tools also operate to provide future know-how and skill improvement.

Stories of Success to Inspire You

Affiliate marketing forums moderated by industry heavyweights can provide you a peek of the market’s potential. The success tales might serve as inspiration to help you increase your total effort each day.

Building Connections

Several affiliate marketers can be found on the Building Connections Forums. Joining one will assist you in making contacts in the market. You can use the contacts you’ve made to gather expertise and find people in the industry who are willing to assist you.

Get Your Issues Resolved

Affiliate marketing forums are a great place to go if you’re having problems. While many of your questions have already been answered, you can always ask a new one to get more information.

The opportunity to engage with specialists in the field who can clear up any doubts is invaluable.

What Can You Learn From Affiliate Marketing Forum Group members?

It can be nerve-wracking to join an affiliate marketing community for the first time as a member.

Here are some suggestions to follow when entering such a program to assist relieve stress and make the transition easier.

Observe the Rules

Each forum has its own set of guidelines. To put your best foot forward, learn the rules ahead of time and observe the other members of the community. Before you begin interacting, read the rules and obligations.

Make a Name for Yourself in the Community

Once you’ve joined the community, take the time to formally introduce yourself to the other members. It will allow you to build some ties while also allowing you to get more comfortable at the forum.

Create Threads

On the forum, you have the option of creating threads. Interact with the rest of the group. Take the time to get to know everyone and offer as much assistance as you can.

If you come across something intriguing, make sure to share it with the rest of the community via threads.

Actively participate in the process

Participating in an affiliate marketing forum is less difficult. Active participation is significantly more difficult. Visit the forum at least once a day. 

It has the potential to become one of the most important activities of the day. Post and respond on a daily basis to maintain a high level of participation. It will assist you in learning more about the world and contributing to it.

Try to be approachable

Always be honest with the other members of the group. You make better connections when you are approachable. They may be of assistance to you in the long term.

Affiliate forums are a way for people to share and receive information. You gain more when you give more.

Be Ready to Learn

It’s never a good idea to come in with a closed mind, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing. It is a world that is constantly changing and requiring updates. Always arrive with an open mind and an eagerness to learn something new.

FAQs On Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

🔥 How do I interact with other affiliate forum members?

Affiliate forums allow you to broaden your knowledge while meeting people who are in similar situations. Asking questions and receiving advice on the forum might be beneficial. Furthermore, if you have a question in mind, it is likely that someone else has already asked it. To seek advice, talk to other people who have been in similar situations. Additionally, the forum will provide you with the opportunity to meet possible clients who may be able to provide you with work. It's a win-win situation for both affiliate marketers and clients.

✔ Is it still worthwhile to participate in affiliate marketing forums?

Yes, a few of well-known affiliate marketers still use forums to educate newcomers. Furthermore, it serves as a safe haven for discussing the various challenges you face at work. It's well worth your time and effort to join the affiliate community. Furthermore, it allows you to broaden your work with a variety of approaches accessible on the market. The world of technology evolves with time. Having a community to keep you up to date on the newest developments can help you advance in your job.

💥 On affiliate marketing forums, where can I obtain useful suggestions and information?

The Internet is a wealth of information, and gathering knowledge from a variety of sources can result in a plethora of opposing beliefs. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to affiliate marketing, there are some guidelines to follow for the best results. For starters, stick to a single source and utilize it as a guide. You are also free to look through the other alternatives. If at all possible, seek out consistent information and engage in some trial and error. Other strategies can be abandoned in favor of what works for you. The appropriate affiliate forum will provide you with all of the information you require in one convenient location.

🚀 Why should I become a member of an affiliate forum?

When you join an affiliate forum, you gain access to a variety of benefits, including custom material, on-demand help, and much more. It's a great location for newcomers to start learning about the various components of the industry. Professional counsel can help you jumpstart your business and increase your overall revenue. Moreover, there is a lot of money to be made to aid you with your task. Finally, you can earn recurring commissions, which is a great way to earn money while you sleep.

👓 What is an affiliate network, and how does it work?

Affiliate networks serve as a conduit between publishers and advertising. We collaborate with all of the main companies. ShareASale, CJ Affiliate (previously Commission Junction), Awin, Rakuten Marketing, and Pepperjam are a few examples you may be familiar with. The networks make money by charging fees to the merchants with whom they collaborate. These fees are normally negotiated upon with each advertiser and paid as a proportion of each sale made. Because we know we're giving them a lot of business, we negotiate the finest terms with the networks at Advertise Purple.

💥 What are some places where I can promote affiliate links?

Promote your affiliate links in the following places: Blog content and reviews. Videos from YouTube. Advertisements in the form of banners. Posts on social media Email marketing messages. Digital products (i.e. eBooks, online courses).

🔥 Does it cost money to start affiliate marketing?

Most firms require both initial costs and cash flow in order to fund the products they sell. Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, may be done at a little cost, allowing you to get started quickly and with minimal effort. There are no fees to worry about with affiliate programs, and no need to manufacture a product.

👉 How many affiliate sites do I need?

Make sure you're using a variety of affiliate networks and programs. “How many affiliates can you have on one website?” is a frequently asked question. The optimum response is as many as you desire, although two will almost certainly sufficient.

💥 Is affiliate marketing a waste of time?

It depends on how you define affiliate marketing, but in the vast majority of circumstances, it is a waste of time. Because it's usually a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme, money can only be made if you're in the first 10 levels or so, which includes the creator and his circle of friends.

👓 What makes affiliate marketing so difficult?

Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive field. Many affiliates compete for the same traffic and clients by promoting the same products. Obtaining approval as an affiliate for well-known businesses or products can be tough. Lack of ownership: The customers belong to the merchant.

💥 What are the challenges faced by affiliate marketers?

In today's web-based environment, many affiliate marketers lack vital technical abilities. They have trouble putting up squeeze pages, autoresponders, blogs, social media channels, and other Internet marketing strategies.

👀 What is the future of Affiliate Marketing in India?

Affiliate Marketing has a Sparkling Future in India.It now accounts for around 15% to 20% of overall online sales. According to IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India), the affiliate marketing sector in India is expected to reach $835 million by 2025.

👍 Our affiliate sales incremental?

Units sold under a certain marketing effort are referred to as incremental sales. Affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, social media ads, and other channels can all be used in these initiatives. Someone outside the firm (not the company itself) must generate the lead that leads to the purchase in order for it to be an incremental sale. Without the help of that partner, affiliate, or social media platform, the sale would not have happened. Sales from affiliates are, in fact, incremental.

👉 How do we keep track of publisher sales?

Every publisher has a distinct publisher ID, which is used in cookie tracking to keep track of which publishers create which sales. The affiliate network dashboard will then show you this activity.

✔ Can we have an affiliate program in multiple countries?

Affiliate programs can be promoted in any country thanks to the internet and our globally linked society. It's critical to customize information to different sub-groups if you're working with affiliates from different nations. As a result, language is a significant consideration for affiliate tactics that will be used abroad.

Conclusion: Which is The Best Affiliate Marketing Forum For You?

So, here is the list of Best Affiliate marketing for the newbies and pros. If you ask me the best out of these, I would rate the iAMAffiliate the best forum followed by the STM and affLift forum.

I love their modules and the quality of discussions are far better than the other affiliate forums.

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If you ask me the best out of these, I would rate the iAMAffiliate the best forum followed by the STM and affLift forum.  I love their modules and the quality of discussions are far better than the other affiliate forums.

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