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  • 60 monthly credits for audio conversion & translation
  • MAC/PC/Tablet Compatible
  • Access to full seed content database
  • $1,500 in Super Spun Articles!
  • Translate any article into 14 other languages
  • BEST built-in English thesaurus with hundreds of millions of entries
  • Generates up to 100 spun versions of your article at a time
  • Publish spun content to your WordPress blogs instantly
  • thesaurus updates constantly
  • Full-sentence and paragraph spinning


  • No lifetime offer available

Before we compare The Best Spinner, Spin Rewriter and  Word AI, let’s cover what spinners are and why they’re so useful to you.

You probably already know that “content is king”. Content is a key factor that determines ranking of your sites in the search engine results. High quality content tends to attract more site visitors. And site visitors are what will generate revenue for you!

The problem for most people is that creating unique, high quality content takes a lot of work. Consistency is easier said than done. It takes a lot of time to create valuable content that people will read. You can pay experienced writers to do the work for you, but that gets very expensive real fast.

Most people end up having to produce their own content and the sheer drag of doing it tends to mean they settle for lower quality.

But you don’t have to. Using a spinner allows you to save money and produce a lot of content.

A spinner in effect allows you to create dozens (sometimes hundreds) of unique variations of your original high quality article. The big benefit is that the time it might take you to create 2 or 3 articles, you can produce dozens with a spinner. It’s like hiring a team of writers for a ridiculously low price.

Content spinning is best done with a tool that helps you to “rewrite” your articles with minimum effort – a few clicks of the mouse. The benefit of that is that search engines view it as new content. You can use such “spun” articles for link building purposes, or on multiple websites. You can even sell such content!

You can – but really shouldn’t do spinning manually. Without the use of a suitable spinner tool it can be very tedious. With that said let’s look at the main spinner tools available today.  We’ll look at the differences between The Best Spinner 4.0, Spin Rewriter, and Word AI – 3 of the most well known content spinning tools around.

Be aware though that not all content spinning tools are created equal! Some may produce poor quality content. Don’t lower the standards of your site and brand identity with cheap looking content. In this post, we have listed the best article spinner tools that you should check out right away. So let’s get started here.

Note : Do not use article spinner  to write the content for your main sites, use these spinners to create content for PBN & backlinks purpose only. These tools can help you create content for backlinks purpose which can help you rank higher on Google. But beware, don’t use it for main blogs for creating content. 

List Best Article Spinner Tools/Software 2020: Which One Is Worth Your Money?

1) The Best Spinner 4.0 ( #1  The Best Article Rewriter and Spinner Software

The Best Spinner has been around for the better part of a decade and is now on version 4.0

The name reflects the quality of the output you can produce – high quality. But it also reflects the ease of use. The single biggest attribute for The Best Spinner 4.0 is its ability to let you create hundreds of unique and high-quality articles starting with just one article.

You don’t even have to have an article of your own. With an access to a seed database of over 100,000 PLR articles and an access to generate hundreds of thousands more via a special connection to Article Builder, you’re covered for most topics you can think of.

the best spinner review with discount coupon - 30 days money back

But all that content is of no use unless it’s easy to use and re-purpose. Let’s take a look at the features that give you that ability:

Full Sentence and Paragraph Spinning

Seed Content Available At the Click of A Button

As noted, The Best Spinner 4.0 has hundreds of thousands of seed content articles available to you, at no extra cost.

They have the one-click ability to automatically rewrite entire sentences and paragraphs. With this feature, you do much more than just substituting words; you are able to change the entire sentence structure and even the structure of the entire piece of content. Check out our in-depth The Best Spinner 4 Review.

The Best Spinner Review+Special Save Upto 30% Off $67/yr

The Best Spinner 4 Key Features:

  • World’s Leading and Largest User-Built English Thesaurus:

The Best Spinner 4.0 has a comprehensive user-built cloud-based thesaurus with hundreds of millions of selections. It is one of the most dynamic features of the spinner because users constantly add to it. This tool helps you find creative word substitutions to give your articles more uniqueness.

A benefit of this which is often overlooked is that as new niches are discovered and users create articles about them, the cloud thesaurus is updated accordingly. It moves with the times.

  • Auto-Translation of Articles/ Conversion of Articles to Audio

The Best Spinner 4.0 also offers automatic translation of your English articles into German, French and 11 other modern languages. That means you can reach a worldwide audience in their own language! That gives your articles (and your websites) a broader global reach – again, at the click of a button.

The Best Spinner Review- Translate From One Language To Another

Further more, you can also convert your articles into audio, to use in podcasts on your blog and even as voice over for videos.

  • Unlimited Nested Spinning

Nested spinning is a technique that allows even more uniqueness of output. To do it manually is extremely complex, but with The Best Spinner it’s automatically built up for you as you choose variations of sentences and paragraphs. That makes it simple to use. The benefit of nested spinning is that it multiplies your potential article output by a significant factor. Rather than a few dozen variations you can produce hundreds – in some cases thousands of unique articles.

the best spinner review with discount coupon - import article

  • Manual Spinning

For power users, or anyone who wants to have an exact control over the process, you can spin manually if you wish. You can also move from automated spinning to manual spinning and back again, as much as you wish. Manual spinning is very powerful if you have specific needs in mind, but for the times you don’t want to do that much work you can still use the automatic spinning.

  • Unlimited Spinning

Some systems put a limit on how much you can spin, or how many words you can spin. The Best Spinner 4.0 allows you to spin as much content as you wish when you’re logged into the web interface. There is no limit to the number of words you can spin.

  • Readable Content

There are spinning tools that produce almost garbage output. The Best Spinner produces readable content in most cases by virtue of the fact that its thesaurus is cloud based, contributed by over 100,000 users and updated on a regular basis.

The Best Spinner Review- Add More Projects

  • Multiple Article Zip Download

You can produce and output multiple articles into a single zip file to download. The benefit is that you have the articles on your own hard drive, ready to access and use in whatever other tools you wish. If you’ve spun an article and want to generate 100 variations, you can download all of them in a single zip file that unpacks into 100 separate text files.

  • Uniqueness Comparison Matrix

To help you decide whether you have done enough spinning, The Best Spinner can show you in a special matrix how unique each variation is to the original and to other variations. That is an efficient way to determine when you have done sufficient spinning for your needs.

  • Copyscape Check

In addition to the internal comparison matrix, you can verify how unique your articles are compared to what is already on the web by running them through Copyscape – you do need a Copyscape account to do that of course.

  • Protected Terms

The Best Spinner gives you the ability to protect terms you do not wish to be spun. For example, there may be product names, or certain key phrases, that you always want to stay as the original text. With protected terms you can ensure that such terms are never changed.

  • Web-Based and Simple Interface.

Earlier versions of The Best Spinner were limited to working on Windows machines. The Best Spinner 4.0, however, is web-based, which means that it runs on all devices with a web browser, which includes Mac users. It also has a simplified interface with a new visual spinner to make life easier and simpler for users who have never used a spinner before.

  • Household Name

The Best Spinner is a product that’s known, trusted and used by many marketers all over the world and has been for a decade.

  • Blog publishing

No matter how many blogs you have, The Best Spinner can publish to them at a click of a button. That makes moving from an original article to a unique variation on your website literally just the click of a few buttons. And the more you publish quality content, the better you are likely to perform in the search engines.

The Best Spinner Review- Publish Articles Directly

  • API

An API is available which allows other software creators to make tools you can use to automate content creation and spinning even more. Some users have even created their own bespoke scripting for unique purposes. To be fair this is an advanced topic and you don’t need to use the API (or even understand it) in order to use The Best Spinner’s features.

Pricing Plans:

The best spinner discount coupon codes

the best spinner review with discount coupon - 30 days money back

2) Spin Rewriter  (

Spin Rewriter is another well known product when it comes to content spinning. It uses a natural language processing algorithm that produces high-quality and readable texts. Spin Rewriter produces reasonably good automated texts with smooth settings. Check Out Spin Rewriter Review now.

Spin Rewriter Review- Relaible Spin Tool

Key Features Of SpinRewriter:

  • ENL Semantic Spinning Technology

Spin Rewriter uses something they call Emulated Natural Language (ENL) spinning technology. It’s claimed that it helps analyse the actual meaning of your content. The idea is that is should be able to come up with more relevant synonyms. It is a feature that’s not currently listed as available in some other spinning tools, although all spinning tools makes use of some kind of “language parsing” to do their job.

  • Protected Terms

As with The Best Spinner, you can protect terms that you do not wish to be spun.

  • Unlimited Articles

Spin Rewriter lets you create an unlimited number of articles by spinning and rewriting your original articles. As with The Best Spinner, there are no limits when it comes to the number of characters or words that can be spun. It means that you can virtually create an unlimited number of articles for your blog or website.

  • Positive Customer Review

Customer Reviews- Spin Rewriter

  • Manual Spinning

As with The Best Spinner, you can do manual spinning if you wish to.

  • Multiple Article Zip Download

You can produce and output multiple articles into a single zip file to download.

  • Copyscape Check

You can verify how unique your articles are by running them through Copyscape  – you do need a Copyscape account to do that of course.

  • Readable Content

Some spinning tools sometimes create unreadable content. Uniqueness of an article is important, but if it’s junk it won’t help you. Spin Rewriter can often create readable content.

3) Word AI (

Word AI is another smart content spinning tool that you can use for rewriting content with just one click. It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based content rewriting tool that creates human-readable content. All you need to do is copy and article, paste it in the editor and Word AI will rewrite it in just a few seconds.

WordAi Review- The Smartest Article Rewriter Ever

Key Features Of Word AI

  • Perfect Tense

Word AI is integrated with advanced technology, which is designed to give you content without any errors. Simply put, the software creates all the grammar and verb tenses automatically. It is worth noting that while Word AI creates human readable content, it is not always unique.

That does limit the immediate benefit of spinning, which is to produce unique output.

  • Mass Uploading

If you plan to publish numerous blogs or articles in a day, Word AI lets you create multiple articles in a row without too much of a hassle.

  • Protected Terms

Like The Best Spinner, Word AI can protect certain terms so they are never spun.

  • Uses AI Technology

Word AI is inbuilt with artificial intelligence, which is a machine learning system that helps you create unique content. However, this is not always the case since some users have reported that the content they got from Word AI had a low level of uniqueness, which is not good for search engine rankings.

The content makes a good starting point, but you may need to do quite a bit of manual rewriting to get the uniqueness you desire. That increases the time it takes to get unique output.

WordAi Review: Does it Really Create Optimized Content?

Pricing Plans Of Word AI

WordAi Review- Pricing Plans

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Final Verdict: Best Article Spinner Tools/Software 2020

If you haven’t used any spinner before, it can all seem very confusing. You can spin your articles manually – but it’s hugely time consuming and for most people it’s actually unpleasant.

A good quality spinner will make it fast and easy for you to produce lots of output. All the tools here will help you to produce reasonable quality output faster than you could do manually.

The pricing on all of them is wildly different. Right now Word AI is the most expensive of the three and it’s hard to see how the significant price difference is justified. For the same price as one month of Word AI you can get a full year of The Best Spinner.  Spin Rewriter is also cheaper than Word AI, but is more expensive than The Best Spinner.

In terms of the quality of the output the best way to know for sure is to try all three spinners. For most people that’s simply not practical, however in my own research I’ve found The Best Spinner 4.0 to be the most advanced tool for spinning.  The quality of the output, even with just minimal manual editing, will help you achieve your goals of content output and search engine rankings. So here is our recommendation list:

Rather than working harder, work smarter. Multiply your efforts so that an hour’s work is equivalent to four hour’s  of work. You’ll achieve everything faster and more easily by using the right tools for the job.

And the right tool for spinning right now is The The Best Spinner 4.0

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