Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms You Should Use

Are you guys looking for blogging platforms , confuse which is best free blogging platform available on internet, so here is 5 best blogging platforms which are available free and you must start your blogging journey with  them. You will fall in love with these blogging platforms. Use it  and take your first step towards blogging.

Blogging is  fun and you can make money from blogging easily while using these  platforms. So start your blogging journey now.


wordpress Best Blogging Platforms

One simple line; God of blogging! I started out as a blogger on WordPress only and it’s one of the most flexible blogging platforms to use. Easy to use and quick to learn for beginners, it’s an open source platform which provides ample of room to beginners to divulge into more advance tools and tricks of blogging. One of the most well-loved platform in Developer’s community, it provides me with amazing features like drag and drop interface and a large collection of themes to play with.

Though sometimes starting on WordPress might be a nightmare for people who are technically ill-equipped, but you overcome that intimidation and bite the technical bullet and go with WordPress, it well worth the investment.

2) Blogger:

Blogger blogging platform

The only reason for second spot for this Google run platform is lack of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It also uses the above mentioned drag and drop feature of WordPress and you get a free domain name with every account! It is great for someone who wants to start out in blogging without spending too much money.

Also, since it’s under Google’s control, it has an advantage of being indexed more quickly than website from other platforms. People with blogs related to personal stories and travel blogs and make good use of this platform. Also, simplicity in design is one more added advantage of blogger.

3) Tumblr

Tumblr blogging platform

The right tool for micro blogging! Tumblr is free to set up and has a varied range of design tool and also comes with a mass edit feature. If you want to change a word across all your blogs, you don’t have to crawl through all the blog post that you have created. Simply do it from window and save your time for much efficient blogging.

Also, Tumblr is much more suitable for someone who doesn’t want to spend much time in blogging, someone who is just exploring the idea of blogging.

4) Medium:

Medium blogging platform

Medium is what a weed freak would look for in Malana, Himachal Pradesh. Meaning, medium is the most hippiest place to be seen t right now. A cool app may be for some, but its rigid features have driven away many writers. While the way it links to other content on its network can frustrate enough writers to leave.

Started by twitter founders only, Medium is a side room away from restriction of 140 characters and chaos where people try to work over in more detail.

5) Squarespace:

Squarespace blog platform

A platform with varied features! From free domain with every account to loads of free apps, Square space has more default features than any of the other CMS.

Unlike other platforms, you dot have to go through the pain of installing lots of plugins to reach a level of usability. One of the most distinctive features is that it has a range of manipulative tools, including a grid function which helps you see how the posts look when the blog goes live. Also, unlimited bandwidth and online space with certain paid packages acts like cherry on top.

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  1. Luke wright

    Thanks for this post. In those Platform, WordPress and Blogger is most popular platform. Most of the people like WordPress and i also like WordPress because you can customize WordPress easily.WordPress is self hosted. You can use premium frame work here. You can use it without coding knowledge. Blogger is restricted. Blogger is not bad for blogging. In Blogger no need to think about money and no need to think about its server. For this reason my first choice is WordPress.


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