Top 22 Best BuddyPress Plugins For Community Sites 2020

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       If you are a WordPress user then BuddyPress will offer the best means in order to create a social community on your Website. As BuddyPress is not fully feature packed in and as of itself that’s why you will need to install BuddyPress Plugins.

      Here, BuddyPress is the best way to create a social community right on your WordPress site and this plugin mainly brings the community feature to WordPress. But here the thing is that you will need BuddyPress themes as most of the WordPress themes are not compatible with the community plugin.

      As BuddyPress comes with all the main and required community features and it is not enough to create a social media networking site and here you will need the help of other plugins to simply enhance your community. Here in this post, we have compiled the list of Best BuddyPress Plugins so that you can simply create a complete community site right on WordPress simply by using BuddyPress.

      Top 22 Best BuddyPress Plugins For Community Sites 2020

       1) BuddyBoss Wall

      BuddyBoss Wall- Best BuddyPress Plugins

      This Plugin, BuddyBoss Wall mainly adds the Facebook-like wall to your BuddyPress site. It also allows users to add the posts, likes along with commenting right in their friend’ posts. It also adds new feeds in user’s friend list or to all the groups across the sites.  Here you also get many privacy options like Facebook.

      2) BuddyPress User Blog

      BuddyPress User Blog- Best BuddyPress Plugins

      Here it will give blogging abilities to your members and it will turn your community right into a content producing machine. Here your members will definitely love to have the part of the blog and now they have the ability to blog and manage the blogs. No doubt, you will be thankful to your members for keeping your blog alive.  This plugin also provides a great and intuitive interface for writing the posts. Here the interface is mainly inspired by the very popular Interface.


      3) Youzer – Buddypress Community & WordPress User Profile Plugin

      Youzer is a well known WordPress user profiles plugin or says user profiles management solution which works in consolidation with BuddyPress to add to user experience on your website.

      Youzer - WordPress User profile

      What makes Youzer very unique is the modern, responsive and eye-catching design which comes with many profile headers variation ( 14 Header Styles ), powerful admin panel with over 700 options to take the full control over your community, 16 color schemes, +22 profile widgets, +22 WordPress widgets, a very creative 404 profile page and also you will have the ability to add unlimited custom tabs and unlimited custom widgets.

      One of the things that make Youzer the best WP user profiles plugin is the huge number of the powerful social features starting with the social wall that contains more than 10 Post Types ( Status, Quote, Link, Photos, Slideshow, Audio Video, Files, Embeds … ), Members Directory, Groups Directory, Global News Feed, Friendships, Groups, Follows, Messages, Notification, Mentions, Reviews, Notices, Badges, Ratings, Likes, Comments, Notices, Emoticons, Bookmarks, User Tags, Sticky Posts and many many more social features …

      4) Location Autocomplete

      Locations for BuddyPress- Best BuddyPress Plugins

      As user location is the very important aspect for any of the community site, this plugin will help you in updating the location update easier and smoother. Basically, this plugin will bring all the searchable and structured location of the data for making the process easy for the users. It also offer customize address format and location autocomplete feature.

      5) UserPro

      UserPro - Best BuddyPress Plugins

      UserPro is another premium social login plugin for WordPress. And it will really make it simple for many of the users to log in to your community site with using their social profiles and they can also manage their details here too.

      Here this plugin is very important and must have plugin for any of the BuddyPress powered site or any other site. It also makes the process very simple and secure to get started with it and here your user has not to go through the long process of registration. It has a front-end registration and login system along with the unlimited custom fields.

      6) BuddyBoss Inbox

      BuddyBoss Inbox- Best BuddyPress Plugins

      This plugin mainly adds the necessary features to this component in order to make it much more usable for your members. In this plugin the attachment with the image preview and WYSIWYG text formatting. And it also has labels and many other features too. Here this plugin does a great job in order to bring the missing pieces for the messaging experience on BuddyPress.


      7) BuddyBoss Reply by Email

      BuddyBoss Reply by Email - Best BuddyPress Plugins

      Communication between the members in BuddyPress is very important and it should happen within a regular interval of time. Right in the case of the BuddyPress sites, you have to communicate through the messages and the profile activity feed along with the post comments and the forum topics. For each of them, you will receive notification when someone will send you a message or simply replies to your topic or on your comment. It also allows all the members just to reply the notification with the email.


      8) BuddyPress Members Types

      BuddyPress Member Type Generator — Best BuddyPress Plugins

      If you are running community sites right with multiple members then this plugin is for you. Here this plugin will allow you to manage all of your member’s types right from the wp-admin interface. It will also allow you to display different registrations forms along with the profiles fields right for each of the member’s types.  Right on the ember index page, you can simply add tabs to separate many different types.

      9) BuddyPress Featured Members

      BuddyPress Featured Members — Best BuddyPress Plugins

      If some of your members stay active on your site regularly, then you can simply showcase theme as the featured member’s right with the help of this plugin. Here as the admin of your community site, you have the option to simply mark any of the members as the features members right on your site. You will also get the option to tag multiple users as the featured members as per your requirement. Once you will mark the users, you will get the option to showcase all of the featured members right on your site in a widget or simply by using the shortcode.

      10) BuddyPress Activity Plus

      BuddyPress Activity Plus — Best BuddyPress Plugins

      If you are willing to provide your users the option to upload and share media right on your site then, this plugin is specially made for you. Here this plugin will mainly add there new buttons right to your BuddyPress activity stream that your users can use to upload photos, videos along with sharing the links with everyone right on your network. Overall, this one is a useful plugin as it provides many great features that a community site basically needs.


      11) WangGuard

      WangGuard — Best BudddyPress Plugins

      No doubt, here security of any website is the primary concern and it is the very important function that you will need to make sure as the site admin. Here WangGuard security plugin will protect your BuddyPress site form any of the security threats. This plugin also provides the most advanced protection against all kinds of the suspicious activity on WordPress, BuddyPress along with bbPress sites too.

      Best BuddyPress Plugins

      12) WordPress Social Login

      WordPress Social Login — Best BuddyPress Plugins

      Here you can’t even imagine a community without social login option. The default BuddyPress Plugins doesn’t come with the social login that is why you will need an external plugin in order to bring the social login feature. Here this WordPress Social Login Plugin is really good enough to simply enhance all your social community sites.

      13) iFlyChat- WordPress Chat

      iFlyChat – WordPress Chat — Best BuddyPress plugins

      The chat system is another most important elements for any of the community sites and here the chat system will get integrated with your social network site.

      Here this chat plugin will simply show users avatars in the chat window along with the link to the profile pages. Here this plugin also integrates with the BuddyPress friend list.

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      14) BuddyPress Default Data

      BuddyPress Default Data — Best BuddyPress Plugins

      This one is really one of the most important plugin for all of the BuddyPress powered site right before your community sites go live and simply your users start using the sites. And here you should check the site as all the features are working perfectly or not.

      15) BuddyForms Members

      BuddyForms Members — Best BuddyPress Plugins

      If you are willing to allow your users to simply write a post on your blog then this plugin is meant for you and it will help you in achieving that. Basically, it is not possible for everyone to simply update all the blog on the regular basis and trust me it’s not easy to create a community blog where many users can present many great ideas.  This plugin is very effective in bringing the BuddyPress site members right on the boards. This plugin will also integrate with your BuddyForms Forms right into your member’s profile.

      16) rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress

      rtMedia- Best BuddyPress Plugins

      Here, rtMedia is the complete solution for WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress. This plugin also integrates with BuddyPress seamlessly and when you will install and activate this plugin it will simply insert the new media tab which is under the Profile & Groups.

      16) BuddyStream

      BuddyStream — Best BuddyPress Plugins

      Here this one is another very effective and very useful BuddyPress plugin. It will also synchronize all of your favorite social networks right to the activity stream of your website.  So this plugin will simply enable users in order to have some of more content on their profile along with keeping the website active and engaging more visitors.

      18) BuddyPress Activity Privacy

      BuddyPress Activity Privacy — Best BuddyPress Plugins

      Privacy is another most important factor for many of the social community sites.  Here you must protect the privacy of all the embers who mainly use your social community sites. Here this activity plugin will be effectively ensuring the privacy protection right for all of your members. This plugin will also add a privacy level right to the activity stream component.

      19) W3 Total Cache

      w3-total-cache- Best BuddyPress Plugins

      This one is the must having a plugin for all of the social community sites. Mostly the performance matters and defines the success of your social networking site, as this plugin will speed up all your WordPress site to a great level. Here W3 Total  Cache will really improve the user’s experience of your site simply by increasing the server performance and reducing the download time. And it will also provide transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration as well.

      20) BuddyPress Quick Activity

      BuddyPress Quick Activity - Best BuddyPress Plugins

      Here this one is value adding BuddyPress plugin, it enables the users to simply post anything right on their activity wall from anywhere of the sites. With the BuddyPress by default, posting to the activity is basically possible only form the Activity tab on the members profile page. And this plugin will let you add the “Quick Activity” buttons right to any of your posts and pages.

      21) BuddyPress Social Polling Plugin

      BuddyPress Social Polling Plugin -Best BuddyPress Plugins

      Polls are very important part of the social community plugin. And if you are willing to create polls on your community sites then this one is the great plugin that will help you in achieving that. This plugin will also need the WordPress easy polling to work perfectly on your community site.

      22) BuddyPress Avatars From Web Cam

      BuddyPress Avatars

      Here this one is another useful plugin that will enhance all your online community, mostly profile pics are the important part of the social networking site and users who don’t have any profile picture mainly looks unprofessional. Here this plugin will help users to take pic simply by using the webcam and using it as the profile pic.

      22) WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration

      WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration — Best BuddyPress Plugins

      Here if you are willing to integrate your community with WooCommerce online shop then this plugin is the best option you have got on the market. Basically, the only shop with the community site mainly sounds like a very interesting business model. This plugin will bring all of the carts along with the checkout process right into your member profiles and you get all the data in one place.

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      EndNote: Top 22 Best BuddyPress Plugins For Community Sites 2020

      No doubt BuddyPress is one of the best and the quickest solution in order to create a community. Basically, this one is an open platform that truly indicates you don’t have to pay anything to use BuddyPress.

      In order to make more use of it, you will have to use the Best BuddyPress Plugins and also for enhancing the functionality of all your social community site just to make it complete with all the community features. I hope this post- List of Best BuddyPress Plugins suits your purpose well. Share this post on the entire trending social media platforms.

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