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    Thinking to build your website?

    Just Bought hosting, and now you hear words like cPanel, cPanel management. Never heard these words and now confused what is it all? Hold on, all your confusion will be solved, continue reading below. Below is a list of Best and Cheap cPanel hosting providers bby BloggersIdeas.

    cPanel, also known as control panel, is used to manage your hosted account just the way Windows control panel works. It is a complete website development tool which lets the user to make changes, manage accounts at the backend and manage complete website using a Graphic User Interface (GUI).

    With the access to cPanel, your dependency on the website developer ends there itself. Now when you have complete access to your website interface, you can yourself make changes as you want. It is developed by the hosting companies to let you access applications such as file manager, email manager, backups, password protection and database tools through an easy and simple web interface.file manager, email manager, backups, password protection and database tools through an easy and simple web interface.

    Along with management of database, email and file manager, through cPanel you can also manage domain control, shopping cart (in case it is a ecommerce website), Network tools etc. The basic function of cPanel is to allow user / website owner to manage their website without any hassle while providing them the maximum control possible. This helps the user to have access to combination of tools depending on the access level. cPanel is a 3-tiered device or tool which lets have access to administrator, reseller and end-user.

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    cPanel has made the life of website developers easy. Earlier the webmasters had to manage and maintain their website mostly through programming language and required high technical skills. cPanel has provided an ease for the management of the website with very user friendly features. Now let’s talk about the features cPanel has.

    List of Best Cheap cPanel Hosting Providers

    List of 2020 Top Cheap cPanel Hosting Providers: Updated Reviews

    RankWeb HostingBasic FeaturesAdvanced FeaturesReview

    Top 10 web hosting - Bluehost

    Best Hosting for Cpanel

    • Price: $3.49
    • 100GB Disk Space
    • Unlimited Transfer
    • Unlimited Emailbox
    • 1 Free Domain
    • Host 1 domain
    • $100 Marketing Credit
    • Anytime Money Back
    Check Review

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    Best Business Cpanel Hosting

    • Price: $20
    • 30 GB Disk Space
    • Unlimited Transfer
    • Unlimited Emailbox
    • 1 Free Domain
    • 2 Google Apps for Work
    • DDoS & intrusion protection
    • Custom SSL certificate
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    #3inmotion wordpress hosting

    Fast VPS Hosting

    • Price: $3.99
    • Unlimited Space
    • Unlimited Transfer
    • Unlimited Emailbox
    • 1 free domain
    • Host unlimited domains
    • $75 Marketing Credit
    • 90 Days MoneyBack
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    interserver logoBest Uptime and Support


    • Price: $1.99
    • Cloud based hosting solutions
    • Speed Optimization
    • Unlimited Emailbox
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Free SpamExperts
    • Free CloudFlare CDN
    • Anytime Money Back
    • cPanel + Softaculous
    • Host 1 domain
    • 3 Core CPU & 4 GB RAM
    Check Review

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    Top business hosting - Inmotionhosting

    Best Business Hosting

    • Price: $3.49
    • Unlimited Space
    • Unlimited Transfer
    • Unlimited Emailbox
    • Host 2 domains
    • Automatical Data Backup
    • Free SSD
    • 90 Days MoneyBack
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    Cloudways hosting

    Ultimate Cpanel Hosting


    • Price $5
    • 50GB Disk Space
    • Free Trial
    • 99.9% Uptime
    • 20 GB SSD Storage
    • 1 TB Bandwith
    • Managed Backups
    • Anytime Money Back
    Check Review

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    Best Cheap Web Hosting - dreamhost

    Best Business Managed  Hosting


    • Price: $2.5
    • 100GB Disk Space
    • Unlimited Transfer
    • Unlimited Emailbox
    • 1 free domain
    • Host 1 domain
    • 99.9% Uptime
    • Anytime Money Back
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    Best web Hosting

    • Price: $3.96
    • Unlimited Space
    • Unlimited Transfer
    • Unlimited Emailbox
    • 1 free domain
    • Host Unlimited domains
    • 99% Uptime
    • 300% Wind Power
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    #9SiteGround logo size

    Best Personal Hosting

    • Price: $6.95/mo
    • 10GB Web Space
    • Suitable for ~ 10,000 Visits Monthly
    • 99.9% Uptime
    • Multiple Websites
    • 20GB Web Space
    • cPanel & SSH Access
    • Unlimited Traffic, Emails, DBs
    • Anytime Money Back
    • Free CloudFlare CDN
    Check Review

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    • Price: $3.71
    • Unlimited Space
    • Unlimited Transfer
    • Unlimited Emailbox
    • Host 1 domain
    • CloudFlare Integration
    • Shared SSL Certificate
    • 45 Days Money Back
    Check Review

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    top cheap hosting - ixwebhosting

    Faster Cpanel Hosting

    • Price: $1.95
    • Unlimited Space
    • Unlimited Transfer
    • Unlimited Emailbox
    • 1 free domains
    • Host unlimited domains
    • 1 Free Dedicated IP
    • 24*7 US Support
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    fatcow hosting

    Personal Web Cpanel Hosting

    • Price: $3.49
    • 100GB Disk Space
    • Unlimited Transfer
    • Unlimited Emailbox
    • 1 Free Domain
    • Host 1 domain
    • Free Global CDN
    • Anytime Money Back
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    1.     Bluehost

    Bluehost is one of the best platforms for the cPanel hosting. It offers everything in the cPanel that is required for you web management. The cPanel of bluehost is something every newbie would love to use.

    bluehost control panel

    Easy to Use

    Firstly, you will need to login into Your cPanel account using the webmail login. In the cpanel, you can arrange the icons so that you can arrange your priorities. You can get access to the WordPress tools, addons, domains and various other tools to manage your account.

    Ideal for WordPress

    This cpanel is quite impressive if taken the Worpress into consideration.  The wordpress users can install a number of themes by directly using the mojo market place. Moreover, the users can have access to site management options without logging into the WordPress.


    Bluehost’s marketplace has more than 1000 scripts and plugins to install. You can easily integrate your website with these scripts with just one click. You can use these plugins to increase the functionality of your business or blog.

    These include:

    • Marketing Tools
    • Security Tools
    • WordPress themes
    • E-commerce platforms and shipping carts
    • Advertising tools
    • Marketing tools

    2.     GreenGeeks

    Greengeeks promises its cPanel as the world’s no. 1 cPanel hosting. It offers all the features that is required for the account management. Just fill out the information and log in, you have access to your intuitive cPanel account now.

    You will first be taken into the dashboard where you will see all your domains, accounts, billing information and all other plans to upgrade.  You will then have access to cPanel thereafter. In the cPanel, you will get all the tools to manage your site. The navigation here is a breeze. All the tools that are required for different tasks are divided into categories. These tools are laid out with large icons so that you don’t need to look much.

    On the right hand side of the cPanel, you will have all the information related to website stats. This includes CPU usage, main domain, directory information. You can also manage your preferences here.

    cPanel Hosting by GreenGeeks®

    cPanel Features:

    • Unlimited Webspace transfer
    • 1-click installation of scripts and apps
    • cPanel optimized servers
    • 24/7/365 support
    • cPanel security
    • Free addons

    3.     Inmotion Hosting

    Inmotion’s cPanel hosting is much similar like the GreenGeeks. With all the large icons and easy navigation, you will find your desired tools with ease. The company promises no downtime and you can transfer from cPanel to another cPanel.

    You can manage all your servers from one platform using the cPanel. Be it any hosting; shared, reseller, VPS, you can create the email accounts and FTP accounts and manage any software or domains or even install scripts with just one click.

    Inmotion hosting cpanel


    Inmotion offers a lot with their cPanel plans. The cheapest cPanel would cost you around $6.39 per month which is considered ideal for the shared hosting plans of all type. If you own a small business, you can purchase the Power plan for $8.49 per month.


    • Domain Management
    • Easy database setup and management
    • Email management: add email accounts, spam filtering and webmail access
    • Backups
    • Cron Job management
    • Server usage
    • Site stats
    • FTP account setup

    What do you get in the cPanel?

    • Software: PHP rear, PHP configuration, Perl, Ruby, Softaculous App installer
    • Applications: Boldgrid, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, phpList
    • Categories: Blog, Microblog, Portals, WiKis, Ad Management, Calendars, Gaming, Forums…
    • Databases: phpPg Admin, MYSQL, PostGre SQL, phpMy Admin, Remote MYSQL
    • Security: IP Blocker, SSH Access, Leech Protection, Hotlink Protection, SSL, Mod Security Manager

     Inmotion cPanel pricing

    4.     Interserver

    Interserver gives you the linux based control panel with all the tools to manage your accounts. It gives various tools for the admins, reseller or even the website owners to control their website by using the simple web browser. The account management portal of the web host is clean with uncluttered icons. With the support and easy guide, you can manage all your domains and email accounts in one go.

    Interserver has one of the best solutions for the cPanel. It works best on the dedicated or VPS servers and run on CentOS or Red Hat Linux Enterprise or even the cloud linux. With any of the hosting plans, you will get its cpanel for free.

    Interserver Cpanel Hosting

    VPS cPanel:

    In the VPS server plan, you can add storage to your or expand CPU RAM by using the cPanel account. On the left had side of the panel, you can get various information like email accounts, disk usage, mailing disk usage, subdomains, mysql databases. The best part is that you can add unlimited number of databases, accounts, subdomains and disk usage with the cPanel here. Purchasing the cPanel customized VPS plan would cost you $10 extra.

    Screenshot (2)

    5.     iPage

    iPage doesn’t offer the cPanel. It offers the version of cPanel which is called vDeck. vDeck and cPanel may slightly differ in their functionalities. However, most of their functions are almost similar to each other.

    The best part about vDeck is that you can manage all your accounts and every tool under one interface.

    Easy Customization: All the widgets on the vDeck can be customized easily. It makes the functionality of your website much easier.

    Installation: The easy installation of the various scripts takes place through the script installer. This handy feature allows you to install the scripts on your website.

    Backups: One click backup and one click restoration is something that you would only get with the vDeck.

    What does cPanel includes?

    • Web Manager: The vDeck here gives the easy drag and drop builder option which creates yiyr website within minutes. You can also use the FTP manager to upload your files which saves your time.
    • Marketing Tools: vDeck gives all the advertising credits; Google, Yahoo, Facebook included with each of its web hosting plan. Moreover, a number of tools which includes; Sitelock, Weebly drag and drop, WordPress, goMobi site builder and various others to help you grow.
    • E-commerce tools: You can setup your shopping carts, add products or billing system, shipping methods sing this cPanel.

    vDeck comes with all the hosting plans of iPage.


    6.     Cloudways

    Cloudways has the cPanel tab to manage the server and applications. They are separately present as the server management tab and application management tab.

    Server Management Tab

    Making cloud server administration easier for you, the Server Management tab at Cloudways provides you a number of features.

    • In the Summary section, you can look over the server status, servers launched and its resources. Also, it displays the SSH access details of your server.
    • The monitoring section will give you the graphical representation of all the aspects in your server to keep you updated. It also looks for the RAM usage and CPU overuse.
    • The Managed Services section lets you manage stack functionalities for running applications on your server. Use the security section to check if your IP is blocked or if you have SSH access. Further, you can use this to whitelist the IPs.
    • Create backups of your server and website using the backup section here. It is all stored on the cloud.

    Cloudways WordPress Hosting Server Management

    Application Management Tab

    Manage your applications using the application management tab which is much similar to the server management tab and is divided into different sections. You can perform and find various section in the AMT:

    • Domain Name management to manage your domain name via cPanel.
    • Cron Job management
    • SSL certificate section to deploy SSL certificates
    • Restores section to restore your website completely
    • Application add-ons section to move or upgrade your websites
    • Migrator Tool to migrate your website on WordPress from any host to the cloudways.

    Cloudways WordPress Hosting Application Management

    7.     Dreamhost

    Dreamhost offers its own cheap cPanel called the webpanel. Though, there is not much difference between the two web managers. If you have difficulty in using the standard cPanel, the dreamhost’s cPanel is robust and is included with all the functionalities that a newbie needs.

    The web panel is simple and navigable with all the icons present clearly. On the left hand side of the web panel, you will get access to all the navigational links such as VPS, Home tab, Goodies, Billing and account, Cloud server users, etc.


    You can also ask for the assistance using the help box where you can get customer live chat support, FAQs, Knowledge base, technical questions, community forums and email support system. Naivating the tools is a breeze with Dreamhost.

    What’s included in Dreamhost’s cPanel:

    • Account management to manage domains, sub domains, billing information, account management, make payments.
    • File Management to add users and add files via FTP or SFTP.
    • 11 different one click installers for WP, ZenCart and Media Wiki.
    • Upgrade your plan to VPS, dedicated or a higher by using the cPanel here.
    •  Support systems in form of ticket support.
    • Auto email responders, create bulk emails, check email and edit bulk emails
    • Video format conversion tool called Flash Media

    dreamhost control panel

    8.     GoDaddy

    As you are already aware about the Godaddy as the largest hosting provider. Go Daddy gives the cPanel dashboard with its linux web hosting. The sign up process in cpanel for the GoDaddy was found to be bit glitchy as you need to enter various useless information here.


    • Metrics: Analyze your website using the web stats such as visitors, errors, bandwidth, Raw access, CPU usage, etc.
    • Security: IP Blocker, Hotlink protection, SSH access, leech protection, SSL/TLS certificates,
    • One Click installation: Installation of web application such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and php forum.

    What’s more here:

    • Site Builder: Easy drag and drop builder and tools to create your website. Get over 300 professional themes in the cPanel and choose what suits your business the best.
    •  Easy Backups: Create robust backup and restore using the Godaddy cPanel. You can also edit your backups later.
    • Add or edit your DNS

    godaddy hosting cpanel

    9.     SiteGround

    SiteGround has the standard cPanel with access to each of the features separately. You can also look for the demo before actually purchasing the cPanel hosting. Though, its icons are still no as attractive and they were not navigable too.


    • My Account: In the my account tab, you can have information  regarding your domains where you can add or register a new domain, sub domains, transfer or edit domains or even protect the domain ID. Furthermore, it has auto installer which allows the one click installation of apps such as Softaculous, Joomla, WP, Presta and others. If you are running the site on WordPress, you can get access to some WP tools; Supercacher, Migrator, toolkit, WP staging tool and SG-Git. Besides this, the account tab has Joomla tools, backup tools, archives section, security and web stats.
    • Support Tab for extensive customer support with live chat, email, phone and ticket generation.
    • Billing tab to add or remove bills, view billing information and payment history.
    • Referral Deals

    10.  WebHosting Hub

    The cPanel in the Web Hosting Hub is the industry leading cPanel which can be used to edit your files, add or edit DNS, view web stats, install scripts and various other functions. The cPanel is fast as it is made with SSDs. The web host gives you the cPanel tutorial at the beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

    Cpanel Hosting Services Web Hosting Hub


    • cPanel transfers: Use the cPanel to transfer your web host to web hosting hub. You don’t need to be a techie to do so. The customer support team can also accomplish the task for you. The transfer takes place within the minutes.
    • 1-click App installs: Install web applications with just one click for free.
    • Email Management: Manage unlimited emails without any hassle. Create your mail secured with POP, IMAP and STMP.
    • Web site stats and Logs: Track your site and view it in the graphical representation to improve the performance.
    • Easy Backups
    • Installation of languages; PHP, Python, Perl, .htaccess, cron jobs

    11. A2 hosting

    Managing your domains and accounts becomes ease with A2 hosting using its cPanel.  The cpanel here is much simple and all the tabs are clearly visible with large icons. To register the new domain, you will need to go to the client area and after the registration; you will be taken to the cPanel.

     The cpanel here is a simple standard industry cPanel. With the A2 Hosting, you can:

    • Manage your account
    • Browse products and services and order any products
    • Search the knowledge base for any issue
    • Submit a support request
    • View any important service updates
    • Look for the billing and card information, payment history
    • News and tweets


    cPanel Features

    cPanel, the graphic user interface, allows the user to access a front-end tool to carry out several website related operations. The most importantly and commonly used features of cPanel are mentioned below –

    cpanel web hosting providers list

    • File Manager – This feature of cPanel gives you the access to manage all your file folder as you want them to be. With access to this, you can easily add, delete, and modify your files.
    • Email manager – This feature of email manager helps you manage you’re your email accounts with the access to add or delete any account as per your wish. In this feature you can also create an autoresponder which will automatically respond to a particular mail (as decided by you) by sending a custom mail.
    • Data backup – The feature of backing up your data has solved the most important problem of losing their data. This feature allows you to backup your complete data present on the server and can store it locally in a zip file or on the hosted server. This tool also allows you to schedule backup. Say for instance if you do not wish to backup the data immediately but want it to be done on a particular time, then you can schedule it.
    • Application installer – To have everything at ease, people are more into app development and installation. So with development of app also comes the need of its installation. cPanel provides installers for all kinds of applications from shopping carts to forums.
    • Protection tools – cPanel also comes with a feature where you can keep your accounts protected and safe from spamming by using protection tool.
    • Database Management – Managing a database is the biggest task for anyone. But cPanel has made that aspect also very easy for you. The wonderful graphical user interface makes it possible for the user to easily understand all the steps that are required for database management and manage their data at ease.
    • Statistical Feature – This feature of cPanel let you know the stats of your website, such as how much traffic is coming on your website, from where the traffic is coming, which ad is generating more traffic etc. These statistics are so complete that a quick view at them can tell you how your website is performing at any given point of time.

    Apart from measuring your traffic, cPanel also tells you about how much bandwidth has been used by your website, and how many web visitors visited your website and from which country along with the details of time of visiting and web pages they have visited.


    cPanel also helps to create account or site creation, redirects, management of additional domains, and other features to build and edit web pages and the website.

    cpanel hosting features

    cPanel being the most user-friendly website administration tool is easily understood and can be managed by even a newbie. The cPanel, thus, allows any webmaster the control of running and maintaining a successful online presence through its simple, easy yet extremely powerful interface. It also helps you manage several sub-domains with great comfort and speed, making it a very stable, dependable, and a truly adaptable web-based tool.

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    I hope you like this List of Best and Cheap cPanel hosting providers 2020 with updated reviews. Have you used any of the above hosting kindly let us know.

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