18+ Best Chrome Extensions to Improve Your Browsing Experience [Infographic]

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With IE and Firefox, and several other niche web browser tools offering stiff competition, it’s noteworthy how Chrome has managed to establish supremacy as the most preferred contemporary web browser.

A simple, uncluttered interface, several useful and new-age features, and an enviable library of value-adding extensions that can easily plug into the Chrome interface – all these facts make Chrome the browser of choice for discerning and demanding web users.

Chrome’s amazing extensions spread across a massive range of categories, performing vital functions that make the user’s web browsing experiences more secure than ever, bring in added functionalities that make the browser a one-stop control panel for everything that users need the WWW for, and do all this without stressing the browser’s agility.

The best from the world of safety and integrated browsing

Whereas the World Wide Web is the gateway of every ordinary human being to everything great in the real and the virtual world, it can be challenging to be aware of all security threats that hackers and malicious web users unleash upon them every day. This makes Chrome’s best-rated security extensions absolutely indispensable. Use sophisticated all-in-one security apps that scan through all downloadable content and keep your system bug free. Also, you could use pop-up blockers and malicious site filters to stay safe on the web.

Transforming your Chrome browser into your cockpit for everything you need to do with the web are integration apps. Whether you wish to check your Facebook and Twitter updates, or need to check your emails, you have dedicated Chrome extensions to help you out. Also, viewing web pages that need IE for proper loading is also possible, using IE simulators for Chrome. Popular 3rd party tools also integrate well with Chrome through dedicated apps, such as Evernote.

With Chrome extensions, your WWW experiences are beyond the ordinary

Chrome extensions are made to add value to your web browsing, and you have to use the best of them to realize the difference that they make. For instance, you could use Chrome extensions to shop better, with apps analyzing the prices of products across the best eCommerce websites and reporting the results to you.

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Want to access blocked websites at your workplace? You’ll find a Chrome extension for the same. Want to download multimedia content from popular websites? You guessed it, Chrome provides you the tools you need. With best-rated Chrome apps offering enhanced web browsing and web capabilities, you are steps away from savoring the best that World Wide Web has to offer! Also, check out the guide to different browsers.

Most popular Chrome Extensions

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